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215th post

Thursday (15 September) was last day of the Wayne County Fair, but I

I have lot more stories to tell and this might take a while.

I told you all about the woman and man passed out in the front seat 

of a car because of a heroine overdose, with the frightened little boy in 

the right back seat in East Liverpool, Ohio. That little boy is now staying 

with his aunt and uncle in North Carolina.

Two heroine overdoses occurred here at the fair, one in the grandstands

that's used for concerts and the other at an entrance/exit gate. I do not 

know the heroine overdose details that occurred in the grandstands, but

the other passed out at the feet of a Sheriff's deputy officer at one of the 

entrances to the fair. The deputy administered Naloxone to reverse 

the overdose.

Reversing Drug Overdoses Naloxone 

(Narcan, Evzio) - WebMD


Naloxone can reverse overdoses from heroin and other painkillers. ... 

If given soon enough, naloxone can counter the overdose effects, 

usually within minutes."

I believe that this was the second night in a row that I received an Amber

Alert on my cell phone stating that a father who had sexually abused his 

teenage daughter and was ordered by the court to not be around his 

daughter, had abducted her an we were alerted to be on the lookout for a 

car that I don't remember, but on this second night it was a white Cadillac, 

and don't believe that matched the car of first night so it must have been stolen?

Because of the nature of the crime and when the police do find him, I think it 

would be best if the police would just kill him like they did in Philadelpia

on late Friday night.

People are getting lazier and lazier and fattier and fattier because 

that what the people want and so the companies oblige. Drive-ups, 

drive-ins, drive-thru, electric carts, self driving cars and other 

motorized vehicles and close to store parking now exist to serve their 


And now I hear on TV that Walmart has now or in the near future a robotic 

cart that a customer can summon just like mankind's best friend, the dog.

When Mother was still on earth, when she and I would go shopping, we 

parked at a distance from the store to take that opportunity to walk and to 

this day I do not use "drive-ups, drive-ins, drive-thru", or others of the like

and you know what?  

You can almost always get waited twice as fast at fast food, banks, 

pharmacies and other places with drive-up windows by simply walking

in and you will, also, get some exercise to boot.


Fortune 500.

"How much do we need to know about Hillary Clinton’s and Donald 

Trump’s health?

With a presidential contest pitting two of the oldest people to ever run 

for the office, the candidates’ medical fitness—both physical and 

mental—has become an unusually relevant issue. Fortune has reached 

out to both campaigns about the matter and will update this post if 

they respond.

Here are some key questions about Hillary Clinton’s and Donald 

Trump’s health.

What kind of pneumonia does Clinton have?

In an interview on Monday evening with CNN’s Anderson Cooper, 

Clinton attempted to address concerns about her health. She said 

that her physician had recommended five days of rest after her 

pneumonia diagnosis Friday and that the campaign decided not to 

disclose the illness then because she “didn’t think it was that big a 

deal.” She said she would be heading back to the campaign trail 

within a couple of days. Clinton said that contrary to some reports, 

she had never actually fainted, and that she felt significantly refreshed 

once she was in an air-conditioned car and drank some water.

As CNN medical correspondent and physician Sanjay Gupta pointed out 

after the interview, that still leaves some unanswered questions. For 

instance, Gupta wondered if a chest x-ray had been performed on 

Clinton to see how much of her lungs had been affected by the infection. 

He also explained that there are several different types of pneumonia 

which can be caused by viral, bacterial, or fungal pathogens.

Since Clinton is reportedly taking antibiotics, it would appear that her 

brand of pneumonia is bacterial, which is among the most common 

pneumonia types. And as one physician told the Washington Post in 

an interview on Tuesday, if caught early, bacterial pneumonia doesn’t 

require hospitalization and can be successfully treated with antibiotics 

(all of which appears to be the case with Clinton based on the available 



The following sections will be delayed until I have finished typing the

story of the Wayne County Fair:




"Ain't nothing like the darkness of an early morning rain."

Forrest Caricofe

Google search: About 1,400,000 results (0.99 seconds) 

No results found for "Ain't nothing like the darkness of an early 

morning rain.".

I will not have to to water the flowers this morning because of the

truthfulness of the quote above. I was still asleep when it rained this 

dark morning, but I can tell by the wetness of the road to our north

and the same of the grass, that we've surely had enough.

"A lot of people cannot forgive and forget the battles (and the soldiers), 

that our country fought, to keep our country free." 

Forrest Caricofe

Google search: About 25,400,000 results (1.20 seconds) 

No results found for "A lot of people cannot forgive and forget the battles 

(and the soldiers), that our country fought, to keep our country free."


"....only 200 feet from the Bell's Marathon when I saw in the middle of the 

road a....veteran who served in the military for this country in a motorized

wheelchair trying to cross the road from the double-lined yellow stripe in

the middle of the road to the other side going south. Thinking only of them-

selves, the motorists maybe three or so, refused to stop and I tried to hurry 

to stop the cars, but just before I got there the old soldier saw a brake in 

the traffic and wheel-chaired himself across. As it turns we both were going 

to the same place, a Bell's Marathon, the old veteran moving in the direction 

I said before (south) and I'm walking in a westerly to the store and then to the

Gate 2 entrance to the fair that's 100 feet or so south of where I am right

now. The old veteran said that "that happens all the time," and I said that if

we where on a military installation the pedestrians would have the right-

of-way and he certainly agreed with that.

I purchased a pack of cigarettes and left the store and service station 

and thinking of a plan to make the person who collects my money for the 

fair to laugh or smile. It's good one, too, but I ain't going to tell you until




I did not get much done in the flower gardens yesterday, because I

had to go to Orrville again to buy things that I and my family needed.

I needed to water the flowers because it had not rained the day before

and it was not until afternoon that I got to water and not in the early 

morning that is highly recommended.

I had maybe about 10 water hoses in order to water the back gardens 

and the other far reaches of the yard. I'm now down to 5 hoses which will

still do the job. Those new invented hoses that look and act like green, 

black and brown snakes are very fragile when put in a bind and the 

resulting holes make them more or less useless. I've lost 2 green, 

1 brown and 1 black and only 1 black left and will not buy them again 

even if they are advertised "As seen on TV."

The weather forecasters just now as I listen to the TV, call for rain in the

morning with clearing this afternoon. And, I hope finally, to get a good 

6 hours of work in the flower gardens of mine.

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