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"Someone who is restricted from being free by social norms, family or no

nonsense laws or rules, lives a dismal life of frustration and failure."

Forrest Caricofe

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norms, family or no nonsense laws or rules, lives a dismal life of 

frustration and failure."

"A necessary requirement for being free, is to be able to do most 

things for yourself and have only a limited number of social 


Forrest Caricofe

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able to do most things for yourself and have only a limited number 

of social attachments.".

"There are three best moves that I know from talking to other people, 

if fighting face-to-face and I'll tell you about those tomorrow...."

Note: I've changed the above sentence to better fit with what I'm about

to say.

Well, it's finally tomorrow. Ryan and I met for a minute or so before 

I turned him loose to go his own way. I believe the quote above refers 

to Ryan's earlier life and I believe I need to "turn him loose" more often

now because of the ages of his Mother and I.

I asked Ryan again "how would you defend yourself if someone tried to

fight you." He said a kick or fist to the groin or a karate chop to the throat,

(this move might kill someone, but you are, after all, trying to defend 

your own life), but he forgot the third which was a karate chop just above 

the knee. (not below the knee, because you might break your hand).

Ryan and I departed, going different ways, and did not see each other

for the next 3 hours or so, only talking by cell phone, maybe twice, to hear 

how each of us were doing.

Two other people that fit the quote above where at the grandstands for the

first of two country music concerts that Ryan and I attended. I typed about

one of these people in Story 214, but not the other who, with cane in hand,

rushed thru the west gate saying "get out of the way." I was talking to the

young deputy that I said, "I liked immediately," when this happened and 

you know that anger solves nothing, but makes things worse and that anger 

gets in the way of that person from being free.

The other person that I did type about in Story 214 was the 3rd usher that I

encountered at the base of the grandstands. The other two ushers had 

accepted my business cards with a smile and and a thank and I repeating 

both back to them, but that 3rd usher said something different when I 

offered my business cards and I'll type that story tomorrow....




New York explosion: All 29 injured released from the hospital after bombing

Authorities promised to beef up security across the city

Justin Carissimo New York @JstnMchl 19 hours  ago

"An "intentional" explosion that injured 29 people in a busy Manhattan 

neighborhood was an act of terrorism but there are no connections to

international terrorist groups, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo told 

reporters on Sunday morning.

The explosion was set off in Chelsea on Saturday night, in the 

neighbourhood primarily known for its art galleries and nightlife, 

heavily populated by residents and tourists. Just hours later, authorities 

found what they determined to be a second homemade bomb. They 

compared the pressure cooker to the device that was used in the deadly 

Boston Marathon bombings in 2013, one unnamed official told The New 

York Times.

"We really were very lucky that there were no fatalities at the time,

" Governor Cuomo said at the scene, adding that all 29 people who were

injured have been released from the hospital. Many of the injuries were 

caused by shrapnel from the explosion. Witnesses said the impact came 

from inside a dumpster near the Avenue of Americas.

A top law enforcement official suggested the two explosives found in 

Manhattan were linked as they were both built with a cellular phone 

used as a timer, Christmas lights to initiate the explosive, and were 

filled with metal bearings similar to BBs. He said the ingredients 

suggested the bomb was more sophisticated than those typically 

found in the states.

“Most of what we in the United States is a pipe bomb with black 

powder or smokeless powder or a simple hobby fuse,” the expert, 

who spoke on the condition of anonymity, told The Times. “This 

would be the high-end of sophistication for IEDs in the United States...."


New Jersey explosion: Bomb squad in Elizabeth detonates device

From the section US & Canada

Media captionA bomb disposal robot tried to disarm a device under 

a bridge near the station
A suspicious device found near a New Jersey railway station exploded 

as a bomb squad was attempting to disarm it with a robot, officials say.

It was one of up to five devices found in a backpack inside a rubbish bin 

near the station in Elizabeth, according to the city's mayor. No-one was 


The discovery came after three attacks at the weekend - bombs in New 

York and New Jersey, and stabbings in Minnesota.

The explosion in New York's Chelsea area injured 29 people.

In Elizabeth, New Jersey, police detonated a device on Monday following 

concerns it was a live bomb.

"That was not a controlled explosion," said Mayor Christian Bollwage, 

adding that the blast happened as a robot examining a device cut a wire.

FBI Newark said a suspicious package contained "multiple improvised 

explosive devices".

It was picked out of a bin by two men who thought the bag could contain 

something of value.

"They started to examine the backpack when they found the wires and the 

pipes and they dropped the backpack, walked around the corner, went 

into police headquarters and notified us right away," said Mr Bollwage.

In New York City, the FBI said it had stopped a "vehicle of interest" in 

Brooklyn on Sunday but made no arrests.

Five people were taken into custody for questioning, officials told US media.

 But a spokeswoman said no-one had been charged and the investigation 

was continuing.
A man seen on surveillance video has been described as a "person of 

interest" in the police inquiries, according to US media.

Both the bomb that detonated on Saturday in Chelsea, and a device found

nearby, were shrapnel-filled pressure cookers - similar to the bombs used 

in the attack on the 2013 Boston marathon, US media report.

They also used flip phones and Christmas lights designed to trigger the

explosive, the New York Times said.

The two instruments appeared to be "similar in design", New York Governor

Andrew Cuomo said.

Several attacks in the US over the weekend caused security alerts:

A pipe bomb exploded on the route of a charity race in New Jersey on 

Saturday, forcing the event to be cancelled but causing no injuries

Also on Saturday, at least eight people were wounded in a stabbing attack 

at a shopping mall in the US state of Minnesota. At least 29 people were 

injured in an "intentional" explosion in the Chelsea area of Manhattan at 

around 21:00 (01:00 GMT on Sunday).

Another device was later found four blocks from the site of the blast and 

later destroyed in a controlled explosion.

A backpack containing suspicious devices was found in Elizabeth,

New Jersey, late on Sunday. One device found in Elizabeth exploded early 

on Monday as a bomb disposal robot tried to deactivate it." 


"Jerry Rice says 'all lives matter' as he condemns Colin Kaepernick's national 

anthem protest.

The NFL legend said he agreed with Kaepernick's position but does not 

support his actions

Justin Carissimo New York @JstnMchl Tuesday 30 August 2016

Jerry Rice has criticised Colin Kaepernick’s ongoing protest of the national 

anthem in his effort to raise awareness to racial injustice in America, saying 

he cannot support anyone who disrespects the national flag.

The dispute pits two of the biggest names in American football against 

each other in a deepening controversy over race, sparked by Kaepernick's 

refusal to stand for the national anthem before a preseason game. 

Rice, the NFL Hall of Famer who won three Super Bowl rings with the 

San Francisco 49ers in the 1980s, responded to Kaepernick, the team’s 

current quarterback, saying that while he agreed with Kaepernick’s 

reasoning, he did not agree with his actions.

“All lives matter,” he tweeted. “So much going on in this world today. 

Can we all just get along! Colin, I respect your stance but don't disrespect 

the Flag.”...."

Jerry Rice ✔ @JerryRice

10:43 PM - 29 Aug 2016

Minnesota mall stabbing treated as potential terror attack

18 September 2016

 From the section US & Canada

"The suspected attacker was shot dead in the shopping centre, police say.

The FBI has said it is treating a stabbing attack at a shopping centre in 

Minnesota that injured eight people as a potential act of terrorism.

The attacker, who was dressed in a security uniform and reportedly 

made references to Allah, was shot dead by an off-duty police officer 

on Saturday.

The so-called Islamic State claimed the man was one of its supporters, 

but the FBI said no link had been found. The attack happened in 

St Cloud, 70 miles (110km) out of Minneapolis.

None of the victims suffered life threatening injuries.

The FBI's Rick Thornton said it was too early to say whether the attack 

was linked to international terrorism.

He said: "We are currently investigating this as a potential act of 

terrorism. And I do say potential. We do not at this point in time know 

whether the subject was in contact with, had connections with, was 

inspired by, a foreign terrorist organisation."

The attacker asked at least one person if they were Muslim, according

to St Cloud Police Chief Blair Anderson.

An off-duty police officer shot and killed the suspect, Mr Anderson said.

The suspect, who has not been officially identified, was said to have been 

wearing the uniform of a private security firm when the attack occurred.

The media arm of IS said in a statement that the attacker had carried out 

the operation "in response to calls to target the citizens of countries 

belonging to the crusader coalition"."

PBS Newshour

Dutch police use eagles to hunt illegal drones

September 18, 2016 at 5:09 PM EDT

"Police in the Netherlands are taking a unique approach toward finding illegal, 

and potentially unsafe, drones. They are the first in the world using eagles 

to hunt and catch them. The NewsHour Weekend's Christopher Booker has 

CHRISTOPHER BOOKER: Police in the Netherlands are taking a unique 

approach toward unwanted, and potentially unsafe, drones. They’re the 

first in the world to use birds to hunt and catch drones that are being 

used illegally.

These eagles are trained to see the drones as prey. Using their 

hunting instinct, they intercept the device mid-air and carry it to a safe 

landing place. They’re rewarded with a piece of meat after each 

successful capture. The Dutch police began testing the use of the birds 

last year, and this week announced the results from the trial period. 

The eagles successfully brought down the drones 80 percent of 

the time.

Now, they will begin deploying eagles to capture drones that pose a 

potential danger, including when they fly in restricted air space, too 

close to airports, or during visits from dignitaries. The Dutch police 

say that none of the birds were harmed during the testing, but they 

continue to monitor any impact on the talons of the eagles. And they 

are commissioning special claw protectors that will help further prevent 

injuries to the eagles when they intercept larger drones.

MARK WIEBES: Up until now, our only option has been to try to find a 

drone operator, a pilot. But it can be very hard to find that person. It 

can take a long time. And that’s why you want to have the ability to 

capture the device yourself.

CHRISTOPHER BOOKER: Eventually, about 100 officers across the 

country will be trained to use the birds. For now, these drone hunters 

are being provided and trained by a private company. But the Dutch 

police are committed to the plan, and have even begun to raise their 

own eagle chicks. They expect to have their own flying squad trained

and hunting drones by next summer."


Fortune 500.

"How much do we need to know about Hillary Clinton’s and Donald 

Trump’s health?

Is Clinton receiving the most state-of-the-art medical care?

Clinton’s 2015 doctor’s note disclosed that she takes antihistamines for 

her allergies; a treatment called Thyroid Armour for hypothyroidism; 

B12 vitamins; and the anti-clotting drug Coumadin (warfarin) as a 

precautionary measure, since Clinton has previously had blood clots 

in her leg and a developed a clot near her brain after her 2012 fall 

and concussion. (Her physician has insisted that the clot and any 

adverse effects from the concussion subsided completely within six 

months of the incident.)

In an interview with KABC-AM last month, Drew Pinsky, a TV personality 

and internal medicine doctor, said he was “gravely concerned” about 

the anti-clotting and thyroid drugs prescribed by Clinton’s doctor, 

which he said are outdated. A new class of drugs with fewer side effect 

risks, such as Boehringer Ingelheim’s Pradaxa, Bayer AG and 

Johnson & Johnson’s  JNJ 0.21%  Xarelto, and Bristol-Myers Squibb  

BMY -0.67%  and Pfizer’s  PFE -0.29%  Eliquis, have become 

increasingly popular anticoagulants in recent years.

Still, these new medications come with a risk of dangerous and 

potentially fatal bleeding episodes. And only one of the three new 

therapies (Pradaxa) has a Food and Drug Administration (FDA) 

approved antidote. Some doctors have held off on switching patients 

to these drugs until there are more widely available bleeding reversal 

agents on the market—which may happen as soon as this year, 

Reuters notes.

What other medical tests should Clinton or Trump get?

Scheiner, in his op-ed, recommended that Clinton undergo a new 

neuro-psych exam to ensure that she has fully recovered from her 

2012 fall since the last exam referenced by her doctor occurred in 

2013, and the situation may have changed since then.

But he also stressed that Trump needed to release far more detailed 

medical records and undergo a neuro-psych exam as well, alluding 

to the mental health concerns that have been (somewhat controversially) 

raised by a number of psychiatrists and psychologists about 

the candidate—including whether or not he is a narcissist or sociopath.

“....If normal, this would at least put an end to speculation that he has a 

personality disorder,” said Scheiner, adding “we can ask specific 

questions about [Clinton’s health] because she has been willing to 

share some important information, even if it is inadequate. In contrast, 

we know nothing about Trump’s health.”



8 'Facts' About Your Health That Turn Out Not to Be True

If you are feeling confused, you're not the only one.

By Elizabeth Preza / AlterNet September 16, 2016....

"In the August issue of Elle, longtime New York Times health and fitness 

columnist Gretchen Reynolds wrote a kind of confessional about 

all the misinformation she has inadvertently spread. As it turns out, even 

someone like Reynolds, who covers health for a living, sometimes gets 

the “contradictory health advice we constantly receive” wrong.

In light of this, we looked at some health advice in recent years which 

actually turns out to do more harm than good. Here are eight myths about 

your health that simply aren’t true.

1. Sugar is just empty calories.

Recently, the New York Times published an incredible article detailing 

how in 1967, the Sugar Research Foundation—a precursor to today’s 

Sugar Association—paid three Harvard researchers to release reports

minimizing the impact of sugar consumption on heart health and instead 

lay the blame on saturated fats.

That study, and others like it, informed over 50 years of nutritional 

guidelines, which recommended limiting our daily fat intake and replacing 

those calories with calories from carbohydrates, including refined sugars. 

But recent evidence suggests carbs—especially refined sugars—are the 

leading culprit in our nation’s biggest health ailments.

According to Business Insider, the average American consumes about 

22 teaspoons of sugar per day—more than twice the FDA’s recommended 

daily intake of sugar and four times what WHO recommends. Excess 

sugar causes weight gain, tooth decay and diabetes. Studies show the

overconsumption of sugar negatively impacts memory and blood pressure, 

and contributes to a variety of diseases including pancreatic cancer, 

obesity and nonalcoholic fatty liver disease...."

Elizabeth Preza is an AlterNet staff writer focusing on politics, media and 

cultural criticism. 

Follow her on Twitter @lizacisms.


The following sections will be delayed until I have finished typing the

story of the Wayne County Fair:



"One who stands and dies, not one who kneels and begs for life, when 

facing those who try, by force, to take our freedom from us, is the one 

who is the true hero of America.".

Forrest Caricofe

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"true" (and any subsequent words) was ignored because we limit 

queries to 32 words. 

No results found for "One who stands and dies, not one who kneels and 

begs for life, when facing those who try, by force, to take our freedom 

from us, is the one who is the true hero of America."


I will not have to water the flowers this morning because it rained my 

favorite rain, a Farmer's Rain, for most of yesterday morning. And this 

morning the wet humidity of the air provides moisture for the flowers

and reminds me of the moors on an English countryside. 

I still have Mums to plant in the two back corner beds, the circle bed

and the bed under the three crosses that Bill built for Carolyn. 

I also need to black mulch the two corner beds and, hopefully, I'll 

have some time after that to do some landscaping.

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