Saturday, November 19, 2016

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"The happiest memories of a person's life are those that no one can remember, 

sadly, because they were just a baby."
Forrest Caricofe

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no one can remember, sadly, because they were just a baby."



"while Father kept on driving thru the narrow main street of the town of 


Today there is the Bridgewater Fire Station just across from the the church that 

I mentioned and beside that is a printing company. Across the street are two 

banks side by side just a few steps to the north of the restaurant I mentioned. Just

back of the second bank there is a park, one of at least 4 that I know of.

As Father drives on and in today's time there are a few houses to the right or the left

and if you turn on the next street to the right you can go to the Bridgewater 

Retirement Home and another bank called Suntrust. 

More houses, mostly clapboard painted white, on both sides of the narrow main

street until you get to the shortcut road that Father used to drive to my Grandparent

Cline's home. On the right southeast corner of the shortcut road is a car repair 

garage of some sort and another bank called Wells Fargo just across the shortcut 

street and on the northeast corner. Just across the main street and slightly south

is a car/truck repair shop and a few steps to the north 1 of maybe 5 pizza shops.

And just a few more steps to the north of the pizza shop I just mentioned is a side 

street blocked off for some unknown reason. Then another pizza shop and a 

business on the corner of another side street. Across the street is a donut shop 

which was made from a muffler garage and just a few steps and on the same side

of the main street is a fast food place and I'll let you guess what that is until 




"Because of drive-thrus, gift cards for giving, internet purchases, watching TV 

and cell phones to their faces, the world is becoming abound in its laziness."
Forrest Caricofe

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purchases, watching TV and cell phones to their faces, the world is becoming 

abound in its laziness."


Trump shifts to right by tapping Sessions, Pompeo, Flynn President-elect Donald 

Trump has picked Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions for attorney general

Zika is no longer a global emergency, WHO says, but the warnings persist

Last update : Nov 19, 2016 

WHO: Zika off crisis track but 'here to stay' External link

Source country arkansasonline Saturday, November 19, 2016 

GENEVA -- Acknowledging that Zika is "here to stay," the United Nations health 

agency on Friday ended its a 9-month-old emergency declaration over the 

spread of the Zika virus and began preparing for a longer-term response to 

the mosquito-borne virus that can result in severe neurological defects in 

newborns whose mothers are infected....

'Hamilton' cast asks Pence to work for 'all of us'

Last update : Nov 19, 2016 

Vice President-elect Mike Pence booed at Hamilton musical before cast plead 

with him to respect diversity 

Source country independent-UK Saturday, November 19, 2016 

US Vice President-elect Mike Pence was booed at a performance of the New York 

musical Hamilton , before an actor read an open letter pleading with governor to 

represent “diverse America”. The crowd jeered so loudly at Mr Pence that the 

performance had to be paused multiple times, according to audience members....

Under pressure on US jobs, Ford tries new gambit with Trump

Last update : Nov 19, 2016 

America: Under pressure on U.S. jobs, Ford tries new gambit with Trump 

Source country standardmedia Saturday, November 19, 2016 

Executive Chairman of Ford Motor Co., Bill Ford Jr. addresses the public outside 

the Historic Ford Estate - Fairlane, once the home of his great-grandparents 

Henry and Clara Ford, during a celebration in honor of what would have been 

the 150th birthday of Henry Ford, founder of the Ford Motor Company, in 

Dearborn, Michigan....

Saudi-led coalition starts 48-hour truce in Yemen - SPA

Last update : Nov 19, 2016 

Saudi-led coalition starts 48-hour truce in Yemen -SPA 

Source country cyprus-mail Saturday, November 19, 2016 

Saudi-led military forces fighting in Yemen began a 48-hour ceasefire on 

Saturday, raising hopes of an end to war that has displaced millions and 

caused a humanitarian disaster. The Gulf Arab coalition has been fighting 

Houthi rebels and forces loyal to former president Ali Abdullah Saleh 


Obama blocks new oil, gas drilling in Arctic Ocean

Last update : Nov 19, 2016 

Obama administration bars new oil exploration in Arctic 

Source country trust Saturday, November 19, 2016 

The move is a win for environmental groups that had fought development of 

the ecologically fragile region. (Adds details of plan, quotes from industry 

group and environmentalist) By Timothy Gardner. WASHINGTON, Nov 18 

(Reuters) - The Obama administration on Friday blocked new exploration 

for oil and.......

The Latest: Venezuelan 1st lady's 2 nephews facing prison

Last update : Nov 19, 2016 

Venezuelan first lady's 2 nephews convicted in cocaine smuggling case 

Source country ibtimes-uk Saturday, November 19, 2016 

Two nephews of Venezuelan first lady Cilia Flores - wife of President Nicolás 

Maduro - face life imprisonment in the US after being convicted in a drug 

case. A court in Manhattan, New York, on Friday (18 November) found the 

duo guilty of conspiring to import about 1,700 pounds of cocaine into the 

US in 2015....

President-elect settles 'Trump University' fraud lawsuit for £20m Sky News

Last update : Nov 19, 2016 

President-elect settles 'Trump University' fraud lawsuit for £20m Sky News

Source country msn-uk Saturday, November 19, 2016 

Donald Trump has agreed to pay $25m (£20m) to settle a series of lawsuits 

against his now-defunct Trump University. Lawyers for the President-elect 

reached the out-of-court deal to avoid a trial in a potentially embarrassing 

case that, during his campaign, he had promised to keep fighting and never 


European Commission

Szijjártó: Hungary firmly supports Albania in EU integration efforts

dailynewshungary Saturday, November 19, 2016 11:15:00 AM CET

What is Merkel trying to tell May as she uses ‘SECRET ILLUMINATI SIGN' at 

key world talks? 

express Saturday, November 19, 2016 

guardian Friday, November 18, 2016 1:55:00 PM CET


World Wildlife Fund: 75% of seafood species consumed in Singapore not caught 


Wednesday, October 5, 2016


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3 November 2016: Signalling issues and stalled train disrupt service on 

Singapore's Mass Rapid Transit lines

7 October 2016: Stingray kills head diver of Underwater World Singapore

5 October 2016: World Wildlife Fund: 75% of seafood species consumed in 

Singapore not caught sustainably

2 December 2015: Investigators blame pilot error for AirAsia crash into Java 


24 March 2015: Singapore's 'founding father' Lee Kuan Yew dies aged 91


The Singaporean branch of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) published a guide 

yesterday critiquing the practices employed to catch seafood destined for sale 

in the country. According to the publication, three-quarters of the more 

than 40 species of seafood commonly consumed by Singaporean residents were 

obtained in a manner detrimental to environmental sustainability.

The guide, titled the Singapore Seafood Guide, lists fish species such as Indian 

threadfin, silver pomfret, and yellowbanded scad, all frequently used in 

Singaporean dishes, under its "Avoid" category. Highlighting the high rates 

at which these species are being fished and consumed, the WWF said, 

"Without collective and decisive action, these popular fish could disappear 

from Singapore's menus within our lifetime."

On her organization's reasons for publishing the guide, WWF-Singapore CEO 

Elaine Tan stated, "We are squandering one of our greatest natural resources 

by failing to manage our fish stocks sensibly. As one of the biggest consumers 

of seafood in the world per capita, Singaporeans have a big role to play in 

protecting our oceans. The Seafood Guide empowers everyone in the supply 

chain to make conscious choices that prevent the further exploitation of fish 

stocks." According to the WWF, an average Singaporean eats 22kg 

(about 48.5lb) of seafood annually, versus 20kg (44lb) average per person 


In conjunction with the launch of the guide, the WWF started the Sustainable 

Seafood Business Forum on Tuesday to promote action on the topic among 

seafood purveyors. An initiative which emerged from the forum was the 

Responsible Seafood Group, which counts amongst its members supplier 

Global Ocean Link and integrated resort Marina Bay Sands. All organizations 

involved in the group agree to standards on the sustainable sourcing of 

seafood as outlined by the WWF.

On Marina Bay Sands' commitment to seafood sustainability, Kevin Teng, the 

resort's Executive Director of Sustainability, said, "Since 2014, we have 

eliminated sharks fin from the restaurants we own and operate. At that time, 

we also started serving selected seafood sourced from suppliers that fish or 

farm responsibly, based on global seafood standards."

Lucas Glanville, Executive Chef of Grand Hyatt Singapore, stated, "Our 

customers are demanding to know where their seafood comes from. Finding 

alternatives to endangered species on the red list and choosing to work with 

sustainable suppliers and their products has gone beyond being a corporate 

responsibility, and become a commercially viable decision for us". According 

to the WWF, the hotel chain serves seafood compliant with its sustainability 


The WWF has compared Singapore's population to that of Finland, whilst also 

highlighting the discrepancy in seafood sustainability practices in both 

countries. According to a report by the organization, 98% of seafood consumed 

in Finland meets WWF standards on sustainability.

Matti Ovaska, conservation officer for the WWF's Finnish branch, elaborated on 

the country's sustainability practices where seafood consumption is concerned, 

"Sustainability has become an everyday element in Finland’s seafood trade, 

and companies are very familiar with the origin of the fish they purchase. In 

addition, over one third of Finns use the seafood guide consciously to make 

better decisions.""


"75% of popular seafood in Singapore not responsibly caught" — World Wildlife 

Fund, October 4, 2016

"Majority of fish consumed in Singapore not responsibly caught: WWF" — 

Channel NewsAsia, October 4, 2016

"3 out of 4 popular fish species eaten here environmentally unsustainable: 

WWF-Singapore" — The Straits Times, October 


I don't get angry often, but I'm getting close. I like to talk about and eat fish.

Fish is maybe 35 % of my diet. And the headline, "Majority of fish consumed in 

Singapore not responsibly caught: WWF," is not something I want to hear. Wake

up, Singapore, and do the right thing. I want myself and all of my decendants to

enjoy the delightful taste of fish.




Solar power for clean water

In much of Africa, drinking water is too high in fluoride, which can damage 

teeth and joints. A German project to install a solar-powered filter system in 

a Ghanain village is tackling the problem.
Date 31.10.2016

Toilets for green gas

A Ugandan school is reducing its fuel costs – and its impact on endangered 

forests – with a biolatrine that turns human waste into biogas. And the clean 

new toilet also improves student health.


"Vengeance is mine saith the Democrats."
Forrest Caricofe

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David Brock Asking Donors to Help 'Kick Trump's A**'

By Greg Richter   |   Thursday, 17 Nov 2016

"Hillary Clinton ally David Brock has no plans to just sit and lick his wounds after 

the unexpected loss of his presidential candidate last week.

Politico reports that Brock is sending out invitations to Democratic donors to 

gather in Palm Beach on Inauguration Day to discuss how to fight Donald 

Trump's presidency.

"This will be THE gathering for Democratic donors from across the country to 

hear from a broad and diverse group of leaders about the next steps for 

progressives under a Trump Administration," Brock said in an email sent to 

top donors including George Soros, Tom Steyer and Donald Sussman.

Brock told Politico in an interview that the meeting will be only the first of a 

series of such gatherings, and that even more donors will be receiving the


"What better way to spend inaugural weekend than talking about how to 

kick Donald Trump’s ass?" Brock told the website.

Brock, a former conservative who after his left-wing conversion founded the 

liberal Media Matters for America and other groups, including super PACs 

American Bridge and Correct the Record, said he hopes to use the court 

system to fight Republicans much as the conservative Judicial Watch has 

done against Democrats.

Judicial Watch was behind Freedom of Information Act requests that exposed 

many of Clinton's emails that she sent and received on her private server.

Politico reported earlier this week of talk among progressives in 

Washington, D.C., of forming a liberal version of Judicial Watch.

In his email, Brock vowed to continue the work his previous groups started 

during the George W. Bush administration.

"In 2005, we were part of a successful progressive effort to regroup, retool 

and recover," he said. "While today's situation is more dire, media matters 

more than ever.""


"The US is not for staying the same, they just want a better future."
Forrest Caricofe

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better future."


Conway: Sessions Will Fix 'Politicized'

The Trump Transition


$25M Settlement Reached in Trump University Lawsuit

Mike Pence Booed at 'Hamilton' Performance

Mike Huckabee: Trump Discussed Job, But Not 'The Right Fit'

The Hill: Bannon Won't Extend Olive Branch to Critics

Trump on Twitter: We're 'Working All Weekend' on Cabinet Picks

Rush Limbaugh: 'Deranged' Left is 'Imploding' Over Trump

Sen. Cruz: Trump Win Also a Victory for the Late Justice Scalia

Mike Huckabee: We Must Stop Left's 'Bullying' of Steve Bannon

David Axelrod: Trump's Cabinet Picks Like a 'Monster's Ball'

Bannon: Trump Team Building 'Entirely New Political Movement'

Nunberg: Trump's Campaign Strategy Was 'Common Sense'

Trump Reassures NATO Chief in Phone Call

Gizzi: Sen. Jeff Sessions Named Attorney General

Harry Reid: Election 'Thrown' to Trump By FBI's Comey

Pastor John Hagee: Israel Key to Trump's Surge

Flynn's Reputation: Astute Intelligence Pro, Straight Talker

NY Post: Trump Talked to Henry Kravis About Treasury Job


"One must work to maintain beautiful flower beds and a yard, they ain't going to

do nothing if left alone to their own desires."
Forrest Caricofe

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yard, they ain't going to do nothing if left alone to their own desires."


Weather for Smithville, Ohio

Today                        RAIN_AND_SNOW             41° 27°

Sun                            CLOUDY                               34° 23°

Mon                           PARTLY_CLOUDY             38° 23°

Tue                             MOSTLY_CLOUDY            42° 26°

The Weather Channel - Weather Underground - AccuWeather

I just went out to the garage (3:23 AM 11/19/2016 EDT) to make my first pot of

coffee. It is about 55° as shown on my thermonitor. 

I accomplished a lot again yesterday in the southwest corner flower bed and the 

yard. I watered the grass seeded bare places in the yard like you're suppose to 

so that the grass seed will remain moist thru out the day and helps the process of 

germination of the grass seed.

I'm planning a video at least once a week and the next one on about Wednesday

will show you what I have been talking about all Spring, Summer and Fall 

concerning the flower beds and he yard. The video is on YouTube now, but it is 

on private view only and I should be able to get things right with the video and 

release it to public view by the 24th of November.  

I haled about 6 carts of good dirt from that flower bed mentioned above to some 

still low places in the yard. I also spread 1 bag of black mulch on the area where I 

had finished digging to level the part of the bed that is on the other side of the foot 

or high stone wall. My poor back became real sore but seems better this morning. 

Dr. Kwok gave to me pills and shots for this condition on my most recent visit, but I 

believe that I can keep my back healthy just as good by doing a floor 

exercise routine twice a day.

I have about two more loads of dirt to bring up to the low places near the house and

then rack those 2 loads and the 6 from yesterday level with the ground.

At the end of my working day (about 4:15 PM 11/18/2016 EDT) I was able to hose 

wash the mowing tractor and the cart.

Out to the garage (5:47 AM 11/19/2016 EDT) again to make my 2nd pot of coffee

and my breakfast special sandwich of the day. Canned oysters smoked in cotton-

seed oil with salt. 

I was surprised how the weather has changed so quickly. That cold front is moving

in from the west with a drop in temperature to about 48°, a decrease of 7° since

about 2 and half hours ago. Wind speed has picked from none to about 20 mph.

Went out to the garage (6:48 AM 11/19/2016 EDT) again mostly to check on the 

weather. In the time of 1 hour that has passed the temperature has dropped 

another 6° to 42° and cold Farmer's Rain has started. Not to waste my time, I had 

a spoonful each of vanilla yogurt and apple sauce with cinnamon while I was 

out there.

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