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There is a city park, a dentist, Bridgewater Home housing on the left now,

but I do not remember what was there then as Father continued to drive 

upward near the top and maybe Mother seeing a yellow road sign that

indicated a sharp turn to the right. Now Father and the big family car 

headed east with the sun above our heads to the top of this short cut road

where a family farm, maybe was on the left. There was nothing else on 

the right that I remember, where now there's new housing and a large 

church (Bridgewater Brethen) that's just down the hill and west from the 

new housing and overlooks, like 'Christ the Redeemer', the town that 

shares its name and sees the beauty of the Appalachian Mountains to 

the west.

When I last walked this road one of the houses that were not there at that

time was further back from the road and two dogs would come out from 

somewhere around the house and barking loudly to protect their master/

mistress. They would only come out half way and seeing that I posed no 

danger to their family they returned to there place near the house. And I 

would continue walking on the left facing traffic like my Mother always 

talked about....



The US congress overrode a presidential veto that would allow victim

family's of the plane bombings of September 11 to sue Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia is believed to have provided financial support to Al Qaeda

who were responsible for the attacks on the above date.


"A result of wars is that children die before they have 

had a chance to live." 
Forrest Caricofe

Google search: About 186,000,000 results (1.26 seconds) 

No results found for "A result of wars is that children die before they 

have had a chance to live."


"If there were no religions in the World, there would almost be no wars."

Forrest Caricofe

Google search: About 22,500,000 results (1.28 seconds) 

No results found for "If there were no religions in the World, there would 

almost be no wars."

BBC News

Syria war: Those bombing Aleppo 'must answer to God' - Pope

"Pope Francis has decried the bombing of Aleppo in Syria, saying 

those responsible for killing civilians will have to answer to God.

Speaking at a public audience in St Peter's Square in Rome, he called 

it "an already martyred city, where everybody is dying".

Russian-backed Syrian government forces have launched a fierce 

campaign to take control of rebel-held eastern areas.

Air strikes continued to hit the besieged districts overnight.

Pope Francis urged all sides to "commit themselves with all their 

strength to protect civilians".

"This is an imperative and urgent obligation. I appeal to the 

consciences of those responsible for the bombings, who will one 

day will have to account to God," he said.

Why are so many children dying in Aleppo?

Why Assad wants to take Aleppo

Attacks on Syria's aid workers are 'unconscionable'

Children suffer horrors of Syria's war

Reports citing medical workers say that two major hospitals in 

rebel-held eastern Aleppo were put out of service by air raids 


But one activist in the city tells the BBC that the hospitals still 

appear to be operational.

Quentin Somerville reports

In the past few days, pro-government forces have begun ground 

operations to try to recapture more territory from rebel forces. 

They have made advances in the city centre, reports say.

The government of President Bashar al-Assad and its Russian backers 

have been accused of war crimes and "barbarism" by the US and its 

Western allies, who back the rebels.

Moscow has vigorously denied the allegations and criticised their 

"unacceptable" rhetoric.

Since the start of the government assault last Thursday, Syrian rebels 

have been supplied with a new type of surface-to-surface Grad rocket 

by their foreign backers, a rebel commander told the Reuters news 


The rockets, supplied "in excellent quantities", will be used in Aleppo, 

Hama and the Mediterranean coastal region, Fares al-Baoush said.

It was not clear which foreign states supplied the rockets.

Aleppo, once Syria's largest city and the country's commercial and 

industrial hub, has been divided roughly in two since 2012, with 

President Bashar al-Assad's forces controlling the west and rebel 

factions the east. 

Air strikes are a constant feature of life in rebel-held parts of Aleppo

In the past year, government troops have gradually broken the 

deadlock with the help of Iranian-backed militias and Russian air 

strikes. Earlier this month, they severed the rebels' last route into 

the east and placed its 250,000 residents under siege.

Children in Aleppo have made up a large proportion of casualties 

from air strikes, according to aid groups. At least 100,000 children 

remain trapped in the city.

In the government-held west, 49 children were killed by rebel shelling 

in July alone, the New York Times reports, citing the Syrian Observatory 

for Human Rights.

 On Tuesday, the US pledged to provide an extra $364m (£276m) in 

humanitarian aid to people affected by the Syrian war.

The World Health Organization meanwhile called for the "immediate 

establishment of humanitarian routes" into Aleppo, where hospitals are 

running out of supplies and rubble-strewn streets are preventing 

ambulances from getting through."



Michelle Obama: 'We need an adult in the White House'

28 September 2016 Last updated at 21:15 BST

"Michelle Obama has taken aim at Republican White House hopeful 

Donald Trump, saying "a president can’t just pop off" when he or she 

is upset.

Speaking at a rally in Philadelphia for Democratic nominee Hillary 

Clinton, the first lady said: "We need someone who is steady and 

measured, because when making life-or-death, war-or-peace decisions, 

a president can’t just pop 

off or lash out irrationally. No, we need an adult in the White House."

While Mrs Obama did not mention the businessman by name, she 

left little doubt whom she was referring to as she condemned the birther 

movement's "hurtful, deceitful questions" aimed at undermining her 

husband's presidency."


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Martin Van Buren

8th President of the United States

In office - March 4, 1837 – March 4, 1841

Vice President Richard Mentor Johnson

Preceded by Andrew Jackson

Succeeded by William Henry Harrison

8th Vice President of the United States

In office - March 4, 1833 – March 4, 1837

President Andrew Jackson

Preceded by John C. Calhoun

Succeeded by Richard Mentor Johnson

United States Minister to the United Kingdom

In office - August 8, 1831 – April 4, 1832

Nominated by Andrew Jackson

Preceded by Louis McLane

Succeeded by Aaron Vail (Acting)

10th United States Secretary of State

In office March 28, 1829 – May 23, 1831

President Andrew Jackson

Preceded by Henry Clay

Succeeded by Edward Livingston

9th Governor of New York

In office - January 1, 1829 – March 12, 1829

Lieutenant Enos T. Throop

Preceded by Nathaniel Pitcher

Succeeded by Enos T. Throop

United States Senator

from New York

In office - March 4, 1821 – December 20, 1828

Preceded by Nathan Sanford

Succeeded by Charles E. Dudley

Attorney General of New York

In office - February 17, 1815 – July 8, 1819

Preceded by Abraham Van Vechten

Succeeded by Thomas J. Oakley

Member of the New York State Senate

In office - 1813–1820

Preceded by Edward Philip Livingston

Succeeded by John I. Miller

Surrogate of Columbia County, New York

In office - 1808–1813

Preceded by James I. Van Alen

Succeeded by James Vanderpoel

Personal details

Born Maarten van Buren

December 5, 1782

Kinderhook, New York, U.S.

Died July 24, 1862 (aged 79)

Kinderhook, New York, U.S.

Resting place Kinderhook Cemetery

Political party Democratic-Republican (1799–1828)

Democratic (1828–48; 1852–62)

Free Soil (1848–52)

Spouse(s) Hannah Hoes (m. 1783; d. 1819)

Children 5, including Abraham and John

Profession Lawyer, politician


"I can remember Father singing 'me o my o' and that's all I remember.

I googled 'me o my o' and came up with a song written and sang by Hank

Willams called "Jambalaya (On The Bayou)""

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Personal life

"On December 15, 1944, Williams married Audrey Sheppard. It was her 

second marriage and his first. Their son, Randall Hank Williams, who 

would achieve fame in his own right as Hank Williams, Jr., was born on 

May 26, 1949. The marriage, always turbulent, rapidly disintegrated, 

and Williams developed a serious problem with alcohol, morphine, 

and other painkillers prescribed for him to ease the severe back pain 

caused by his spina bifida.[12] The couple divorced on May 29, 1952....

In June 1952, Williams moved in with his mother, even as he released 

numerous hit songs, such as "Half as Much" in April, "Jambalaya (On the 

Bayou)" in July, "Settin' the Woods on Fire"/"You Win Again" in 

September, and "I'll Never Get Out of This World Alive" in November. 

His drug problems continued to spiral out of control as he moved to 

Nashville and officially divorced his wife.... A relationship with a 

woman named Bobbie Jett during this period resulted in a daughter, 

Jett Williams, who was born five days after Williams' death. His mother 

adopted Jett, who was made a ward of the state and then adopted by 

another couple after her grandmother died. Jett Williams did not learn 

that she was Hank Williams' daughter until the early 1980s....

On October 18, 1952, Williams and Billie Jean Jones Eshlimar were 

married in Minden, Louisiana by a justice of the peace....It was the 

second marriage for both (both being divorced with children).... The 

next day two public ceremonies were also held at the New Orleans 

Civic Auditorium, where 14,000 seats were sold for each.... After 

Williams' death, a judge ruled that the wedding was not legal 

because Jones Eshlimar's divorce had not become final until eleven 

days after she married Williams. Williams' first wife, Audrey, and 

his mother, Lillie Williams, were the driving forces behind having 

the marriage declared invalid and pursued the matter for years. 

Williams had also married Audrey Sheppard before her divorce 

was final, on the tenth day of a required sixty-day reconciliation 


Williams was a lifelong Republican and was a vocal supporter of 

Dwight D. Eisenhower. According to singer Jo Stafford, he sent 

Eisenhower a telegram on his birthday prior to the 1952 presidential 

election informing him that Williams considered it a personal honor 

to endorse a military figure to lead the nation in its coming future....


Hank is widely recognized as "The King Of Country Music", a title he 

shares with fellow artists Roy Acuff and George Strait.

Hank Williams' star at 6400 Hollywood Boulevard, on the Hollywood 

Walk of Fame

Alabama governor Gordon Persons officially proclaimed 

September 21 "Hank Williams Day." The first celebration, in 1954 

featured the unveiling of a monument at the Cramton Bowl, that was 

later placed in the grave site of Williams. The ceremony featured 

Ferlin Husky interpreting "I Saw the Light....

Williams had 11 number one hits in his career ("Lovesick Blues", 

"Long Gone Lonesome Blues", "Why Don't You Love Me", "Moanin' 

the Blues", "Cold, Cold Heart", "Hey, Good Lookin'", "Jambalaya 

(On the Bayou)", "I'll Never Get Out of This World Alive", "Kaw-Liga", 

"Your Cheatin' Heart", and "Take These Chains from My Heart"), as 

well as many other top ten hits....

On February 8, 1960, Williams' star was placed at 6400 Hollywood 

Boulevard on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.... He was inducted into 

the Country Music Hall of Fame in 1961 and into the Alabama 

Music Hall of Fame in 1985.... When Downbeat magazine took a poll 

the year after Hank's death, he was voted the most popular country 

and Western performer of all time—ahead of such giants as Jimmie 

Rodgers, Roy Acuff, Red Foley, and Ernest Tubb.... In 1977, a national 

organization of CB truck drivers voted "Your Cheatin' Heart" as their 

favorite record of all time.... In 1987, he was inducted in the Rock and 

Roll Hall of Fame under the category Early Influence.... He was ranked 

second in CMT's 40 Greatest Men of Country Music in 2003, behind 

only Johnny Cash. His son, Hank Jr., was ranked on the same list.... 

In 2004 Rolling Stone ranked him number 74 on its list of the 

100 Greatest Artists of All Time.[93] The website Acclaimedmusic,

which collates recommendations of albums and recording artists, has 

a year-by-year recommendation for top artists. Hank Williams is ranked 

first for the decade 1940–1949 for his song "I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry". 

Many artists of the 1950s and 1960s, including Elvis Presley,.... Bob 

Dylan, Jerry Lee Lewis, Merle Haggard,.... Gene Vincent,.... Carl 

Perkins,.... Ricky Nelson,.... Jack Scott,.... and Conway Twitty 

recorded Williams songs during their careers.

In 2011 Williams' 1949 MGM number one hit, "Lovesick Blues", was 

inducted into the Recording Academy Grammy Hall of Fame.... The 

same year Hank Williams: The Complete Mother’s Best Recordings….

Plus! was honored with a Grammy nomination for Best Historical 

Album.... In 1999, Williams was inducted into the Native American 

Music Hall of Fame.... On April 12, 2010, the Pulitzer Prize Board 

awarded Williams a posthumous special citation that paid tribute 

to his "craftsmanship as a songwriter who expressed universal feelings 

with poignant simplicity and played a pivotal role in transforming 

country music into a major musical and cultural force in American life".

Keeping his legacy alive, Williams' son, Hank Williams, Jr., daughter 

Jett Williams, grandson Hank Williams III, and granddaughters Hilary 

Williams and Holly Williams are also country musicians....

In 2006, a janitor of Sony/ATV Music Publishing found in a dumpster 

the unfinished lyrics written by Williams that had been found in his 

car the night he died. The worker claimed that she sold Williams' notes 

to a representative of the Honky-Tonk Hall of Fame and the Rock-N-Roll 

Roadshow. The janitor was accused of theft, but the charges were later 

dropped when a judge determined that her version of events was true. 

The unfinished lyrics were later returned to Sony/ATV, which handed 

them to Bob Dylan in 2008 to complete the songs for a new album. 

Ultimately, the completion of the album included recordings by Alan 

Jackson, Norah Jones, Jack White, Lucinda Williams, Vince Gill, Rodney 

Crowell, Patty Loveless, Levon Helm, Jakob Dylan, Sheryl Crow and 

Merle Haggard. The album, named The Lost Notebooks of Hank Williams 

was released on October 4, 2011....

Material recorded by Williams, originally intended for radio broadcasts 

to be played when he was on tour, or for its distribution to radio stations 

nationwide resurfaced throughout time.... In 1993, a double-disc 

set of recordings of Williams for the Health & Happiness Show was 

released.[109] Broadcast in 1949, the shows were recorded for the 

promotion of Hadacol. The set was re-released on Hank Williams: 

The Legend Begins in 2011. The album included unreleased songs. 

"Fan It" and "Alexander's Ragtime Band", recorded by Williams at age 

fifteen; the homemade recordings of him singing "Freight Train Blues", 

"New San Antonio Rose", "St. Louis Blues" and "Greenback Dollar" at 

age eighteen; and a recording for the 1951 March of Dimes.... In 

May 2014, further radio recordings by Williams were released. The 

Garden Spot Programs, 1950, a series of publicity segments for plant 

nursery Naughton Farms originally aired in 1950. The recordings 

were found by collector George Gimarc at radio station KSIB in 

Creston, Iowa.... Gimarc contacted Williams' daughter Jett, and Colin 

Escott, writer of a biography book on Williams. The material was 

restored and remastered by Michael Graves and released by Omnivore 


In June 2014 it was announced that British actor Tom Hiddleston would 

portray Williams in the upcoming biopic I Saw the Light, based on Colin 

Escott's 1994 book Hank Williams: The Biography. Marc Abraham is 

directing the film. Filming took place in October through December 2014 

and the film is set to release sometime in 2015....

Lawsuits over the estate

After Williams' death, Audrey Williams filed a suit in Nashville against 

MGM Records and Acuff-Rose. The suit demanded that both of the 

publishing companies continue to pay her half of the royalties from 

Hank Williams' records. Williams had an agreement giving his first 

wife half of the royalties, but allegedly there was no clarification that the 

deal was valid after his death. Because Williams may have left no will, 

the disposition of the other fifty percent was considered uncertain; those 

involved included the second Mrs. Williams and her daughter and Hank 

Williams' mother and sister.... On October 22, 1975, a federal judge 

in Atlanta, Georgia, finally ruled Jones Eshlimar's marriage was valid 

and that half of Williams' future royalties belonged to her....

WSM's Mother's Best Flour....

In 1951, Williams hosted a fifteen-minute show for Mother's Best flour in 

WSM radio. Due to Williams' tour schedules some of the shows were 

previously recorded to be played in his absence.... The original 

acetates were in possession of Jett Williams, while existing duplicates 

were found and intended to be published by a third party. In 

February 2005, the Tennessee Court of Appeals upheld a lower court 

ruling stating that Williams' heirs—son, Hank Williams Jr., and daughter, 

Jett Williams—have the sole rights to sell his recordings made for a 

Nashville radio station in 1951. The court rejected claims made by 

Polygram Records and Legacy Entertainment in releasing recordings 

Williams made for the Mother's Best Flour Show. The recordings, which 

Legacy Entertainment acquired in 1997, include live versions of Williams' 

hits and his cover version of other songs. Polygram contended that 

Williams' contract with MGM Records, which Polygram now owns, gave 

them rights to release the radio recordings. A 3-CD selection of the 

tracks, restored by Joe Palmaccio, was released by Time-Life in 

October 2008 titled The Unreleased Recordings...."


Listening to the TV. Research conducted by a research group says that a person 

who has kidney stones can pass them if they ride a roller coaster. The success

rate is about 60%.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Today we are Homo sapiens, and before that Neanderthal and before that

Homo erectus (meaning upright man (woman)). Homo erectus may mean 

sitting or standing.

I believe that the more you stand the better your health. I talked about the

2 county fairs that Ryan and I went to, where in 4 visits total and about 

3 hours each day and a total of 12 hours, I sat down for about 1 hour to drive

to and from the fairs and 15 minutes of that was to phone my brother, Roland. 

Listening to the TV again. Research conducted believes that they have 

developed a procedure to kill only cancer cells and not healthy ones. 

They believe that with a little more research and FDA approval, this will

prevent, to a large extent, both the physical and mental pain of radiation 

and chemotherapy.


"Weather is usually the topic of conversation when people have nothing 

else to talk about."
Forrest Caricofe

Google search: About 13,000,000 results (1.06 seconds) 

No results found for "Weather is usually the topic of conversation when 

people have nothing else to talk about.".

It seems like weather coverage comprises about 20% of the news and,

because that's what people like, that's what the weather forecasters do. 


I made a mistake yesterday by lifting a bag of top soil partially with my

back and not fully with my arms and as a result I'm having lower back

pain. I managed to painfully dump the 2 bags of top soil and then decided

to go to Walmart again to get a hair straightener that someone had told me

about. My hair is about 3 inches down past my shoulders now just a little

short of making a braid.

After finishing our shopping, we went to McDonald's and we both had 

chicken wraps, Ryan had crispy, I had grilled and we both shared a large 

order of  french fries and large drinks (all drinks at McDonald's are only a 


It rained most of yesterday and will continue to rain for the next 2 or 3 

days, so I do not know, with pain in my lower back, what I'll be able to do


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