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"Another thing that happened when Mother was of school age and would affect

her the rest of her life was...." a bite from a dog near the old mill while waiting

for the school bus that caused her to remain dog shy after that. The mill is 

just on the right corner while turning right onto Burketown Road and since has 

been turned into a residence.

We all got a laugh at Mother's expense when the story was told of when

they walked to the corner of US Route 11 and Burketown Road to wait for the

school bus that took them to Weyers Cave High School that the snow became

so deep that they had to walk on the fence posts to get there. And then it was

the telephone poles. Mother accepted the kidding with a slight mile, but 

denied the rumors. 

After Father turns to the right on to Burketown Road there is a house and a farm

to the left where my Uncle Orvine and Aunt Esther either bought or rented.

My cousins Franklin, Leroy and Lewis were their kids and in that order for age,

cousin Franklin being slightly older than me. I remember visiting him one time

and we explored the farm property. Up on the hill and south of the house is a

small wooded area where we saw a small cave in the ground and being afraid

of possible snakes, we decided not to explore that any further.

About middle ways between the small woods and the house we saw a ground 

hog enter his burrow. Being kids we made the decision, starting at each end,

to dig with shovels until we got to the ground hog. It was really hot as I 

remember and the length of digging for both of us was about 5 to 6 feet

and when after we completed the digging and facing each other, and then

guess what?....



Hurricane Matthew

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Hurricane Matthew

"Hurricane Matthew was an extremely powerful, long-lived and deadly tropical 

cyclone which became the first Category 5 Atlantic hurricane since Hurricane 

Felix in 2007. 

Formed September 28, 2016

Dissipated October 10, 2016

(Extratropical after October 9)

Highest winds 1-minute sustained: 160 mph (260 km/h)

Lowest pressure 934 mbar (hPa); 27.58 inHg

Fatalities 1,034 direct

Damage ≥ $5 billion (2016 USD)

(Preliminary estimate)

Areas affected - Lesser Antilles, Leeward Antilles, Venezuela, Colombia, 

Jamaica, Hispaniola, Cuba, Lucayan Archipelago, Southeastern United States."


Hurricane Matthew Kills at Least 26 in U.S.; Dangerous Flooding Situation 

Unfolding in North Carolina

By Pam Wright and Sean Breslin

Published Oct 10 2016 07:31 PM EDT


My son Ryan had a small seizure the day before yesterday and we called and

got a appointment with his neurologist and was seen by the PA or NP (I don't know the 

difference They took a blood sample to check his Tegratol level and in the end decided 

that pain from his back, which is an old injury, may be causing the seizures. They 

suggested a follow up with his primary care physician, Dr Kwok. That appoinment is 

today and Dr Kwok who will not tolerate patient's pain will give Ryan a series of shots 

and some prescriptions and will be pain free by tomorrow.

The strangest thing happened at that doctor's office. All of the doctors and staff

were women. The only men in the office were patients or men accompaning

patients. The medical assistant and doctor who saw Ryan were women and the

doctor told us she was going to call a doctor for advice. I never saw the doctor. 

Was the doctor a woman or a man. The all left early with friendly smiles and 

and waving good byes to each and still no men. Just women.

Seems like an all girls' club to me.


"A politician is like the ass end of a donkey, constantly blowing smoke and 

the remnants of pooping."

Forrest Caricofe

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blowing smoke and the remnants of pooping."



The Republican Nominee Is Going Down

Sunday's debate was a desperate dive into the political sewer, airing every 

crazy anti-Clinton conspiracy theory.

By Gary Legum / Salon October 10, 2016

 "Let us be clear about what we witnessed on that Washington University stage 

in St. Louis on Sunday night. It was not a debate. It was primal-scream therapy

for the denizens of the right-wing fever swamps, who are watching Hillary 

Clinton and her alleged trail of criminality slip through their clutches again. 

They have been waiting for 25 years for someone to put her in the dock and 

prosecute every tinfoil-hatted conspiracy theory that they have ever dredged 

from the depths of their minds. In Donald Trump, they finally had their 

cut-rate, tangerine-tinted Inspector Javert.

Finding a credible sucker to play that part has been a dream of the right since 

the 1990s, from Whitewater to Travelgate, Filegate and Monica Lewinsky 

through private email servers and the Clinton Foundation. But every 

scandal seemed to fizzle out to nothing. Not because of a lack of evidence, 

but because someone else was working to suppress it: the liberal media 

that is always covering for the Clintons, or scheming Democrats, or 

Republicans who don’t have the stomach for a real fight.

Through all the setbacks, the right never lost sight of one given: Hillary 

Clinton is a criminal who should be in prison. The never-ending pursuit 

to prove this inarguable fact, to find the as-yet-undiscovered proof hidden 

away out there that will finally reveal for all the world the Clintons’ perfidy, 

long ago drove them all stark raving cuckoo bonkers.

But now they have Donald Trump, a half-bright dupe willing to crawl into 

the sewers where the darkest creatures of American politics live, to find 

and drag onto a debate stage in front of millions of viewers every 

long-discredited supposed act of venality by the Clintons, to be litigated in 

two-minute chunks.

That was what we heard on Sunday night. Every right-wing complaint 

from 25 years of feeling their beliefs about the Clintons were ignored and 

marginalized, every gripe about an indifferent or biased media that didn’t 

care about something important, it all got an airing.

Hillary Clinton’s supposed incompetence that got people killed at Benghazi? 

The hell with the nine congressional investigations that have absolved her of 

every charge from the fever swamps. Trump brought them back, repeating a 

lie that Ambassador Chris Stevens sent hundreds of requests for help to her 

during the attack and was ignored.

Her husband’s history of sexual peccadillos? Trump gave ringside seats to 

three women who long ago accused the former president of misconduct. 

Never mind that these cases were adjudicated in both the legal and 

public-relations spheres decades ago, or that Bill Clinton isn’t the one running 

for president. Those women were there, which must have been humiliating 

to Hillary, and that was the point.

The low point was Trump’s promise that when he wins the presidency, he 

will have his attorney general appoint special prosecutors to investigate 

Clinton and her alleged criminality. You could practically hear the

boisterous cheers from the fever swamps.

Has a major presidential candidate ever before promised to use the power 

of the state to destroy and imprison his political opponent? To the right, it’s 

a given that it happens all the time when Democrats are in power.  And 

finally, many of them might have thought! It’s payback time.

That much of this pursuit of the Clintons is politically motivated, that the 

GOP might have been playing the base for suckers all along — in order to earn 

their loyalty and their votes election after election — never occurs to the 

true believers. Now the party has lost control of this monster it has nurtured 

and fed for decades. The mob demands justice, and Donald Trump has 

promised to deliver it at last. Even if it means a landslide defeat in November."

Gary Legum is a freelance writer based in Bridgeport, Connecticut. His work 

has appeared on Wonkette, Salon, The Daily Beast, Alternet and Bitter Empire. 

Follow him on Twitter @garylegum.

BBC News

"The BBC poll of polls looks at the five most recent national polls and takes the 

median value, ie, the value between the two figures that are higher and two 

figures that are lower."

US election poll tracker: Who is ahead - Clinton or Trump?

Election day 8 November 2016

"updated 11 October 2016               Hillary Clinton 50%      Donald Trump 44% 

updated 10 October 2016                 Hillary Clinton 48%      Donald Trump 44% 

updated 9 October 2016                   Hillary Clinton 48%      Donald Trump 44%

updated 8 October 2016                   Hillary Clinton 48%      Donald Trump 44%    

                30 September 2016           Hillary Clinton 48%      Donald Trump 46%" 


"An excerpt from post 13 in which I speak in the language of a Southerner but

have changed my language for the benefit of the Northerner and also changed 

from the right to the middle.

"(initials only, of course). HC is the exact opposite of JC (no, it ain't JC Penny). 

He's Jesus Christ the son God who gave his life for our sins.

HC lets other people give up their life for her sins (and it's gonna take a lot 

more than Bengazi to cover them all).  Her husband is BC which means before

Christ, so he don't have to obey any of Jesus's teachings like when most 

Presidents' wore suits in the Oval Office, but I was told he once wore the 

coat, but no pants?"

And added just today. DT stands for delirium tremens and he has put on a 

sickening display of himself at almost all of speeches to the American public.

I am not telling you I'm voting for president. I have that right you know.

Do I vote "for the lesser of two evils" that I often hear said or vote for one 

who may help get "America Strong Again" as Donald Trump has said?

Both these candidates are liars and do not believe in all of God's Commandants.

I am the LORD thy God

Thou shalt have no other gods - Their god is power.

No graven images or likenesses

Not take the LORD's name in vain - Behind closed doors.

Remember the sabbath day - Are they both Christians or pretend to be.

Honour thy father and thy mother

Thou shalt not kill

Thou shalt not commit adultery - this involves Donald Trump and Bill Clinton

            and he being Hillary Clinton's husband, she is just as guilty as he is.

Thou shalt not steal - they both have stolen from the American public, DT for

            not paying taxes for years and HC for charging outrageous sums for 

            speaking at universities, etc. That money could have been used to help

            some students pay their tuition.

Thou shalt not bear false witness - as I said a couple of days ago: "Liars, liars,

            pants on fire."

Thou shalt not covet - covet means desiring something that does not belong to

           someone. Because of their words and actions, the Presidency does not

           belong to them.

And the rest of the world is still laughing.


"Good reporters follow neither the left or the right, reporting only facts, and in 

the end, like me, they ain't afraid of nothing."

Forrest Caricofe

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only facts, and in the end, like me, they ain't afraid of nothing."

The Correspondent Who Scooped the World

Dominique Rowe / Hong Kong @thinkhorn  5:40 AM ET     

The war correspondent who announced the start of WW II and was once accredited to 

TIME turns 105 Monday


“Every journalist knows that luck is an important ingredient of success,” said the 

journalist Hella Pick, speaking in Alastair Hetherington’s obituary years later — 

Hollingworth’s onetime editor at the Guardian.

While another of Hollingworth’s legendary scoops could be pinned to being in 

the right place at the right time, it was also a result of her wide-ranging network 

of contacts. The revelation of double agent and “Master Spy” Kim Philby, whom 

the BBC recently called “Britain’s most famous spy,” caused a sensation in Britain.

Philby was the “third man” to be identified in a group that later became known 

as the Cambridge Five: five trusted establishment figures who had been 

recruited as Soviet Spies, had attended Cambridge University in the 1930s and

had managed to exist undetected for decades.

Philby had risen up the ranks of MI6 while siphoning its secrets directly to the 

KGB. He defected to Russia in 1963 when he feared his deception had been 

uncovered. The story provided the inspiration for the film noir The Third

Man starring Orson Welles.

Hollingworth had encountered Philby several times over the years, and had 

particularly known that he was close to Donald Maclean — the first of the 

Cambridge Five to be identified, along with Guy Burgess. Hollingworth and 

her second husband Geoffrey Hoare had lived next door to the Macleans in 

Paris. When Maclean’s wife Melinda had said that her husband and Philby 

were close, Hollingworth “joined the dots,” as Garrett puts it.

While it was known Philby had disappeared, Hollingworth discovered the 

modus operandi of his defection “by accident, I admit,” she told journalist 

Sue Lawley, on BBC radio in 1999. “I was looking through a boring magazine 

about shipping, and I saw that a ship had left Beirut [where Philby was last 

seen] for Odessa at the time he had disappeared.”

Hollingworth’s discovery was so sensational that her editor at the Guardian, 

Alastair Hetherington — whom she had been freelancing for since 1963 — 

refused to run the scoop for fear of being sued for “a hefty sum.” He said the 

paper “wouldn’t dream of ever using the story,” since “the Prime Minister 

[…] had already stated the Philby was ‘not — repeat not — the third man.” 

However the Guardian did run the story two months after she had first written it.

In 1973, Hollingworth was sent to China to become the first Beijing-based 

correspondent for the Telegraph. She stayed there for three years, eventually 

moving to Hong Kong in the 1980s — when she was in her 60s — as the 

Telegraph’s Southeast Asia correspondent.

“When I became editor of the Sunday Telegraph in 1992, Clare was still 

writing for us, covering China from Hong Kong,” said Moore, speaking in 

the Press Gazette in 2015. “I often had cause to draw on her wisdom and 

knowledge. She is a legend in journalism and was a trailblazer for women 


Now 105, Hollingworth still lives in Hong Kong, in an apartment in clear 

sight of the Foreign Correspondents’ Club (FCC). She has never officially 

retired — “Clare’s Table” at the FCC is still reserved for her every single 

day, in case she turns up for lunch or dinner.

“If they want it, they usually call us and ask if she’s coming down,” says one 

of her carers, Susan Perez.

When she visits — which happens roughly once a month, according to 

Perez — the back door is flung open and she is wheeled to her special 

table with her small entourage of carers and close friends. “Her Hong 

Kong family,” longtime friend and former carer Joan Boivin says.

“The FCC is a home-from-home for its members. It is a knitted community. 

These people are our family.” Hollingworth always had a crew of loyal 

friends and carers, says Boivin, among whom was the war photographer 

Hugh Van Es, famous for his image of American families trying to escape 

by helicopter at the start of the Vietnam War.

But the onset of macular degeneration in 1995 meant not only that she could 

no longer work, but she could also no longer read her beloved newspapers. 

So, over the years, friends morphed into reading assistants, and in some cases 

such as Boivin, reading assistants became personal assistants, and then finally 


Fellow FCC member Cathy Hillborn Feng remains in charge of Hollingworth’s 

care to this day, while Perez and Helen Penaranda take care of her day-to-day 

needs. (Boivin moved back to the U.S. to take care of her elderly parents.)

For the young journalists who frequented the FCC in Hollingworth’s later years, 

her minuscule physical form still made for an imposing figure. “I remember 

people saying that she was maybe a spy,” says TIME’s Africa bureau chief, 

Aryn Baker, who began going to the club in 2001 when Hollingworth was in 

her late 90s.

“I never spoke to her because I was too timid. She didn’t invite people to come 

and speak to her, but her presence was an assurance that it could be done and 

would be done, that I didn’t have to listen to people saying, ‘Don’t you want to 

stay in the office and do fact checking?'”

On Monday, Hollingworth celebrated her 105th birthday in her home from home 

at the FCC. Despite having suffered a series of strokes, heart attacks and the 

onset of dementia, she is still walking, with assistance, around her apartment. 

“It’s her burning desire to be at the center of everything, that’s what keeps 

her going year after year,” says Garrett.

“She was the first female foreign correspondent to break the glass ceiling so 

that someone like me can do what I do now,” says Baker. “It’s only fitting that 

she is still alive to see the election, I hope, of the United State’s first female


“Clare is a prodigy, one of those extraordinary people who has not recorded 

history but helped to make it,” journalist, author and newspaper editor Max 

Hastings told TIME before Hollingworth’s 105th birthday. “She was a pioneer 

among women journalists, and among the first generation of woman war 

correspondents, who proved that they needed no example from men either

in reporting gifts or courage.”"


I accomplished absolutely nothing in the flower gardens or the yard yesterday.

I have not watered the flowers for several days and, at the least, I must do that 


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