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"Adults who still have a kid in them like going to the county fairs and such."

Forrest Caricofe

Google search: About 12,800,000 results (1.21 seconds) 

No results found for "Adults who still have a kid in them like going to the 

county fairs and such.".

I talked to a lot of other people at the Wayne County Fair but will end 

my typing of both fairs with some typing of the Ashland County Fair. 

Most of the people I talked to were locals, living there in Ashland County

for most of their lives. 

I had not seen the pigs at the fair in Wooster (Wayne County Fair) because

they were showing them at the time I looked and also could not find 

pictures of flowers that people entered into the competition for a blue


I did find the pigs (they are labeled Swine on their building and I don't 

like that word because it seems so demeaning) most of who were 

sleeping. Pigs do not have 4 stomachs because their main food is not 

grass .... but from .... "domesticated farm and pet pigs 

are raised on a diet of feed, fruits and vegetables."

I finally found the flower building which I learned is the hobby building.

Most of the photographs were pictures of people and other things and 

not of flowers. 

The woman who was in charge of this building was amazing. I believe she 

had a job in the local school system and besides talking to me, she talked 

to a lot of other people about her volunteering to set up events and gave to 

them times and dates of those events. It seemed liked she was responsible 

for setting up events for the whole county of Ashland and I left with with

thinking that the world be a much better place if we had more people

like her.

Ryan and I left the fair at about 6:00 PM in order, because of my cataracts

and Glaucoma, to get back to the house before dark.

I, like Ryan, who will always be a kid because of his mental handicap, 

like the fairs and other events, because of the still remaining kid in me.


The first presidential debate is scheduled for tonight with Lester Holt as

moderator. The latest poll results are Hillary Clinton with 46% and Donald 

Trump with 44%.  Hillary Clinton has a lot of experience in debating but

Donald Trump has only the experience of the Republican candidates debate.

I won't be watching because it will almost be my bed time and don't like

watching TV any whey like I told you all before.

I will be able to read the results tomorrow morning and that is good enough

for me.


Wikinews interviews economist again running for president....

"In August, economist Laurence Kotlikoff, a Boston University professor 

and former senior economist of President Ronald Reagan's Council of 

Economic Advisers, secured ballot access for his unconventional 

presidential campaign in Louisiana and Colorado. In addition, he 

plans to obtain write-in status in 41 more states. Wikinews reached 

out to Kotlikoff to discuss his campaign.

Kotlikoff announced his candidacy last May. He named Edward E. 

Leamer, a professor of economics at UCLA, as his running mate. 

This is not Kotlikoff's first run for the presidency. In 2012, he sought 

the presidential nomination of Americans Elect, which ultimately 

did not field a candidate. He also briefly sought the Reform Party 

presidential nomination that year. During his first run, Kotlikoff 

spoke with Wikinews in an interview similar to the one below. In 

that campaign, Kotlikoff promoted the purple plan, which combined 

liberal and conservative economic ideas. Today, he boasts a 157 page 

campaign platform that reportedly took him three months to write. 

Some of the ideas contained in the platform include the elimination 

of income taxes, privatization of health care, as well as support for 

same-sex marriage, drug legalization, and increases in the federal 

inheritance tax.

With Wikinews, Kotlikoff discusses the prospect of his candidacy, the 

differences between this run and his previous run, and why voters 

should vote for him over the other candidates.

What do you hope to achieve by running for president?

Kotlikoff: There are only three people that can legally and realistically 

be elected President in November. I'm one of the three. Write-in 

candidates need to be registered across all the very large number of 

states across the country that require registration. If you don't register, 

your votes aren't counted. I am, to my knowledge, the only nationally 

registered and therefore the only real write-in candidate in the country.

I am running to win the election. I'm not ​running to influence policy. I'm 

running to make policy — the right policy in conjunction with both 

parties with whom I have very good relations. The two candidates will 

not adopt what needs to be done because what needs to be done to fix 

the country is not PC [politically correct] with the extreme elements 

of their parties. I am running to fix America. I and the vast majority of 

other economists in this country ​recognize our country is fiscally broke 

(because the vast majority of our debts have been kept off the books), 

that it needs a brand new, single, efficient, publicly financed, privately 

managed basic healthcare plan for all Americans, that Social Security 

is totally broke and needs to be fundamentally reformed, that the tax 

system is a terrible mess that lets the super rich pay nothing or next to 

nothing and that it too needs to be fixed from scratch, and that the 

banking system needs to [be] reformed for real (not for fake as in the 

case of Dodd–Frank). I also have very clear views on foreign policy, 

climate policy, immigration policy, and education policy. In these 

areas, as in all other areas, the history of policy has been to impose 

ever greater fiscal burdens, ever worsening economic conditions, 

and ever greater national security risk. My campaign's theme is "It's 

Our Children." I'm running to provide the American public the truth 

about our domestic and foreign challenges and provide a new New 

Deal, which will transform the country for the better in virtually all 

dimensions. Unlike Trump and Clinton, I have very clear and simple 

(postcard length) solutions for fixing our myriad problems. They are 

not my solutions alone. They are really consensus solutions of 

economists in general. I think it's time to introduce technical expertise 

in managing our country's future.

(does this) differ from your 2012 run? ​

Kotlikoff: In 2012, I ran on the third-party platform, Americans Elect. 

That platform/party folded in May 2012 because it ran out of money. 

That's when my campaign ended, actually, was forcibly ended.

Four years on, our country's economy is in many ways in far worse 

shape. Our fiscal gap (the real measure of our country's indebtedness) 

is dramatically larger. Our planet's climate is closer to reaching a 

tipping point. Our Social Security system is in far worse financial 

shape. Our healthcare system is covering more people. But it's a 

potpourri of programs that collectively are driving us broke and 

being run as inefficiently as possible. The pressure on jobs and 

wages from immigrants, foreign workers, and smart machines is 

greater. Education has not improved. Real average take home pay 

has remained flat. Millions of workers have given up finding jobs. 

North Korea has miniaturized nuclear warheads and is testing land 

and submarine-based ballistic missiles. Iran is testing long-range 

missiles that can carry warheads purchased from North Korea, and 

the list goes on.

In sum, I think the challenges our nation faces are far graver, and 

that the parties are force-feeding us two candidates who have 

articulated no real/novel/convincing solutions for any of these 


Why should voters support you over the major party candidates 

and other third party or independent candidates?

Kotlikoff: Johnson and Stein are too extreme to be elected. Clinton 

and Trump were each chosen by 14 percent of the voters. A majority 

of the population strongly dislike Clinton and Trump. They are not 

the same set of majorities. My sense is that over one third of the 

voters strongly dislike both candidates and over half are not eager 

to see either elected as President. Each voter has an incredible 

megaphone thanks to their access to social media. They can, even 

at this date, make their votes really count by forming groups of 10 

people to vote for me as a collective enterprise and to start email 

chain letters to spread the word of my campaign. I have received 

very significant national media coverage. More is coming. I've been 

featured on radios in hundreds of cities and their surroundings 

across the country. I have a small army of volunteers and more

joining every day. It's as easy to vote for me as it is to vote for either 

of them. One just has to write Laurence Kotlikoff for President and 

Edward Leamer for Vice President on the ballot instead of checking 

off a name that was embossed by a printer. ​The political situation is 

extremely unstable. One tweet by, say, Justin Bieber, to his tens of 

millions of followers could make me a household name. Similar 

things can flip this election. Stand by."



7:17 AM 9/26/2016

Pangolin: The most trafficked mammal in the world

26 September 2016 Last updated at 00:08 BST

"The little-known pangolin is the most trafficked mammal in the world, 

leading to fears it could become extinct. A meeting of the Convention on 

International Trade in Endangered Species (Cites) being held in South 

Africa this week could make trade in pangolin illegal."

"Four species are found in Africa south of the Sahara Desert: the Cape or 

ground pangolin, the tree pangolin, the giant pangolin, and the long-tailed 

pangolin. The four Asian pangolins are distinguished from the African 

species by the presence of bristles which emerge from between the scales."


will begin again tomorrow.


I lost my Facebook page yesterday and after trying to log in by all of 

the means I knew about I decided to start a new one. The result was that 

I had only one friend who has been my best friend all my life. 

She was my Mother and, although, we are in different places now, she in 

Heaven and I'm still here on earth, we will remain friends forever.

I later found out how to get my original Facebook account back and I

still keep the new one because of my dear friend, my Mother.


I intended to go to Ace Hardware yesterday to 3 bags of top soil to cover

the grass seeded bare parts of the yard that I talked about yesterday. 

However I left the car keys on in the car and when I tried to start the car 

the motor did not even turn over. This has happened before, 3 or 4 

times in Las Vegas and for the 3rd time here. The only good part of this 

happening is that a car thief would have a hard time stealing Mother's

1986 Honda Accord.

It took about 4 to 5 hours for the battery charger to charge the battery,

so I spent most of the day digging up clumps of wire weed, grass seeding

the the hole, covering with good soil and then watering them. I'm also am

continuing to landscape the yard just back of the deck with grass sod and dirt.

I should have a chance to pick up the top soil today.

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