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196th post

What I've been doing is telling stories of my life from the beginning and

in the past (blog # 1) and just doing that ain't going to work because I believe

you would like to hear about the present, too.

You see, I've completed over 198 stories (blogs), and do two blogs a day.

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Forrest Caricofe

The nurse that tended to Ryan at the Aultman/Dunlap ER was very patient and

family friendly. She was very attentive to Ryan and after the ER doctor had

seen Ryan, she gave him 500 meg of Tegratol with water and then juice drinks

(Ryan chose apple) and blankets to keep him warm. The nurse also offered my

wife Carolyn, Lonnie and me coffee, water and chips. I'm almost 74 years old

and I have never been offered drinks and chips as a patient's family member

before. If the gentle nurse does not continue her education we are going to miss

having a good doctor. I heard a doctor say one time that "doctoring is nothing but

common sense" and she had plenty of that.

The nurse gave Ryan the two blankets to take home and I stole a throw-bag

before we left. Oh, I forgot to tell you her name. It starts with one of the

26 letters of the English alphabet.


Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

"Another selective ringing system was based on using different ringing

frequencies for each station on the party line. In North America, this was

used mostly by independent telephone systems, while the Bell System

abandoned frequency selective ringing in the early 1900s. Initially four

frequencies were used, which were based on a system of harmonic

multiples of a frequency of 16 2/3 Hz. Combined with divided ringing,

this provided fully selective service for up to eight stations.

All fully selective ringing systems on party lines still brought the

inconvenience of finding the line in use occasionally, by hearing talking,

when one picked up the phone to make a call. All party lines also required

special equipment to complete calls to another party on the same party line....


In the local-battery system of the early cranked magneto phones, the

phone's own battery powered its transmitter as well as the receiver of the

called phone. If too many phones were off-hook and listening, the additional

receivers would load down the transmitter's battery with a voltage so low that

no phone could receive an intelligible signal....

With party-line service, particularly if there were more than two subscribers

on the line, it was often necessary to complete a long-distance call through

the operator to identify and correctly bill the calling party. In some cases,

the calling party would misidentify themselves in an attempt to send the bill

to another party....

A two-party line split between tip party and ring party could be created in

such a way as to allow the central office to determine which party placed an

outbound toll call by detecting that one of the ringers was disconnected when

that subscriber went off-hook.

This system would fail if any provision was made to allow the subscriber to

turn off the bells (do not disturb) for privacy or unplug the telephone; it also

presumed that each subscriber only had one telephone connected to the line."


Mother Teresa

Pope Declares Mother Teresa a Saint and Model of Mercy

By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS - SEPT. 4, 2016,  6:18 A.M. E.D.T.

VATICAN CITY — Pope Francis declared Mother Teresa a saint on Sunday,

honoring the tiny nun for having taken in society's most unwanted and for

having shamed world leaders for the "crimes of poverty they themselves


Francis held up Mother Teresa as the model for a Catholic Church that goes

to the peripheries to find poor, wounded souls during a canonization Mass

that drew an estimated 120,000 people — rich and poor, powerful and

homeless — to a sun-filled St. Peter's Square.

"Let us carry her smile in our hearts and give it to those whom we meet

along our journey, especially those who suffer," Francis said in his homily.

The canonization was the highlight of Francis' Holy Year of Mercy and

may come to define his entire papacy, which has been dedicated to

ministering to society's most marginal, from refugees to prostitutes, the sick,

poor and elderly.

Applause erupted in St. Peter's Square even before Francis finished

pronouncing the rite of canonization, evidence of the admiration Mother

Teresa enjoyed from Christians and non-Christians alike during her life

and after her 1997 death.

At the Mother House of the Missionaries of Charity group that she founded

in Kolkata, hundreds of people watching the Mass on TV clapped with joy

when Francis declared her a saint. They gathered around Mother's tomb

which was decorated with flowers, a single candle and a photo of the tiny

wrinkled saint.

"I am so proud to be from Kolkata," said Sanjay Sarkar, a high school student

on hand for the celebration. "Mother Teresa belonged to Kolkata, and she

has been declared a saint."

For Francis, Mother Teresa put into action his ideal of the church as a merciful

"field hospital" for the poorest of the poor, those suffering both material and

spiritual poverty.

In his homily, Francis praised her as the merciful saint who defended the lives

of the unborn, sick and abandoned, recalling her strong anti-abortion stance

which often put her at odds with progressives around the world.

"She bowed down before those who were spent, left to die on the side of the

road, seeing in them their God-given dignity," he said. "She made her voice

heard before the powers of the world, so that they might recognize their guilt

for the crimes of poverty they themselves created."

As if to emphasize the point, which Francis himself has made repeatedly, he

repeated: "The crimes of poverty they themselves created."

Hundreds of Missionaries of Charity sisters in their trademark blue-trimmed

saris had front-row seats at the Mass, alongside 1,500 homeless people and 13

heads of state or government, including Queen Sofia of Spain.

"Her heart, she gave it to the world," said Charlotte Samba, a 52-year-old

mother of three who travelled with a church group from Gabon for the Mass.

"Mercy, forgiveness, good works: It is the heart of a mother for the poor."

While big, the crowd wasn't even half of the 300,000 who turned out for

Mother Teresa's 2003 beatification, thanks in part to security fears in the

wake of Islamic extremist attacks in Europe. Those fears prompted a huge,

3,000-strong law enforcement presence to secure the area around the

Vatican and close the airspace above.

While Francis is clearly keen to hold Mother Teresa up as a model for her

joyful dedication to society's outcasts, he is also recognizing holiness in a

nun who lived most of her adult life in spiritual agony sensing that God had

abandoned her.

According to correspondence that came to light after she died in 1997, Mother

Teresa experienced what the church calls a "dark night of the soul" — a period

of spiritual doubt, despair and loneliness that many of the great mystics

experienced. In Mother Teresa's case, it lasted for nearly 50 years — an

almost unheard of trial.

For the Rev. Brian Kolodiejchuk, the Canadian priest who spearheaded

Mother Teresa's saint-making campaign, the revelations were further

confirmation of Mother Teresa's heroic saintliness. He said that by canonizing

her, Francis is recognizing that Mother Teresa not only shared the material

poverty of the poor but the spiritual poverty of those who feel "unloved,

unwanted, uncared for."

"What she described as the greatest poverty in the world today (of feeling

unloved) she herself was living in relationship with Jesus," he said in an

interview on the eve of the canonization.

Francis has in many ways modeled his papacy on Mother Teresa's simple

lifestyle and selfless service to the poor: He eschewed the Apostolic Palace

for a hotel room, he has made welcoming migrants and the poor a hallmark

and has fiercely denounced today's "throwaway" culture that discards the

unborn, the sick and the elderly with ease.

In keeping with her spirit, he was treating 1,500 homeless people bussed into

Rome for the Mass to a pizza lunch in the Vatican auditorium afterward.

Born Agnes Gonxhe Bojaxhiu on Aug. 26, 1910, Mother Teresa came to India

in 1929 as a sister of the Loreto order. In 1946, she received what she described

as a "call within a call" to found a new order dedicated to caring for the most

unloved and unwanted, the "poorest of the poor."

In 1950 she founded the Missionaries of Charity, which went onto become a

global order of nuns priests, brothers and lay co-workers.

She was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1979.

She died in 1997 and was put on a fast-track for sainthood soon thereafter...."


Associated Press writer Bernat Armangue in Kolkata, India, contributed to

this report.

by Associated Press

September 3, 2016, 1:50 PM.

Tropical Storm Hermine regained strength.

'At 8 p.m. ET Saturday, the National Hurricane Center reported that Hermine’s

top sustained winds were at 70 mph, just shy of hurricane strength winds of 74

mph, as it moved east-northeast at 12 mph. The storm was centered about

195 miles southeast of Ocean City, Md..​

The NHC said it expected Hermine to regain hurricane force on Sunday, and

the center of the storm would "meander" offshore of the Delmarva Peninsula on

Sunday night and early Monday, raising the specter of "life-threatening

 inundation" from storm surges and tides until Sunday night from

Chincoteague, Va., to Sandy Hook, N.J.

As the storm moved northward, only cars, pickups, minivans and sport-utility

vehicles without exterior cargo were allowed to cross the 17.6-mile span

linking the southern tip of the Delmarva Peninsula to mainland Virginia....

Hermine brings foul weather to Va. Shore

"Large waves generated by Hermine will affect the U.S. East Coast from the

Mid-Atlantic states and expand northward along the coast of southern New

England through the weekend," the NHC said. "These waves are likely to

cause life-threatening surf and rip current conditions, and significant beach


On Friday, before hitting the Atlantic, Hermine rolled out of the Gulf of

Mexico and across northern Florida as the first hurricane to hit the state in

over a decade.

By Monday, Bridgeport, Conn., could face up to 4 feet of water if the peak

surge hits at high tide. The center also extended its Tropical Storm Warning

to west of Watch Hill, R.I., including Long Island, Long Island Sound and New

York City....

Storm Hermine continues to move towards Coastal Delaware and Rehoboth

Beach starts to take a pounding Saturday, Sept. 3.  CHUCK SNYDER/Special

to the News Journal....

Delaware waits for Hermine to strike.

In New Jersey, Gov. Chris Christie declared a state of emergency for three

coastal counties in preparation for Hermine's arrival.

“Anyone along the U.S. East Coast needs to be paying close attention this

weekend,” said Dennis Feltgen, a spokesman for the National Hurricane


Amtrak says it has canceled or altered some service on the East Coast as

the storm approached.

At least two deaths had been linked to Hermine. In Florida, a homeless man

was struck and killed by a falling tree south of Gainesville, according to

Gov. Rick Scott.

In North Carolina, a man died after a tractor-trailer overturned Saturday

because of high winds on the 3-mile-long Lindsay C. Warren Bridge east

of Columbia, The Virginian-Pilot reported.

And The Associated Press reported that on Hatteras Island in the Outer

Banks, a small tornado spawned by Hermine knocked over two trailers

and injured four people.

An estimated 325,000 people were without power statewide, many in the

Tallahassee area, and more than 107,000 in neighboring Georgia, officials


Contributing: Deborah Gates from The (Salisbury, Md.) Daily Times

Update: 7:06 AM 9/4/2016 - from Live Weekend Express. Hurricane Hermine

has shifted and may miss the New Jersey coast. Forcasters say that now Rhode

Island and the Cape may get the worse of Hurricane Hermine.


Mother is still napping and I'm still waiting for Meals on Wheels.

TO BE CONTINUED....   I'm getting lazy don't you think?

"Critics of a Saint should walk in their shoes"

Forrest Caricofe

"No results found for "Critics of a Saint should walk in their shoes"."

from Google search.

I like what I did yesterday in creating that flower garden I told you

about. I'm anxiously awaiting the rising sun so I can water all the flowers

and move that 3 foot diameter garden to the back....


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