Tuesday, December 6, 2016

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Note: Under the search box on Google today (6:27 AM 12/6/2016 EDT):

"Skydive with Santa and boogie with elves in Santa’s Village."


CONTINUED FROM YESTERDAY...."And for all that work I did for "Boots" he paid 

to me...." I believe it was 50 cents an hour, not a lot, but more than my Father had

paid at 25 cents an hour to dig footers, for the house we lived in now, that I told 

you about. So for 8 hours work I made $4. That might have been a good sum for

a beginning teenager then, but I can't remember anything to compare it to so I'll

just leave that for now. I've worked hard and a lot all my life beginning with that

garden I dug up instead of having it plowed at the house on Ottobine Road 

(around age 10, 1952). Just like Father, his Father (my grandfather) and maybe 

his Father, but I've never heard mention of him and maybe he, like my 

grandfather abandon the family too.

I guess, in a way, Father and I both abandon our family's by us working long hours

day after day and that's something you can't really take back. 

And was that, my Father not spending much time with me when I was young,

responsible for my rebellious ways?....



Because of customers who refuse to shop online, Amazon plans to open its first

brick and mortar grocery format store in Seattle, one of three at least at various 


Amazon is also planning to build a much bigger store than the Go store which 

allows the customer to skip checkout and no in store shopping.

This bigger Amazon store will be multi-functional grocery format store and allow the 

customer to go inside to shop plus curb side pickup will be available.

Amazon hopes to open more than 2,000 brick and mortar grocery stores which 

will be dependent on the success of those that they will open in Seattle.

It will also allow Amazon to better compete with Walmart and Target.

Sales of groceries have always shown little profit for Target and Walmart, but

those sales attract customers in to their store were they purchase more highly 

profitably items.


*The President-elect continues to receive advice from more persons who are 

close to him to drop his consideration of Mitt Romney for Secretary of State.

*Ret. Army Col. Schlichter has said that Trump will, unlike Clinton and the 

Obama administration, end the policy of pacifying world leaders.

*Mike Huckabee on Nancy Pelosi's statement that Ben Carson is "disturbingly 

unqualified" to head the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)

said 'Is She Racist or Just Dumb?'


Ben Carson use to live in a housing development. There ain't no "or" about it.

She's both racist and dumb. She's just like her fraternal twin, Harry Reid. They

both talk before they use their small brain to think.

And another thing while I "got my dandruff up," those twins have been"disturbingly 

unqualified" for all those years they've been in congress.

*Radio host and best-selling author and radio host Wayne Allyn Root said that

Trump should consider Joe Lieberman for Secretary of State and Ted Cruz for

the Supreme Court.


Ted Cruz has proven by his actions that he cannot get along with those in 

congress. However, he is an ultra-conservative and with his belief in the strict

adherence to the Constitution, I believe he would be a good choice for the 

Supreme Court. Because congress does not in particular like him, his 

confirmation should be quick and Cruz needs only to get along with 8 other

justices on the court. 

I like Joe Lieberman. He was a former United States Senator from Connecticut

and was the Democratic Party's nominee for Vice President in the 2000 election.

However he is a Jew and most of the Islam world hate the Jews. Islam 

has 1.6 billion faithful followers making up over 23% of the world population.

There are between 49 and 51 Muslim-majority countries in the world and the 

US needs to deal favorable with most of them. 

Do you think that him being a Jew would be a hindrance to his being the 

secretary of state?

Think about it.

*Green Party candidate Jill Stein will not give up her efforts in calling for a 

recount in three states, Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania. She believes

that were some hacking by someone loyal to Trump, I guess.

The recount in Wisconsin was ordered by a federal judge and so far their has 

been no change except for each candidate losing 20 votes. Sources say that

no change is expected. So, why don't Jill Sein give up? Here's the reason she 


1. The final electoral vote count was Trump 306 and Clinton 232. A presidential

candidate needs 270 electoral votes to win. Trump surpassed that and won.

2.  Wisconsin has 10 electoral votes. The source from above say that Trump

will keep those 10 electoral votes following a recount.

3.  Pennsylvania has 20 electoral votes and Michigan has 16 for a total of 36.

4.  So, let's say after the recount, if allowed by the courts, that Clinton wins 

Pennsylvania and Michigan. 36 electoral votes

5.   Add 36 electoral votes to the 232 Clinton now has and you get 268. Two 

electoral votes short. 

6. Subtract 36 electoral votes from Trump's 306 and you get 270. Right on the 



*I was born in Virginia. 

Virginia gave all of its 13 electoral votes to Clinton. Why? All of those suck-ups

who work for the present administration voted for everything to remain the same 

so they could keep their jobs. I'm talking about all those suck-ups that live in 

cities just outside the District of Columbia. They are within 8 miles of the Capitol 

and are:

Arlington, VA; Mount Rainier, MD; Chillum, MD; Friendship Village, MD;

Takoma Park, MD; Alexandria, VA; Coral Hills, MD; Hyattsville, MD; Silver 

Spring, MD; Bethesda, MD; Langley Park, MD; Falls Church, VA; East Riverdale,

MD; Lincolnia, VA; and College Park, MD.

The rest of Virginia voted for Trump, I'd say about 70%. The other 30% were 

colleges, teacher's who joined the teacher's union, and others who were drunk

when they went into the polling booth.

I know that nothing is always going to be fair, but I believe that the cities 

mentioned above should be annexed by the District of Columbia and leave the

good part of Virginia alone. Give D.C. 3 of Virginia's electoral votes. Virginia

would then have 10 and D.C. would have 6. I think that would be fair, don't you?

If something ain't done to straighten this out I'm going to tell people I was born

West Virginia. They're proud red-necked hillbillies like me and their 5 electoral 

votes went to Trump.


Weather for Smithville, Ohio

Today          RAIN                              39° 27°

Wed             MOSTLY_CLOUDY    38° 26°

Thu              CLOUDY                       30° 20°

Fri                CLOUDY                       33° 18°

The Weather Channel - Weather Underground - AccuWeather

Out to the garage (1:52 AM 12/6/2016 EDT) for my 1st pot of coffee. Wind is 

blowing from the southeast at a speed of about 15 mph, the humidity is 72%

and the temperature is 38°. Using the dew point calculator at http://www., I get a reading of 29%. 

There has been some rain, but not while I walked to the garage. Now 

(7:02 AM 12/6/2016 EDT) while I'm typing this story I can hear the cars and 

trucks driving to work on the rain slicked highway in front of the house 

(Smucker Road).

I just (3:37 AM 12/6/2016 EDT) made and ate my special breakfast sandwich of 

the day. Crown Prince wild caught lightly smoked sardines in soybean oil and

a product of China. On a scale of 1-10, I would rate these a 5 whereas King Oscar

will always be rated a 10.

Went out to the garage (5:31 AM 12/6/2016 EDT) again to make my 2nd pot of 

Folgers. Same weather like above except the wind has more vigor and a guess-

ti-mated wind chill of this morning was 35° and that wind chill now has changed 

to 32°.

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