Friday, September 9, 2016

206th post


Just before reaching the Bridgewater Cemetery in today's world either

by walking, jogging, fast walking ( there is a man who I saw occasionally 

who exercises that way), driving or by Old Order Mennonite horse and 

buggy there is on the left at the corner of US State Route 42 and Cemetery 

Road (I ain't quite sure of the name ??) (if you turn left here and travel by 

any of the above ways for 2 or 3 miles more or less you reach the 

intersection of this road with US Route 11, you will be close to the to the

accident I was involved in and describe in an earlier story), a black 

buckboard pulled by a black horse, the buckboard made of wood  

and the horse maybe of a plastic related material....



Science & Environment

World's wilderness reduced by a tenth since 1990s

By Helen Briggs 

From the section Science & Environment

"A tenth of the world's wilderness has vanished in the past two decades, 

research shows.

New maps show "alarming losses" of pristine landscapes, particularly 

in South America and Africa, according to World Conservation Society 


They argue in Current Biology that wild areas are ignored in international 

conservation agreements, despite their ecological and cultural value.

About 20% of the world's land area is classed as wilderness.

By this, scientists mean landscapes free of large-scale human disturbances 

such as housing, development and industry.

The majority of these untouched spaces are found in North America, north 

Asia, north Africa and Australia.

They are often home to indigenous peoples as well as endangered plants 

and animals....



"The Rio 2016 Paralympic Games will be held from 7-18 September 2016.

The Brazilian city, with its stunning landmarks, will provide a perfect 

backdrop for the pinnacle of each para-athlete’s career: the Paralympic 


Around 4,350 athletes from more than 160 countries will travel to Rio 

to compete in 528 medal events in 22 different sports.

Of the total number of athletes set to take part, approximately 1,650 will 

be women - a 9.9 per cent increase on London 2012 and more than double 

the 790 who took part in the Atlanta 1996 Games. They will compete in 

224 medal events, equating to 43 per cent of all medal events and a 

12 per cent increase on London, with athletics, cycling and swimming 

providing additional events for women.

Canoe and triathlon will be included in the Games for the first time in 

Rio and each sport will stage six medal events – evenly split between 

male and female athletes – whilst the existing 20 summer sports will 

feature no less medal events than in London.

The Rio 2016 Organising Committee commits itself to "deliver excellent 

Games, with memorable celebrations that will promote the global image 

of Brazil, underpinned by social and urban sustainable transformation 

through sport, contributing to the growth of the Olympic and Paralympic 




Current medal standings:

Country           Gold medals        Silver medals    Bronze medals Total 

China CHN                   7                                   9                                 4                      20

Great Britain &            5                                   3                                  3                      11        N. IrelandGB

Uzbekistan UZB          3                                    2                                 3                        8

United States USA      2                                    4                                  2                        8

Brazil BRZ                  2                                    1                                   1                       4

South Korea KOR       2                                    0                                   1                        3


Continued from the 203rd post....

I remember Tammy and her husband's dirt biker son's name now. Blade I 

believe it is and I like that name a lot. I believe that Tammy always drove 

the vehicle that towed the trailer that held Blade's dirt bike and her husband 

served as navigator. If Tammy and her family or anyone who knows her and

is reading this, please thank Tammy and her family for helping me in the

Harrisonburg Walmart..............and just remembered something, I saw that 

the Hair Corral was open very late one night. I cannot remember the 

hairdresser's name, sorry, but she helped me too. She works straight north

of Tammy on the other side of the mirrored wall. I hope you'll thank her, too....


"People who think of others first before they think of themselves are 

following God's wishes here on earth."

Google Search: About 437,000,000 results (1.34 seconds) 

No results found for "People who think of others first before they think 

of themselves are following God's wishes here on earth."


The mulching of that new corner flower bed I did yesterday helps 

the flowers to retain life saving water and prevent weeds from 

growing that would compete with the flowers for water, sun and 

carbon dioxide.

I believe it rained more last night after I went to sleep so I can certainly

take a break from watering the flowers. I hope I won't be distracted by

other things today because I want to do more landscaping and I also

want to replant some more sunflowers to the new back corner garden.

I can work in the rain if ain't lightening. At Father and Mother's last home

on Herring Lane, I took the lawn roller that my Father filled with cement

and pulled it by the tractor in the rain. 

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