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"God will have a lot of questions for one who is quick to anger."
Forrest Caricofe

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is quick to anger.".

The above quote refers to someone last night who became very 

angry when I was searching frantically for my son, Ryan. Like

I said before, I give Ryan the longest leash possible because his

2nd grade level intellectual ability (75 I. Q.) and sometimes his 

naive approach to dealing with  people may be a hindrance to 

him in surviving when his Mother (Carolyn) and I are dead and 


I've remained standing most of my entire life except when sleeping,

typing this story and maybe half the time, I sit down to eat. I have not

sat down these last two nights of the fair except when Bill drove Ryan 

and I to the fair and back to the house. I have Glaucoma and cataracts

and I have a lot of difficulty driving at night. 

Because of standing all these years, I can dance a little to keep in time 

with the music while eating and drinking and being friendly and talking

to people and all at the same time.

I try to check on Ryan without him seeing me because I believe he is 

proud of himself for being able to survive without help which is our 

ultimate goal for him. It was after the concert had started for about a half

hour that I went to check on Ryan. He and I both like Travis Twitt, who sings 

the old style of country music that we both enjoy.

It was too dark for me to see the section and seat number, so I enlisted

the help of the people who are hired by the fair to help at these concerts.

I went down to what I thought was where Ryan was setting and asked the 

attendant  what row and what seat. She moved up and down a little and 

arriving at the proper row, she pointed to about the middle and said that

was the seat on the ticket. I moved thru the row quickly, people in their

seats turning their legs side ways to accommodate my movement. No Ryan.

At the very end of the row and on the corner sat someone who became 

quick with anger because I was blocking their view of the concert, although I

maybe paused for only 5 seconds. I then, maybe in some anger on my 

part, yelled down very loudly to that someone,  that " I'm looking for my

disadvantage son, what the hell is wrong with you."

I returned to the to the west gate to enlist the help of a young deputy sheriff

I had met earlier and immediately liked. He had a pinpoint light which was 

required as a part of the equipment and the uniform and after looking at the

row and seat went quickly to try and find Ryan. 

I was still frantic trying think where Ryan might be. He had told me after the 

Craig Morgan concert of the night before that he could not hear his cell phone 

ringing because of the noise. But I called anyway and Ryan answered in about

20 seconds. "Where in the hell are you at" I yelled into the phone and he said 

he was in his seat and had seen me going thru the row that I was told to go

thru in my search for him. 

Ryan came up to me to assure me, I guess, that he was safe and gave him a big

and hard hug and said, maybe, don't do that again to me. He said that had seen

me going thu the row looking for him but he did not want to disturb those close

from enjoying the performance. And here's another thing I need teach him,

do not ever let anyone keep you ..... from...... being ......... free ........

Meaning to me that all laws, rules, policies and the like are not common sense

and I don't obey the latter unless it hurts someone for me doing that. And I will

tell Ryan:  Yes, Ryan, you can yell out to me.... because..... you'

I've told you all a lot of the following before, but let me say again and, maybe,

we both will understand it a bit more.

My Father was outwardly very friendly and my Mother was friendly in a a more

quit and reserved way. I consider myself over friendly who can say hi to every-

one within my sight and for that I am considered to be manic and bi-polar.

I had agreed to go to counseling at the Community Service Board in 

Harrisonburg,VA after my release from incarceration, the Irish woman with

an Irish tilt in her voice and dressed almost like a elf with long stockings, would 

always ask me the same questions: "are you depressed?", "are you thinking of 

committing suicide?", etc. I would respond with, "no, I'm just over friendly."

Same thing happened about every month more less and I finally said to her,

"Let's change chairs."

As to that someone on the corner with anger in their heart, that someone hung 

their head the next two times I passed that person with a look on that person's 

face that looked like that person was wondering what I would say next. I did 

not say anything more to that person, but I only looked at that person with 

disappointment on my face. That person could have made things right again 

with God and I if that person would have said a simple phrase "I'm sorry."

And guess what? Ryan did asked for help in finding his assigned seat and the 

usher put him in the wrong seat ...........




1. Military - military operations for a specific objective.

2. a systematic course of aggressive activities for some specific purpose:

     a sales campaign.

3. the competition by rival political candidates and organizations for 

     public office. verb (used without object)

4. to serve in or go on a campaign: verb (used with object)

5. to race (a horse, boat, car, etc.) in a number or series of competitions.

Origin of campaign Expand

French, Italian, Late Latin."

Synonyms - drive, effort, push, offensive." Unabridged

Based on the Random House Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2016.

I believe that the definition of the presidential race has changed from 

definition number 3 to definition number 1.

The following sections will be delayed until I have finished typing the

story of the Wayne County Fair.




I did not water the flowers yesterday morning so they must be thirsty.

As soon as finish posting this story, I'll get to. It's 9:25 AM right now and I

should be able to start watering the flowers about 10:00 AM.

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