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I promised you all this morning that I would finish with Wikipedia's explanation

and history of the telephone party line today so we could get back on the road 

tomorrow. It's surely going to be longer than usual....

Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.  

"By the 1980s, party lines were displaced in most localities as they could not 

support subscriber-owned equipment such as answering machines and 

computer modems. The electro-mechanical switching equipment required 

for their operation was rapidly becoming obsolete, supplanted by 

electronic and digital switching equipment. The new telephone exchange 

equipment offered vertical service code calling features such as call 

forwarding and call waiting, but often was incompatible with multi-party 


In 1971, Southern Bell had announced plans for phase-out of party lines in

North Carolina.... In 1989, the Chesapeake and Potomac Telephone

Company replaced party lines with private lines in Talcott, West Virginia, 

a rural area which once had as many as sixteen subscribers on one line.... 

In 1991, Southwestern Bell set out to replace all of its party lines in 

Texas with private lines by 1995.... Woodbury, Connecticut's 

independent telephone company abandoned its last party lines in 1991, 

the last in that state to do so....

Party lines in the United States were ineligible for Universal Service Fund 

subsidies and telephone companies converted them to private lines to 

benefit from the subsidies. Universities also phased out the systems, 

which were once common in student dormitories. Illinois State University 

terminated its last party line in 1990....

One of the last manual telephone exchanges with party lines in Australia 

was closed down in 1986 in the township of Collarenebri, where most 

town residents had a telephone number of only three digits, and to make 

a call outside the exchange area it was necessary to call the exchange to 

place a call. For rural residents, many were on a single telephone line 

identified by a number and a property name, for example one party line 

was called Gundabluie 1 line. Each party on that single line was identified 

by a letter, and so to call that party, the exchange would be called and 

the number asked for would be Gundabluie 1 S for example. The exchange 

rang a distinct rings down the Gundabluie 1 line, signalling the party's 

corresponding letter in Morse code. This distinctive ring would alert all 

parties on the line who the call was for. Three short rings signified the call 

was for the party with the S letter and so on.

Selective ringing...."

Well, I sure sorry, I'm not going to be able to finish this tonight like I 

promised. Too many other important things to talk about. Hillary Clinton

and Donald Trump are still bad mouthing each and that is all I need to say

on that.

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Mother Teresa

"Affectionately called the "saint of the gutters" during her lifetime, 

Mother Teresa of Calcutta will be made an official saint of the Roman 

Catholic Church on Sunday, just 19 years after her death.

A Nobel peace prize winner, Mother Teresa was one of the most 

influential women in the Church's 2,000-year history, acclaimed for 

her work amongst the world's poorest of the poor in the slums of the

Indian city now called Kolkata.

Hundreds of thousands of faithful are expected to attend the canonisation 

service for the tiny nun, which will be led by Pope Francis in front of St. 

Peter's basilica.

Although criticised both during her life and following her death, Mother 

Teresa is revered by Catholics as a model of compassion who brought 

relief to the sick and dying, opening branches of her Missionaries of 

Charity (MoC) order around the world. "Even in popular culture she's 

identified with goodness, kindness, charity," said Father Brian 

Kolodiejchuk, the MoC priest who campaigned for her sainthood.

In novels or movies often characters say, "'Oh, who do you think I am? 

Mother Teresa?'" he told Reuters.

Her critics view her differently, arguing she did little to alleviate the

pain of the terminally ill and nothing to stamp out the root causes of poverty.

In 1991, the British medical journal the Lancet visited a home she ran in 

Kolkata for the dying and said untrained carers failed to recognise when 

some patients could have been cured.

Kolodiejchuk said her detractors missed the point of her mission, arguing 

that she had created a place to comfort people in their final days rather 

than establish hospitals.

"We don't have to prove that saints were perfect, because no one is perfect," 

he said...."


(CNN) "Much of the Carolinas was being drenched by rain Friday afternoon 

as Tropical Hermine slid up the East Coast after leaving hundreds of 

thousands without power in Florida.

Forecasters with the National Weather Service said as many as 7 inches 

of rain could fall, and in isolated areas it could be more than that.

A flash flood watch was issued for northeast South Carolina and southeast 

North Carolina though Saturday morning. The path of the storm, which 

smashed into Florida's Panhandle as a Category 1 hurricane Friday 

morning, is projected to move through coastal South Carolina during 

the day, through the North Carolina coast Friday night and head into 

the Atlantic Ocean on Saturday.

The Labor Day weekend worry? Rough seas, dangerous surf and strong 

storm surge up the coast as far north as Connecticut. The New York City 

Emergency Management office said no swimming will be allowed on 

beaches Sunday.

Late-night arrival - Hermine ripped into St. Marks in Florida's Big Bend 

region as a Category 1 storm just before 2 a.m., becoming the first 

hurricane to come ashore in the state since Wilma struck 11 years ago.

"There's nothing open in our county right now," sheriff's Maj. Trey 

Morrison said Friday in Wakulla County, where Hermine made landfall. 

He said he heard a report of a driver crashing early Friday into a fallen 

tree."If it's not an emergency, we don't need people out," he said.

The storm's outer bands may have killed at least one person. John Mayes, 

56, was sleeping in a tent behind a gas station in Ocala, about 65 miles 

northwest of Orlando, when a tree fell onto him Thursday night, the 

Marion County Sheriff's Office said. A medical examiner's office has yet 

to determine whether the storm was the cause, Gov. Rick Scott said. About 

70,000 homes and businesses were left without power in the Tallahassee

area, where sustained winds of up to 80 mph toppled utility poles onto 

ground saturated by inches of rain. Videos and pictures shared on social 

media showed damaged streets near the landfall point and downed trees 

throughout much of the state. Hermine's outer bands also dropped more 

rain in the Tampa and St. Petersburg areas, which could ill afford it.

Floodwater lapped cars' hubcaps in parts of St. Petersburg, which received 

more than 9 inches of rain from Tuesday, before Hermine arrived, into 

Friday morning. More than 22,000 customers were without power in the 

area Friday morning, utility Duke Energy said. Power to many was restored 

by the afternoon, the utility said. Flooding also was a problem in Pasco 

County, north of Tampa. At least 18 people were rescued from rising 

floodwater there, Scott said. St. Pete Police @StPetePD

Flooding in Shore Acres. Stay off the roads - 8:15 AM - 2 Sep 2016

Downgraded but dangerous

Are we prepared for a major hurricane?

Tropical storm watches and warnings were declared along the East Coast, 

from Georgia to Connecticut. "I don't want folks to take the weakening of 

the winds to mean the hazards have gone away," hurricane center Director 

Rick Knabb told CNN's "New Day" on Friday. "The most frequent cause of 

loss of life (from tropical cyclones in recent decades) is from inland flooding 

due to heavy rainfall."

It is also possible Hermine will gain strength once it reaches the warm 

water in the Atlantic.

Female hurricanes are deadlier than male hurricanes, study says....

In Panama City, a popular Labor Day destination, organizers canceled one 

of the major tourist draws, the Gulf Coast Jam. Officials said the stage for 

the three-day country music event had to be taken down as the winds 

picked up. The governor had declared a state of emergency in 51 of the 

state's 67 counties. Scott told residents not to drive into standing water 

and to avoid downed power lines, saying crews were working hard to 

ensure limited disruptions. "We have a hurricane. You can rebuild a home. 

You can rebuild property. You cannot rebuild a life," he said.

In Georgia, Gov. Nathan Deal declared a state of emergency for 56 

counties. And in North Carolina, Gov. Pat McCrory declared a state of 

emergency for 33 eastern counties.

Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe warned Friday that people faced a strong 

possibility of "life-threatening" storm surges in Hampton Roads and other 

coastal areas over the weekend. The governor was briefed by hurricane 

center officials, who showed him a map with storm surge projections.

"It is a chilling map in that it shows storm surges going all the way up 

the Chesapeake Bay," McAuliffe said. "We have been told of a very strong 

likelihood of a life-threatening storm."

The National Weather Service issued a new online product to help people 

prepare for the storm. The storm surge watch/warning graphic highlights 

spots with the highest risk for "life-threatening inundation from storm surge," 

the service said."

CNN's Faith Robinson, Sheena Jones, John Murgatroyd, Steve Visser, Brian Todd, Joe 

Sutton, Brandon Miller, AnneClaire Stapleton, Eliott C. McLaughlin, Debra 

Goldschmidt, Ralph Ellis, Madison Park and Mayra Cuevas contributed to this report.


Mother got to the point that she could not remember the names of any of us 

kids, but she always knew whoever was sitting across from her at the breakfast

table was the one who would take care of her for that day. After breakfast I

helped her up to her walker, if she needed help, the she would go over to the 

card table and set down (I helped her here too if she needed help). I took

her blood pressure and heart rate, the recorded it on a sheet that had all the

days of one month. Then she and her helper for that day went into the recreation

room where just to the right there was a flat marble base under the fireplace 

where we kept the digital weight scales. I had to steady her as Mother stepped 

on the scales and the I watched for the readout and then helped her to her chair.

I then recorded it on the same sheet on the card table in the dinning room....


"Someone who overly friendly like myself, is considered to be manic and bi-polar"

Forrest Caricofe

"No results found for "  the above quote by Google.  


Dr. Kwok has a chart on the South wall of his patient offices that shows 

the best poop from 1st place to last place (maybe 4 or five illustrations 

of poop) and guess what? I came in 1st place. My own poop looks like 

a large hot dog with tapered ends, light brown in color and soft as a pin 

cushion thru and thru. It almost looks edible if you had the 100% whole 

hot dog bun and the mustard (no calories). chopped onions and ketchup 

to flavor it some.

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