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"Life is so much better when you receive a helping hand from a total stranger."
Forrest Caricofe

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from a total stranger."



"The snow was at least 2 feet in height and I had no shovel and then...."

A tall brown man of Indian (Asian) decent offered a shovel and assistance.

He had a jeep like vehicle with 4 to 5 kids looking our way. I expressed my

greatfulness and said that with the shovel, I could do it myself (I never liked

people helping me if I could do it myself). I said to the Father that I had some 

gifts in the trunk that were for children and I would like to give them a few.

At first he declined but after much persuasion on my part he agreed.

I collected small toys, ribbons and such to give to random children after 

getting their parents permission. I also gave bagfuls of these toys to a woman

who worked at Sharp Shoppers whose church prepared bags of toys, ribbons,

clothing, children in need for Christmas.

I gave the small toys to the man who gave them in turn to his children. I 

continued to shovel the snow away from the Honda and with a little more effort

I was able to free the small car. I started Mother's Honda to let it warm up and 

then returned the shovel to the kind man and waved to the children. All of us

said thanks you's with smiles and then I returned to the car, got in, put the 

transmission in reverse and stepped down on the throttle. Finally released 

from its confinement the Honda obeyed as I turned  the steering wheel to the

left and backed onto the plowed streets of the parking lot. I put the transmission

in drive and as I move forward, I waved to the children and their Father.

I do not remember where I went after this so I'll type about something else 



"A new new car is not a must have if your old one serves your needs."
Forrest Caricofe

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*The Volvo has been the best selling car in Sweden the last 54 years but not 

anymore. The Swedish bought more of the Volkswagen Golf (5.9% of new cars) 

as compared to all of the Volvo brands together claimed 5.7% of the market.

Although Volvo is now owned by China, the Swedes consider the Volvo their 



"There is no physically perfect human on this earth today."
Forrest Caricofe

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*This is the last and number 5 in ways to the "Fountain of Youth" from the 

Farmer's Almanac. So far I have covered (1) drinking adequate amounts of 

water, (2) getting enough exercise, (3) sleeping around 8 hours and (4)

intermittent fasting. 

Today I'll cover chiropractic care.

This care is vital in the function of your nervous system. When body parts

become misaligned, nerves are blocked, pain and discomfort are the 

result. Chiropractors can message and move body parts to line up and free

nerves which alleviates pain and discomfort. "As we age, we loose muscle 

mass. Spinal discs, tissues and joints become weaker, less hydrated and 

more prone to degeneration..... Chiropractic helps us remain active longer

and reduces the risks of falls and subsequent injuries."


I know that some of us have called chiropractors quackpractors and I'm certainly

guilty of doing that. And I know some of you all are also guilty of that. You might 

as well confess and don't lie about it. 

I only went to one chiropractor in my life and soon after I entered his office, he 

measured my leg length and said one of my legs was shorter than the other. He 

didn't check it, but everything I have on my body that is supposedly a twin is not 

a twin. My feet are different, one fatter than the other. My knees are different, 

one more swollen than the other. My hips are different, one hurts more than 

the other. My belly button is off to the left about 1/16 of an inch (I know you only

one belly button, but I just thought I'd mention it). My nipples are too far apart 

and off to the left about 1/32 of an inch. My arms are different in length (and I 

told you before that I can use my left arm and hand, although I'm right-handed, 

to better wipe my butt after pooping) and my hands are different in size as well 

as my fingers. One armpit smells worse than the other. One nose nostril's 

opening is larger than the other. One eye droops down below the other as well 

as its' eyebrow. My hair is too long to now to see my ears but I know from the 

past they are different in size and one is lower than the other.

Looks like everything is off to the left. It's a wonder I don't fall to my left side to 

the ground.

*Are women better doctors? The are better at having a bedside manner, multi-

tasking and having common sense concerning illnesses and diseases. I've had

at least 7 women doctors during my lifetime, so far, and I liked them all because 

of their medical expertise. 

The only doctor that diagnosed Mother's congestive heart failure was a woman in 

an office with 3 other men doctors. The only other woman doctor that I remember 

Mother having was in the local hospital where she told me that Mother was 

nearing the end of her life and needed to go into Hospice. I agressively did not 

agree with her because Mother was my friend, but I later learned that she, the 

doctor, was right after all.


"Dictators are often sociopaths, psychopaths, manic and bipolar."
Forrest Caricofe

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*Trump, after expressing non concern with Russian hacking, has finally agreed 

to an intelligence briefing.

*The President-elect twittered to North Korea related to their intention of having 

a nuclear missile within a year. He said "it won't happen." 

*Trump chided China on robbing America of its wealth because of one sided

trading and their failure in helping to contain North Korea and its nuclear 


*Congress's plan to do away with Office of Congressional Ethics had to reverse

themselves after intense critical comments from some in both parties in congress 

and President-elect Donald Trump.


I know I've told you all this before but it aggravates so much that I need to type 

it again. From above you can see that North Korea is not wanting to be a peace-

member of the international community. And it's all because of its dictator 

leader, Kim Jong Un. His people are starving while he feeds his military and 

himself. He's a short and fat little %$#@* approaching 300 pounds or more.

He murders people who oppose him to include his own family members.

I was in South Korea as a member of the U. S. military. At that time his dictator 

father was in command and Kim Jong Un was probably just a baby or not even


If there is anyone in the world that needs to be assassinated it's that fat little

%$#@* Kim Jong Un.

*With a conservative agenda in mind, Congress returns to Washington.

*U. S. automaker, Ford Motor Company, has cancelled its plans to build a $1.6 

billion plant in Mexico.


Trump is persuading large companies to remain in the U. S. and not build 

their companies in other countries. In the case of Mexico, less jobs will be 

available to Mexican citizens which means more Mexicans will attempt to 

cross over our southern border. The new proposed wall at the southern border 

might be an answer to that if it's ever built. 


"Most people enjoy hibernating during the winter, but I for one see no joy in it."
Forrest Caricofe

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one see no joy in it."


Weather for Smithville, Ohio

Today    RAIN                         48° 30°

Wed      CLOUDY                   29° 15°

Thu       CLOUDY                   21°  9°

Fri         MOSTLY_SUNNY   19°  8°

The Weather Channel - Weather Underground - AccuWeather

Went outside (8:29 AM 1/3/2017 EDT) to check on the weather and to take 4 

outgoing letters to the mailbox. The temperature is 43°, the humidity is 81%, 

the wind slowly moving in from the east and slightly south at about 3 mph and 

its raining a straight down rain because of little wind. 

I'm not going to start the intermittent fasting plan I typed about yet, so I'll have

an Orleans sardine sandwich now because I'm hungry.

I'm hungry again and it's time (11:51 AM 1/3/2017 EDT) to eat out of my mini-

refrigerator. I'm still thinking about intermittent fasting, but not today. Maybe

if I keep thinking about it I'll eventually do it.

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