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....The horse and buggy are positioned so they look without ever moving 

just to the left slightly of the the North Star in the nights sky and for people 

traveling in any direction to see the black horse and buckboard, a tribute to

days gone by or to those who still use them today. There is also at least 

three plaques or so that described from the beginning the history of US State 

Route 42 from a mud road to the asphalt it is today.

I always remember a story related by my Father that a man who lived in 

Dayton took his car to his mechanic and told the mechanic that he was 

going to take a trip and asked the mechanic to check his car out. 

It turned out that the man was taking a trip to Bridgewater which is no 

more than three miles south of Dayton....



"Rio 2016 is also making an effort in improving accessibility standards 

throughout the city. Until 2016 the aim is that all public transportation 

systems in the city of Rio de Janeiro will be offering full accessibility, 

and the accessibility standards of the International Paralympic Committee 

(IPC) will be enforced in all new hotels built in the city, with the purpose of 

encompassing at least 1 per cent of all rooms available in Rio de Janeiro.

Following three rounds of voting by eligible IOC members, Rio de Janeiro 

eventually triumphed by taking 66 votes from a possible 98. Other 

Candidate cities competing for the right to host the 2016 Games were 

Chicago (United States), Tokyo (Japan) and Madrid." 


Rio 2016: The family of four competing at the Paralympics

8 September 2016 Last updated at 00:45 BST

"Boccia is a sport played by Paralympians with the most severe 

disabilities. Participants throw six balls towards the jack with the winner 

being the person who gets closest.

One family from Scotland will be competing together. Brothers Jamie 

and Scott McCowan, who have Duchenne muscular dystrophy, will 

represent Paralympics GB.

Their parents have also travelled to Rio to be their ramp assistant."


Current medal standings:

Country           Gold medals        Silver medals    Bronze medals Total 

China CHN                  18                                  16                            10                    44

Great Britain &           11                                   5                                8                    24        
N. IrelandGB

Ukraine UKR                6                                   6                              12                   24

United States USA        3                                   7                                2                   12

Brazil BRZ                    3                                   5                                2                   10

Uzbekistan UZB           3                                    2                               6                    11


After Mother had her hair done, Tammy would help her down from the salon

chair and I would pay her. I do not think that Tammy had raised the price of 

Mother's hairdo in years although the price had changed for almost everyone

else. I usually gave Tammy a tip, maybe a dollar or two? 

Mother and I then went to the Kentucky Fried Chicken in front of the Dayton 

Walmart (although I believe it has a Harrisonburg address). I helped 

Mother from her 1986 Honda Accord and in and to her favorite booth just 

north of the drink dispensers. I then ordered two senior meals with a 

chicken thigh and leg, green beans, mashed potatoes and brown gravy. 

Mother would normally eat only one item at a time and would go on to next 

only after she finished the latter. One cashier, whose name I can't 

remember, always treated Mother real special. Sometimes Mother could 

not finish all her food so we took it home for later. When my sister, Nancy, 

took Mother to the Hair Corral they followed exactly the same routine...


"A cult of any kind keeps their members from talking to the World."

Forrest Caricofe

Google: About 8,890,000 results (1.04 seconds) 

No results found for "A cult of any kind keeps their members from 

talking to the World.".


I put a lot of sunflower seeds in the ground for about 7 different varieties

this year in May. Some grew up from last years sunflower seed or bird 

droppings. I probably have about 20 sunflowers more or less in 12 

different flower beds. Sunflowers are real easy to transplant because 

I believe they contain a lot of water in their thick stalk and can go longer 

than most plants without water.

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