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"Only when you're a kid do you enjoy moving from house to house."
Forrest Caricofe

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to house."


I hope the house on Thompson Street was the house that we moved to after

leaving the house on Ottobine Road. I remember digging footers for my Father

for 25 cents an hour, and maybe I was 13 years old, more or less, so it seems 

about the right time (1955). From what I just said, we lived in the house on 

Ottobine Road until Father had completed building the house on Thompson

Street and then we moved. 

If you draw a T, the Thompson Street house was in the middle of the horizontal 

line at the top (Thompson Street) and at the end of High Street which is 

represented by the vertical line in the T. 

We lived on High Street before when I was only a little more than a baby and 

that house was maybe 3 blocks to the north. We lived in maybe 5 houses in 

the town of Dayton, but the Thompson Street was the closes to the town center.

Espero verte más tarde....


Note: When I speak of God, I mean every religion's God.


"If not by fire, how will God destroy the earth again?"
Forrest Caricofe

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I told you all before that I don't read the Bible much but in my Grandmother 

Cline's diary she said that she had just finished reading through the Bible for 

the 15th time and that's 1 short of her reading the Bible through for all her kids

and grand-kids except for two of her grand-kids who went to Heaven early and if 

I could see them they'd be together and smiling, one watching his grandmother 

(my Mother) and the other one watching his step-Mother (my Aunt Bea) "playing

that marble game they liked so well."

I'd like to think that grandmother was thinking of me when she read the Bible 

through, but you couldn't tell with grandmother because she loved everyone, 

but maybe she did read the Bible one of those times for me.

*God destroyed the earth once when Noah and his family were alive with a flood

that covered the earth. God has promised not to destroy the earth by flood again.

One possible destruction of the earth will come by fire: Isaiah 65 v.17 refers to

the destruction of the earth by fire and 2 Peter 3 v.4-14 describes the judgement 

of fire or for the "day of judgement."

On our earth wildfires are always burning. They are set by lightening, accidentally

or on purpose by humans. On purpose means either arson or controlled burning 

for more farmland or housing.

An example of this is the devastating wildfires in Tennessee. The wildfires have

engulfed the two tourist towns of Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge that lead into the

Smoky Mountains National Park. At least 7 are dead and over 53 injured and 

over 700 homes or businesses destroyed or damaged. Nearly half where in the

city of Gatlinburg. Park Superintendent Cassius Cash said that the fire is “likely 

to be human-caused.”

Update: Rain “provided some relief” Wednesday, the Tennessee Emergency 

Management Agency said. Although all the wildfires were out in Gatlinburg, 

some were still smoldering.

*Bill watching, me listening to the TV (4:44 AM 12/1/2016). Dolly Parton has said 

she will give $1,000 a month for 6 months to those affected by the wildfires. 

The announcer also said that you could donate through her web site. Dolly has 

always been a darling on the country music scene. God bless her heart.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

"In 22 November a wave of fires (both wildfires and urban fires) began in 

Israel from south as the Dead Sea area to Nahariya. Some of the fires 

occurred naturally; others were arson attacks. On 28 November, after 8 

days, the firefighting services announced that the emergency condition 

was over...."

And these are "God's Chosen People."


God has promised not to destroy the earth by flood again, but there's hints of 

God destroying the earth by fire in the two Biblical passages from above. 

A map on the internet showed about 5% of the land surface of the earth with 

wildfires burning. That's just a guess, but I think I'm close. 

So, what is the conclusion here?:

1. Is God allowing these fires to set to see if the humans he created can change

their ways to the better. People often return to God when tragedy strikes.

2.  Or has God made a decision to destroy the earth by fire and needs to see

by means not know to me, if he can bring more humans back to him with 

different wildfire plans. 

Think about it.


I did go to my appointments at Wooster Eye Center at 8:00 AM to see 

Dr. Steiner and at 1:40 PM, I went to see Dr. Kwok whose office is on the 3rd 

floor of Wooster Community Hospital.  

But I can't tell you anymore right now because I need to go and get the two

prescriptions I failed to get last night then I need to go to DASCO in Ashland 

with Bill to get his oxygen. I'll finish telling about these doctor visits in 

tomorrow's story.


Note: I don't know why I placed the following under POLITICS, I  should have


*Ex-President Jimmy Carter is it again, getting mixed up in something that's 

none of his business and stirring up trouble. His latest event is were sided with 

the Palestine over Israel for something that I can't remember for now. But he's 

always doing something like that. 

And Jimmy Carter won the 2002 Nobel Peace Prize "for his decades of untiring 

effort to find peaceful solutions to international conflicts. Yea, right.

Maybe then, but not now. 

I don't know how he was elected President or won the Nobel Peace Prize?

Maybe he gave away a lot of peanuts.

*Bill watching, me listening to the TV (4:40 AM 12/1/2016 EDT) Nancy Pelosi 

fought back a challenge but retained her position as senate minority leader.

She and that now retired Harry Reid are like fraternal twins. Whining and 

crying all the time. At least I'm glad he's gone. I lived in my car in Las Vegas for 

a while but as long as he lives there I ain't going back.


"What do old people like me have to talk about if the weather doesn't change 

a lot?"

Forrest Caricofe

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weather doesn't change a lot?"


Weather for Smithville, Ohio

Today                  CLOUDY                       40° 31°

Fri                       CLOUDY                       39° 29°

Sat                       MOSTLY_CLOUDY    41° 29°

Sun                      MOSTLY_CLOUDY    40° 30°

The Weather Channel - Weather Underground - AccuWeather

The weather isn't going to much for today and two days after that, only 2° 

or 3° either way on the highs and lows. I won't have to check the weather for this 

time and I'll finally get a break from doing it.

Out to the garage (1:25 AM 12/1/2016 EDT) to make my first pot of coffee.

Wind is is whipping up from the south and with the temperature at 48° it 

feels like 40°. The humidity is 73% and has hovered around that figure for 

the last few days.

Out to the garage (3:23 AM 12/1/2016) again for my 2nd pot of coffee and my 

usual breakfast sandwich of the day. The meat, of course, was fish and I

had Bumble Bee in soybean oil distributed by Bumble Bee in San Diego, 

California and a product of Poland. And the bread is still the same, 100%

whole wheat distributed by DolgenCorp, LLC, 100 Mission Ridge, 

Goodlettsville, Tennessee,  37072 and made in the USA.

Note: I don't believe they're very close to the wildfires. Even if they were, 

I be more concerned about the employees and their family's and not their

bread that I like so well.

I made a Smucker's strawberry preserves sandwich in the house before going

out to the garage (5:56 AM 12/1/2016 EDT) to make my 3rd pot of coffee. Same 

weather, of course.

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