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"Are memories of the past forgotten because of guilt or pain, or, are they 

forgotten because we just cannot remember them?"

Forrest Caricofe

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pain, or, are they forgotten because we just cannot remember them?"



"There would also have been an unit insignia...." worn on the upper left 


The man dropped me off at the house in Dayton and I thanked and offered to

pay him and he said "you're welcome" and "no thanks" to my offer of pay

which is the southern way of doing things.

I either walked right in or knocked on the door. I remember sitting at the 

kitchen table and talking to, maybe, my Father and Mother. If I was about 22 at 

the time (1964-1965), Roland would have been about 19, Nancy about 16 and 

Jerry about 13.

Roland might have still been in California, but I ain't sure about that. Roland 

and I being the rebellious two seemed to be always off somewhere. 

So, I do not know exactly who I talked to that night and also don't remember 

what I did during my leave time from the military.

I do know that I had military orders to report to Ft. Gordon on certain date, but

let's leave that for a spell and return to "BACK TO OUR HOUSE ON OTTOBINE 


I had gotten an early out by extending my time in the army in South Korea 

by 3 months and proof of acceptance to continue my education. The proof of

acceptance was for Bridgewater College and I said at time that Father was 

driving that "I was a dumb butt for doing it." And, unless my drop dead comes

before then, I'll tell you about that tomorrow....



"Why is it that so-called beautiful people with perfect voices and perfect skin 

appear in movies or on your TV screen, when not so-called beautiful people 

may have a better heart?"

Forrest Caricofe

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voices and perfect skin appear in movies or on your TV screen, when not 

so-called beautiful people may have a better heart?"


NIH News in Health, November 2015

Keep Your Skin Healthy

Protecting Your Outer Self

"People say that beauty’s only skin deep; it’s what’s on the “inside” that 

counts. Our insides are certainly important, but skin is your first layer of 

defense against the outside world. Skin can also give important clues to 

your overall health. Learn to take good care of your skin, so your skin can 

keep taking good care of you. 

Skin protects your body in many ways. “The skin provides a barrier to protect 

the body from invasion by bacteria and other possible environmental hazards 

that can be dangerous for human health,” says NIH dermatologist Dr. Heidi 


Skin plays other roles, too. It contains nerve endings that let you feel when an 

object is too hot or sharp, so you can quickly pull away. Sweat glands and tiny 

blood vessels in your skin help to control your body temperature. And cells 

in your skin turn sunlight into vitamin D, which is important for healthy bones.

Skin can also alert you to a health problem. A red, itchy rash might signal 

allergies or infections, and a red “butterfly” rash on your face might be a 

sign of lupus. A yellow tint might indicate liver disease. And dark or unusual 

moles might be a warning sign of skin cancer. Be on the lookout for 

unexpected changes to your skin, and talk with your doctor if you have 


Your skin can become too dry if you don’t drink enough fluids or spend too 

much time in sunny or dry conditions. “While washing hands is important for 

good hygiene, washing your hands too much can also lead to dry skin,” Kong 

says, especially if you wash with hot water and harsh soaps. To treat dry skin, 

use moisturizing creams or lotions, and use warm instead of hot water when 

you bathe and wash your hands. You can also try using a humidifier to make 

the air in your home less dry.

The sun can damage your skin as well. Sunlight contains ultraviolet (UV) light 

that causes sunburn and makes your skin age faster, leading to more wrinkles 

as you get older. “There’s a strong link between UV exposure and skin cancer,” 

Kong adds. So protect your skin from the sun. Wear hats and other protective 

clothing, use sunscreen with a sun protection factor (SPF) of at least 30, and 

restrict your time in the sun during the late morning and early afternoon hours, 

when sunlight is strongest.

Many skin researchers like Kong are studying the skin’s microbiome—the 

bacteria and other microscopic organisms that live on your skin. Some of 

these microbes can be helpful. Evidence suggests that they boost the body’s 

infection-fighting immune system and help keep you healthy. “But there are 

some skin diseases with known associations with certain microbes,” says Kong. 

“We’re trying to understand how those microbes differ between healthy 

people and people with skin diseases.” In the long run, scientists would like 

to find ways to support healthy skin microbes while reducing harmful ones."

Keep Your Skin Healthy

Wise Choices

Tips for Healthy Skin

Wash up. Bathe in warm—not hot—water; use mild cleansers that don’t irritate; 

and wash gently—don’t scrub.

Block sun damage. Avoid intense sun exposure, use sunscreen, and wear 

protective clothing.

Don’t use tanning beds or sunlamps. They emit the same harmful UV radiation 

as the sun.

Avoid dry skin. Drink plenty of water, and use gentle moisturizers, lotions, or 


Reduce stress. Stress can harm your skin and other body systems.

Get enough sleep. Experts recommend about 9 hours a night for teens and 7-8 

hours for adults.

Speak up. Talk to your doctor if you notice any odd changes to your skin, like 

a rash or mole that changes size or color.


NIH Office of Communications

and Public Liaison

Building 31, Room 5B64

Bethesda, MD 20892-2094

Tel: 301-402-7337

Editor: Harrison W

Note: I have had two pieces of skin on my back and one piece on my forehead

that have been removed and were cancerous. I also have thin skin on the top of

my arms and the back of my legs. Thin skin means that I have no protection from

even slightly sharp objects and if I prick myself it will immediately draw blood.

If I just bump the thin skin the result is a black-purple color mark and will 

remain days before healing.

Both the cancerous places and the thin skin come from too many years in the 

sun, so I hope you will take a lesson from that.


"I believe that politicians that have lost their race for office, pay protest leaders

to organize mass protest demonstrations, to possibly overturn their lost race

for office."
Forrest Caricofe

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pay protest leaders to organize mass protest demonstrations, to possibly 

overturn their lost race for office."


The Washington Post

Morning Mix

Excerpt from full article:

Anti-Trump protesters take to the streets in many cities for a third night

By Leah Sottile, Samantha Schmidt and Brian Murphy November 12 at 2:28 AM 

"Hundreds of people protesting the election of Donald Trump took to the 

streets in cities across the country for a third straight night on Friday, as police 

bolstered their forces in the wake of rioting in Portland, Ore., and Los Angeles.

More than 225 people have been arrested across various cities — at 

least 185 in Los Angeles alone, the Associated Press reported — amid 

demonstrations that have included highway blockades, angry chants of “not 

my president” and a rampage through Portland.

Police in New York on Friday erected barricades and placed sand-filled trucks 

in front of Trump Tower. Protesters illuminated by the flashing red and blue 

of police car lights chanted, “Hey, hey, ho, ho, Donald Trump has got to go.”

And in Atlanta, protesters marched through the Georgia State University 

campus and blocked roads. “Tonight appears to be the largest group yet,” 

tweeted Justin Wilfon, a reporter with Atlanta’s WSB-TV Channel 2.

President Obama, President-elect Trump, and political leaders on both sides 

of the aisle appealed for unity, even as protests veered into violence.

In Portland, protesters convened for a “heal-in” Friday night at city hall, a day 

after the protests there had turned violent. Hundreds gathered with signs and 

were led in a group activity where people divided by neighborhood and 

discussed their reasons for being at the event.

But the Portland gathering intensified as the night progressed. The group that 

formed around 5 p.m. splintered, spreading around the city. Police in riot 

gear stood firm across one downtown street until after 8 p.m. when protesters 

threw glass bottles at the police.

By 10 p.m., the police had deployed tear gas, flash grenades and rubber 

bullets, warning protesters that they would be arrested if they remained on 

scene. An hour later, hundreds of people were still gathered downtown, 

with police closing in from the east and west to send a clear message: leave or 

be arrested.

Earlier Friday in Miami, hundreds of demonstrators clogged a major 

thoroughfare, the MacArthur Causeway, halting traffic for more than an hour 

shortly after dusk. They eventually moved downtown and by 9 p.m. had blocked 

northbound lanes on Interstate 95...."

Simple Definition of politics

1. activities that relate to influencing the actions and policies of a government 

or getting and keeping power in a government

2. the work or job of people (such as elected officials) who are part of a  


3. the opinions that someone has about what should be done by governments 

a person's political thoughts and opinions


We the people have no power in government (1)

If you are not an elected official or have a job related position then (2) does not 


But we can be included in (3) and so far we can speak aloud our political 

opinions and I hope it does not come to a point in time when we can only think



12 things that already happened within hours of Donald Trump being elected 

president.It did not take long for things to change

Jon Stone Political Correspondent @joncstone Wednesday 9 November 2016

In a victory speech in New York on Wednesday the President-elect vowed to 

unite the country following a divisive campaign littered with controversies. 


Donald Trump won't officially become president until January 2017, but within 

hours of his victory the world has already begun to change.

1) A top Israeli government minister declared the idea of Palestinian state 'over'.

Israel's Education Minister Naftali Bennett, a key figure on the right wing of the 

Israeli governing coalition, said that Trump’s victory "is an opportunity for 

Israel to immediately retract the notion of a Palestinian state".

Citing Mr Trump's election manifesto, the minister added: "The era of a 

Palestinian state is over.”

2) American Muslim women who wear the hijab agonised over whether its still 

safe to wear one.


MAREENA @mnouristani

Seeing my mom cry because she's even more scared of the racism she'll face 

because of her hijab absolutely broke me...

9 Nov 2016

109 109 Retweets   151 151 likes


jannatinã…¤ @harryonmen

My mom literally just texted me "don't wear the Hijab please" and she's the most 

religious person in our family....

9 Nov 2016

77,377 77,377 Retweets   99,783 99,783 likes


Lamyaa @lxmyaa

my 8 year old sister just told me she's scared to be muslim. That broke my heart. 

I'm crying. Don't tell me his words don't matter.

9 Nov 2016
1,222 1,222 Retweets   858 858 likes

3) Demonstrators set fires and overturned cars in major cities across America.

Protests across America after Trump victory

Thousands of people took to the streets across the US's western seabord to 

protest against Mr Trump's victory over Hillary Clinton.

Cities in California, Oregon and Washington all witnessed angry 

demonstrations, with objects being set alight, windows smashed, and effigies 

burned. Protests are also planned outside US embassies across the world.

4) Global financial markets went haywire.

Investors piled into safe assets like gold while currency markets and stock 

markets reacted with volatility to Mr Trump's win.

The Mexican peso plumetted, with stock markets including the Japanese 

Nikkei and FTSE all down. Stock market futures plunged in US markets, a 

sign that investors believe long-term volatility is ahead.

5) Sarah Palin said Britain and America are 'hooking up' in light of Brexit and 


Sarah Palin, the former Alaskan govenor tipped for a position in Mr Trump's 

cabinet, told reporters that Britan and America were "hooking up" following 

the election.

"Well, see, Great Britain and America, see how we're hooking up now?" she 

said at a Trump rally as the results rolled in.

"We're going rogue and saying, you know, the people are going to take back 

control of our governance."

6) Former KKK leader David Duke declared tonight 'one of the most exciting 

nights of my life'

David Duke, who formerly led the KKK as its "Grand Wizard", celebrated Mr 

Trumps election: “This is one of the most exciting nights of my life,” Mr Duke 


“Make no mistake about it, our people have played a huge role in electing 


7) Shares in renewable energy companies tanked…

Shares of renewable energy companies that operate in the US tanked on the 

news that Mr Trump would be the next president.

The Republican president has previously claimed climate change is a hoax 

perpetuated by the Chinese to cripple American industry.

Vestas, a major maker of US wind turbines that gets about 40 per cent of its 

business from America, saw a maximum fall of 14 per cent. 

8) …while shares in arms companies surged to a record high


Tom Knowles @tkbeynon

BAE Systems, one of the biggest weapons manufacturers in the world, has seen 

its shares hit a record high today on that Trump victory.

9 Nov 2016

2,561 2,561 Retweets   1,264 1,264 likes

9) Russia’s political establishment celebrated

Russian parliament bursts into applause upon announcement of US election 


Jubilant parliamentarians burst into applause in Russia's legislature at the 

news of Mr Trump being elected. Clapping drowned out the announcement.

Vladimir Putin, the country's president, sent Mr Trump a welcome telegraph, 

while his allies expressed satisfaction as the Republican candidate beating 

Hillary Clinton.

10) Canada’s immigration website crashed under the demand of American 


The official website for 'Citizenship and Immigration Canada' stopped working 

overnight, apparently because of the sheer number of Americans looking to 

emigrate north.

Service was later restored, with the Canadian citizenship and immigration 

service tweeting dryly that in Canada "immigrants are encouraged to bring 

their cultural traditions with them and share them with their fellow citizens".

11) Jihadi leaders welcomed the new US president

“Trump’s victory is a hard slap to those promoting the efficiency of democratic 

systems,” Hamza al-Karibi, a spokesperson for the al-Qaeda affiliated Syrian 

jihadist group Jabhat Fatah al-Sham wrote to his Twitter followers. “Starting 

today, we won’t need media releases clarifying the West’s machinations. 

All we need to do is retweet what Trump says,” he added.

Meanwhile, prominent Egyptian-born jihadi cleric Dr Tariq Abdel Haleem 

said: “Trumps [sic] winning might be bad for us in the short run. However, it 

is better for Muslims in the long run as he’ll ruin the US." 

12) Mexico’s foreign minister made it clear they wouldn’t be paying for that 


Mr Trump's signature policy of building a huge wall across America's southern 

border with Mexico to stop immigrants seemed less likely than ever.

"Paying for a wall is not part of our vision," Claudia Ruiz Massieu, Mexico's 

foreign minister, told a local television station on Wednesday in the aftermath 

of Mr Trump's triumph."


2 hours ago


as awful as things look right now -midterm elections are closer that you think 

and we can stop this madness by retaking congress and then the country two 

years later. go out and vote -and don't be so easily swayed by propaganda -

these are the unfortunate consequences 

4 hours ago


Calm your selfs! None of that will happen, there will be no wall no mass 

deportations. There will also be no environmental protection or protection 

for workers as corporation gets a chant to deregulate everything that stands 

in the way of massive profits. The people who voted for Trump will turn out to 

be the mugs he hoped they would be as he takes this as an opportunity to 

finally make some real billions not just imaginary ones. 

4 hours ago


Obama to Trump hard to believe

5 hours ago

Abu Yaseen

ha!haaa!the independent must have the worst morbid hate for Trump.

3 hours ago


It's called an understanding of reality.

6 hours ago


Readers may enjoy this analysis of the election:


2 hours ago


why did you waste so much time spewing so much unadulterated stuss?

7 hours ago


Really ignorant stuff, and I suspect the author knows.

5 hours ago

Shar Key

You're an idiot. 

12 hours ago


The Independent never learns, its reporting since (and to be fair, during) the 

election has been laughable and discredit the left. This article is b*llocks. 

21 hours ago

Stephen Johnson

At least he's going to stop healthcare for those that can't afford it. What a 

wonderful gift to them!

22 hours ago


The Playbook of the Left:

1) Create a false (or exaggerated) narrative about your opponents' negative 

qualities (e.g. say they are a racist, xenophobic, misogynist, or whatever.)

2) Stoke up as much fear about (1) as possible, preferably adding your own 

hysterical reactions into the mix to really get things going.

3) Point to the result of (2) as proof that (1) is true.

4) Whine as loud and as often as possible about (2) so that: 

a) people have fewer chances to question whether (2) really is the result of (1), 

or whether (1) is actually true; 

b) you never have to acknowledge your part in creating (2) when people 

suspect you or confront you about telling porky pies.

8 hours ago


Nothing false or exagerated about racism and sexism of Trump. It's all 

based on his own statements. 

As (1 ) is untrue, all your other points fail.

7 hours ago


3 hours ago


The problem with this so called 'analysis' is that it ignores everything Trump 

himself has said.

And his record of failure and fraud.

33 minutes ago


Silliness, from beginning to end....

Is the odour in your parents' basement getting to you?

1 day ago

Dodgy Geezer

So....  the news was all really good, then?


Evening Standard

Novaya Gazeta

Note: Vice President Mike Pence has replaced Chris Christie as head of 

President Trump's transition team.


"If those old people that go down to McDonalds everyday don't have politics,

sports, new gossip or weather to talk about, what are they going to say?"
Forrest Caricofe

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No results found for "If those old people that go down to McDonalds everyday 

don't have politics, sports, new gossip or weather to talk about, what are 

they going to say?"


Weather for Smithville, Ohio

Today                            PARTLY_CLOUDY            47° 30°

Sat                                 PARTLY_CLOUDY            49° 28°

Sun                                SUNNY                                  54° 30°

Mon                               PARTLY_CLOUDY             55° 36°

The Weather Channel - Weather Underground - AccuWeather

I just went out to the garage to make my first pot of coffee.

(2:53 AM 11/12/2016 EDT). No wind, scattered clouds, and an almost full 

moon and no rain for a change. A nice early morning to be out and about.

Out to the garage again (5:32 AM 11/12/2016 EDT) to make my second pot

of coffee and to fix and eat my early morning oyster sandwich which I can't 

hardly wait to eat. But it said on the carton that there was no Vitamin D. So, 

what I'll probably do from now on is to eat the wild Pacific caught sardines, 

tuna, salmon and other fish with bones.

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