Tuesday, September 6, 2016

200th post

What I've been doing is telling stories of my life from the past (blog # 1)

and just doing that ain't going to work because I believe you would like

 to hear about the present, too.

You see, I've completed 200 stories (blogs) as of tonight, and do two blogs

a day. You can get to the remainder of my stories thru,

Facebook and Twitter.


Forrest Caricofe


As Father stopped at the end of the dirt lane leading away from my

Grandmother Caricofe's home to turn left onto the two lane US State

Route 42, I thought I remembered a house facing us on the other side

of the road in a wooded area? My Aunt Nita (Father's second oldest

sister) said that there was nothing there, maybe just the wooded area

(my thinking, not Aunt Nita).

Another puzzle which has not been solved completely, was Grandmother

Caricofe's home place moved when the double-lane US State Route 42 was


The kind and gentle man who knows of history lives there now and is a

"farrier (who) is a specialist in equine hoof care, including the trimming

and balancing of horses' ..."

from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

I believe I can call VDOT (Virginia Department of Transportation) and get

the answer....


This is not my 200th post. I was requested to delete one and that's all I'm going

to say about it,

So, tonight's blog will actually be number 200, but I won't be celebrating

because just like other celebrations, they are not important to me because

they take me away from doing things I want to do and I don't like, like Mother

being the center of attention.

World News

Washington Times

"Obama disrespected by China, Rodrigo Duterte on final Asia trip

Washington Times - 55 minutes ago.... (the computer time right now

5:48 AM 9/6/2016)....

When Air Force One arrived in China Monday, no jetway was initially

prepared for President Obama to descend - one of several snubs he is

enduring on his final official trip to Asia."


Donald Trump is the first on Google News' Top Stories List and Hillary

Clinton is not mentioned.


Mother Teresa

"A second miracle, recognized by the pope last year, opened the way

to sanctity. “I am very grateful for this miracle,” said Marcilio Haddad

Andrino, a Brazilian who recovered from a life-threatening brain infection

in 2008 after his family prayed to Mother Teresa. Mr. Andrino came to

Rome for the ceremony and was present at the Vatican news conference.

“The merciful Lord looks at us all without any distinction,” Mr. Andrino

said. “Maybe it was me this time but maybe tomorrow it will be someone


Mother Teresa, for all her acclaim, was not without critics. Some have

questioned the hygiene and medical standards adopted by the sisters in

some of the shelters and clinics run by the Missionaries of Charity. Others,

like Dr. Aroup Chatterjee, have criticized what they call a “cult of suffering”

that was prevalent in some of the homes run by the order.

In a book, and also the documentary “Hell’s Angel,” the author and essayist

Christopher Hitchens accused Mother Teresa of being an “ally of the status

quo,” also calling her a “zealot” and a “fanatic.” Mr. Hitchens charged that

instead of empowering the poor to seek a better future, she instilled the idea

that their condition was permanent.

Her campaigns against birth control and abortion, which she once called

“the greatest destroyer of peace today,” angered feminists and raised

concerns with aid organizations.

Some doctors and officials in India have also challenged the narrative of

Monica Besra, the woman said to have benefited from Mother Teresa’s

first miraculous intervention, saying that Ms. Besra had been suffering

from a cyst, not a tumor...."  Maybe you will remember a quote of a few

days ago: "A saint is criticized for the little things they do not do."

The Weather Channel.

"Still Spinning: Hermine Not Done With East Coast -  00:40'."

The Weather Channel.

"Hurricane Newton Makes Landfall in Mexico. Posted: Sep 6 2016

05:45 AM EDT.

Updated: Sep 6 2016 06:19 AM EDT

Hurricane Newton rapidly strengthened and has now made landfall in

Baja California, Mexico."

I had hoped that Hurricane Newton would move over the dry desert

lands of South Nevada (Las Vegas where

I live(d)inmycarandeat(ate) They get only about 4 inches

average rainfall each year.


"each year Federal water managers are now projecting that the lake

won’t have enough water to fulfill deliveries to Nevada and Arizona in

2018 according to a report released on August 16, 2016.

Here, the water levels are down more than 60 percent of capacity in

May 6, 2015. In September 2015, the reservoir was down 147 feet from

full capacity in 1983 and only 38 percent full. In 2016, the levels the

reservoir is just 36 percent full, at its lowest level Wednesday since

the reservoir was created."

CREDIT: Mike Blake/Reuters


I know I'm typing mostly about my Mother and best friend, but my Father

died of of a heart attack in 1991 (age 73 - same as my aged today) and

I've forgotten some of the memories of that time over 25 years ago. But,

I will tell you this, I felt that my Father and I did not get along much, but sadly

after he had passed to Heaven, I learned from living human beings here

on Earth, that my Father cared for me more than I would have ever known....


Quote of the Day.

"Red in the morning, Hillary's warning, red at night Donald's delight"

Forrest Caricofe

Google: " out of 4,620,000 results - highest count to date (1.15 seconds):

No results found for "Red in the morning, Hillary's warning, red at

night Donald's delight.""

And you all know that I stole 9 words and only made up only 2. Maybe

Google Search only goes back 10,000 years or so.

And you also know that "ladies' first is the rule in the South.

"Viette's - "In The Garden with Andre Viette" › Radio/TV

"In the Garden with Andre Viette" is a live nationwide call-in radio program

to answer ALL of your gardening questions. Andre Viette ...

Viette's - Gardening Solutions"

Mother and I use to listen to "In The Garden with Andre Viette" at breakfast

on Saturday morning. One thing I'll always remember that he said was to

mow the grass at the highest level on the mower so that the grass will shade

out the weeds and kill them. If you know about "photosynthesis (it is) the

process by which green plants and some other organisms use sunlight to

synthesize foods from carbon dioxide and water. Photosynthesis in plants general

involves the green pigment chlorophyll and generates oxygen as a byproduct."

Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

And it sounds pretty much common sense. And, it works too, on this about one

acre grass of land in Ohio. And you know what I'll think I'll do, I will name the

this section of my stories:"In The Garden with Andre Viette" and Forrest

Caricofe. I hope Andre don't get mad, because you see, I like Andre Viette"

quite a lot.

"In The Garden with Andre Viette" and Forrest Caricofe.

I'll finish up replanting flowers today, I hope, and do some other things I need

to do and when I run out of things to do, I'll make up something to do, just to

stay out-side and barefooted....


Eyewitness News

"Michael Jackson fans believe the King of Pop is alive

Eyewitness News - ‎16 hours ago‎

LONDON - Fans of Michael Jackson have speculated that he may

still be alive after his daughter Paris posted a selfie photo on

Instagram back in May that they believe shows the King of Pop

sitting in the back seat of her car."

Michael Jackson is considered by many to be "The Greatest

Entertainer of All Time". He used an extraordinary amount of

energy and sometimes during his performances, he had already

recorded his song first and then he would lip-sync  and dance to

his prerecorded music.

Try dance-syncing to Michael Jackson's song 'BAD.'

Sure you can.

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