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"I was kind of leary at first at trying to poop, the commodes just opposite each 

and staring in to the face of another trainee trying to poop.

And if you had constipation or diarrhea...." that just made it worse.

We were assigned cleaning and other duties by the trainee squad leaders who 

where, in turn, lead by a trainee platoon leader. I was assigned as one of the

trainee squad and I said I didn't want it but it was like talking to a rock.

We had a police call daily which was us trainees walking about two feet and 

and picking up anything that nature hadn't put there. 

We had smoke breaks the drill sergeant saying "smoke them if you got them."

We had to field strip the cigarette which means separating the paper part from

the flamed end, dropping the flamed end to the ground and placing the paper

in your pocket.

Sometimes the company commander, a 1st Lieutenant or captain, would hold the

inspection followed by the drilled sergeant who called out "Attention" and we 

all assumed that position. Normally the company commander would not talk to

us trainees, but would confer with the drill sergeant after they both left the 

barracks and left it up to the drill seargeant to make any corrections.

And on rare occasions, the battalion commander might conduct a quick 

walk-thru inspection and may have repeated what I said about the company

commander. I 

If there was any deficiencies, the drill sergeant punished us all by having us

cleaning the whole barracks again or anything else that might fit our wrong


Most of our time was spent in class rooms or in the field learning....



The Washington Post

Energy and Environment

Climate change is turning into a race between politics and physics

By Chris Mooney and Brady Dennis November 4 

"On Friday, a major milestone will arrive for global climate change diplomacy. 

The so-called Paris climate agreement, an international accord forged last 

December by countries across the world, will become a legal reality far 

sooner than almost anyone anticipated.

The rapid pace with which countries have ratified the agreement 

underscores the urgency many nations feel in the wake of a string of record 

hot years and ever more severe climate impacts. Next week in Marrakesh, 

Morocco, leaders from around the globe will gather to celebrate the 

achievement and to begin ironing out the details of how individual countries 

plan to live up to the ambitious commitments they’ve made to slash their 

emissions of carbon dioxide.

When it comes to efforts to combat climate change, “it’s the best of times, it’s 

the worst of times,” said David Sandalow, the inaugural fellow at Columbia 

University’s Center on Global Energy Policy.

Leaders have moved with unprecedented speed recently to combat global 

warming: In addition to the Paris accord, there has been progress this year 

on limiting international airline emissions and powerful greenhouse gases 

known as hydrofluorocarbons, or HFCs.

But most scientists agree that the world continues to move too slowly.

The Paris climate agreement is entering into force. Now comes the hard part.... 

The Paris Agreement is expected to come into force within the next few months. 

The Post's Chris Mooney explains where we go from here. (Daron Taylor/The 

Washington Post)

[The world is racing to stop climate change. But the math still doesn’t add up]

The current pledges countries have made under the Paris agreement would 

still allow the world to warm by 3 degrees Celsius or more above 

pre-industrial levels, an amount well beyond the 2-degree threshold that 

many experts agree is likely to trigger severe changes to the environment. 

In the meantime, 2016 has offered a litany of grim reminders of an already 

changing climate, from extensive coral death at the Great Barrier Reef to 

particularly sharp Arctic temperatures in a year virtually certain to become 

the warmest in recorded history.

“The signals the climate system is sending are profoundly disturbing,” 

Sandalow said.

The consequence is that as the much-anticipated Paris agreement goes 

into effect Friday, the world faces a sort of race between politics and physics. 

The central question that will hover over the international meeting in Morocco 

next week is whether humans can wean themselves from fossil fuels and halt 

carbon emissions in time to stave off the worst effects of a changing climate. 

Can nations move quickly enough to combat a problem that for so long has 

seemed distant and intangible to many citizens?...."

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Chris Mooney reports on science and the environment.  Follow @chriscmooney

Brady Dennis is a national reporter for The Washington Post, focusing on the 

environment and public health issues.  Follow @brady_dennis



Is This Vitamin the Fountain of Youth?

By Lynn Allison   |   Thursday, 03 Nov 2016 

"Scientists have discovered a new B vitamin that appears to boost cellular 

metabolism, improve muscle endurance, increase longevity, and protect 

our neurons, while enhancing blood glucose tolerance and insulin 

sensitivity in diabetics.

Researchers also say that this recent discovery offers protection against 

weight gain even when study subjects consumed a high fat diet. And 

because it is responsible for boosting cellular production, it may also offer 

increase mental clarity.

The miracle vitamin is called NR, an abbreviation for nicotinamide riboside 

which is a form of vitamin B3. It was discovered by former Dartmouth 

researcher Dr. Charles Brenner Ph.D., who identified this vitamin as the 

missing link responsible for the formation of NAD+, a metabolite that 

increases cellular production in the mitochondria, the powerhouse of our 


Unfortunately we are born with optimum NAD+ levels but this amount 

dramatically decreases with each decade as we age, falling to dangerously 

low levels by the time we reach age 60 and beyond. That’s where 

supplementation can help restore youthful vigor.

“Maintaining a more youthful metabolism could mean a higher resting 

metabolic rate, resistance to weight gain, and the ability to maintain muscle 

mass and resist tissue damage over time,” says Brenner, who recommends 

daily NR supplementation to restore beneficial NAD+ levels.

Researchers form the University of Iowa found a way to reduce the risks of 

developing insulin resistance and sensory neuropathy (nerve damage) in 

mice by using NR. The results of this study published in the Journal Scientific 

Reports are promising news for people who hope to have additional tools to 

help address prediabetes as well as the negative effects of Type 2 diabetes.

“While prevention remains extremely important in the war on diabetes, this 

research provides hope to the millions of people who are struggling with 

obesity as well as prediabetic and diabetic conditions” says Brenner. “We 

still recommend maintaining a healthy level of activity and not overdoing 

caloric intake.”

A University of Pennsylvania study published in Cell Metabolism showed 

that NR can help us to maintain or even regain muscle strength that is lost 

during the natural aging process.

“We know that the amount of NAD+ in muscles declines as we age,” says 

lead author David W. Frederick, of the Perelman School of Medicine. “But 

what was completely unknown before this study was whether that decline 

has any functional consequences. The data showed that we can shrink 

NAD+ levels in the muscles to about 15 percent of their normal range and 

the muscles were still functional. But over time, NAD+ loss led to progressive 

muscle weakness and lack of endurance on the treadmill test....

“What was surprising was that we didn’t need to replenish those NAD+ levels 

completely to see the muscle function improve again. Just a small amount 

went a very long way toward restoring metabolic function.”

Other studies show that restoring healthy NAD+ levels also restored healthier 

looking skin and hair, and may help prevent hair loss in both men and women.

Brenner says that NR may also boost mental clarity, often lost when NAD+ levels 

become depleted in the brain.

Recently a Swiss research team lead by Dr. Johan Auwerx showed that mice 

taking NR lived longer than mice who did not, therefore offering promising data 

that supplementing with NR may increase longevity.

“Many of the studies are now indicating that NR is at the tipping point where 

the body of evidence is too rich to ignore,” says Frank Jaksch Nr., CEO and 

co-founder of ChromaDex, the supplier of a commercially available form of NR, 

sold under the name of Niagen.

While NR is available in trace amounts in milk and beer, the amounts are too 

small to counter NAD+ depletion.

“Over the past few years, there have been tremendous number of high profile 

peer reviewed publications demonstrating the effectiveness of NR boosting 

MAD+ levels and positively impacting aging and age related issues,” says 


© 2016 NewsmaxHealth. All rights reserved.

I looked up nicotinamide riboside (NR) on the internet and HPN Nutraceuticals

had an internet only special. 

The bottles contain 60 vegetarian capsules. 

The prices were 6 bottles for $32.99 each for $197.94 and a savings of $162.00.

Three bottles for $36.99 for a total $110.97 and a savings of $69.02.

And one bottle for $39.99.


"If Clinton wins the Presidential Election the government will take care of you from

"the cradle to the grave."

If Trump wins the Presidential Election, you will be responsible for your self."

Forrest Caricofe

Google search: 5 results (1.64 seconds) 

No results found for "If Clinton wins the Presidential Election the government 

will take care of you from "the cradle to the grave." If Trump wins the 

Presidential Election, you will be responsible for your self."


BBC News

BBC Poll of Polls

Today                   Nov 5        Clinton 46%      Trump 44%

Yesterday             Nov 4       Clinton  45%      Trump 45 %

Last updated     November 5

Election day      November 8

Three days and counting.

The Hill

By Jonathan Swan - 11/04/16 

Excerpt from full article:

"Trump remains the underdog and has only a narrow road to victory. He must 

hold every state Mitt Romney won in 2012, add Ohio, Iowa and Florida, and 

then flip a blue state or two."


By Todd Beamon   |   Friday, 04 Nov 2016 

"Hungarian-born entrepreneur Thomas Peterffy has launched a nationwide 

campaign to support Republicans in this election and protect personal liberties

from the encroaching socialism of the federal government.

"The meaning of freedom is in the U.S. Constitution," Peterffy, 72, the self-made 

billionaire and founder of Interactive Brokers Group Inc., told Newsmax in an 

interview. "Republicans want to live by the document's original meaning.

"Democrats want to reinterpret it and use the power of government to force 

people to act in a way that they think would be better for all — and in some 

cases, especially better for them," he added. "Sounds familiar?"

Peterffy, who fled Communist Hungary in 1965 and landed in the United 

States with single suitcase, is now No. 32 on the Forbes 400 billionaires list, 

with a net worth of $12.6 billion.

His "Freedom to Succeed" campaign has been saturating the television 

airwaves with spots calling on Americans to support Republicans and 

conservative causes on Election Day.

That includes backing the Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

Trump is "more of a common-sense, practical business person," added 

Petterffy, while expressing some reservations about the billionaire 

developer's character and patience.

Born in Budapest in a hospital basement during a Russian air raid, Peterffy 

lived under Communism with his divorced mother, grandmother and an 

uncle who had been held in a Siberian prison camp.

"Socialism and Communism are extremely attractive to a superficial 

observer," Peterffy told Newsmax. "It is not until you get into the details, 

or actually experience it, that it becomes apparent that it does not work."

"As a child, I grew up in fear," he said. "When I was four, all my other 

relatives were deported to the countryside, having to leave most of their 

personal belongings behind.

"My mother had various jobs, from where she was regularly fired as 

politically undesirable. I often saw her crying and mumbling that we'll 

starve to death.

"We were in constant fear that my uncle would be arrested or that our 

building would collapse due to bomb damage."

Peterffy said he soon realized that Communism "did not make common 

sense, not from a theoretical perspective and not from a practical point 

of view.

"It angered me that millions had to suffer, lie and pretend to prove the 

insane economic notion of collectivism," he said.

Peterffy first went to West Germany, later immigrating to the United States 

as a refugee. He could not speak English when he arrived in New York City.

He first worked as an architectural draftsman for an engineering firm, soon 

getting into technology by volunteering to program the company’s new 


He left his career in architecture in 1977 when the purchased a seat on the 

American Stock Exchange.

The following year, Peterffy founded Interactive Brokers and pioneered 

electronic securities trading. He also was critical to the founding of the 

Boston Options Exchange in 2002.

"Everything around us can be done better and cheaper if you are willing 

focus and devote the time and the energy to figure out how to do it," he told 

Newsmax. "Probably by introducing technological innovation into the 

process, in most cases.

"Just learn about something, anything, really thoroughly and go and do it. 

Persist through the setbacks."

However, this entrepreneurial spirit is under siege by an American political 

system that is rapidly embracing socialism, he said, personified by 

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders in the presidential primaries.

"Sanders, the socialist, almost got the Democratic nomination — and if he had, 

he would be beating [Donald] Trump today," Peterffy told Newsmax.

"Sixty-four percent of people under the age of 40 in America believe that 

socialism is a better system.

"Led by academia and the media, public opinion is rapidly moving to the 


That's why Peterffy created "Freedom to Succeed." He said he is supporting 

Trump's candidacy because of the candidate's "skills, knowledge, 


"He has more life and management experience than [President Barack] 

Obama did," Peterffy said.

"Donald Trump is not my favorite person for the job, but I am motivated by 

what I see as the long-term consequences of a Trump versus a Hillary 

presidency," he said. "She will appoint liberal, activist judges who will work 

with her to give citizenship to 11 million illegal immigrants.

"They will all vote Democrat and we'll never have a Republican president 

ever again," Peterffy added.

"Socialism is coming to America."

© 2016 Newsmax. All rights reserved.

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"If I was born a hundred years ago (1842), General Grant would have been

the Commander of the Union and I could have been the drummer boy for 

General Lee and the Confederacy."

Forrest Caricofe

Google search: About 12,600 results (1.76 seconds) 

"Confederacy" (and any subsequent words) was ignored because we limit 

queries to 32 words. 

No results found for "If I was born a hundred years ago (1842), General Grant 

would have been the Commander of the Union and I could have been the 

drummer boy for General Lee and the Confederacy."


Some things you might not know of past US Presidents.

Credit Bendon, Ashland, Ohio 44085

The 11th President was James Knox Polk - While he was President the 

boundaries of the United States where stretched to the Pacific Ocean.

The 12th President was General Zachary Taylor - He was called "Old Rough and 

Ready." He never voted until his own election. His horse, Whitey, grazed on the 

the White House lawn. Taylor died after a Fourth of July celebration.

The 13th President was Millard Filmore. He read the dictionary during

breaks as a young mill worker. His wife, Abigail, started the Presidential 

Library in the oval room of the White House.

The 14th President was Franklin Pierce. Whe he took office at age 48.

he was the youngest President up to that time.

The 15th President was James Buchanan. He was the only President

who never married. His eyes were unusual: one was near-sighted, the other

far-sighted. Near the end of his term, seven states succeded from the United 

States and formed the Confederate States of America.

The 16th President President was Abraham Lincoln. Abraham Lincoln, 

"Honest Abe"served during the American Civil War and declared that all

slaves were to be free. He was the first President to be assassinated. He 

was shot while watching a play at Ford's Theater. Lincoln was our tallest 

President at 6 feet 4 inches and when he wore his stove-pipe hat, he towered

another 6 inches. His face is on the penny and the 5-dollar bill.

The 17th President was Andrew Johnson. While he was President, the United 

States bought the territory of Alaska from Russia.

The 18th President was Ulysses S. Grant. General Grant was the commander

of the United States Army during the Civil War. He changed his name from 

Hiram Ulysses Grant because he did not want his initials to be:  H.U.G.

His face is on the fifty dollar bill.

The 19th President was Rutherford Birchard Hayes. He signed a bill that 

allowed female lawyers to argue cases before the Supreme Court.

The 20th President was James Abram Garfield. He a former preacher and 

was called "The Preacher President." He was the first left-handed President.

He was the second President to be assassinated.


Today                                  CLEAR                               54° 34°

Sat                                       SUNNY                               62° 42°

Sun                                      SUNNY                               64° 39°

Mon                                     PARTLY_CLOUDY         65° 40°

The Weather Channel - Weather Underground - AccuWeather

I attempted to burn the unwanted plants in the fire pit again yesterday, but 

because of the wetness caused by the previous rains, I was only able to burn

another 10%. I did saw the large sunflowers at their base, the ones that were 

to large to pull up by hand and placed them on top of the fire pit. I will not 

rain today according to the weather forecast and should be able to complete

the burning today.

I also sprayed more poison on the wire weeds I missed before and in a few 

days time I'll seed the resulting bare spots with Fiscus Grass Seed.

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