Thursday, September 15, 2016

213th post

I have a lot of stories from going to the fair and the Tuesday night's 

event of losing my dear son, Ryan, for a while took quite some time 

in telling.

Last night, Wednesday, I found a free place to park at the Humane

Services parking lot. I told Ryan to go ahead like I usually do to give 

him the freedom that he needs, like I told you all before, so when my

wife and I have passed, he will be able to survive more on his own.

I made sure I had everything I needed to include, maybe, 50 business,

cards to hand out to friendly people. I put the fast-lock on the steering 

wheel to hopefully prevent the 1986 Honda Accord from getting stolen 

because it is the only thing that I have that reminds me of my best friend 

and Mother. We are in different places now, she in Heaven as I remain 

here on earth, but I'm not sad, but I am happy for her, because that's the

place where my Mother wanted to go.

I believe that I bring out the friendliness in other people (not bragging) 

by being over friendly first to other people, but sometimes, and only 

rarely, I can tell by the look on someones face that they would rather

I go. And that is what I do....


Bill and I again as usual at 6:04 AM, he's watching TV and I'm typing 

this 213th story. 

Dr Oz has invited Donald Trump to mostly talk about age and health 

which what this TV show is all about. Dr Oz said to Donald Trump that 

if he was elected he, at age 70, would be the oldest president to ever 

enter the Oval Office. Donald responded that Hillary is only a  little 

younger ( she will be age 69 next month on October 26) and that 

President Ronald Reagan entered the presidential office at the age of

of 69 ("69 years, 349 days old.").

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Dr Oz asked Donald Trump, who does not exercise, about his stamina 

at his age.  and I cannot remember Donald Trump's response was, but I 

believe he is much like me, almost always, moving on his feet and you 

also know, like me, that he stands a lot. However, I still smoke and my 

plan for quitting is to die, and Donald Trump like President Barack 

Obama might sneak a puff or so behind our backs.

Fortune 500.

"How much do we need to know about Hillary Clinton’s and Donald 

Trump’s health?

Hillary Clinton’s dizzy spell on Sunday, followed by the revelation she 

has pneumonia, along with Trump’s highly unusual and terse medical 

disclosure, have made this a central issue in the 2016 election.

When Arizona’s Senator John McCain was the Republican presidential 

nominee, McCain, then 71, famously allowed reporters to pore through 

thousands of pages of his medical records to quash any concerns about

his previous battles with melanoma.

In contrast, Trump released a one-page note that has been roundly 

criticized for its lack of specifics and general bombast. His New 

York doctor, Harold Bornstein, claimed that Trump would be “the 

healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency” and that his 

lab test results were “astonishingly excellent.” The 2015 letter also 

said Trump had “only positive results” from his various medical tests--

which is considered “nonsense” phrasing among clinicians, as the 

Atlantic notes...."



Guy Docetoni is a contributor for 

Published 8:57 am EDT, December 1, 2015 Updated 9:50 am EDT, 

December 2, 2015 9:50 am

"Does President Obama Smoke Cigarettes?

They say: Once a smoker, always a smoker. And this may certainly be 

the case for President Barack Obama, who took up smoking cigarettes 

as a teenager and has exhibited a cyclical pattern of quitting and starting 

up again.

“I was never really a heavy smoker,” said a then-presidential hopeful 

Obama to Men’s Health in August of 2008. “Probably at my peak I was 

smoking seven or eight a day. More typical was three…There have 

been a couple of times during the campaign when I fell off the wagon 

and bummed one, and I had to kick it again.”

After the election, in 2009, the President admitted at a press conference 

that the quitting was still a work in progress. He said “there are times I 

mess up. … I constantly struggle with it. … Have I fallen off the wagon? 


Does the President still smoke?....

Enter the wife. “I’ve never been a smoker so I can’t relate,” said first lady 

Michelle Obama in an interview with Politico.

If you’re like me, an ex-smoker (who sneaks one or two cigs every once 

in awhile) married to a never-smoker, then after reading that quote, you 

have a better understanding of the President’s domestic predicament. 

But the pressure at home must have worked because when the subject 

of his smoking came up at a December 10 White House press conference 

with press secretary Robert Gibbs, he said “I’ve not seen or witnessed 

evidence of any smoking in probably nine months.”

In September 2013, the President, apparently still on the wagon, was 

caught on an open mic at the U.N. telling an attendee that he quit 

“because I’m scared of my wife.”....

But then in June of 2015, a spokesman for the Italian prime minister 

threw the President under the bus by posting a picture on his 

Instagram account that appears to show Obama holding a pack of 


So there you have it. Once a smoker, always a smoker.  

No official word from the White House on the current status of the 

President’s smoking habit. But, if not while in office, we do hope 

he can finally kick the habit when the whole weight of the free world 

isn’t on the poor guy’s shoulders! C’mon, Mrs. Obama, cut the man 

some slack!"

The following sections will be delayed until I have finished typing the

story of the Wayne County Fair.




"Helping other people here on earth is one of the goals God and his

son, Jesus, have set for us."
Forrest Caricofe

Google search: About 7,090,000 results (1.26 seconds) 

No results found for "Helping other people here on earth is one of the 

goals God and his son, Jesus, have set for us."

"Some who smokes, like me, wastes at least 1 hour a day smoking, 

thinking about, buying or machine rolling or having a nicotine fit 

throughout the live long day."

Forrest Caricofe

Google search:  About 1,870,000 results (1.76 seconds) 

No results found for "Some who smokes, like me, wastes at least 1 hour a day smoking,

thinking about, buying or machine rolling or having a nicotine fit throughout the live

​long day.".


I won't have to water the flowers this morning because it rained yesterday

morning. It was my favorite rain, a Farmer's Rain, and not one with thunder and its

partner of lightening. I'm going to to replant some large plants with beautiful

flowers close to the house because they are annuals and will loose their life

with the coldness of the Fall. We have too many plants that are annuals,

now, both in the house and on the back covered deck of the house, and all

flowers that are annuals need to be in the house before the temperature dips

below 50 degrees or so.

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