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Note from Google: "Calling all young artists: 2 weeks left to submit your artwork 

for Doodle 4 Google." I'm not young so I don't qualify.


"It ain't where you're going, it's getting there that's important."
Forrest Caricofe

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"Well maybe, if I sleep on it, I can remember some more things by tomorrow...."

No, nothing. I know that there are old houses and buildings today and I believe 

many of those brick, but mostly clapboard houses and buildings painted white,

were there when Father was driving north on State Route 42 and the Main Street

of Bridgewater.

Father is driving slower now because he always did like to see what was going on 

in his hometown and Mother watching for road signs to read, but as many times

that we have been thru the town of Bridgewater, I knew she knew them all by 


And maybe my brother, Roland, was picking on our little sister. Nancy, a toodler

still, in the back seat of the big car and I was left alone to contemplate the 

surroundings while Father kept on driving thru the narrow main street of the 

town of Bridgewater....



BBC News Health

Molecules found on phones reveal lifestyle secrets

15 November 2016

From the section Health

What does your phone say about you?

"Molecules found on mobile phones reveal an astonishing amount about the 

owner's health and lifestyle - including their food preferences and medication.

Californian scientists found traces of everything from caffeine and spices to 

skin creams and anti-depressants on 40 phones they tested.

We leave traces of molecules, chemicals and bacteria on everything we touch.

Even washing hands thoroughly would not prevent the transfer to everyday 

objects, the researchers said.

Using a technique called mass spectrometry, the University of California San 

Diego research team tested 500 samples taken from 40 adults' mobile phones 

and they then compared them to molecules identified in a database and 

produced a "lifestyle profile" of each phone owner.

Hair dye?

Dr Amina Bouslimani, an assistant project scientist on the study, said the results 

were revealing.

"By analysing the molecules they left behind on their phones, we could tell if a 

person is likely to be female, uses high-end cosmetics, dyes her hair, drinks 

coffee, prefers beer over wine, likes spicy food, is being treated for depression, 

wears sunscreen and bug spray - and therefore likely to spend a lot of time 

outdoors - all kinds of things," she said.

Most of the molecules are thought to be transferred from people's skin, hands 

and sweat to their phone.

Mosquito repellents and sunscreens were found to linger for a particularly long 

time on people's skin and phones, even when they had not been used for months.

Previous research by the same team found that people who had not washed 

for three days still had lots of traces of hygiene and beauty products on their 


The study said the testing method could:

identify an object's owner in the absence of fingerprints

check if patients were taking their medication

provide useful information about a person's exposure to pollution

The researchers now want to find out more about the multitude of bacteria that 

cover our skin - and what they reveal about us.

Senior author Prof Pieter Dorrestein said there were at least 1,000 different 

microbes living on the average person's skin, in hundreds of locations on the 



"Will there be a time will when technology completely runs our lives?"
Forrest Caricofe
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runs our lives?"


Google DeepMind Gives Computer 'Dreams' to Improve Learning

"Androids may not, as science fiction writer Philip Dick once posited, dream of 

electric sheep. But the newest artificial intelligence system from Google’s 

DeepMind division does indeed dream, metaphorically at least, about finding 

apples in a maze.

Researchers at DeepMind wrote in a paper published online Thursday that 

they had achieved a leap in the speed and performance of a machine 

learning system. It was accomplished by, among other things, imbuing 

technology with attributes that function in a way similar to how animals 

are thought to dream.

The paper explains how DeepMind’s new system -- named Unsupervised 

Reinforcement and Auxiliary Learning agent, or Unreal -- learned to master a 

three-dimensional maze game called Labyrinth 10 times faster than the 

existing best AI software. It can now play the game at 87 percent the 

performance of expert human players, the DeepMind researchers said.

"Our agent is far quicker to train, and requires a lot less experience from the 

world to train, making it much more data efficient," DeepMind researchers 

Max Jaderberg and Volodymyr Mnih jointly wrote via e-mail. They said 

Unreal would allow DeepMind’s researchers to experiment with new ideas 

much faster because of the reduced time it takes to train the system. 

DeepMind has already seen its AI products achieve highly respected results 

teaching itself to play video games, notably the retro Atari title Breakout.

Apple Maze

Labyrinth is a game environment that DeepMind developed, loosely based 

on the design style used by the popular video game series Quake. It involves 

a machine having to navigate routes through a maze, scoring points by 

collecting apples.

This style of game is an important area for artificial intelligence research 

because the chance to score points in the game, and thus reinforce "positive" 

behaviors, occurs less frequently than in some other games. Additionally, 

the software has only partial knowledge of the maze’s layout at any one time.

One way the researchers achieved their results was by having Unreal replay 

its own past attempts at the game, focusing especially on situations in which it 

had scored points before. The researchers equated this in their paper to the 

way "animals dream about positively or negatively rewarding events more


The researchers also helped the system learn faster by asking it to maximize 

several different criteria at once, not simply its overall score in the game. 

One of these criterion had to do with how much it could make its visual 

environment change by performing various actions. "The emphasis is on 

learning how your actions affect what you will see," Jaderberg and Mnih 

said. They said this was also similar to the way newborn babies learn to 

control their environment to gain rewards -- like increased exposure to 

visual stimuli, such as a shiny or colorful object, they find pleasurable or 


Jaderberg and Mnih, who are among seven scientists who worked on the paper, 

said it was "too early to talk about real-world applications" of Unreal or similar


Gaming Champions

Mastering games, from Chess to trivia contests like the U.S. gameshow 

Jeopardy!, have long served as important milestones in artificial intelligence 

research. DeepMind achieved what is considered a major breakthrough in 

the field earlier this year when its AlphaGo software beat one of the world’s 

reigning champions in the ancient strategy game Go. 

Earlier this month DeepMind announced the creation of an interface that will 

open Blizzard Entertainment Inc’s science fiction video game Starcraft II to 

machine learning software. Starcraft is considered one of the next milestones 

for AI researchers to conquer because many aspects of the game approximate 

"the messiness of the real world," according to DeepMind researcher Oriol 

Vinyals. Unreal is expected to help DeepMind master the mechanics of that 


Improved Performance

DeepMind’s Unreal system also mastered 57 vintage Atari games, such as 

Breakout, much faster -- and achieved higher scores -- than the company’s 

existing software. The researchers said Unreal could play these games on 

average 880 percent better than top human players, compared to 853 

percent for DeepMind’s older AI agent. 

But on the most complex Atari games, such as Montezuma’s Revenge, 

Jaderberg and Mnih said the new system made bigger leaps in performance. 

On this game, they said, the prior AI system scored zero points, while Unreal 

achieved 3,000 -- greater than 50 percent of an expert human’s best effort."

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"As far as the sport of running goes, humans are certainly not the fastest."
Forrest Caricofe

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not the fastest."


Bolt to train with Borussia Dortmund

Wednesday, November 16, 2016


Related football news

17 November 2016: Bolt to train with Borussia Dortmund

8 November 2016: Ronaldo signs extended contract with Real Madrid to 2021

1 November 2016: Inter sacks de Boer in 85 days

1 November 2016: Bale signs contract extension with Real Madrid to 2022

24 October 2016: Neymar signs contract extension with Barça till 2021

"On Sunday, German football club Borussia Dortmund (BVB) announced 

Jamaican athlete Usain Bolt is to train with the club. 30-year-old Usain Bolt,

a nine-time Olympics gold-medal winning sprinter, is a Manchester United 

F.C. supporter.

Known as "the fastest man on earth", Bolt is sponsored by German sports 

company Puma who also sponsors Borussia Dortmund. According to Dortmund 

CEO Hans-Joachim Watzke, Puma CEO Bjørn Gulden informed the club of 

Usain's interest in practising with them.

In remarks to magazine Kicker, Watzke said this was "neither a joke nor a 

marketing measure". He did say, "We wouldn't organise it during a period 

where we have a midweek game, of course, but perhaps during a 

preparatory phase or something like that". Watzke said BVB coach Thomas 

Tuchel is agreeable with the idea, but the club hasn't suggested offering 

the Jamaican a contract.

Taking about a chance to play for his favoured club, Bolt said, "For me, if I 

could get to play for Manchester United, that would be like a dream come 

true. Yes, that would be epic."

Bolt won three Olympics gold medals in this year's Olympics edition in Rio 

de Janeiro. Bolt has indicated he means to retire from athletics after next 

year's World Championships scheduled to be hosted in London in August."

6 Animals Faster Than Usain Bolt

By Emily Polachek, Published Feb. 12, 2014

"It’s well known that Jamaican sprinter and 100m world record holder, Usain Bolt, 

is the fastest human on Earth. But how does he compare to his speedy animal 

counterparts? Bolt’s world record of 9.58 seconds for the 100m race in 

Berlin 2009 places him at a top speed of 30 mph with an average speed 

of 23.5 mph. However, these six animals listed from slowest to fastest, leave him 

in the dust, reaching double and even triple the top speeds that Bolt would only 

dream of ever achieving. When it comes to speed efficiency, Bolt could learn a 

thing or two from his furry friends.

1. North African Ostrich

North African Ostriches are the fastest birds on land. Their ability to reach up to 

speeds of 40 mph allows them to outrun predators, which makes up for their 

inability to fly. They’re also incredibly amusing to watch.

2. Greyhound

There’s a reason why greyhound racing exists. The long and lean body of a 

greyhound, allows it to extend its body and cover more ground. Only a little 

faster than the North African Ostrich, greyhounds can reach a top speed of 43 


3. Thoroughbred Racehorse

The fastest thoroughbred racehorse has reached top speeds of 55mph, almost 

double that of Usain Bolt’s 100m world record top speed. However, 

thoroughbred’s aren’t just fast, they’re also known for their stamina and can 

maintain a pace of 16 mph for 60 miles. Talk about the ultimate ultra marathoner.

4. Pronghorn Antelope

Often confused with its cousin the springbok, the pronghorn has evolved 

interlocking joints that make it unable to jump. However, this same 

evolutionary adaptation has made it an extremely efficient runner. The 

pronghorn can consume between six to 10 liters of oxygen per minute, which 

is five times faster than most mammals its size. This in turn allows them to 

burn more oxygen and reach tops speeds of 55 mph.

5. Cheetah

Sarah, a cheetah residing at the Cincinnati zoo is undoubtedly the fastest of all 

land mammals. On June 20, 2012 she ran 100m in 5.95 seconds with a top 

speed of 61 mph. That’s nearly 4 seconds faster than Bolt’s 100m world record 

and more than double his top speed.

6. Peregrine Falcon

Although not a land animal (and perhaps harder to compare a flying bird to a 

human running on foot) the Peregrine Falcon’s prowess in speed is mind 

blowing. If Bolt were to choose to be any animal, it would be the Peregrine 

Falcon. Faster than a sports car, this small predator can reach up to a top 

speed of 161 mph. That’s five times faster than Bolt’s top speed."


"We cannot wait for God or Allah to deal with evil, we must do that now upon 

this earth."
Forrest Caricofe

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do that now upon this earth."



A Real-Life Horror Movie Unfolds as ISIS Loses Control in Mosul


Excerpt from full article:

"We expected that they would cancel them," said Qusay Mohammed, 30, a local 

police officer who escaped slaughter by hiding in abandoned homes until he 

could make a break for it. "They're the kind that would stab you in the back."

Qusay Mohammed and other former residents said that ISIS was suspicious that 

the soldiers and police would join the invading Iraqi military once they closed 

in on the city.

But the jihadis' mounting paranoia didn't end with ex-officers. As the Iraqi 

military drew closer, the group became increasingly suspicious of ordinary 


"They were afraid to let people get close to them," Qusay Mohammed said. 

"They would keep people at a distance scared that [the civilians] would kill 


It was around then that city residents noticed an even more profound change: 

Suddenly, the wizened older ISIS members, many of them foreigners, 

disappeared from the city streets. In their wake, they left teenage locals whom 

they recruited into their ranks.

"The elders escaped. They took their families and their money and left," said 

Jebril Shehada Abdullah, 28, a former police officer, who speculated that the 

older fighters had left for Syria or Turkey. "They left only the young guys. They 

were all locals who were deceived."

That was hardly a positive development: The younger militants were little more 

than poorly educated, radicalized thugs intoxicated with power. They roared 

around east Mosul neighborhoods on motorcycles, threatening and terrorizing 


"The people just stayed inside their houses. If you opened your door they would 

shoot you," Abdullah said.

ISIS commandos who had been impossibly pious began to curse like sailors, 

screaming at residents and insulting their mothers in a way that only a month 

before would have earned them harsh discipline from their fellow jihadis.

The youthful fighters went door-to-door, demanding that families move closer 

into Mosul to act as human shields against coalition airstrikes.

Mosul took on the trappings of a horror film. People suspected of treason or 

spying were not only beheaded as they had been before. The militants took to 

mounting the severed heads in public or kicking them around like soccer 

balls, according to reports from several survivors in Khazer Camp.

ISIS' paranoia reached its nadir when the jihadis dressed up in pilfered Iraqi 

military uniforms and paraded into Hammam Alil, a town south of Mosul with 

Iraqi military flags and arrested everyone who came out to greet them.

"People came out to welcome them," said Abdullah. "They took 150 locals in 

Hammam Alil and executed them."

The anecdote is impossible to independently verify without access to further 

evidence, but several men from south of Mosul in Khazer Camp corroborated 

the story.

Even as their circumstances grew increasingly severe, many civilians still 

hoped to remain. The Iraqi military had airdropped pamphlets appealing to 

residents to remain in their homes, and many were afraid that life in the 

displaced peoples' camps would be worse.

Ali Mohammed was worried for his wife: She was nine months pregnant and 

in no condition to flee the city on foot.

After 10 days holed up in his family home, his family of seven found 

themselves wedged between coalition airstrikes and ISIS mortars and car 

bombs. They decided to make a run for it.

With his wife and five children in tow, Ali Mohammed fashioned a white flag 

out of sheets and hustled about three miles to the Iraqi military's front line. 

Even as they ran, ISIS sniper fire pecked the ground around them.

Ali Mohammed arrived at Khazer Camp on Nov. 9. His wife gave birth to their 

sixth child only a day later, he said, born safe from the horror they had just 

left behind." 


"Some leaders of a country are more concerned with becoming millionaires 

than caring for their people."
Forrest Caricofe

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becoming millionaires than caring for their people."


The Trump Transition

"Trump Offers Flynn National Security Adviser Job

Trump: Ford Not Moving Lincoln Model Production to Mexico, Keeping Plant in 


Harry Reid: Election 'Thrown' to Trump By FBI's Comey

Hillary Surrogate David Brock to Donors: Help 'Kick Trump's A**'

Trump to Meet With Romney to Discuss Secretary of State

Pastor John Hagee: Israel Key to Trump's Surge

Report: Cruz Says He's Interested in AG Job

Trump Spokesman: Muslim Registry Rumors 'Completely False'

Flynn's Reputation: Astute Intelligence Pro, Straight Talker

Paris Hilton: I Voted For Trump

NY Post: Trump Talked to Henry Kravis About Treasury Job

Trump to Go on 'Thank You Tour' After Thanksgiving

Ron Paul: Skeptical on Whether Trump Can 'Drain the Swamp'

Lindsey Graham Slams Rand Paul Filibuster Threat

Bill Kristol: Trump's SCOTUS Choice Could Come Next Week

Pence to House Republicans: 'Buckle Up'

Brexit Figure Nigel Farage Blasts Bannon Backlash."


"Is there really a place in this world where you can live and be free from a 

natural disaster?"
Forrest Caricofe

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No results found for "Is there really a place in this world where you can live 

and be free from a natural disaster?"

Only headline from full article:

The U.S. has more natural disasters than any other country in the world.

By Jessica Marmor Shaw

Published: Nov 24, 2015 2:50 p.m. ET

5 countries with the lowest risk of disaster

Simon Black March 16, 2011 Undisclosed Location

March 11, 2011

Denver, Colorado, USA

"Watching the events unfold in Japan and Libya has probably given a lot of 

people reason to consider their own safety, wherever they live. “What if that 

happened where I live?” is a perfectly natural question to ask when faced with 

wall-to-wall coverage of horrible devastation.

It’s true that no place is perfect, and there are always going to be some risks 

wherever you are in the world, whether it’s California, Indonesia, or London… 

but if you’ve been thinking about a move overseas, and the events in Japan 

and Libya have you wondering which countries run the lowest risk of 

destruction, read on.

* To be clear, what follows is not an exhaustive list, just a few countries that 

stand out as being particularly low risk for destructive natural disasters, 

nuclear meltdown, terrorism, or Qadaffi tactics.

1) Uruguay. This fairly small nation in South America is home to few, if any, 

natural disasters. There is occasional flooding, but not the sort of thing that 

makes international headlines for its massive destruction. There are no 

earthquakes, hurricanes, volcanic activity, etc.  There are also no nuclear 

plants in the country.

Uruguay also has a small, ethnically homogeneous population with a poorly 

funded government that’s incapable of financing totalitarian control of its 

people. Uruguay’s fascist military government is part of its unfortunate past,

not its brighter future.

2) Poland. Devoid of any nuclear power plants, Poland also suffers negligible 

natural hazards except for a biting winter cold.  The country has a strong, 

thriving economy and barely felt the effects of the global recession– if the US 

caught the flu, Poland had a minor case of the sniffles.

Poland’s government is well-funded, however as a former communist nation, 

Polish society stands firmly against any hit of authoritarianism. Poland also 

has limited exposure to the Islamic immigration crisis that is plaguing much 

of Western Europe.

3) Singapore. In terms of natural disasters, Singapore is in the fortunate position 

of being encased by Borneo on one side and Malaysia to the other. As such, 

any typhoon or tsunami activity goes through those locations first. By the time 

they get to Singapore, it’s a tame tropical depression with great surf conditions.

It’s true that Singapore’s society is diverse… but the country has a history of 

harmonious multiculturalism.  And, despite the fact that small things like 

spitting are offenses, this is one of the last places in the world where the 

market-oriented government would turn on its people.

4) Estonia. Like Poland, Estonia lacks any real natural disasters (except cold 

weather) and has no nuclear facilities of its own.  Estonia is also devoid of 

any elements of extremism or deep ethnic conflict within its borders.

Estonia’s government is market-oriented and transparent, running a tight 

operation that has no room in the budget for massive police agencies and 

constant monitoring.

5) United Arab Emirates. You might think I’m going out on a limb here, but I 

would consider UAE to be a safe place from disaster. In terms of natural hazards, 

UAE’s biggest problem is the occasional sand storm, nothing serious.

Its first nuclear power stations are not scheduled to come online for another 

several years, and they will be sparing no expense to implement the latest, 

safest technology.

Given what else is happening in the Middle East, you might question whether 

the UAE would, in fact, jump on the bandwagon of opening fire on its own 

people. Bear in mind a few things-

First, the various emirates that make up the UAE are essentially autonomous, 

and the national government is very decentralized with limited power.

Second, the UAE is already the ‘freest’ place in the Middle East with limited 

grumblings about further reform.

Third, and most importantly, foreigners in the major emirates outnumber 

locals by a wide margin– in Dubai, for example, 71% of the population is 

comprised of foreign expats; even the police forces are made up of South 

Asians (Indians, Pakistanis), not local Emiratis."



Weather for Smithville, Ohio

Today                  SUNNY                               69° 45°

Sat                       RAIN_AND_SNOW          43° 27°

Sun                      CLOUDY                            35° 23°

Mon                     PARTLY_CLOUDY          37° 22°

The Weather Channel - Weather Underground - AccuWeather

I got a lot accomplished in the yard and flower beds yesterday. I finally planted

the rest of the flower bulbs. I took about 4 loads of good dirt from the back south-

west corner bed and filled in some low places in the yard and then watered the

grass seeded bare spots. I even had time to swab the cement garage floor with

bleach using a mop. 

I went out to the garage (3:29 AM 11/18/2016 EDT) to make my first pot of coffee.

It is about 50° and should be a good day for moving that dirt from the back to the

low places in front yard near the house. Then tomorrow, Saturday, is another 

thing altogether. I don't know what I'm going to do. I know I'm going to have to

figure something out because I ain't use to staying in the house.

I just went out to the garage (5:22 AM 11/18/2016 EDT) again to make my 2nd pot

of coffee. My morning breakfast was 2 slices of 100% whole bread. mustard and

"Wild Planet sustain-ably caught in the Pacific Ocean in extra virgin olive oil Wild

Sardines (350 calories total). The sardines are an excellent source of protein 10%,

Vitamin A 4%, Calcium 20% and Iron 10%. This my second favorite sardine behind

King Oscar double layer. The smaller the fish, the smaller the mercury content.

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