Tuesday, November 29, 2016

288th post

Note: I have uploaded an example of the front and the back of the envelope that I 

mail postcards in to people all over the world. I don't see them yet, but you can also 

see them on Facebook. Thank you. Forrest


"The memories of the past cause us to wish for those old times again."
Forrest Caricofe

Google search: About 20,500,000 results (1.28 seconds) 

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times again."



"I remember one (tour bus trip, 2005 or there about and we were talking 

about farmlands) that Mother, Aunt Ruth, Uncle Lester and his wife, Aunt Bea 

and I took to the Potomac River near Washington, D.C. We ...." The only one 

missing from the group was my Uncle E.C. (Aunt Ruth's husband) and my 

Father who had already passed to Heaven (1991). Uncle E.C was either at one

at one of those men's groups he like to go to, at the Veterans Hospital in 

Richmond, Virginia, spreading the word of God in a nearby factory, doing the

electricity work for Habitat for Humanity, talking on his CB or just resting at 

their home in Weyers Cave. 

The bus tour package included the trip from Rose's in Harrisonburg and back

to the near end of the Potomac River and short trip down the river and back 

on a barge. 

Mother didn't care for all the new housing that was springing up all over the

places that we saw when we went somewhere. She wanted the sites along the 

road to be farmlands with a farm house, a barn and silos.

Aunt Bea didn't care for somethings either and if I live until tomorrow, I'll tell

you all about it ....


"Homo erectus who are some of my favorite ancestors, and, like me, go 

barefoot and because of that, .... they and me are free."
Forrest Caricofe

Google search: About 5,520 results (1.56 seconds) 

No results found for "Homo erectus who are some of my favorite ancestors, and, 

like me, go barefoot and because of that, .... they and me are free."


"My feet have been swollen on the tops and bottoms for about a week now.

So I went on the internet to see what I could find related to my condition.

The internet told me to go ask Alice. I was hoping she could help me better 

than Cortana. Cortana is on my computer. If you remember, I ask Cortana a 

question the other day and I didn't get a good answer and I said maybe it's her 

time of the month. I hope Alice ain't in the same cycle. 

Alice at Alice said I might have this 

swollen feet (not ankles) because of:

1.  Standing or sitting too long. I don't sit. I stand and I've told you that more 

times than you want to hear. My son, Ryan and I went to 3 county fairs last 

summer and I only set once to phone my brother, Roland, for 20 minutes.

2.   Injury to your feet. This might be a cause, but I'll tell you about this later.

3.   Menstruation. That's funny.

4.   Overweight. I am overweight, so that could be a cause for my swollen feet.

5.   Older age. I am older than most, but I don't feel like it.

6.    Consuming too much salt. I like salt and I ain't going to stop using it just 

because someone tells me to. If I want to stop using it, I'll tell myself.

7.    Pregnancy. Same as number 3. 

Alice goes on to say that "Swollen legs may also be caused by: certain 


"including certain diabetes medications, high-estrogen birth 

control pills, calcium channel blockers, certain antidepressants, and steroids. 

Other times, swelling of the legs may be an indication of more serious 

underlying conditions, including kidney, heart, or liver failure. If left untreated 

and swelling doesn't go away, edema may cause complications, including 

increasingly painful swelling, difficulty walking, stiffness, increased risk 

of infection, stretched skin, scarring within the tissue, and decreased blood 


A step in the right direction to figure out the cause of your swelling and the 

appropriate treatment would be to speak with a health care provider. In some 

cases, swollen legs can be a sign of an underlying condition. Be prepared 

to discuss your symptoms and when they started, if you've been on any 

medications or have any medical conditions, and what you have been 

doing to treat it."

Alice, I have swollen feet, not swollen legs, but just like Cortana, I don't believe

she's listening. But we might be getting somewhere because she now suggests 

some possible relief and talks some about my swollen feet:

"Apply some pressure. Put on support stockings, or compression stockings, in 

the morning on the swollen body part to reduce fluid buildup and improve 

circulation throughout the day.

Massage the swelling. Try stroking the swollen body part towards your heart 

firmly, but without causing pain, to help movement of excess fluid.

Keep on moving. Try stretching and taking a walk to avoid sitting or standing 

in one place for too long. Regular exercise, especially leg exercises, may help 

increase circulation, removing some of the fluid from your feet (that's me).

Elevate your swollen body part. Try to take half hour breaks about three or 

four times in the day elevating your swollen feet above your heart level. If 

you can, sleeping with your swollen body part elevated may also help.

Stay cool. Extreme temperatures of very hot or very cold may worsen swelling. 

Maybe lay off the hot soaks and ice packs.

Stay light. Losing excess weight may put a damper on good circulation.

Easy with the salt. Try consuming a low-salt eating plan.

Try loose fit. Try wearing loose articles of clothing, like sandals. Also, 

consider finding a pair of proper fitting shoes that aren't too tight.

If swelling doesn't go away with these steps, you're recommended to walk 

towards a health care provider for medical attention. Take care of the 

swelling to make your Big Foot tiptoe into a distant memory!"


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All that and there ain't none of it right. I finally figured it out. I have cracked heels.

I had the condition when I was in Las Vegas and the cause? Going barefooted.

The dermatologist there gave me a prescription ointment called Mupirocin 2%

which is manufactured in Croatia for TEVA Pharmaceuticals, Inc., North Wales, 

PA 19454. 

I know that my ancestors, homo erectus, probably used Baboon grease for this 

same condition. And a final note: I will not stop going barefooted. It ain't natural.


It looks like to me that people like hearing about hate, vengeance, tragedies

and death. The news stations are reporting what the public wants to hear so that's

what they broadcast. 

A plane which included most of Brazil's Chapecoense soccer team crashed 

just 13 miles from the international airport and just before landing near 

Columbia's 2nd largest city, Medellin. There were 82 people on the plane with

only 6 survivors. The 6 survivors included 3 Chapecoense players and 1 


Reminds me of a similar tragedy in this country.

On November 14, 1970 at 7:36 PM, Southern Airways Flight 932 crashed killing 

all 75 on board. On board were 37 members of the Marshall University 

Thundering Herd football team, 9 members of the coaching staff, 25 boosters

and 4 flight crew members. 

I told you I'm a sports fan but I am not a sports fan that literally worships the team 

and its players. In the tragic events above, sports fans like the latter are

concerned with filling the roster with good players first. So, who should they

think about first? Yes, your right. They should be concerned with consoling all 

of the family's of those who have died. Am I wrong? No, I'm not.


I believe that soccer was not a part of some schools sports programs until after

graduated from high school in 1961. So, I did not grow up with soccer and as a 

result I do not understand the game. I would like to learn the game if it were 

more exciting to me. 1-0, 2-1, 2-0, 3-1 etc. are not exciting scores to me.

Here's what I propose so that the game of soccer will be more exciting:

1.  Triple the width of the goals.

2.  Make a rule that the goalkeeper can not be more than 4 feet tall and have 

short arms and legs. Like a midget (mind you, I ain't making fun of midgets.

I like everyone. I just using midgets to make my point). 

Soccer scores should soar, not like professional baseball scores, like 

professional football and professional basketball scores.

Sounds a lot more exciting to me.


"People of a isolated country who have only had one leader, although he is  

a murderous dictator, still worship him because they've known no other."

Forrest Caricofe

Google search: About 31,900 results (1.41 seconds) 

No results found for "People of a isolated country who have only had one leader, 

although he is a murderous dictator, still worship him because they've known no 



*President-elect Donald Trump often uses Twitter to communicate with the 

American people. His recent tweet was related to the death of the Cuban 

dictator, Fidel Castro. He, with the backing of his former rivals, Cuban born 

Mark Rubio and Ted Cruz, said that if the Cuban government didn't change its 

policies to better help the Cuban people, he would terminate the present

diplomatic and trade agreement set by President Obama.

*I saw the lines of Cubans waiting to see the body of their leader, Cuban 

dictator, Fidel Castro, on TV yesterday. I imagine that at least 10% in that line 

are going in to make sure he's dead.

*President-elect Donald Trump has picked Rep. Tom Price (R-Ga.) to head the

Department of Health and Human Services. He is not a fan of the Affordable 

Care Act (sometimes known as Obama Care) and seeks to change, for the better,

the present entitlement programs.

*So, what has the President-elect tried to do to help our country? And you have 

to remember that he won't be sworn in as President until January 20, 2017.

1.  He is attempting to persuade the Carrier company to stay in the US and not

move to Mexico.

2.   Ford Motor Company. Same as number 1.

3.   He is attempting to renegotiate a trade and diplomatic agreement to better

serve the US and the Cuban people. 

4.   And probably some other ongoing behind the scenes deals that haven't 

been made public yet.

*President Obama nor Vice President Biden will attend the funeral of Fidel 

Castro. I'm certain that the residents of " Little Havana" in Miami had a lot to

do with that decision. They were a little more in being upset when President 

Obama offered his condolences.


""Plop, plop, fizz, fizz, oh what a relief it is" when you open a can of King Oscar."
Forrest Caricofe

Google search: About 9,970 results (2.07 seconds) 

No results found for ""Plop, plop, fizz, fizz, oh what a relief it is" when you open 

a can of King Oscar."

I say the same thing"Plop, plop, fizz, fizz, oh what a relief it is" after I poop.


Weather for Smithville, Ohio
Today                    CLOUDY        58° 49°

Wed                       SHOWERS     58° 35°

Thu                        CLOUDY        41° 32°

Fri                          CLOUDY        42° 27°

The Weather Channel - Weather Underground - AccuWeather

Yesterday I went out to the garage (1:39 PM 11/28/2016 EDT) to make my 3rd 

pot of coffee for the day and to make my favorite King Oscar wild caught 

sardine sandwich. The temperature was about 50° with the wind blowing in from 

the south and slightly to the east. I can tell the wind direction better during the

day because of one of 3 American flags that fly in the front yard. The one that I 

look at is the one flying from the northeast boundary marker of our property. 

I hadn't thought of it before, but I could do the same to tell the wind direction 

in the early morning darkness, but I'll have to get a lot closer to the flag.

I still have sorted all the food that I bought at Walmart on Green Sunday, but I'll 

get to that later today. 

I did sort the food out (5:05 PM 11/28/2016 EDT) bringing all the things I didn't 

need for sandwiches into the house. I'm running low on whole wheat bread and

I'll need to leave the house and go to General Dollar. Their whole wheat (not 

enriched wheat flour) is $1.50, half the price of other stores including Walmart. 

And the house needs milk so I'll get that there, too.

Went out to the garage (1:21 AM 11/29/2016 EDT) to make 1st pot of coffee. 

The wind is blowing really hard. It doesn't usual blow this hard when it's dark.

I would guess the wind speed as high as 30 mph. I went out to the northeast

boundary marker to check the wind direction witch I told you about above. 

The wind was coming out of the south and slightly east just like yesterday 

during the day.  It's about 48° with a humidity of 73%.

To the garage (3:23 AM 11/29/2016 EDT) again this morning for my 2nd pot of 

coffee. I haven't eaten a fish sandwich this morning because we had some 

chicken burgers leftover from last evening and because I like them too, I'll eat 

the remainder of those today.

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