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My son Ryan had a major seizure last. We called 911 and later the rescue

squad came from the Central District (Smithville) and transported him to the

Aultmen/Dunlap Hospital ER in Orrville. He's home and resting peaceably

and everything is going to be all right. I had some of this material prepared

beforehand and can include it here, but some other things will have to be




Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

"Selective ringing...."

To signal specific subscribers on party lines selectively, telephone

operating companies implemented various signaling systems. As

upgrades made party-lines more popular in the 1940s, local telephone

companies ran frequent ads to instill community spirit and personal

courtesy in party line subscribers. The earliest selective system was

the code ringing system, in which each telephone subscriber was

assigned a specific ringing cadence, (not to be confused with modern

ring tones). Although various systems were implemented, one that

limited the number of coded rings but established a uniform and

readily understood format, was to first give the subscriber number as

individual digits, which could be from one to four digits long per

exchange, .... separated by the instructional word "ring" followed by

the two digits of the ring code where the first digit indicated the number

of long rings, followed by the second digit indicating the number of

short rings. Thus spoken, for example, as "nine, three; ring two, two" to

mean subscriber No. 93 with ringing code 2 long and 2 short, and written

as "93R22", (and if outside the given exchange, then the exchange would

be asked for by name before the requested number and ringing code,

e.g. "Rockridge nine, three; ring one, two" i.e. "(On the) Rockridge

(exchange), (subscriber No.) nine, three; ring one long, and two short,"

and written as “Rockridge 93R12”. (The two examples cited in this

paragraph are taken directly from usage in the 1935 American film

Party Wire.) .... Again, however, it should be noted, whilst this practice

was common, it was not ubiquitous, since despite giving a standard

configuration for terse, easily interpreted numbers with their respective

ring codes, its chief functional drawback was with the first ring always

being long and the second always being short, this limited the number

of brief and thus practical ringing combinations that could be used on

single multiparty subscriber numbers. Further to this functional deficiency,

was a twofold practical deficiency. For though one was only to answer

one's own ringing code, every party on the same subscriber line could

hear all the ringing codes. This meant firstly, frequently ringing

telephones were a disruptive annoyance, as each party on the line had

to stop to listen every time the telephone rang in order to determine

according to the ringing cadence if they were the party being called

on any given ring.... Secondly, if any party on a given line should so be

inclined, there was the insidious opportunity to listen in on other parties'


Mother Teresa

"In her adopted India, a primarily Hindu nation, Mother Teresa has been

accused of looking to convert the destitute to Christianity - something her

mission has repeatedly denied.

 The Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), the umbrella right-wing Hindu

organisation that helped create India's ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP),

also accuses Mother Teresa of revelling in the misery of others.

"As a resident of Kolkata, I feel insulted to see its poverty being glorified

by the MoC. As a Hindu nationalist I also feel that Christianity is not the

only way of salvation," said Jishnu Bose, the RSS spokesman in the city.

But Mother Teresa still has legions of supporters in India, including BJP

Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

"All her life she worked to serve poorer sections of Indian society. When

such a person is conferred with sainthood, it is natural for Indians to feel

proud," Modi said on Sunday in a radio broadcast.

Mother Teresa was born Agnese Gonxha Bojaxhiu of Albanian parents in

1910 in what was then part of the Ottoman Empire and is now Macedonia.

She became a nun at 16 and moved to India in 1929, creating her mission

in 1950.

The Roman Catholic Church has more than 10,000 saints, many of whom

had to wait centuries before their elevation.

But Mother Teresa, one of the most recognisable faces of the 20th century,

was put on the fast track to sainthood after dying of a heart attack on

Sept. 5, 1997.

The late Pope John Paul II bent Vatican rules to allow the procedure to

establish her case for sainthood to be launched two years after her death

instead of the usual five, and she was beatified in 2003.

The Church defines saints as those believed to have been holy enough

during their lives to now be in Heaven and able to intercede with God

to perform miracles. She has been credited with two miracles, both

involving the healing of sick people.

The latest involved a Brazilian, Marcilio Andrino, who unexpectedly

recovered from a severe brain infection in 2008. He and his wife

Fernanda will attend the canonisation, which is considered the highlight

of Pope Francis's Holy Year of Mercy."

from and © 2016 Thomson/Reuters. All rights reserved.

Tropical Storm Hermine

Tropical Storm Hermine churns East as holiday weekend kicks off

By Faith Karimi, Steve Almasy and Jason Hanna, CNN

Updated 7:58 AM ET, Sat September 3, 2016

Story highlights

No swimming allowed on New York beaches Sunday, mayor says

Forecasters issue flash flood watch for areas in South Carolina, North

Carolina (CNN)Any Labor Day weekend plans that included a beach

trip may have to be changed for residents living in coastal areas from

Virginia to Connecticut as Tropical Storm Hermine slowly churns its

way northward, forecasters say.

The storm drenched the Carolinas Friday and early Saturday on its

way toward the East Coast, knocking down trees and causing blackouts.

The National Hurricane Center issued a flash flood watch for northeast

South Carolina and southeast North Carolina through Saturday morning,

and warned of dangerous storm surges for the Hampton Roads region in


The storm -- which smashed into Florida's Panhandle as a Category 1

hurricane Friday -- is expected to strengthen again to hurricane status

Sunday as it moves out into the Atlantic Ocean, but it will still send

heavy rains and potential flooding into the Northeast.

"The combination of a storm surge and the tide will cause normally dry

areas near the coast to be flooded by rising waters moving inland from

the shoreline. There is a danger of life-threatening inundation during

the next 24 hours in the Hampton Roads area," said the latest advisory

from the hurricane center.

"There is also the possibility of life-threatening inundation during the

next 48 hours at most coastal locations between the North Carolina/Virginia

border and Bridgeport, Connecticut," the advisory added.

In South Carolina, about 65,000 power outages were reported statewide,

according to the South Carolina Emergency Management Division. In

neighboring North Carolina, 27,000 customers were without power.

Labor Day cancellations

Along with the storm's destruction, Labor Day weekend worries included

rough seas, dangerous surf and strong storm surge up the coast as far

north as Connecticut.

As a result, no swimming will be allowed on New York beaches Sunday,

and New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio said the city is considering closing

them Monday and Tuesday, too.

"We'll see how the storm develops. People can walk on the beach and be

on the sand, just not in the water," he said.

In New Jersey, Atlantic City officials announced the cancellation of two outdoor


CNN's Joe Sutton contributed to this report


Mother does not stay awake very long after breakfast. I help her to bed

about 7:00 or sometimes 8:00 PM and where she always sleeps comfortably

until I wake her at 10:00 AM unless she has a hair appointment at the Hair

Corral in Dayton or an appointment to get her blood level checked at

Dr Schubert's office which is the same town we grew up in.

So, Mother sleeps about 16 hours a day including her morning and afternoon

naps and sleep 6 hours more or less so this means that I can talk to Mother

only 8 hours a day with 16 hours left to wash dishes, cook, plant flowers.

work on things needing fixing in the house, or taking a walk to Bridgewater or

Dayton. The distance to the Farmer's Market in Dayton and the Family Dollar

in Bridgewater are both about one mile....


"Kindness is more important than anything else."

Marco Polo Jones

numerous matches from Google.

Phoned Dr. Kwok (his office is closed today) this morning about Ryan. He has

not seen Ryan since October of 2015 and Ryan appears to be all right now, he

requested we make an appointment for next week....


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