Monday, November 28, 2016

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"There are Angels here on earth and their job, ordained by God, is to watch

over and care for us."

Forrest Caricofe

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by God, is to watch over and care for us."



"I remember one that Mother, Aunt Ruth, Uncle Lester and his wife, Aunt Bea 

and I took to the Potomac River near Washington, 

D.C. We ...." I changed my mind again. I need to tell you something else first. 

I'm going to tell you about an Angel who was my Uncles Lester's wife and my Aunt 


I don't know about Aunt Bea's early life. I know that she had joined the WAC:

(WAC) Women's Army Corps

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

"The Women's Army Corps was the women's branch of the United States Army. 

It was created as an auxiliary unit, the Women's Army Auxiliary Corps 

on 15 May 1942 by Public Law 554, and converted to full status as the WAC 

on 1 July 1943.

Founder: Oveta Culp Hobby

Notable commanders: Elizabeth P. Hoisington

So, Aunt Bea joined the WAC sometime around when I was 6 months old, more or 

less. Of course, I only knew about her life after she married my Uncle Lester. She 

had two or three daughters by a former marriage and the marriage was either 

terminated from the former husband by divorce or death. 

She always had a kind smile for everyone and although not a southerner, like 

myself, she displayed the courteous and manners like a true southerner. She 

always aimed to please everyone she came in contact with not a frown upon her 


Aunt Bea's in Heaven now along with Mother and if I could see what they are doing 

I know they be playing that marble game together that they liked so well.

Oh, I almost forget to tell you about another Angel I know about. She's my first

cousin Judy's child and her name is Joy. "Joy to the World."....



"There is war, skirmishes or conflicts in the world today, but there are none of 

these in the countries that I send postcards to today."

Forrest Caricofe

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but there are none of these in the countries that I send postcards to today."


I mailed out postcards to Australia, Finland, Germany and Switzerland today.

I've upload those to Facebook and

I always send them in a envelope, but one said no envelopes so I complied.

What that person doesn't know is that I place each postcard in an envelope 

along with a penny and a dime as well as two of my business cards. I then 

decorate the envelope with rubber stamp sayings and themed stickers. 

I'll upload the front and back of an decorated envelope to show you what I mean. 


"One's health is dependent upon peeing and pooping regular."
Forrest Caricofe

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I poop good, but because of a prostrate problem I need to stand awhile 

before the stream starts in peeing. I have the results of a teleconference paper 

that recommends supplements to take for this condition. I probably about 70%

of the supplements mentioned. I like cheese but they said in the discussion 

that whatever binds cheese together interferes with the prostrate and me 


My doctor, Dr. Kwok, one time told me that if I was rotor-routed, I could "piss

over a car." But after I went to a local urologist, the doctor said that it is not 

standing to pee that's a problem, but going to pee a lot that is the problem.


I'm so use to putting Black Friday under SPORTS that I can't remember to do 


I'm at McDonald's right now typing out this story.

And just like I told you too, I calling today Green Sunday because I always try to

pay with green cash.That is the fastest way to get through the cashier's line. Why 

do you think they call the person who accepts your money CASHier. I figure 

Walmart, if they were smart, would have lines only for:

1.   Cash

2.   Credit cards

3.    Debit cards

5.    Checks.

5,    For shoppers who use coupons.

6.    For cigarette smokers which they already have.

7,    For all types of alcohol.

8.    For shoppers wanting to use or buy gift cards.

9.    And for all the people who are a pain in the arse, have them go through 

the self-check out. And if your Walmart don't have a self check-out, have 

them get behind all the whiskey-heads, winos and beer bellies in Line 7.

While I'm typing, I'm eating two grilled, chicken, ranch wraps and a large drink.

A large drink here at McDonald's is only $1.00 while everywhere else its 

about $2.30. 

I always give a donation when they ask and I know that most people say "no" or 

"no, thank you." 

I gave a dollar at Dollar Tree for military kids. I gave a dollar here at 

McDonald's for Ronald McDonald House. I gave another dollar to a store I can't

remember and I'm feeling guilty because I did not give a dollar to the Salvation 

Army kettles that where in front of Walmart.  I went to Kentucky Fried Chicken for

some takeout and saw a box with one lone factory wrapped box that was a puzzle.

Was the box labeled "toys for tots"? I don't remember. After I ordered and was 

waiting for my order the same young woman who waited on me came out to do

some cleaning. I stopped her and asked if I could give her money to buy a gift

and then she could put in the box. She told me with a smile that she would check

with the manager. She came back later to tell me, no, but thank you.I had a $5

bill in my hand and quietly slipped in to her hand and I said, pretending, "take 

it quick, the manager might be looking, don't tell no one or we'll both be in 

trouble." And she said "are you sure?" And I answered "yes." 

There's more than one way to skin a skunk.

What the hell is wrong with people. A dollar. Give that measly little 

old dollar that you don't need to someone who does need it. Dam shame, it is.


"More than half the people of this country believe that the new President-elect

is the worse, but less than half knows that he will be the best when it is written in 

our history books."
Forrest Caricofe

Google search: "in" (and any subsequent words) was ignored because we 

limit queries to 32 words. 

Your search - "More than half the people of this country believe that the new 

President-elect is the worse ..."  - did not match any documents.


*President-elect Donald Trump's picks for cabinet posts so far by the numbers:

1.   South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley for ambassador to the UN.

2.   Billionaire and school choice activist Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education.

3.   Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions for attorney general.

4.   Kansas Rep. Mike Pompeo for CIA director.

5.   Trump has chosen retired Lt. Gen. Mike Flynn for his national security adviser. 

in the White House. This position does not require senate confirmation.

6.   Possible pick for Secretary of Commerce is billionaire Wilbur Ross.

7.   Todd Ricketts for deputy commerce secretary.

8.   Retired Gen. James "Mad Dog" Mattis for defense secretary.

9.   Dr. Ben Carson to lead Housing and Urban Development.

10. For Secretary of State, Rudy Giuliani and Mitt Romney are being considered. 

11. Trump's pick for Secretary of Treasury is Steve Mnuchin.

12. Mike Pompeo Statement on his Nomination to Lead the Central Intelligence 


"WASHINGTON, DC – Congressman Mike Pompeo (R-KS), commented today on 

his nomination by President-elect Trump to lead the Central Intelligence Agency.

Pompeo said, “I am honored and humbled to accept the President-elect’s 

nomination to lead the Central Intelligence Agency.  This was a difficult 


I have genuinely loved representing the people of Kansas in Congress—

working to make our community stronger and more prosperous.  But 

ultimately the opportunity to lead the world’s finest intelligence warriors, 

who labor tirelessly to keep this nation and Kansas safe, is a call to service 

I cannot ignore. 

I want to thank the people of the 4th District who entrusted me over the 

past six years to be their voice in our nation’s capital.  I will continue to 

represent you in this new post with the highest level of honesty, integrity, 

and vision.”

Pompeo serves on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence.  

He is a graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point, an 

Army veteran, and ran two small businesses before joining Congress in 2011."

13. Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, but he has indicated to Trump and the 

transition team that he would like a senior planning position. 

14. RNC Chairman Reince Priebus as chief of staff 

15. Campaign executive Steve Bannon as a senior adviser. 

Update: (4:45 AM 11/27/2016 EDT, my time, not the source's)

16. The President-elect has picked Libertarian election lawyer Donald F. 

McGahn as his White House counsel.

17. Trump has chosen for deputy national security adviser, Kathleen “KT” 


*Update: (7:55 AM 11/28/2016 EDT). As far as I can tell there are no updates.

Maybe Trump is spending all his time brawling with Hillary Clinton again and

don't have time for picking anymore cabinet members.

Leave her alone, Donald Trump, she lost you know.


"Some people with fast new cars believe or dream that they're at NASCAR."  
Forrest Caricofe

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No results found for "Some people with fast new cars believe or dream that 

they're at NASCAR."


Weather for Smithville, Ohio

Today                 CLOUDY                      53° 46°

Tue                     PARTLY_CLOUDY     59° 48°

Wed                    RAIN                             58° 35°

Thu                     CLOUDY                      42° 31°

The Weather Channel - Weather Underground - AccuWeather

I went out to the garage (1:42 AM 11/28/2016 EDT) for my 1st pot of Folgers

coffee. About 38°, 73% humidity and the wind from the north and not from 

the west like its been.

I bought a lot of my favorite food yesterday at Walmart and when I got back 

I just placed it on the blow-up mattress in the hooch. I probably spent 

about 30 minutes in my favorite aisle, the fish aisle. I'll sort that out today. 

I just made it back in time, too. Like I told you before, my glaucoma and 

cataracts prevent me from driving at night and I kept thinking it would get 

dark at 5:30 PM. Wrong. It's gets dark about 5:00 PM. So, like my Father, I 

placed my heavy barefoot (Father didn't drive with his barefoot, just me) on 

the gas pedal and tromped it to the floor, driving 65-70 mph in speed zones 

of not over 55 mph. And I made it in the nick of time.

Back to the garage (4:46 AM 11/28/2016 EDT) and my 2nd pot of coffee and my

special breakfast sandwich of the day. I also went to Dollar Tree yesterday to 

pick up some cans of chicken tamales. I got five cans and then saw some cans of 

whole smoked mussels, a product of Pacific Crest and China (of course). That's 

what I made my sandwich of this morning and for a $1 only, I was delighted with 

its taste. 

And do you know something else? I can eat this very sandwich without my false 

teeth. I'm having trouble with the bottom part of these false teeth that I've had 

for a number of years and I will resolve that by getting new falsies.

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