Thursday, September 22, 2016

220th post

I have heard no news from my brother, Roland, about the condition of 

our brother-in-law and sister Nancy's husband, Harry. Thank you for

keeping Harry in your prayers. 


"Rude people can be in part compared to ISIS, who hate everyone except

those who have their same behavior."

Forrest Caricofe

Google search: About 117,000 results (0.97 seconds) 

No results found for "Rude people can be in part compared to ISIS, who hate 

everyone except those who have their same behavior."

I still need to tell some stories of the Wayne County Fair that I only mentioned

in yesterday's story (blog). 

I met three rude people at the Wayne County Fair and one rude person at 

the Ashland County Fair where Ryan and I went last afternoon. Ashland County

is just west and slightly north of here and a driving distance of about 30 more

or less and I always drive fast because you had to keep with the traffic in  

Las Vegas where I was for half the Winter. Imagine going 65 mph thru a busy

intersection hoping that no driver who was waiting for light of green would 

pull out before the light turned because of their impatience. 

One person at the Wayne County Fair I have already mentioned. That person

rudely said "get out of the way" while I was talking to a young Sheriffs Deputy

that I told you I liked. There was only one more person at the fair who rudely 

declined my offer of my business card by saying "I don't want that", not "no

thank you." Another person who was rude was a person who cashiered at a 

place where I needed to make a purchase that was not at the fair and that's 

all I'm going to say about that.

The rude person at the Ashland County Fair was an employee of the fair and 

that's all I need to say about that.

So, let's add this up. Ryan and I went to the Wayne County Fair three times and 

the Ashland County Fair one time which adds up to four. Say I talked to fifteen

people at length while just saying "hi" to everyone. Four times fifteen is sixty 

people. Out of sixty people there were only four rude people. Divide four into

sixty with a result of fifteen. Subract 15% from 100% and you get 85% who 

are not rude people and 15% who are. 

What a wonderful world we are living in.


Los Angeles Times

Campaign 2016 updates: Trump, Clinton respond to New York bombing

SEPT. 19, 2016, 9:03 P.M.

"Asher’s account about his conversations with Sidney Blumenthal 

has become a hot issue among political activists since last week, 

when Donald Trump finally admitted the falseness of the so-called 

birther theories that he pushed for more than five years.

SEPT. 19, 2016 - 12:46 P.M.

Michael A. Memoli

Clinton acknowledges that some voters' dislike of Trump isn't enough 

for her to count on their votes
(Matt Rourke / Associated Press)

Hillary Clinton made a direct appeal to young voters to get “off the 

sidelines” and behind her candidacy with an unusually personal 

address Monday, conceding she has to overcome doubts that they — 

and others — still harbor toward her even as they also reject her 

Republican opponent.   

Speaking to 300 students at Temple University in Philadelphia, 

Clinton, who closely guards her personal life, acknowledged the 

difficulty of transitioning from a supporting role and service in non-

elected offices to advocating for herself as a candidate. She still 

does not enjoy “doing some of the things that come naturally to 

most politicians, like talking about myself.”

But she shared the lessons she has drawn on throughout her life, 

particularly from her mother, that inspired her lifelong passion 

to help children and families, which she said would also be the 

“passion of my presidency.”

“I can’t promise you’ll agree with me all the time, but I can promise 

you this: No one will work harder to make your life better,” she said. 

“I will never stop, no matter how tough it gets.”




"8 Myths About Healthy Eating You Need To 

Stop Believing.


August 12, 2016

By Amy Marturana

"You can find healthy eating advice on every corner. That doesn't mean 

it's good advice, though. Nutrition research can be confusing, and it's 

always changing. Throw in the sensationalistic headlines and the rate 

at which information is spread, and it's no wonder the nutrition tips or

suggestions you get from your friend are unsound. Best-case scenario, 

following bad advice means you unnecessarily avoid your favorite foods. 

Worst-case, you end up choosing the unhealthier option all while 

thinking you're making a better choice.

We zeroed in on eight myths about healthy eating that especially need 

to die.

4. You can target specific areas to lose weight.

Want to spot-target your belly? Just do 100 sit-ups, right? Wrong.

While doing 100 crunches a day will strengthen your ab muscles, it won’t 

do anything for the layer of fat that rests above them. 

A 2013 study looked at what happens when participants trained just one 

leg over a 12-week period. While the study participants saw an overall 

reduction of body fat, there was no significant difference between the 

trained and untrained legs.

“Muscle building is site-specific,“ Mind Over Head Chatter: The 

Psychology of Athletic Success author Greg Justice told Buzzfeed. “That 

means if I want big strong triceps, I can work my triceps and make them 

bigger and stronger. But fat loss is not fat-specific. So you can do a 

thousand sit-ups, but it doesn’t lead to losing fat in your abdominals.” 

Still, it’s important to note you can target specific areas to strengthen 

and tone muscles, which can lead to a thinner appearance of certain 


5. Taking vitamins makes you healthier.

The $19 billion-a-year dietary supplement industry constantly peddles 

the “solution” to the recommended daily value of vitamins in the form of 

a pill. But while taking 1,000 percent of your RDV of vitamin C may sound 

good, the general consensus among nutrition experts is that large doses 

may even be harmful to your health—and supplements can never substitute 

for a poor diet.

"There are literally thousands of these compounds, and we're just scratching 

the surface on knowing what their role is," David Grotto, spokesman for the 

American Dietetic Association, told WebMD. ”We’re sending the wrong 

message if people believe they've got everything under control and if they're 

taking vitamins while eating a horrible diet.”

Still, certain age groups can benefit from supplements. For example, 

it’s important for people over the age of 50 to bolster their calcium intake 

to ward off osteoporosis; experts suggest they should get 1,200 milligrams 

of calcium per day. A glass of milk only contains about 300 milligrams.

6. Cleanses and detoxes are good for you.

It seems like juice cleanses are all the rage these days: replace one or all 

of your meals with this expensive cold-pressed juice and flush all the toxins 

from your body! Watch your waist shrink, your skin glow and your energy 

levels skyrocket.

The problem? It’s a load of BS." ( I wonder what BS stands for-Bernie Sanders?) 

"The nearly $6 billion juice industry markets itself as a “healthy lifestyle 

trend” complete with celebrity endorsements and a guarantee of eternal 

life. But according to Elizabeth Applegate, a professor at UC Davis, a juice 

cleanse diet really only sheds water weight.

“The whole cleansing concept is silly,” Applegate told Slate. “The body 

doesn’t need any help getting rid of compounds it doesn’t want. That’s 

what your liver and kidneys are for.”

But the problem isn’t just marketing. Drinking excessive juice throughout 

the day is bad for you; according to the Daily Beast, juicing fruits or high-

sugar vegetables can raise your blood sugar as much as a can of Coca-

Cola. And while eating fruits and vegetables is a necessary component 

of a healthy diet, pulverizing and drinking them retains the calories, but 

not the nutrients.

So instead of spending $9 on that local cold-pressed organic superfood 

juice, just eat some blueberries. Your waistline—and wallet—will thank 




I believe that I have told you before that I joined for the second time an 

amazing world wide adventure called PostCrossing ( 

It's free, but it does accept donations. I joined for the time, maybe, two

or three years before Mother went to Heaven.

Postcrossing allows you to send postcards to a person some where in

the world at an their address that is generated on their web site. As soon

as that person receives and registries the postcard, I then can obtain 

another generated address an then mail a postcard to another person

some where in the world.

Mother always liked to look and read the postcards that we received and

I always enjoyed sending them.

I was just notified email that one of the postcards that I sent to someone in

Germany was received and registered and I then went back to their web

site and I received an address of a young man in India. He likes soccer,

India's national sport and would like and said in a polite way from his

profile, maybe a few US coins and stamps.


The following sections will be delayed until I have finished typing the

story of the Wayne County and Ashland County Fairs.




"I've finally come to know that women, not men, are smarter, more 

 compassionate, are multi-taskers and who listen with two ears and talk

only with one mouth which causes women to become even more smarter

than men."

Forrest Caricofe 

Google search: About 4,830 results (1.57 seconds) 

"to" (and any subsequent words) was ignored because we limit queries 

to 32 words. 

No results found for "I've finally come to know that women, not men, are 

smarter, more compassionate, are multi-taskers and who listen with two 

ears and talk only with one mouth which causes women to become even 

more smarter than men.".


I met a woman last night at the Ashland County Fair that was half my age

and new twice as much about gardening than I do. 

She said not to cut the dying con-flowers down because they will attract 

Finches I believe, but I could be wrong about the birds being finches. 


Note: I have an appointment with Dr Kwok today at 10:20 AM. I like 

Dr Kwok. He and his staff get things done now and, that is, just like me.

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