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"A county fair is almost like a family reunion, except that everybody 

don't know everybody else."

Forrest Caricofe

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that everybody don't know everybody else.".


...."thinking of a plan to make the person who collects my money for the 

fair to laugh or smile. It's good one, too, but I ain't going to tell you until


Well, it is tomorrow morning. No it ain't. Please don't try and get me 

confused, I get confused enough at my age (73). You all know it's this

morning. Enough said, let's get back to the fair.

The last two afternoons when I went to the fair I got in free because I'm

a veteran for one evening and senior citizen for the second evening.

I planned to ask the cashier, who sold tickets, after telling her/him 

about the above, if this was Transgender Day and point to my long hair. 

Well, as it turned out, the cashier, was not a young person that I expected,

but a friendly and elderly man who, maybe might not understand the

term, transgender.

Note: I like everyone and say hi to everyone. I like transgenders, 

homosexuals, etc. and everyone else, as long as they don't harm me or

someone else. 

After leaving the ticket booth, I turned to the left where the people

collect tickets and then brand you with a stamp that is often revived 

from a stamp pad. One young lady was standing just to my left front

and the other was seated and slightly turned to myself. I told the young

lady on my left front to stamp my forehead and pointed to that. She was

about to do it and I said I'm just kidding and we all got a laugh out of that.

I left there and saw Ryan where we usually meet. I give almost total 

freedom which is a lot more than most of the family or his friends do. 

I initiated a discussion that we just had last night. "What would you do,

Ryan, if someone lost their temper in talking to you?" Ryan said "I would

walk away." Correct answer. "What if someone started to fight you?"

Ryan says: "Defend myself and fight back." Correct answer. and I went 

on to explain the parts of a person's body that if contacted in a particular

way might disable them. There are the three best, if fighting face-to-face

and I'll tell you about those tomorrow....



Fortune 500.

"How much do we need to know about Hillary Clinton’s and Donald 

Trump’s health?

Is Clinton up-to-date on her vaccines?

Adults who are over the age of 65 are encouraged to have had two type 

of anti-pneumonia immunizations—one which protects against 13 strains 

of pneumococcal bacteria (PCV13) and one which protects against 

23 types of pneumococcal bacteria (PPSV23). These vaccinations are 

recommended because pneumonia disproportionately affects the young 

and the elderly, whose immune systems tend to be weaker.

It’s not clear whether Clinton has received these vaccinations. Clinton’s 

immunization records may also be among the information that her 

campaign releases this week.

It’s worth noting that we don’t know if Trump is up to date on his vaccines 

or much about his health at all–because he has released even less 

information than Clinton.

What medications are Trump taking?

Trump’s one-page note only revealed that the GOP nominee takes aspirin 

daily and is on a low-dose statin for cholesterol. It clearly left out many, 

many details.

For instance, while it said that Trump has 110/65 blood pressure, it didn’t 

disclose whether Trump was taking medication for high blood pressure. 

There is debate within the medical community about what an optimal 

blood pressure target is, especially for older people like Trump, and how 

aggressively medications should be used to lower blood pressure to 

reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke....


The following sections will be delayed until I have finished typing the

story of the Wayne County Fair:




"A beautiful morning sky during the still early hours of darkness are 

surely Heaven sent." 

Forrest Caricofe

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of darkness are surely Heaven sent."

This sky is a lot different at this time (2:42 AM 9/18/2016) in the morning. 

The clouds, covering the entire sky as far as I can see, are like giant 

partially flattened puff balls of cotton with a gray darkened center and 

several of the clouds, if you subtract the gray center, resemble the Pillsbury 

Dough Boy. The clouds are moving east under an almost full moon that 

is above the clouds and looks stationary. I do not know if I have ever 

seen a sky like this before.

I just went outdoors again (7:22 AM 9/18/2016) to look upon the sky and 

saw a dark mist to the south and slightly west and the clouds do not have

the look of flattened cotton balls, but are swirling, both light and dark.

The sun is seeking to show its face in the east and the flowers are quenching

their thirst from the high humidity that is present in the air today. 

"Flowers are not always Heaven sent, you must do your part to make 

them grow."

Forrest Caricofe

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your part to make them grow.".


Yesterday, I was able to plant about 1/4 of the Mums that I purchased 

for $1.97 a piece that were on sale at Walmart a couple of days ago with 

colors of white, pink, red, orange, and blue. They were large bunches

that people hang or set in flower pots, but I separate them and plant 

that partial in the ground. Most of the Mum parts did not even have a 

part root, but I know from experience that they grow their own root.

I remember planting Mums for Mother at her home on Herring Lane

and in Virginia. The original soil in the beds for planting were a mixture

clay soil and sandstone which was not good for planting. So, I stole some

good soil from a farmer whose hay, corn, or barley field lay just maybe

30 foot steps going east from the northeast corner of Mother's property.

I would take that good soil and shovel it on the clay soil and sandstone until

I obtained a proper top soil and always looking to see if the farmer might

catch me for my sin of thievery. I planted, besides the Mums, tomato plants

that produced medium yellow slicing tomatoes that Mother liked because

of their less acidity. I also planted pansies (one of Mother's favorites) and 

some others by planting seeds/bulbs and others I don't remember. One

of her favorites was a flower that my Uncle Lester (Mother's baby brother)

and Aunt Bea (Uncle Lester's wife) had brought down from Coshocton, Ohio 

where they lived. Both the pansies and the flower from Ohio (Mother always 

said that "that flower is from Ohio") were planted between the carport and 

house just short of the landing in 3 different flower beds maybe 2 x 1 feet, a 

rectangular shape. The flowers that were planted where just short of the 

the landing going east or west going up and left of the carport and house or 

down and to the right of the same structures and the flowers were protected

from the harshness of winter by the closeness of the carport and house, a

distance of maybe of 8 feet.

Today I hope to plant the remainder of the Mums. I am also trying to plant 

grass where there has only been spots of barren soil. I've used a grass seed 

that is good for sun and shady areas and when it comes up through the soil 

to the light of day it is the color of light green. But I believe Kentucky Blue Grass 

is the best for its toughness and durability, although its color is not blue, but 

dark green and that is what I will use from now on.

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