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I'm so wore out going to doctors or talking about doctors that I don't know what to

say here today. I sure hope I can recover and remember some things for this 

section before 6:00 PM tomorrow. 


"The king of a country is not always a dictator."
Forrest Caricofe

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Croswn Prince Maha Vajiralongkorn, 64, has become the new king of Thailand 

after he accepted an invitation from parliament. He will be known as Rama X and

succeeds his father King Bhumibol Adulyadej, 88, who died in October. Thailand

has been a long time ally of the US.


I had to leave yesterday (Thursday) before I got to give you a full report on my 

two doctor,s visits (Wednesday) and I promised then that I'd do that today.

The Wooster Eye Center has a lot of smiles and friendly faces and I like that. If 

they weren't, I'd go to another eye doctor. They have a plaque on the west wall 

of the waiting room that states that the Wooster Eye Center won the Ophthalmology

of the year award for best Ophthalmology Eye car center for the year 1999.

Dr. Steiner is my eye doctor there and always answers all the questions I have.

I did ask him about any possible benefits of medical marijuana. He said that

present research has not shown any benefits so far in using medical marijuana. 

for glaucoma. After the field vision test which no one likes, Dr. Steiner said that 

part of the peripheral vision on the right side of my right eye has been destroyed.

That along with cataracts prevent me from driving at night. When we were 

finished, I said goodbye to all those "smiles and friendly faces" and went out to

the car and drove back to the house. 

That pill I take every night that I call Sara Palin (saraquil) had given me 6 hours 

sleep for a year or so, but now I'm getting only 41/2 to 5 hours sleep a night.

So I've been taking a nap for the last few days and that's what I did when I got 

back to the house. I woke about 1:00 PM and got ready to go to my appointment

with Dr. Kwok. 

I left the house about 1:15 PM and got to Dr. Kwok's office 5 minutes early. One 

of the two nurse Jessicas weighed me (no. 210 lbs) and ushered me into one of 

the patient's rooms. She took my blood pressure (120 over 65) and my oxygen 

and I'm guessing about 98. She asked me about my swollen feet and then said

that Dr. Kwok would be in shortly. They always say that. Does it mean in height

or time. 

Well he did come in later and Dr. Kwok ain't short, he's of medium height what-

ever that means. I always tell him that he is a good doctor and I ask if I ever told 

him that before and he said "yes, you have" with a slight smile. I always tell him 

that and I'm sure he has learned to expect it by now. He prescribed for me 

Furosemide generic for Lasix and Potassium Chloride both 20 mg and both

to taken once daily for two weeks. He said the feet should be back to normal in

about 7 days. He also had his nurse take my blood to check my kidneys and liver.

His nurse came and said that I should go downstairs to Diagnostics and Doppler 

check of  my legs to check for blood clots. The hospital technician performed 

the procedure by rubbing a gel like substance on my legs, rubbing some

kind instrument over the gel on my legs and looked on a screen for possible 

blood clots. She said at the end that I had no blood clots and I was should glad of

that. I could not pick up my prescriptions because of the beginning of darkness, 

but picked them up early in the day (Thursday) at Rite Aid. I now take those two

medications religiously.

Today (Friday). I did not want to go the main campus of the Cleveland Clinic in

Cleveland for a stress test that my heart doctor ordered. So, I went into the 

Cleveland Wooster to see if they could perform the same procedure. Hallelujah,

Yes, they can and I got a appointment for December 14 at 9:00 AM well after the

morning darkness. And, get this, no restrictions. My doctor at the main campus,

Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland said to refrain from caffeine prior to the stress 

test, but here in the Wooster Cleveland Cl inc I can drink 10 pots of Folger's if

I want. And with all that caffeine, I should maybe break a world's record on my 

stress test. 

Doctor number 2. Dr. Jabour, colon doctor, M. D. 

I had a colon exam when I was in Las Vegas. The colon doctor's office was hard to

find because it was beside a bar and both had the same street number. The 

receptionist was pretty and Hispanic I believe, all the others, two nurses and the

doctor were men and maybe were immigrants from the beautiful islands of the

Pacific. The office contained a restroom with an English pop-up seat and scared 

the shi% out of you before you got to the seat. There was a large TV screen in the 

waiting room showing famous singers showcasing their talents in some of the 

casinos on the strip. 

After, the surgical check of my bowels, the doctor said that he removed several

polyps and there were some areas still covered by poop and he said he could

have missed polyps or cancer because of that. He knew I was returning to Ohio 

and advised that I followup with my local colon doctor in 4 months. 

Well, it's been about 6 months now and decided to set up an appointment with

Dr. Jabour. His has done at least two before this on me and I'm satisfied with his 

ways of doing things, so that's where I'll go. I went to his office and got an 

consultation appointment for January 4, 2017 at 9:15 AM. 

What a day! And you know what? All the people I saw were women. And you know

why? Women are multi-taskers and men can only do one thing at a time. 

And I remember most of their names. And do you want to know their names?

Sure you do. I'll tell you what. I'll give you a hint. All of the women's names 

began with 1 of 26 letters of the English alphabet. That should certainly help.


Cabinet of Donald Trump

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Except for Pence, all appointees

Vice President - Pence

State - ____________

Treasury - Mnuchin

Defense - Mattis

Atty. Gen - Sessions  

Interior - _____________

Agric - _____________

Commerce - Ross

Labor - Price

Health - ____________

Housing - ____________

Energy - Chao

Transport - ____________

DeVos - Education

Veterans - ____________

Homeland - ____________

Non-cabinet appointments

Chief of Staff - Priebus

NSC Adviser - Flynn

Counsel - McGahn

Sr. Advisor - Bannon

Dep. NSC Advisor - McFarland

CIA - Pompeo

Inauguration: January 20, 2017

Other newsworthy events:

*In a phone call, the President-elect said of President Nursultan Nazarbayev of 

Kazakhstan that through his leadership, Kazakhstan "has achieved fantastic 

success."He won a 5th consecutive term last year with 97.7 percent of the vote 

since independence from the Soviet Union in 1989. Some sources say there my 

have been some dishonest dealings between Trump's financial empire and 


*In a phone call, Trump said much the same of Pakistan’s prime minister, Nawaz 

Sharif, although there were no mention of any shading dealings like with 


*The Democrats and others have, in a letter, requested that the President-elect 

reconsider his climate change stance. The are highly concerned about the number 

of lobbyists, cabinet picks and transition team with ties to fossil fuel industry.

*Trump's cabinet picks have been advised to remain silent, the confirmation 

hearings a difficult and arduous process and anything personnel or other wise 

that might told before hand might further jeopardize their confirmation chances.


"Sucked out innards from cage-free chickens, taste good unless you suck out

the chick."
Forrest Caricofe

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No results found for "Sucked out innards from cage-free chickens, taste good 

unless you suck out the chick."


Weather for Smithville, Ohio

Today                 PARTLY_CLOUDY                 39° 28°

Sat                      CLOUDY                                   39° 27°

Sun                     SCATTERED_SHOWERS      39° 30°

Mon                    PARTLY_CLOUDY                 42° 31°

The Weather Channel - Weather Underground - AccuWeather

Went out to the garage (1:07 AM 12/2/2016 EDT) for 1st pot of coffee. There

is a brisk cold wind on my back if I'm facing north and with the temperature 

at 40° the coldness of air is about 32°.

Out to the garage (4:40 AM 12/2/2016 EDT) for my 2nd pot of coffee. Everything 

is much the same weather wise except the wind is blowing in from the west 

with less energy than above for a wind chill of about 35°.

"Waste not, want not" has always been my downfall. I have to eat all the leftovers.

I refuse to be a part of those Americans who throw away 30% or more of their 

food. We ordered a vegetable pizza last and 4 slices were left over and I've

already eaten 2 of those slices this morning. So, I haven't eaten my canned fish

sandwiches that are a lot better health wise than pizza. While I was out in the 

garage, I did eat a spoonful of vanilla yogurt and a spoonful of apple sauce.    

I also brought into the house a cage-free brown egg. I eat these by poking a

hole in each end and sucking out the innards. I always hope that when doing

that I don't suck out any meat. As part of my diet I use to drink a small sip from

an egg white carton, but now I believe that both the yolk and the white is better

for your health.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Copyright ©2013 All Rights Reserved

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