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You and I both might be a little confused when I say below that we " set out 

from our grandparents house." This is just part of the story I'm telling and

Father is still driving up the lane and is near the swamp in the field and we

will continue with that later.

"We who had the brand new cowboy boots set out from our grandparents

house walking in the lane and onward into the fields and...."

The field, of course, was on the right now and we were walking slightly

northeast and proudly looking down at our brand new and shiny cowboy.

We entered the field and walked awhile and then decided to test our new 

boots in the more swampy area of the field. We got stuck! As I remember,

we tried to help each other out of the mire of the almost quick sand like 

characteristics of the swamp. Were we afraid of not escaping the swamp or 

getting punished by our parents? No, I believe we were laughing and 

hollering and having the time of our life after we knew we would not sink to 

the bottom of the swamp. If we were punished by our parents, I don't 

remember that....



The Express Tribune

Thais Flock to Palace After King's Death; Caretaker in Place

New York Times‎

"BANGKOK - Tens of thousands of Thai mourners thronged Saturday to the 

palace complex where King Bhumibol Adulyadej's body is being kept, as 

the government said a regent would be the caretaker of the monarchy until 

the crown prince takes over ..."

"Nearly 200 of the world's nations have reached a historic agreement to reduce 

greenhouse gases used in refrigerators and air conditioners; a major step in 

the fight against climate change.

The agreement was announced Saturday at a climate meeting in Kigali, Rwanda.

"It's a monumental step forward," said U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry of the 

pact among 197 nations and governments."


"Age should bring more patience, but often age becomes the patient."
Forrest Caricofe

Google search: About 198,000,000 results (0.85 seconds) 

No results found for "Age should bring more patience, but often age becomes 

the patient."


What a day I had yesterday. I don't believe I told you the truth about my present

physical condition because I keep bragging how healthy I am. Well, I'm lying

like a dog. Maybe I did tell you about the skin outbreak that seem to originate

from the left wrist and caused the doctor to cancel my carpel tunnel surgery 

because it was near the line in same left wrist that she was going to operate on

and maybe about pulling a muscle in my back that took 3 or 4 days to heal

after Dr Kwok's nurse, Jessica, gave me 4 shots. Two shots in each buttock 

just above the crack in the arse. 

The one I didn't tell you about is a bad sinus infection that overwhelmed me

about 2 to 3 days ago and, of course and like always, I thought I could cure

myself. Well, I couldn't. 

So I phoned Dr Kwok's office and the receptionist, Elizabeth, told me if I could

get there by 10:45, the good Dr Kwok would be able to see me. 

Well, I knew I had to hustle. I changed clothes, got my billfold, car keys, 

cigarettes, lighter, coffee and water, started the car and took off. I saw the gas

gauge was near empty but decided to chance it and just before getting to 

the only stoplight in Smithville, I suddenly realized I'd forgotten my false teeth.

Well, I thought, I ain't going to turn around now knowing that sometimes I 

can hold my mouth just right and don't look like no shrunken mummy in the face. 

So, I thought I'd take a chance on that too. 

I arrived early enough after driving about 70 mph where the speed limit is

55. I learned to drive that way in the desert (Las Vegas) where you speed thru

the city's intersections at 65 mph and cars/trucks are passing you on the left

and where u-turns are clearly marked so you can make them when you need


Dr Kwok is a old peoples' doctor like me and after a while one of the nurses 

named Jessica came and called my name, weighed me, and escorted me in 

to a patient room. Both nurses are named Jessica and believe that Dr Kwok

does that on purpose to confuse us old people. I believe he has a good doctor

friend who is a psychiatrist who may depend on Dr Kwok for his patient load.

Jessica left the patient room and said the doctor would be in soon.

While I was waiting, I tried out the camera on my cellular phone and actually

learned to use it during the time I was waiting. I videoed the poop chart on the

wall that I told you about and my poop is still in first place according to the

chart. So, now I'll use one frame of the poop chart as in one picture and carry

it with me to any toilet where I may poop and after pooping, get up and look

at it, and compare to the picture.

Dr Kwok later came into the room and as usual I told him how a good doctor

he was and asked him "if I had ever said that before" and he said "yes, I believe 

you have said that before" and smiled. He doesn't know it, but I'll keep saying 

it every time I visit his office.

He listened to my chest and said that there was some rasping (my word, not his)

and after talking some more about my general health, he left and said the nurse

would be in shortly and I knew what that meant. Three to four shots, 1-2 shots in

each buttock "just above the crack in the arse."

When one of the Jessica's came in she gave me 3 shots and instructed me on how 

to use a breathing treatment that was just back of the computer on the northwest 

wall. It seemed like a half hour that I was sucking oxygen thru my mouth and then

expelling carbon dioxide thru my nose until Nurse Jessica came back in and 

said it was OK to go. 

I received the usual summary of my visit saying that I would have 3 prescriptions

at the Rite Aid in Orrville.

So, I'm still taking drugs for the skin rash, my pulled muscle and now I'm taking

drugs for a sinus infection. I feel like a drug addict.

Washington Post
In a medical first, brain implant allows paralyzed man to feel again

Washington Post

"For the first time, scientists have helped a paralyzed man experience the 

sense of touch in his mind-controlled robotic arm. For the cutting-edge 

experiment, a collaboration between the University of Pittsburgh and the 

University of Pittsburgh Medical Center."


"Always using vengeance here on earth would set the example for others 

intent on crime, and prevent most criminal activity."

Forrest Caricofe

Google search: About 375,000 results (1.04 seconds) 

No results found for "Always using vengeance here on earth would set the 

example for others intent on crime, and prevent most criminal activity."


I told you all before that I believe in vengeance here on earth. I know what

some biblical scholars say about the translation of the Bible and that God 

said "that Vengeance is Mine."

Even author John Steinbeck wrote in one of his novels that there was

a mistake in translation. The words 'thou shalt' should have instead been

translated correctly as 'thou mayest.' 

From that then, the Bible may be translated incorrectly concerning 

vengeance here on earth or in Heaven.

So, from time to time I'll tell of vengeance and tell you who I think should

be punished here on earth.


"Elections are often lost because of inappropriate sexual activity."

Forrest Caricofe

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No results found for "Elections are often lost because of inappropriate 

sexual activity."



I went to Walmart yesterday that I told you about earlier and looked at the

campaign signs along the way. There are signs wanting you to vote for 

several levies. One was for a school levy which will pass because this is a 

small community and the teachers, school administrators, staff and 

maintenance employees will vote yes and their friends will vote yes and 

their friends will vote yes just so they can be their friend's friend.

So, there you have it. 

Large cities have a difficult time getting a levy to pass because people 

are a little bit suspicious of people wanting to be their friend. They don't

want it to pass unless they have their own children in school and when 

their children graduate the family starts to vote no.

Let me get back to driving to Walmart. Along the way I see mostly Trump/Pence

signs and in one yard I see about ten. In the yard of a house on the same side of

the road and to the east of the one with 10 is one Trump/Pence sign and 

catercorner and across to the yard with 10 is another with 1 of the same sign. 

No other signs that I remember seeing. 

Either the two with one sign are voluntarily voting for Trump/Pence or the one 

with 10 signs for Trump/Pence pulled a gun on the other two, gave them the 

signs and if they did not plant them in the their yards immediately that family 

threatened them with death.

I did see some Clinton/Kaine signs and I thought of what I said yesterday about

Michelle Obama. I said I liked her mainly because of ability to get her point 

across when speaking when, I believe, her husband, Trump, and Clinton 

cannot with the same common sense and fervor.

Well, I've rethought all of that. 

Donald Trump has been accused of groping women. 

Did Michelle Obama before or after she was married grope any man/men?

Is the media looking in her closet for skeletons? No. The White House has 

declared her off limits and the media usually always bend to that. So we will

never know her history with men.

How about Hillary Clinton? Did she grope the men she dated or aggressively

bedded men outright? Who chose who when she married Bill Clinton?

Did she choose him because he was like the womanizers she dated?

He is not only accused of groping women, but rape has been mentioned a

time or two. Both rape and Hillary Clinton's email troubles are felony raps.

Groping is not a crime. It has to go a little further than that.

Maybe Hillary Clinton believes grope and rape mean the same thing. 

No they don't.

Excerpt from full article:


Oct. 14, 2016 6:41 p.m. ET

"Some conservatives have watched their evaluations of Donald Trump’s 

character drop so low in recent days that on this vital question they no longer 

see a choice between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Accordingly, they 

are forced back onto politics and policy; and naturally Mr. Trump wins in a 

walk. If conservatives who argue that Mr. Trump is worse than Mrs. Clinton 

had a case, it would be a relief to vote for Mrs. Clinton or for no one. But 

they don’t, and one is therefore forced for the good of the nation to vote for 

Mr. Trump."

BBC News

"The BBC poll of polls looks at the five most recent national polls and takes the 

median value, ie, the value between the two figures that are higher and two 

figures that are lower."

US election poll tracker: Who is ahead - Clinton or Trump?

 BBC News

"The BBC poll of polls looks at the five most recent national polls and takes the 

median value, ie, the value between the two figures that are higher and two 

figures that are lower."

US election poll tracker: Who is ahead - Clinton or Trump?

Election day 8 November 2016

"updated 15 October 2016                  Hillary Clinton 49%      Donald Trump 40% 

updated 14 October 2016                    Hillary Clinton 49%      Donald Trump 40% 

updated 13 October 2016                     Hillary Clinton 49%      Donald Trump 40%

updated 12 October 2016                     Hillary Clinton 49%      Donald Trump 43%    

            30 September 2016                   Hillary Clinton 48%      Donald Trump 46%"


Abraham Lincoln

16th U.S. President

Abraham Lincoln was an American politician and lawyer who served as 

the 16th President of the United States from March 1861 until his assassination 

in April 1865.

Born: February 12, 1809, Hodgenville, KY

Height: 6′ 4″

Assassinated: April 15, 1865, Petersen House, Washington, D.C.

Party: National Union Party

Buried: Oak Ridge Cemetery, Springfield, IL


Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, 

give him power.

Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.

And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years.

Abraham Lincoln and Mary Todd Lincoln were married for 22 years (until 1865).

Mary Todd 

Andrew Johnson

17th U.S. President

Andrew Johnson was the 17th President of the United States, serving from 

1865 to 1869. Johnson became president as he was vice president at the 

time of the assassination of Abraham Lincoln.

Born: December 29, 1808, Raleigh, NC

Died: July 31, 1875, Carter County, Tennessee, TN

Presidential term: April 15, 1865 – March 4, 1869

Spouse: Eliza McCardle Johnson (m. 1827–1875)

Political parties: Democratic Party (1829–1864, 1868–1875), National Union Party 

(1864–1868), National Union Party


Honest conviction is my courage; the Constitution is my guide.

If I am shot at, I want no man to be in the way of the bullet.

The goal to strive for is a poor government but a rich people.


I believe in that latter quote by President Andrew Johnson.

But today we find it reversed: a rich government, but a poor people.

What can we do about that? Nothing. A huge government constantly

grows because of the inability of those in power to do their job,

who concentrate more on getting elected and sucking up to lobbyists,

then hiring more minions to carry out the basics of running the government.


I know it's getting late, but I have 4 bags of black mulch to put down in the 

back flower gardens and a lot more flower bulbs to plant. I believe that the 

bulbs should be planted at least 4 inches instead of what is written on the 

package as 2-3 inches deep. I know that the cold of the winter might reach 

deep and freeze the bulbs at 2-3 inch level.

As soon as I can get rid of this upper respiratory infection, I should be able to 

get the above tasks completed.

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