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"Sometimes you have to choose in life whether to cross or burn a bridge you 

come to."
Forrest Caricofe

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burn a bridge you come to."



"The woman turned around to me and said "hey, baby face, and I went after

her and...." two guys grab me and pulled me out of the bar. Lucky me.

The only other job I remember having was putting toys together just before 

Christmas at Sears & Roebuck. I don't know why I quit my job at the water 

bottling company. It certainly wasn't because I didn't do my job because I've

always been a hard worker. Maybe they tried to take my dignity away by 

saying something insulting or making fun of me. I won't allow anyone to take 

my dignity away from me.

So, after the Sears & Roebuck job ended, I needed to make a decision. Do I 

need to stay here in Houston and find another job or do I need to cross 

a bridge to another adventure?....



I received this email from just this morning.

Hello Forrest!

This is a copy of the message you wrote when you registered postcard 

FI-2851887 from __________, in Finland. Use it for archiving/tracking purposes.

You wrote:


Thank you for the postcard of beautiful flowers on both the front and back 

I really like it very much.. 

I will mention you (not your name) and your country in my story of today 

(Dec 11 EDT Atlantic} on my web site: It 

will be posted by 6:PM EDT). I also have a YouTube video of my flower beds. 

Thanks again, 


I will upload the front of the postcard and the postcard of yesterday to Facebook.

*The Obama administration wants to sign as many agreements with Cuba before

Trump takes office on January 20,1917. Trump wants to rescind what has already

been agreed to because he says Americans and the Cuban do not benefit enough

with the present agreements. The present administration believes that if they sign

more agreements before the President-elect's inauguration it will be more difficult

for agreements to be reversed.

Cuba and US have already signed a dozen agreements since they nomalized 

relations two years ago. The have opened embassies, agreed to air travel 

between both countries. Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd and Norwegian Cruise 

Line said that they have received the OK to operate cruises to to the island

nation. The US visitors to Cuba increased by 68% from January to October of 

this year to 208,000 visitors.


If you remember, I asked my eye doctor if using medical marijuana would help

my glaucoma and he said that present research has not proven that to be the 

case, but maybe in some future research that might change.

In a new French study, smoking pot is linked to vision loss or impairment. Critics 

of this study have said that the participants in the study were of a limited number   

and millions of people all over the world smoke pot on a regular basis and

there has been no link to vision degradation before. 

Experts say that they are certain that pot smoking affects negatively the central

nervous system's communications process, but are not ready to accept the 

study's findings on vision impairment.

Another source does say that medical marijuana does decrease the pressure 

in the optic nerve of glaucoma on a short term basis, but the American 

Academy of Ophthalmology says further study is needed because they do not 

know the long-term affects of medical marijuana use with those with glaucoma. 


*Army-Navy Game: I had to leave early yesterday to post yesterday's story

and I believe Navy was winning at the time. But I watched the end of the game

and, of course, Army won 21-17. Fourteen years straight of losing to Navy has

ended. Hurrah! ..... Hurrah! Go Army!

*And a Cleveland professional football team has a perfect record. They played 

the Cincinnati  Bengals in what is billed as the "Battle of Ohio" and the game has 

just ended. Score: Cincinnati Bengals 23, Cleveland Browns 10. The Cleveland 

Browns perfect record, won 0, lost 13. Boo,


*The President-elect said that he would institute a life time ban on federal 

employees who awarded large government contracts from ever working 

for those businesses in the future.

*Trump said he wanted to cancel the too expensive order for the new Air Force

One. Boeing's price to the government for construction of the plane has jumped 

from 3 to 4 billion dollars. The President-elect also addressed the over budget

cost of the F-35 Stealth bomber being built by McDonnel Douglas Corporation.

The plane is being built for the Air Force, Navy and Marines. The government

has made a deal with McDonnel Douglas Corporation for 2,457 aircraft that 

would be completed by 2037. The F-35 would utilized by the armed services

through 2070. It is the most expensive military contract and is around 7 years 

behind schedule and around 163 billion over budget. Trump has called the 

F-35 contract "uncontrollably over-budget."

*The President-elect has chosen Goldman Sachs executive Gary Cohn to lead his 

White House National Economic Council. According to reports Cohn has neither

accepted or rejected Trump's offer.

*Trump has picked U.S. Representative Cathy McMorris Rodgers to head the 

Department of Interior. She's is not sold on climate change and is for the 

development of more oil and gas production. That would mean, if successful,

the possible development of 1/4 of America's territory that has been banned

from development by the Obama administration.

*IranAir intends to purchase 50 Boeing 737s and 30 Boeing 777s from the US

manufacturer Boeing. It is a 10-year deal and is the biggest U.S.-Iran deal since

the 1979 Islamic Revolution.


"It don't matter what foods you eat together, they all end up in the same stomach

unless your a cow with four."
Forrest Caricofe

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in the same stomach unless your a cow with four."


Weather for Smithville, Ohio

Today              SNOW                            33° 31°

Mon                CLOUDY                       35° 22°

Tue                  MOSTLY_CLOUDY    33° 12°

Wed                CLOUDY                        21°  6°

The Weather Channel - Weather Underground - AccuWeather

I made and I'm now eating (4:47 AM 12/11/2016 EDT) my Oleans sardine 

sandwich special of the day. 

I might not go outside (7:50 AM 12/11/2016 EDT) to day at all. You know why? 

Look above. Yes, it's snowing. "Snow, snow go away and don't ever come back 

again." I hope I got that old saying right?

And another old saying I remember: "Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow 

somewhere else, let it snow." Did I get that old saying right, too?

I have a mini-refrigerator in my room and just ate my lunch (3:00 PM 12/11

/2016 EDT). Just like my video on YouTube. There ain't no one going to eat what

I eat.

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