Wednesday, November 30, 2016

289th post

Note: I promised you all that I would release a video each Wednesday for a 

while. I still don't understand why I have only 2 subscribers? It's a complicated 

world out there and I still don't know what I'm doing wrong.

So, if "God is willing and the creeks don't rise" I should be able to release a 

video showing me eating out of the fridge.


"It's a shame that the barns built in times ago, are allowed to fall upon 

Forrest Caricofe

Google search: About 71,600,000 results (1.37 seconds) 

No results found for "It's a shame that the barns built in times ago, are allowed 

to fall upon themselves."



"Aunt Bea didn't care for somethings either and if I live until tomorrow, I'll tell

you all about it ...." From the above quote, Aunt Bea's words almost exactly. 

She always commented as we drove along at the barns we saw that the owners 

let go without repairs or paint. 

Mother and Aunt Bea were a perfect couple, enjoying playing the marble 

game together and both sad because of the loss of farmlands and barns of the

past. Both were quiet or maybe sometimes shy in their being friendly not 

aggressively friendly like my Father or not over friendly like myself.

Both have passed to Heaven now and if I see what they were doing I know 

they'd be smiling and playing that marble game they liked so well....



"After having some physical, not mental, difficulties lately, I don't believe I'm

as healthy as I thought."
Forrest Caricofe

Google search: About 20,000,000 results (2.03 seconds) 

No results found for "After having some physical, not mental, difficulties lately, 

I don't believe I'm as healthy as I thought."

Note: I don't believe that Google always tells the truth because what are the 

chances of searching 20 million sources right on the nose?


I have an eye appointment at 8:00 AM today at Wooster Eye Center with 

Dr. Steiner. Ohio Governor John Kasik has signed a bill allowing the use of 

medical marijuana. I have been advised by several people that maybe 

marijuana could take the place of my eye drops, Latanoprost (at night) 

and Timolol (in the morning). I'll ask Dr. Steiner if this will help and if he gives

to me a prescription for the marijuana, I'll continue with the drops and smoke

the marijuana. 

I also phoned the office of Dr. Kwok and got an appointment for 1:40 PM. I told

you about my swollen feet yesterday and I said that I thought I had figured it out.

Well, I'm going into Wooster anyway for my eye appointment, so I'll just get

Dr. Kwok's take on what I've got. Medicare part B and my other two insurance 

plans pay for everything so I need to go to Dr. Kwok a lot before January 20, 2017

when President-elect takes office and decides to use medical vouchers. 


"Terrorists are pure evil and we should rid this earth of them."
Forrest Caricofe

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No results found for "Terrorists are pure evil and we should rid this earth of 



*Me listening to the TV (3:55 PM 11/29/2016 EDT). The Islamic State has taken 

responsibility for the terrorist attack by the Ohio State student from Somalia. 


The news sites keep hammering on the same old news stories. Do people 

really want to hear/see the same news stories over and over and over again?

Not me. Its like they were "beating on a dead horse" to use an expression that 

seems to fit what they're doing. Latest stories that I'm bored with:

1.  Fidel Castro's death. His still dead, move onto something else.

2.  Somalia terrorist who attacked other students at Ohio State. Same as above.

3.  The President-elect's choice for Secretary of State. Quit messing around 

and pick someone. His first 4-year term will be up before he makes the choice.

Maybe the President-elect wants to be both President and the Secretary of State.

Update: The President-elect and Mitt Romney went to dinner last night, Maybe 

were're getting somewhere. 


President-elect Donald Trump met potential secretary of state nominee Mitt 

Romney Tuesday at Jean Georges, a three-Michelin star New York City 

restaurant inside his Trump International Hotel.

They had planned to bring their wives, but their wives where not there and the 

reason was not explained. The only one there besides Trump and Romney was

Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus. The President-elect

has chosen Priebus to be his chief of staff. Trump and Priebus ordered the same 

thing,a steak and Priebus is a suck-ass for doing it.

Romney ordered lamb chops. 

I don't give a dam what they ate. The news people tell everything about a politician

even when they fart.

I'm older than they are (74) and Trump is 70 while Romney is the baby at 69. 

I eat better than they do, too, and I'll show you in a video today on YouTube and 

Facebook. The President-elect and I don't dye our hair, but you know Romney 

does. Look at it, it's totally black. Do the Mormons allow him to do that?

4. Jill Stein and now Hillary Clinton claim voter fraud. The President-elect claims 

voter fraud. What's wrong with him, he won. An on an on an on. 


"Someone who burns the American flag should be deported and, with President 

Putin's help, be jailed in far-away Siberia."
Forrest Caricofe

Google search: About 79,700 results (1.67 seconds) 

No results found for "Someone who burns the American flag should be deported, 

and with President Putin's help, be jailed in far-away Siberia."


*Me listening to the TV (2:43 PM 11/29/2016 EDT). The President-elect said 

said there should be consequences if someone burns the American flag. Loss 

of citizenship was mentioned and or/and jail time.

The Supreme Court has ruled in a 5-4 decision that because of 1st Amendment 

Rights that burning of the American flag was allowed without punishment. An 

Amendment would be necessary to overturn that ruling.

*The Carrier Group has decided to remain in the US and not take a 1,000

jobs to Mexico. Donald Trump ain't the President yet, but he's sure acting 

like one.


I agree with Donald Trump. Period.

I have 3 American flags permanently flying in the front of the house and place 

about 12 more along the road on:  

New Year's Day, January 1

Inauguration Day, January 20

Martin Luther King Jr.'s Birthday, third Monday in January

Lincoln's Birthday, February 12

Washington's Birthday, third Monday in February

Easter Sunday (variable)

Mother's Day, second Sunday in May

Armed Forces Day, third Saturday in May

Memorial Day (half-staff until noon*), the last Monday in May

Flag Day, June 14

Independence Day, July 4

Labor Day, first Monday in September

Constitution Day, September 17

Columbus Day, second Monday in October

Navy Day, October 27

Veterans Day, November 11

Thanksgiving Day, fourth Thursday in November

Christmas Day, December 25

Other days as may be proclaimed by the President of the United States

The birthdays of States (date of admission)

State holidays.

And me flying all my American flags on all of the above dates is  an outright lie

on my part. I didn't know that there was so many days on which to fly the 

American flag.

I see that the flag is flown on Mother's Day, but not on Father's Day. The divorce 

rate being what it is maybe they (I don't know who they are either) figured the 

Mother is mostly alone in raising the children.

And I was in the US Army. Navy Day only? Only 1 out of 5? Where's the Marines,

Coast Guard, Army (me) and the Air Force? Well, the Marines being under the 

Department of the Navy give them a little recognition, but only if you know it.

And Armed Forces Day in May ain't enough.

We need to fix that.

It looks like with all the days I can fly the American flag, I could leave all of the

flags in the front yard on a permanent basis just like we and a lot of other 

people do with Christmas lights.


"Because the weather affects us all, it is the most talked about topic of our 


Forrest Caricofe

Google search: About 459,000,000 results (1.46 seconds) 

No results found for "Because the weather affects us all, it is the most talked 

about topic of our conversation."


Weather for Smithville, Ohio

Today             RAIN                 58° 35°

Thu                CLOUDY          39° 30°

Fri                  CLOUDY          41° 27°

The Weather Channel - Weather Underground - AccuWeather

Out to the garage (1:21 AM 11/30/2016 EDT) to make my 1st pot of coffee. The

temperature is around 50° with a quiet wind from the south, a guesstimated 

wind chill of 49° and a humidity of 73%. 

Out to garage (3:09 AM 11/30/2016 EDT) for my 2nd pot of coffee and my 

breakfast sandwich. Same weather. I told you I went to Dollar Tree on Green 

Sunday to get some chicken tamales and while I was there I spent some time 

in the canned fish section of the store. I saw some whole smoked mussels by 

Pacific Crest and a product of China. I bought 2 to try them out. And that is 

what I made my sandwich of. Hm, hm, good.

I base each purchase on whether I need to wear my false teeth because I have 

an almost constant sore place in my left (if I'm facing you) bottom jaw. Everyone 

in the house is toothless except Ryan and were're planning to go to Affordable 

Dentures for a full set of falsies. The cost will be about $450 for the economy 

dentures it  being about 7 years more or less since I got my last set of falsies. 

I purchased the last set in Bellevue, Nebraska and at the time they cost a little 

less than $400. 

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