Tuesday, September 13, 2016

211th post

This will be a special story for me. Ryan and I went to the Wayne 

County Fair (Wooster, OH) last evening and you may know from 

reading past stories of mine that I'm over friendly and my talking 

to everyone who talk to me and I get into a lot of trouble for being 

like that. You see, I simply believe that all humans should be 

recognized and treated as human beings. Period.

We went with tickets to see Graig Morgan. He is for those who don't 

know it my intellectual disadvantage son (Mother said she loved 

Ryan "because of who is") who really likes country music singers. 

I had helped him about 10 years ago or so in joining the fan clubs 

of the singers Ryan liked most. I do not know why we don't do that 

today but maybe its the cost or maybe he don't simply want to do it 

anymore. I will ask that question of Ryan this very day.

As I told you all before that I'm over friendly and because of that I'm 

consider to be manic and bi-polar. 

I was incarcerated for that once, but that's another story, that I'll not

tell today, but later and hopefully before my life on earth has ended.

As a result of that incarceration that I mentioned just above, the psychiatrists

prescribed Depacote and Saraquill which I call drop-a-coat and Sarah

Palin  She is a smart woman, she don't pull no punches and she not a 

politician ruled by lobbyists). 

8:32 AM 9/13/2016

Right now at the time above, I need to quit my telling of this 211th 

story in order to be on time for an appointment at 9:00 AM.  It is with 

Dr Chickorelli for a consultation for operating on a diagnoses of 

Carpel Tunnel. I will type the rest of this story when I get back.

Thank you.

Forrest Caricofe

2:32 PM 9/13/2016

I'm back. It took longer than expected because I needed some things 

at Walmart.

Dr Chicorelli gave me three options: pills, injection or surgery. I chose 

surgery because you all know that I don't like delaying a cure with pills 

and injections. The doctor was a woman who went to and played 

basketball Kent State (I had look way up to see her face). 

I like female doctors. A physician' s assistant, diagnosed my Mother's 

congestive heart failure when her doctor failed to do. I have women 

doctors in 4 cities if you count the doctor I saw today in Wooster. Two 

in Omaha, NE where my son and daughter live, one a pediatrician and 

the other is a physician's assistant and also a physicians assistant in Las 

Vegas, NV. Her name is Tigger to (no Forrest, it was Tigger Mathis,

behave yourself). And you know, she was Southern Belle to boot). 

Well. I'll declare!

I had a woman doctor in Harrisonburg,VA who was from Ghana that I

liked, but she moved away and the personality of a doctor that I 

requested did not meet my requirements, and that doctor was a male.

I believe that woman overall are better doctors (includes physician's 

assistants) to include the Army brat (Dr Chicorele) that I saw today,

(Just kidding, Doctor). because they are more caring and their bed side 

manner is far superior to the manner of the male.

She went on to say that after she operated on my nerves from just under

the armpit and down thru the valley of hand with palm up, she may have 

to operate on my fore finger which is required for gun firing (trigger 

finger I believe she said). 

She was very serious, but her staff of happy, smiling and delightful 

young woman were a proper balance to that and hope she ain't reading 

the truth of this because she may choose in the end to amputate.

Note: I sincerely hope that Dr Chickorelli is not unhappy with what I 

have just said.  I have the greatest respect for her as a medical professional.

Note: I told you all that both Bill and I get up about 4:00 AM. Bill watches 

TV and I type this story for today and listen to the TV. 

I just heard that Hillary Clinton (ladies first that is taught in the South) 

and Donald Trump are both conducting a negative, hate filled campain.

You see, they are only doing that because the people like to hear hate 

instead of positive and I'm certainly always sadden by that.

Note: I received an Amber Alert last night at about 11:35 PM that a child, 

toddler, teenager, young woman (I didn't know at that time) had been 

abducted in Brunswick, OH, about a 45 minute drive northwest of here

and right off Interstate 71 on the left going north. The news woman said 

that the teenager was abducted by a registered sex offender and all of the

policing units are on the look out for he abductor.

I hardly ever get mad or angry, but I have always said that if I ever 

encountered an abductor, rapist, child molester and the like only I or the

offender would leave that location alive.

The following two sections of my normal story will probably be delayed 

until the end of the fair.




"Someone who only obeys most of the rules will be a very long way 

from being free."

Forrest Caricofe

Google search: About 16,900,000 results (1.24 seconds) 

No results found for "Someone who only obeys most of the rules will 

be a very long way from being free.".

"Rules are usually made by lawyers/politicians who you must seek 

out and pay to determine the meaning of them all."

Forrest Caricofe

Google search: About 29,700,000 results (1.44 seconds) 

No results found for "Rules are usually made by lawyers/politicians 

who you must seek out and pay to determine the meaning of them all."

"Someone who always stays between the lines (obeys all the rules)

are sometimes also, arse kissers and rat finks."

Forrest Caricofe

Google search: About 414 results (0.72 seconds) 

No results found for "Someone who always stays between the lines 

(obeys all the rules) are sometimes also, arse kissers and rat finks.".

Forrest Caricofe

Google search must be getting tired of me using their search software.

Only "414" results?

"Some who talks and knows it all, and does not listen, will not learn 

much the rest of their natural lives."

Forrest Caricofe

Google search: About 2,650,000,000 results (1.57 seconds) 

No results found for "Some who talks and knows it all, and does not 

listen, will not learn much the rest of their natural lives.".

Looks like Google search needed to rest awhile because from above

there is sure a lot of difference 414 and 2,650,000,000.


I stopped at a booth that sought to sell its landscaping services and talked

to the owner and his wife and/or employee. This is not the situation to ask

personnel family (about the woman being his wife and/ or employee) 

questions because I've learned after talking to hundreds and hundreds 

people over my 73 years, that my observations at the beginning of seeing 

them will determine what I will do or say. 

We talked mostly about, not replanting flowers/plants, but separating a 

new purchase of flowers/plants into parts and planting. Even though you

may not get a root when separating that little flower or plant, it will create

its own root because, like you and me, it wants to live too.

There is a whole lot more I like to say, but Ryan and I are going back to

the fair. The concert tonight features Travis Tritt who we have not seen 

or heard of for a while. We both are anxious to see him sing again:

'Here's a quarter, call someone who cares.' .......... and......... 'Where 

corn don't grow.'...... to name only two.

TO BE CONTINUED...........

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