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"Life experiences and common sense are more important for success than a 

college education."

Forrest Caricofe

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for success than a college education."



"Father turned the ignition key off again to save gas for he had almost a mile to 

coast down the downward hill until the big car stopped at...." 

Bridgewater College. 

Of course, I didn't know it at the time, but I would attend this college about 

8 years later.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Excerpt from full article:

Bridgewater College

Motto - College of Character, Community of Excellence

Type - Private, liberal arts

Established - 1880

Affiliation - Church of the Brethren

Endowment - US $70.1 million

President - David W. Bushman

Academic staff - 145

Undergraduates - 1,800

Location - Bridgewater, Virginia, USA

Colors - Crimson and Gold

Athletics - NCAA Division III, Old Dominion Athletic Conference

Nickname - Eagles

Website -

"Bridgewater College, is a private, coeducational, four-year liberal-arts 

college located in Bridgewater, a town in Rockingham County, Virginia, 

United States. Established in 1880, Bridgewater College admitted women 

from the time of its founding and was the first private, co-educational, 

liberal arts college in Virginia to do so.


Bridgewater College was established in 1880 as Spring Creek Normal and 

Collegiate Institute by Daniel Christian Flory. Nine years later, the school 

was named Bridgewater College and chartered by the Commonwealth of 

Virginia to grant undergraduate degrees. Bridgewater conferred its first 

Bachelor of Arts degree on June 1, 1891."


I went to Shenandoah College (now known as Shenandoah University) in 

Winchester, Virginia for my first year of college. Winchester is about 1 hours 

drive and 60 miles north just off Interstate 81 and a portion of the college can

be seen from the interstate.

Note: Interstate 81 was built after BACK TO OUR HOUSE ON OTTOBINE ROAD....

and before I went to Shenandoah College.

I transfered to Bridgewater College after that one year at Shenandoah College,

like a dumb butt, and I'll tell you about me telling you that later.

After that one year at that college in Bridgewater, VA, I did some hitch-hiking,

not giving my address to anyone because the military said "I want you" and I

was trying to out run the draft.

I hitch-hiked to Houston, Texas and staid for about seven months, not getting

much work because I was of draft age. I staid most of the time in a boarding 

house run by two elderly sisters. Maybe 10 men to a room on cots and three 

meals a day and a packed lunch if you worked. $15 dollars a week, imagine


I then left Houston, after that seven months time, on a Greyhound Bus headed 




NIH News in Health, Sep 2016

Curb Your Eating

Wise Choices

Control Your Eating 

"Stick to a shopping list. It helps to shop when you’re not hungry.

Remove temptation. Don’t bring high-fat or sugary foods into 

your home.

Change your surroundings to avoid overeating. For example, don’t eat while 

watching TV. 

Meet friends in places that don’t serve food.

Use smaller plates. We tend to eat most of what’s on our plates, no matter the 


Don’t reward successes with food. Choose other rewards you’ll enjoy, like 

a movie, a massage, or personal time.

Seek help. Ask friends and family for support. Consider enrolling in a class or 


Forgive yourself if you overeat. We all have occasional setbacks.

NIH Office of Communications and Public Liaison

Contact us:

Building 31, Room 5B64

Bethesda, MD 20892-2094

Tel: 301-402-7337

Editor: Harrison Wein, Ph.D.

Managing Editor: Vicki Contie

Contributors: Vicki Contie, Alan Defibaugh (illustrations) and Tianna Hicklin.

Attention Editors: Reprint our articles and illustrations in your own publication. 

Our material is not copyrighted. Please acknowledge NIH News in Health as 

the source and send us a copy.

For more consumer health news and information, visit

NIH…Turning Discovery Into Health

Department of Health and Human Services National Institutes of Health The U.S. Government's Official Web Portal


The Cleveland Indians baseball team won the third game of the World Series in

beating the Chicago Cubs 1-0. The game was a sellout, of course, and it was 

broadcast by the TV news that some tickets for the game cost $14,000.

The third game that was scheduled for the day before was snowed out.

The Cleveland now lead the series 2-1 (the World Series winner must 

win 4 games out of 7) and the teams will play two more games in Chicago and 

then the series will move to Cleveland if needed.

Chicago cannot win the series in Chicago, but Cleveland can if they win the next

two games.


Newsmax Headlines

FBI Needs Warrant for Shared Weiner, Huma Laptop

Hillary to FBI: Release 'Full and Complete Facts' of Emails

Anthony Weiner, Huma Abedin Devices Led to FBI Probe

Lara Trump: FBI Bombshell 'Nail in Coffin' For Hillary Campaign

Clinton Spokesman: Comey Causing 'Wildfire of Innuendo' in Email Case

Feinstein: New Clinton Emails Plays Right Into Trump Camp

FBI Reopens Clinton Email Investigation

Poll: Most Think Clinton's Email Server Broke Law

Republicans, Democrats Tell FBI to Explain Clinton Probe

Huckabee Takes Shot at Weiner-Clinton Connection on Twitter

Dick Morris: New Emails Part of a 'Perfect Storm'

Kaine: FBI's Timing, Lack of Information 'Troubling'

Mary Matalin: FBI Bombshell Restores Faith in Legal System

John Podesta to FBI: Give More Information to the Public

GOP on FBI Decision: 'Hopefully We Will See Justice Prevail'

Trump: Hillary's Email Scandal 'Worse Than Watergate'

Breaking News at 

BBC News

Latest BBC Poll

Clinton          49%

Trump           45%

"Donald Trump has been hit by several scandals since his campaign began. 

The most notable was the release on 7 October of a video in which he can be

heard boasting about sexually assaulting women. He said his comments were 

"just words" and denied ever having groped a woman - but several have 

since come forward alleging just that.

This would have been enough to end the campaigns (and political lives) of 

many candidates, but Mr Trump has survived. Indeed, one CNN poll released 

on 24 October put him on 45% - exactly the same figure he was on in the 

previous CNN poll released on 3 October. Both polls had Mrs Clinton leading 

on 51%.

Mr Trump's ability to continuously poll around 40% nationally while rarely 

going above 45% has led many analysts to describe his support as having a 

high floor but a low ceiling. Mr Trump got more primary votes than any 

Republican in history but the polls show he has struggled to attract voters 

from outside his large and loyal base."


"Americans are always paying to protect the living Presidents of today, maybe,

that's why, most of us, go without to protect them until there dead."
Forrest Caricofe

Google search: About 12,300,000 results (1.60 seconds) 

No results found for "Americans are always paying to protect the living 

Presidents of today, maybe, that's why, most of us, go without to protect them 

until there dead."


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Ronald Reagan

40th U.S. President

Ronald Wilson Reagan was an American politician and actor who served as 

the 40th President of the United States from 1981 to 1989. 

Born: February 6, 1911, Tampico, IL

Died: June 5, 2004, Bel-Air, Los Angeles, CA

Presidential term: January 20, 1981 – January 20, 1989

Party: Republican Party


Tear down this wall!

Government's view of the economy could be summed up in a few short 

phrases: If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops 

moving, subsidize it.

The most terrifying words in the English language are: I'm from the 

government and I'm here to help.


"A tree is a most wondrous delight of nature until it is used for white paper."
Forrest Caricofe

Google search: About 3,390,000 results (1.50 seconds) 

No results found for "A tree is a most wondrous delight of nature until it is 

used for white paper."

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Paper Work Reduction Act

"The OMB review process became more formalized in 1981 with President 

Ronald Reagan's Executive Order 12291, which was in effect from 1981 to 

September 1993, the Reagan and George H. W. Bush Administrations and 

the first nine months of the Clinton administration. During the Reagan 

administration, the White House had reviewed 2,000 to 3,000 regulations 

per year. In September 1993, President Bill Clinton issued Executive 

Order 12866 and the total dropped to between 500 and 700 annually.... 

In January 2011, President Barack Obama issued Executive Order 13563 to 

improve regulation and regulatory review."


I went to my bank yesterday to sign for a Money Market Certificate. And guess

what? After I'd signed with only one signature, he handed to me a folder with a 

1/2 inch of papers. 

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

George H. W. Bush

41st U.S. President

"George Herbert Walker Bush is an American politician who was the 41st 

President of the United States from 1989 to 1993 and the 43rd Vice President 

of the United States from 1981 to 1989. 

Born: June 12, 1924 (age 92), Milton, MA

Vice president: Dan Quayle (1989–1993)

Presidential term: January 20, 1989 – January 20, 1993

Spouse: Barbara Bush (m. 1945)

Parents: Prescott Bush, Dorothy Walker Bush

Children: George W. Bush, Jeb Bush, Neil Bush, Dorothy Bush Koch, Marvin Bush, 

Robin Bush


Weather for Smithville, Ohio

Today             PARTLY_CLOUDY         73° 58°

Sun                                           RAIN        61° 40°

Mon                 PARTLY_CLOUDY        56° 44°

Tue                   PARTLY_CLOUDY       74° 55°

The Weather Channel - Weather Underground - AccuWeather

It looks like Indian Summer again for the second time this Fall with 

temperatures of 73 today and 74 on Tuesday, but it won't last, it never

does, and so I'll need to change this section of the stories of my life to WEATHER 

The reason is, like I mentioned before, the weather has taken over the running of 

the flower beds and yard.

The perennials, grass and other plants are starting to go to sleep and hibernate 

for the winter to rest for their coming back to life again in Spring. The annuals, of

course, will die forever and will not have another chance at life.

I'll miss the flower beds and the yard, but I know, that if I live to Spring, I will

have another chance, like the , to work in the flower beds and yard 

once again.

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