Thursday, September 8, 2016

205th post

I never knew Uncle Jack well as a kid, but I've got to know him in the 

last few years. I told you before that he took care of the tombstones of

our relations whose final resting place is Bridgewater cemetery. He

still works on lawn mowers and maybe other small engines in a building

that he has for that purpose. He invited me to go along with him to a 

dinner in a church in Dayton and I just wanted to thank him for that.

Uncle Ray and his wife, Aunt Faye, who have lived in the same house 

all these years that I can remember. Uncle Ray (my Father's second to

youngest brother) was the one that my Father said "he was the best door

hanging he ever saw." They have both treated me real good and I thank

them both for that....



"Obama says Trump unfit for presidency, has 'outright wacky' ideas

VIENTIANE U.S. President Barack Obama hit back at Donald Trump 

on Thursday for criticizing his foreign policy record, saying the 

Republican nominee was unfit to follow him into the Oval Office 

and the public should press him on his "outright wacky ideas"."

10:11AM EDT

"Trump in TV event with Clinton, says Putin better leader than Obama.

NEW YORK Donald Trump declared on Wednesday that Russia's 

Vladimir Putin had been a better leader than U.S. President Barack 

Obama, as the Republican presidential nominee used a televised 

forum to argue he was best equipped to reassert America's global 


10:12AM EDT

Looks like to me that U.S. President Barack Obama is the Democratic 

nominee for a third term as president and is running against 

Republican nominee, Donald Trump who is seeking his first term as 

the US President.


"U.S. jobless claims fall as labor market remains strong

WASHINGTON: The number of Americans filing for unemployment benefits 

unexpectedly fell last week, pointing to sustained labor market strength 

even as the pace of job growth is slowing."  10:56AM EDT

Opinion: "The number of Americans filing for unemployment benefits

unexpectedly fell last week" because they know that they haven't worked 

in years and that their claim would be fraudulent and they also know how

easy it is to get public assistance. Just this minute I saw on TV that a man 

worth 120 million dollars was getting food stamps.

I don't see how the "job growth is slowing", I see "Now Hiring" on a lot

of store entrances. Maybe making less than $60,000 a year is not good 

enough for some people.

Quote of the Day

"A child is like a rainbow after a pouring rain."

Forrest Caricofe

Google: About 747,000 results (1.07 seconds) 

No results found for "A child is like a rainbow after a pouring rain.".

In the Flower Garden with Forrest Caricofe

I didn't spend much time in the flower gardens today because I was 

occupied with other responsibilities, but did manage to mulch (black)

the new back corner bed and water it and the other 3 flower beds in 

the back. And the a Farmer's Rain began, so I will not have to water 

the flowers in the morning.

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