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Uncle Paul died in the year of 1999 when I was 27, just short of a new beginning for him.

And again I will say I am much like Uncle Paul and will save that story for sometime 


If we go back in time again to about 1954 when I was 12, Father was driving the

big family car and just leaving the outskirts of Mt Crawford headed slightly 

southeast until he went a around a curve to the right and the headed directly south. 

At about a half mile ahead is a very small red barn on left and an large brick 

home on the right. Another slight curve to the right a then crossing the bridge over

the north fork of the Shenandoah River and up over the slight hill and to the right

and almost headed directly south again. Father is driving fast as I told you before

with always a plan to press pedal to metal. 

I do not remember what farms existed then but I do remember a road to 

the left in which Mother became interested in after Father had died and I

will tell you about that tomorrow....



The 2016 Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to Colombian President Juan Manuel 

Santos in Oslo, on Oct. 7, for his work to reach a peace deal to end Colombia's civil war 

with the FARC rebels. (Reuters)

By Michael Birnbaum October 7 at 5:52 AM 

BRUSSELS – "Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos was awarded the Nobel Peace 

Prize on Friday for his efforts to end a six-decade civil conflict in his nation, despite 

Colombian voters’ shock rejection of a peace deal just days ago .

The Norwegian Nobel Committee said that it had made the decision because of 

Santos’s landmark efforts to end violence in one of the world’s longest running 


But the award was a surprise because of the uncertainty over whether peace will hold 

following the Sunday vote that rejected the deal. Many Colombians see it as too 

generous to the leftist militia that has battled the Colombian government since the 


“There is a real danger that the peace process will come to a halt and that civil war will 

flare up again,” said Kaci Kullmann Five, a former Norwegian politician who is now 

chair of the Norwegian Nobel Committee. “We hope it will encourage all good 

initiatives and all the parties who could make a difference in this process in 


 Michael Birnbaum is The Post’s Brussels bureau chief. He previously served as the 

bureau chief in Moscow and in Berlin, and was an education reporter.  Follow 



Listening to the TV  4:50 AM 10/7/2016

Hurricane Matthew is still a major category 3 storm with winds speed 

of 160 miles per hour wind gusts. The eye of the hurricane is just off the 

coast of Florida and is expected to hit close to Orlando, Daytona Beach and 

Jacksonville within hours with wave heights of 11 feet  This hurricane is the 

strongest to hit this area in a decades. Over 11 million residents have been 

advised to evacuate, but some have to decided to ride out the storm. The 

police will not place their officers in danger and I believe I heard that they 

will carry body bags when the storm subsides and they can return to the streets. 

Savanna, Georgia will experience a storm they have not had in a hundred years.

Listening to the TV.  5:30 AM 10/7/2016

Walmart will double their online sales capabilities to increase their

competion with Amazon.


"People who take the drugs of danger are escaping bodily pain and/or

the pain of life."

Forrest Caricofe

Google search: About 13,900,000 results (1.33 seconds) 

No results found for "People who take the drugs of danger are escaping bodily pain 

and/or the pain of life."


Listening to the TV.   5:11 AM 10/7/2016

The heroine epidemic continues to be a major concern and there are 

are no good plans on how to deal with it. So far in the state of Ohio, 380

people have died because of heroin overdoses.

Operation Exodus was a bust against a local drug gang that officers say was 

a success.  


Listening to the TV.

The local professional baseball team (Cleveland Indians) won the first game of

of their play off series over the visiting Boston Red Socks in front of 37,000 red 

towel-waving plus fans. The second game will be played again at First Energy 

Stadium at 4:38 PM and then the series will move to Boston.


I'm very friendly as you know by now and I talked to a woman who related the

following story to me. 

She said that she had asked her husband to go to their pharmacy and get her

a douche. She said he wouldn't do it because he would be embarrassed and he

did not like sneaking around the pharmacy with wary eyes, finding the douche,

making sure no other customers saw him with the douche and then waiting

until the line at the counter was gone and then going to the counter and paying 

for it and looking the other way like he was guilty of something.

This man is certainly not free. He has restricted his actions by social norms 

of years ago and his life is not my life. 

Go in to the pharmacy and ask, where is the douche, the tampons, Preparation H, 

prophylactics, and other items needed for the groin/butt area of both women and


The woman said that it was an everyday thing that people needed and could

not understand her husband's behavior and I certainly agreed with her.


BBC News


"US Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has said he could cut as 

many as 70% of federal US regulations if he is elected.

Mr Trump, who was speaking at an event in New Hampshire, blamed regulations 

for stifling business but said rules on safety and the environment could stay."

US election poll tracker: Who is ahead - Clinton or Trump?

"updated 7 October 2016             Hillary Clinton 47%      Donald Trump 43%        

updated 6 October 2016               Hillary Clinton 48%      Donald Trump 43% 

updated 3 October 2016               Hillary Clinton 49%      Donald Trump 45% 

updated 2 October 2016               Hillary Clinton 49%      Donald Trump 45%    
           30 September 2016           Hillary Clinton 48%      Donald Trump 46%" 


"If I had lived a hundred years ago, I would not have had to take any medications,

and, maybe, being more healthy than I am today being able to eat foods cooked in 

lard and other good things that we miss so much today."

Forrest Caricofe

Google search: About 31,500,000 results (1.54 seconds) 

"in" (and any subsequent words) was ignored because we limit queries to 32 words. 

No results found for "If I had lived a hundred years ago, I would not have had to take 

any medications, and, maybe, being more healthy than I am today, being able to eat 

foods cooked in lard and other good things that we miss so much today."


The only thing I accomplished in the flower gardens was to water. I did go to 

Lowes where I bought 3 bags of black mulch, 1 bag of top soil, some more

ficus grass seed and another perinnal that was on sale for $1.

I then went to Walmart to pick up some more things I needed and then left 

Wooster to go to Orrville to pick up some prescriptions. Like I said yesterday,

Dr Bhargava at the Cleveland Clinic prescribed another medication that I'm 

sure I don't need. Now I am still taking medications for the rash I had, for 

my sore lower back and now a new pill that's added to all that. I feel like a 

a drug addict.

I told you all in a much earlier story that I have medications whose names I 

have changed in order to remember them: Depakote to Drop a Coat, Sara-quill

to Sara Palin and the new drug, Metropolo to Marco Polo.

Sure seems the right thing to do.

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