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I never thought about it yesterday, but we are already here at  MY 

GRANDPARENTS CLINE...., so let's rename this part of this part of my family

history as just MY GRANDPARENTS CLINE....

"Grandfather Cline remained loyal to his family all of his life and I saw him 

many times, but just like Grandfather Caricofe, "he spoke not a word to me."...."

I can still see grandfather in what, I believe, either was what they called the 

visitor dinning room when there were not so many visitors or, maybe, it was 

called the sitting room. Grandfather stood tall and back against a bureau cabinet

observing the goings on of his grand kids and maybe some adults who may have 

entered the room.

The bureau cabinet (I do not know if that is the correct term. It was a an antique like 

almost everything else in my grandparents house, but a lot of other families had the 

same antiques and they were not considered an antique in that day and time. 

Fast-forward 60 years or so and you have antiques).

My grandfather did not speak to me or to my other cousins, but I knew he 

cared for us because grandmother cared for us.

I did learn later on, after he and my grandmother had passed to Heaven, 

from Uncle Lester, I believe. that my grandfather was very innovative for 

his time. He, maybe with some help, built a pump in Naked Creek to pump

fresh spring water up the hill to the house. It was a distance of about a football 

field or so and was much more healthy than the cistern water that could be 

pumped just to left as you entered the door to grandmother's Sunday dinner.

My memory again is vague here, but I believe that grandfather also built one 

of the first brick-like house instead of clapboard or other building materials.

I guess you could say my grandfather was a man of action and not of words.

Oh, I forgot to mention. My Uncle Lester, made up for his Father, my 

grandfather in another way, but you see, that's a family secret.


"Some widow or widowers are so much bored with life that they phone 

themselves for a lively conversation."
Forrest Caricofe

Google search: About 318,000 results (1.50 seconds) 

No results found for "Some widow or widowers are so much bored with life 

that they phone themselves for a lively conversation."


I've often wondered what the definition of good health would be in simple 

and plain English. The following definition is simple and in plain English:

"Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not 

merely the absence of disease or infirmity."

(This) most famous modern definition of health was created during a Preamble 

to the Constitution of the World Health Organization as adopted by the 

International Health Conference, New York, 19-22 June, 1946; signed 

on 22 July 1946 by the representatives of 61 States (Official Records of the World 

Health Organization, no. 2, p. 100) and entered into force on 7 April 1948.

The Definition has not been amended since 1948."


Excerpt from full article:

Crying inside? Creepy craze no joke for real clowns

Last update : Oct 19, 2016 10:02:00 AM 

Crying inside? Creepy craze no joke for real clowns 

Source country seattletimes Wednesday, October 19, 2016 

"NEW YORK (AP) — Send in the frowns. This year’s nationwide creepy clown 

craze has become a nightmare before Halloween for actual, working clowns, 

who say their bookings at parties and other events have dropped sharply, 

even after many of the social media-fueled scary clown sightings have turned 

out to be hoaxes...."


Excerpt from full article:

As battle for Mosul begins, residents say jihadists increasingly brutal 

Source country times of israel Tuesday, October 18, 2016 

"Three residents who spoke with The Associated Press by telephone described 

a ghost town where people only venture out to buy basic goods that are 

increasingly running low. They said large groups of IS militants have left 

the city in recent weeks, but those who remain have become increasingly 



I said yesterday that I would get a $3 increase in my monthly Social Security

retirement income. Well, I was wrong. I was listening to the TV while typing

this story and the newscaster said I would get $4. I think I'll go out and celebrate. 

You know I'm being sarcastic.

But why is that politicians get elected and become millionaires and I only

get $4?

Don't seem right to me.


"Politicians are so much fun to pick on because we all know their full of %$*#."
Forrest Caricofe

Google search: Your search - "Politicians are so much fun to pick on because 

we all know their full of %$*#." - did not match any documents.

Google evidently didn't like this quote of mine. My about five attempts at

trying to see how many documents Google searched went to no avail.


"One who speaks with a forked-tongue, is a politician plain and simple."

Forrest Caricofe

Google search: About 398,000 results (1.09 seconds) 

No results found for "One who speaks with a forked-tongue, is a politician plain 

and simple."

Now that's better, Google. Looks like I'm taunting Google, just like Hillary 

Clinton is taunting Donald Trump.



It is always fun sometimes to just look at Newsmax's headlines as a kind

of conservative face as to what is going on in this Presidential Election:

Poll: Clinton Surging Ahead in 9 Key Battleground States

NY Times: No Sign Army of Trump Poll Watchers Growing

Condi Rice on Trump's 2006 Slam: 'Can't Wait Until Nov. 9'

Swing State Trump Ad Vows to 'Turn Washington Upside Down'

Union Taco Trucks Forming Wall Outside Trump's Vegas Hotel

Hillary Already Planning to Soothe US Allies Over Trump

Trump Shattering His Own Facebook Records on Debate Eve

Obama's Half-Brother to Be Trump's Guest at Debate

Fox News Poll: Clinton Still Ahead by 6 Points

Indy Star: Indiana Finds Evidence of Voter Fraud, Alerts Police

Donald Trump: We're Doing Great, I Don't Believe Polls

John Zogby: Trump Can 'Dampen' Hillary Turnout in Final Weeks

Obama to Trump: 'Stop Whining'

Wayne Newton Defends Trump: 'He's a Fighter'

Trump 'Disappointed' With GOP Leaders, Calls Ryan 'Naïve'

Politico: RNC Members Back Trump on 'Rigged' Election

Pence Calls Attack on NC GOP Office 'Political Terrorism'

Trump Invites Benghazi Victim's Mother to Next Debate

Trump Vows to 'Drain The Swamp' With Term Limits in Congress

Christie: Only Trump Can Be Responsible for His Campaign

WSJ: Big Unions' 'Unprecedented' Spend for Hillary

Breaking News at 

BBC News

"The BBC poll of polls looks at the five most recent national polls and takes the 

median value, ie, the value between the two figures that are higher and two 

figures that are lower."

US election poll tracker: Who is ahead - Clinton or Trump?

Election day 8 November 2016

"updated 19 October 2016                  Hillary Clinton 51%      Donald Trump 42% 

updated 18 October 2016                    Hillary Clinton 51%      Donald Trump 41% 

updated 17 October 2016                    Hillary Clinton 49%      Donald Trump 41%

updated 16 October 2016                    Hillary Clinton 49%      Donald Trump 40% 

         30 September 2016                    Hillary Clinton 48%      Donald Trump 46%"


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

William McKinley

25th U.S. President

William McKinley was an American politician and lawyer who served as 

the 25th President of the United States from March 4, 1897, until his 

assassination in September 1901, six months into his second term. 

Born: January 29, 1843, Niles, OH

Assassinated: September 14, 1901, Buffalo, NY

Party: Republican Party

Presidential term: March 4, 1897 – September 14, 1901

Spouse: Ida Saxton McKinley (m. 1871–1901)

Vice presidents: Garret Hobart (1897–1899), Theodore Roosevelt (1901)

Theodore Roosevelt

26th U.S. President

Theodore Roosevelt Jr. was an American statesman, author, explorer, 

soldier, naturalist, and reformer who served as the 26th President of the 

United States from 1901 to 1909. 

Born: October 27, 1858, Manhattan, New York City, NY

Died: January 6, 1919, Sagamore Hill, Town of Oyster Bay, NY

Presidential term: September 14, 1901 – March 4, 1909

Children: Alice Roosevelt Longworth, Kermit Roosevelt, More

Political parties: Republican Party (1916–1919, 1880–1911), Progressive 

Party (1912–1916)


Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.

In any moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing, the next best 

thing is the wrong thing, and the worst thing you can do is nothing.

Speak softly and carry a big stick; you will go far.


You should know me by now, so I've dropped my last name in this section to 

make it more personal.

I got up at about 2:30 AM today and saw that it had rained sometime during the

early or late night. I'm always grateful for the rain. I believe it allows flowers, 

along with the black mulch I put down, to retain water for their hibernation 

during the winter. 

I planted most of the rest of the flower bulbs yesterday. The are a variety of

early, mid and late bloom so I should enjoy the beauty of those flowers from 

late Spring until early Fall.

I also threw Fall grass seed on the bare spots in the yard and when I ran out of

that, I threw out the tall Fiscus grass seed that is made by Scots. 

I was also able to do more landscaping of the yard. I shoveled dirt from the 

southwest flower bed (not the new bed) just outside and near the cornfield 

into the mowing tractor wagon and then took it to spread in some uneven 

places near the big tree in the east center part of the yard.

I hope to finish planting the rest of the flower bulbs today and to do some more 


I almost forgot to tell you something. I always spray sunscreen on my exposed

body parts at least once while I'm outside. I take off my glasses, spray my face,

my arms, legs and bare feet. I was milling around thinking about the best 

places to dig for the fill in dirt when I stepped on something. My new glasses.

They were bent way forward so that if you looked thru the lenses the handles 

went almost straight into the air. I pulled hard to straighten them thinking 

they would break, but they didn't and I'm thankful for that. The still a bit

crooked and if someone notices, I'll tell them that the glasses ain't crooked, it's

my face.

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