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"Sometimes the law enforcement officers personality changes because of the 

behavior of the person who the officer is talking to."

Forrest Caricofe

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changes because of the behavior of the person who the officer is talking to."


CONTINUED FROM YESTERDAY.... I slept for a while and was again wakened,

not by the nurse angels, but by a hospital security guard, a woman, and a 

sheriff's deputy, a man. They said that this front of the hospital would be closed 

and locked and they would help me move to the emergency waiting room 

area. After we got there and with their help with the hospital blankets and other 

things I had I lay down again to sleep.

I awoke in the early morning, folded the hospital blankets and looked towards 

the emergency room entrance where I saw the same sheriff's deputy from last

night. I thanked him again and I ask him to thank the hospital security guard 

again when he saw her. He told me to lay the hospital blankets on the nearest

couch or chair which I did. 

I was hungry because of yesterdays and last evenings activity so I went 

downstairs again to the cafeteria. I got a coffee first, probably a french vanilla 

cappuccino, smiling and saying HI along the way.The salad bar didn't open 

until 10:00 or 11:00 AM, so I probably had a grilled chicken sandwich from the 

deli bar. I sat down at a lone table after sharing smiles and friendly exchanges 

with the cashier where I paid for the coffee and sandwich. I was still hungry after

ate and decided to get another sandwich of the same as before. As I 

walked to the same lone table I was approached by a man and his lackey. This will

turn out to be the ugly confrontation with law enforcement that I told you about 

some stories ago....



"The wonderful wildlife of this world are threatened by human kinds greed

and lack of moral conscience."

Forrest Caricofe

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human kinds greed and lack of moral conscience."


*Pangolins are the size of house-cat, have scales covering their bodies, burrow

for ants and termites to eat and are the most trafficked animal in the world. They

are nocturnal and remain alone except when breeding. Their meat is consider

a delicacy and their scales are thought to provide cures for a wide range of 

diseases and illnesses. Their habitat is on the continents of Asia and Africa.

During 2016, organizations committed to the preservation of the species, gained

ground by agreeing to make stiffer punishments for poaching and more 

monitoring of the Pangolin on their two continents. The airlines also has agreed

to watch more closely for imports/exports of Pangolin's scales, meat, etc.

The Elephant too has gained a resurgence in numbers because of the same 

reasons above. Laws pertaining to poaching, importing/exporting of ivory have

become stronger in hopes that resurgence of numbers will increase.


"One's health is also dependent on the expenses that healthcare insurances can

Forrest Caricofe

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healthcare insurances can provide." 


*The $500 billion Medicaid  program provides health benefits for low-income 

and disabled American citizens. The government now pays to each state a 

percentage of what that state spends on their Medicaid program no matter what 

the cost or the rise in cost.

Trump and the congress Republicans will now have a chance to reduce the 

government cost that it now pays to the states. The plan is to pay states with a 

block grant that would mean the states would only receive that amount and 

that states would be compelled to reduce their costs by attempting to reduce

Medicaid fraud and unnecessary medical procedures.

*I told you recently that I purchased a 2017 Farmer's Almanac. They offer advice

on everything from the weather forecast to garden growing hints. They also have

a section on "5 ways to turn on your fountain of youth." I'll cover each one daily

including today. 

1.  Water. It is in every part of your body including your bones. Water is vital for

elimination of dehydration that causes fatigue and pain in your joints, other 

discomforts and decreases your ability to be mobile. Dehydration also causes 

the skin to wrinkle prematurely. 

Water flushes toxins from your body and is important in your bowel's ability to 

eliminate solid waste. If you drink coffee make sure that you drink enough 

water to equal the coffee you drink. Sweating causes you to dehydrate so drink 

enough water before, during and after the sweating to compensate for the 

water loss.

And if you wait until you're thirsty you're already dehydrated.


"Celebrities are great pretenders because that's their jobs as actors/actresses,

but I sometimes think that the character that they pretending to be has taken

them permanently out of reality."

Forrest Caricofe

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No results found for "Celebrities are great pretenders because that's their jobs 

as actors/actresses, but I sometimes think that the character that they 

pretending to be has taken them permanently out of reality."


*The President-elect says that he is not afraid of anyone and will talk to world

leaders and the media (who he has pretty much ignored up till now). The 

incoming White House communications director, Sean Spicer, says Trump will 

welcome interviews during his presidency and a formal interview next month 

before he takes office on January 20.

*Following the deaths of actress Debbie Reynolds and her actress daughter, 

Carrie Fisher, actor Charlie Sheen twittered that God should take the President-

elect Donald Trump too.

*Trump has again repeated that he will attempt to prevent the outsourcing of 

jobs abroad and reward those companies that return to the U.S., although some

of his own companies are overseas and making products for importing to the 

United States. Hillary Clinton once remarked during their presidential race that

Trump "had his neckties made in China and his suits in Mexico."

*Breaking news (7:55 AM 12/30/2016 EDT) from my computer screen and the 

Washington Post. Russian President Putin will not expel American diplomats 

from his country after The Obama administration has placed sanctions against

Russia for their cyber-attacks during the U.S. election.


The Obama administration cannot stop taking revenge on anyone or everyone 

who they think might have been responsible for Clinton's loss to Trump. They

are now singling out Russia, and President Putin in particularly, saying that 

Russia interfered with the U.S. election and thereby is responsible for a 

Republican take over of the presidency and a Republican majority in the 

congress, both house and senate.

It seems to me that the Obama administration has lost their claim on reality,

just like their supporters in California and Hollywood.


"It's hard to plan for anything when the weather has no normal plan at all."
Forrest Caricofe

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normal plan at all."


Weather for Smithville, Ohio

Today           CLOUDY                     29° 24°

Sat                RAIN_AND_SNOW   37° 24°

Sun               SUNNY                        40° 33°

Mon              CLOUDY                     51° 48°

The Weather Channel - Weather Underground - AccuWeather

Just looked outside (7:39 AM 12/30/2016 EDT) from the kitchen window and it 

has snowed. It's not calling for snow today but was calling for snow yesterday.

I sometimes think that the weather is driving me crazy. I need some stability in

my life. 

Today (8:30 AM 12/30/2016 EDT), for a change of pace, I'm having a wild caught 

tuna sandwich. It is the Walmart brand, Great Value, the ingredients are light tuna, 

water, vegetable broth and salt. 

Outside (11:15 AM 12/30/2016 EDT) to get the mail from the mailbox. The 

temperature is 35°, the humidity is 55%, the wind is blowing in from the 

west at a cold 20 mph and there is a inch of snow on the ground.  Using the 

online calculators at: and http://www.onlineconversion.

com., I get a wind chill of 23.92° and a dew point of 21%. 

Well, it's time (12:38 PM 12/30/2016 EDT) for my lunch. I'll install my false teeth

and eat from my mini-refrigerator. If I eat from the mini-refrigerator everyday

and the adequate amount of water, I poop every morning with no exceptions.

The contents of my mini-refrigerator might have changed some since my 

video on YouTube, so I'll tell you about the food that's in it now: cherries, 

grapes, raw carrots, shiitake mushrooms, blackberries, blueberries, (mussels 

smoked in oil, strawberries, pears, peaches and mixed fruit in glass jars), 

black beans, lima beans, refried beans, hummus (ground up gazebo beans), 

stacked pickles, canned salmon, tiny shrimp mixed with tuna, vanilla yogurt, 

cage-free eggs, barrel-aged sauerkraut, herring in wine sauce, a mixture of 

green and black olives, Dona Maria tender cactus, cocktail onions, pickled 

mixed vegetables and other food items that I replace when the present food 

items in the mini-refrigerator become exhausted. All the canned items I 

place in plastic containers and I eat only about a spoonful out of each. And you

already know that I tap a hole on each end of the cage-free egg and suck out

the innards.

Just got back (3:32 PM 12/30/2016 EDT) from going to Rite Aid to pickup my 

prescription medications that get each month. The weather is much the same 

except for the wind that has slowed its pace.

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