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"Angels are also here on earth to prepare for us the stairway to Heaven."
Forrest Caricofe

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to Heaven."


CONTINUED FROM YESTERDAY...." It wasn't too long until two angels 


Those two angels were nurses who came from a door that was opposite to where

I was sleeping. They offered me hospital blankets and money, maybe $5 or more.

I gladly accepted the blankets because I was cold, but refused in a polite way

the money that was offered. 

I've thought of those angels of the early evening darkness many times wishing I

could thank them more because I had just awakened when they came and I don't

believed I thanked them properly. I ask one hospital employee that I know, my 

niece Erin's husband, Shannon, but he said it would be like "trying to find a 

needle in a haystack."

After I lay back down to sleep and before going to sleep, I wondered way I didn't

just sleep in Mother's Honda in the Walmart parking lot rather than go all through

this? I've done it so many times before....



"Sometimes you have to fight evil in the world with your own brand of evil."
Forrest Caricofe

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own brand of evil." 


*Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has threatened to throw corrupt officials 

from flying helicopters saying that he has done it before. If you remember, he is 

using death squads to murder drug dealers.

He also said that U.S. CIA is attempting to destabilize his presidency.


President Duterte has been in the headlines for sometime now because of his of

his abnormal attempts and successes to rid his country of drug dealers, corrupt

officials and other evils that plagued most countries. 

The Islamic State, for instance, is butchering people who do not agree with their 

religious beliefs. That is barbaric. The ones that are beheaded, shot to death, stab 

to death are not evil, IS is the evil. 

In comparison, President Duterte is killing evil. Is Duterte doing good or doing 

evil. I would say the former because he is making a safer place for his people.

*Breaking (7:02 AM 12/29/2016 EDT) news from the right bottom corner of my 

computer screen and the Washington Post. Syria has announced a countrywide

ceasefire effective at midnight tonight.


"Most diseases are caused by the one who is sick and not because of genetics."
Forrest Caricofe

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because of genetics."


*Diabetes is the most costly disease in the U.S. with an expense of around $101.4

billion a year. Other diseases in order of money spent on prevention,diagnosis and 

treatment are: heart disease, low back and neck pain, high blood pressure, 

injuries from falls, depression, dental care, vision and hearing problems, skin 

problems and pregnancy.

There is some controversy as to whether obesity is a disease or not. If it is a 

disease, it would be the most costly healthcare expense at $190.2 billion a year.

*I've been thinking again about taking supplements instead of the prescription

medications I'm taking.

I take supplements now for my prostrate and pain relief. The supplements for 

the prostrate where advised as a result of an online text taken from a conference 

call. They are: Flaxseed Oil, Cod Liver Oil (soft gels taste a lot better than the cod 

liver oil Mother use to spoon feed us at breakfast), CoQ10 in gummie form which 

is cheaper, Krill Oil, Tart Cherry, Saw Palmetto, Vitamin E, and the "Miracle Pill

of the Century" I told you about, Turmeric Curcumin. I also take a multi-vitamin.

The report went on to say that cheese is a major enemy of the prostrate. 

Whatever holds the cheese together interferes with the operation of the prostrate.

Before I took these supplements I had to stand 2 minutes or more before my pee 

stream started, now I have to stand and wait about 30 seconds or less.

Well, I kind of got off track. I was talking about replacing my prescription 

medications with supplements and started typing about my prostrate. Well, I

do often wonder or is it wander?

Anyway, I could replace my prescription medications for blood pressure and

one of the pills I have for depression (I ain't never depressed). I still need to

take the one pill for depression that gives to me 6 hours of sleep and the 

prescription eye drops that I take for glaucoma in the morning and at night.

So I'll be able to stop taking 3 prescription medications.  I've only gotten rid of

half until I can find some other supplements to take their place. I'm working on



"Why has God forsaken the land of his "chosen people"? Israel."

Forrest Caricofe

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*Both parties in congress have denounced Secretary of State John Kerry's blunt

speech concerning an only Israel-Palestine 2-state solution. 

*The U.S. election was the top news story in 2016.

*President-elect Trump says that he is "very strong on Israel" and that other

countries (Muslim) in the middle east treat their citizens in horrible ways. He 

tells Israel to remain strong and that he'll be the President soon.

*Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckebee says to stop funding for the United 

Nations and to support U.S. veterans instead.

*The state of California intends to defy Trump and fight Global Warming.

*Trump says to "move on" rather than sanction Russia for their cyber attacks 

during the U.S. presidential election.

*Evangelist Franklin Graham and the archbishop of New York, Cardinal 

Timothy Dolan will hold religious services at Donald Trump's inaugration.


"The weather is one of the most boring things there are until a tornado, hurricane,

flooding or another devastation comes along."
Forrest Caricofe

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a tornado, hurricane, flooding or another devastation comes along."


Weather for Smithville, Ohio

Today              SHOWERS_SNOW               36° 25°

Fri                   SHOWERS_SNOW                27° 22°

Sat                   SCATTERED_SHOWERS    38° 26°

Sun                  SCATTERED_SHOWERS    40° 35°

The Weather Channel - Weather Underground - AccuWeather

Went outside (8:12 AM 12/29/2016 EDT) to check the weather. The temperature 

is 33°, the humidity is 78%, the wind is blowing in from the west at about 5 mph

and the sun is hidding behind the clouds. Using the online calculators at: and, I get a wind chill

of 28.25° and a dew point of 27%. I'm also hungry not having eaten anything yet

today. I believe I'll have one of my two favorites, an Orleans sardine sandwich.

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