Monday, December 12, 2016

301st post


"I, like some other people, have not and will not kiss a supervisor's arse to keep 

my job."
Forrest Caricofe

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supervisor's arse to keep my job."



"Do I need to stay here in Houston and find another job or do I need to cross 

a bridge to another adventure?...."

I did cross that bridge and got on a Greyhound bus headed for Los Angeles,

California. When I got to Los Angeles, I found a boarding house for $25 a week,

a little more expensive by $10 than the one I had in Houston. One of my first jobs 

was to sell candy door-to-door and I don't remember making anything. Besides

the boarding house, I had a small apartment for a while, a house that I shared with

maybe 5 other boys (that sure didn't work out for me, I like being alone too much),

after my brother, Roland, came out there was that boarding house in Alhambra 

where we stayed were the half-drunk husband did all the cooking and poured 

beer in everything he cooked. I don't remember, and I might have told you this

already (this is the 301st story after all), having another job in California except 

the one I'll tell you about tomorrow....

Whoops! I just got a phone call on the house phone (5:13 PM 12/12/2016 EDT).

He said "is this Mr. Bell?" I said "no it isn't" and he said "sorry." Maybe he was

trying to call Alexander Graham Bell, but I believe he's been dead for years....



"To some people doing nothing ain't no way to live."
Forrest Caricofe

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I was in much better health physically when I was working in the flower beds

and the yard, but now that I'm having to hibernate because of the cold and the 

snow, I have very little to spend my energy on. I do a lot of things that are 

house related like emptying the dehumidifier every morning, taking all the 

trash and placing it in our two large containers (taking those containers to

the front and near the road on Monday which is today for Waste Management

to pick up), empty the dishwasher if no one else gets to it first, wash and fold

clothes if no one else gets to it first, replenish the paper towels, tiolet tissue,

paper plates, soft drinks, store bought water, etc. from the basement to the 

middle and top floors, go to town (usually Orrville) for things needed in the 

house and vacumn the carpeted bottom floor. But that ain't enough. I sometimes

worked a hard 8 hours or more in the flower beds and the yard and those 

chores above, if I did them all, they don't amount to more than 1-2 hours at 


I do my story of the day, but that only takes 4 hours, more or less, and maybe

now, were I didn't before, watch TV for 2 hours average So, if you add

2 hours to 6 hours, you get 8 hours. I'm usually awake for 15-16 hours. If you

subtract 8 hours from 16 hours you get 8 hours of me doing nothing. I don't 

know how to do nothing. I know what your thinking. No I'm not going to get a 

job. Forget it.


"You can always figured out what your enemies are all about, it's your friends 

that you have to worry about."

Forrest Caricofe

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about, it's your friends that you have to worry about."


*Voters in Louisiana, who voted for Trump by a wide margin, again voted for a

Republican in electing state Treasurer John Kennedy to the U.S. Senate. This 

was the last U.S. senate seat to be decided and now gives the Republicans an

advantage of 52-48 in congress. 

*The President-elect has commented recently that he and President Obama

have gotten along very well since the November 8 election. He recently asked 

a crowd to please stop  when they were booing the President.


I do not like the word "legacy." It seems to be a word only used when referring 

to Presidents. What about just saying what a person is remembered for. I know

that President Obama will not be remembered positively for Affordable Care 

Act. I believe he will be remembered for greatly reducing the amount of 

American soldiers fighting on foreign soil and thereby preventing American 


*John Bolton is not a favorite of a majority of congress or administration officials.

He served as a fill-in ambassador to the United Nations in 2005-2006. He is being

considered for the number 2 position in the Secretary of State. We'll see how 

things work out.


"How can humans, who are just a insignificant part of the universe, be 

responsible for the change in the weather on the earth?"
Forrest Caricofe

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universe, be responsible for the change in the weather on the earth?"


Weather for Smithville, Ohio

Today            SHOWERS_SNOW         35° 19°

Tue                 SHOWERS_SNOW        32° 13°

Wed               PARTLY_CLOUDY         23° 4°

Thu                CLOUDY                          10° -1°

The Weather Channel - Weather Underground - AccuWeather

After looking at the forecasted temperatures from above, I wondered what 

happened to global warming?

In the house and in between typing this story and preparing the trash, I make

my sandwich of the day and my 2nd pot of coffee (7:13 AM 12/12/2016 EDT).

I make a Orleans sardine sandwich like I told you before that almost are the 

equal of King Oscar, but less than 1/2 the cost. The Orleans sardines are a $1

at Rite Aid and the King Oscar sell for about $2.32 at Walmart. The King Oscar

says from 12-22 sardines in the can and the Orleans can always has more than  


It's getting light now (7:21 AM 12/12/2016 EDT), so I can now take the trash to 

the front of the house and the outgoing letters to the mailbox.

I just finished the above tasks (8:01 AM 12/12/2016 EDT) plus I cleaned the snow 

off of the Honda and started it up. It takes longer when it's cold for the Honda's

carberator to warm up, but it always levels out eventually. I also took the small 

American flags (12) up from the front yard. I had placed them their for National

Pearl Harbor Remembrances Day on last Wednesday, November 7.

I have to go to town (Orrville) to get 1 gallon of milk for the house and while I'm 

there, I might as well get gas for the Honda.

The temperature is hovering around freezing (31°) and the humidity is 81%

and that's as high as its been that I can remember. No wind to speak of, the

three permanant and main American flags in the front are silent. Using the dew

point calculator at, I get a reading of 25%.

I didn't make a second sandwich, but ate a can of whole smoked mussels right

out of the can (12:11 PM 12/12/2016 EDT). The can is labeled Pacific Crest and

imported by Acme Food Sales, Inc., Seattle, Washington and a product of China.

It has the normal nutrients of other canned fish and only 150 calories. What 

agravates me is that I know these mussels have been farmed raised and some 

Asians are known to piss or poop anywhere they want to.

Spent most of the rest of the afternoon at my bank. It took a very long time with

lots of paperwork.

I believe that all the employees are too young to remember President Reagan's

Paperwork Reduction Act.

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