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"It is a delight for me to see small children dancing, singing and playing happily 

in the aisles of Walmart."
Forrest Caricofe

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and playing happily in the aisles of Walmart."


I like everyone except for those who mistreat others. Everyone means every color.

Brown, black, red, white, etc. I particularly admire the brown who are the Spanish

speaking and Asian Indians. I have not personally met an Asian Indian by name, 

but they are quietly friendly and I have exchanged greetings in their shy way 

on numerous occasions.

I have met Spanish speaking (brown) people on a more personnel basis and I 

admire them for their sense of family. When I was in Las Vegas, the number of 

Latinos was around 80% of the population and I knew of only 2 families that were 

separated for different reasons. One was when the Mother left the family and the 

other was when the Father left the family.  

I did stay and sleep in Mother's Honda in the parking lot of a Walmart in Las 

Vegas. Going into the store 4 or 5 times a day and being alone, I got the 

opportunity to observe the parents and their children who were shopping.  

Well, the children were not shopping only occasionally asking their parents 

for something and the parents mostly saying no. And the children accepted that.

The Latino children played happily among themselves dancing, singing and 

picking on each other as young children do. The parents gave their children

a long leash to allow for learned experiences, yet kept an eye out for their 


The only crying once in a great while was from a newborn who was hungry or 

just wore out and needed a nap. But sometimes they were sleeping peacefully

and not having a care in the world. The parents spoke Spanish between them

selves and either Spanish or English to their children. The children spoke 

mostly English between themselves because of their attendance and learning

at public schools.

As a white person I can remember that my parents might have kept a tighter reign 

on us kids, but that's been a long time ago and I might be wrong about that.

If you remember, my grandfather Caricofe left the family and there has been 

numerous divorces in my family tree. 

The Spanish speaking people, at least to me, have a wonderful sense of family.

"Vaya con Dios."


"If we banned all guns in the U. S., we would need no guns for protection."

Forrest Caricofe

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for protection."


I am not in favor of banning guns. The 2nd Amendment guarantees our right to 

bear arms (guns). We need guns to fight an a invasion of an enemy that crosses our 

borders. We could use knives, I guess, but that would be like fighting a wolf with 

a small stick.


*Russia starts to reduce its Syrian military forces.

*One of the 10 largest icebergs ever recorded is set to breakaway from Antarctica.

All icebergs are made of snow so they are made of fresh water and not salt water.

*Gun crime rates in Japan are one of the lowest in the world. In 2014 there were 6

gun deaths compared to the U. S. total of 33,599. If a Japanese wants a gun, the

applicant must have the patience of a saint. The citizen cannot own a handgun.

They can only own shotguns and air rifles. They have to attend an all day class, 

take an exam, take a shooting range test and pass it with a score of 95% or more. 

There are also mental health and drug tests.

The gun sellers must check must check almost all of the applicant's family tree as

well as those he/she works with. Police have extensive powers to search and seize

and are the final authority on whether to allow a gun purchase or not. Police also 

require that gun owners inform them as to where their ammo and gun(s) are 

stored and both need to be stored separately under lock and key. A gun owner 

can only purchase ammunition if they return the spent cartridges.

Police will also inspect guns once a year. And after three years your licence runs 

out, at which point you have to attend the course and pass the tests again.

This is the reason that gun killings (murders) are rare in Japan. Any killing that's

done is usually done with a knife.

*I received an email from

Good news, Forrest!

Your postcard US-4409881 to __________ in Spain has arrived! It reached its 

destination in 13 days after traveling 3,752 miles!

__________ wrote you a message:

“This card is very nice. Thank you very much.”

Do not reply to this email! To reply go to __________ profile.

Now YOU will receive a postcard from another random member... keep an eye 

on your mailbox!


"Is your health dependent on the health of earth's creatures?"
Forrest Caricofe

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I often wondered how one can described their heath. One saying is "healthy as

a horse" and the other from Russia is "healthy as an ox." Does good health relate

to being happy? And there is another saying for that, "happy as a lark" (small, 

ground dwelling song bird). I guess that your health and happiness at any given 

time is dependent on the health of the horse, ox and the lark at any given time. 

Makes no sense to me.


"For our nutritional needs we need to be awful thankful to the farmer."
Forrest Caricofe

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the farmer."


*Trump says that all politically appointed ambassadors, without exception,

must step down by January 20.

*The President-elect has filled 13 of 15 cabinet posts. He has yet to fill the 

positions of the Department of Agriculture and Veterans Administration. Since

Trump won the election because of voters in rural America, farmers and others

are getting a little bit anxious concerning Trump's delay in picking a candidate

for the agricultural post. The new head of the department will need time to 

prepare for the job which oversees school lunches, meat inspection, food 

stamps, the Forest Service, rural electrification and much more. The agency 

has a budget of $140 billion, employs 100,000 people and is present in every

county in the United States. 

*Trump may or may not want to reduce the number of the 17 separate 

intelligence agencies.

*Top U. S. intelligence chief says that Russia definitely was involved in 

attempting to sway election results.

*Trump wins presidency after the electoral college made it official.

*The President-elect says that he will make Mexico reimburse the cost for 

building the border wall.

*Persons born from 1982 and 2002 (millennials) believe that the economy will 

greatly expand and profit under Trump. 

*President Obama is planning to free 3 prisoners at Gitmo that have promised 

to behead Americans.

*With Trump as the next president, Israeli Ambassador Ron Dermer believes

that Israel will now have someone in their corner.

*Trump tweets that Hillary Clinton lost because of the "Passion of my Voters."

*(4:38 PM 1/6/2017 EDT). Breaking news from my computer screen and the 

Washington Post. President Putin ordered Russian hackers to influence the out-

come of the U. S. election process. 


"Those humans who go barefoot in the snow are dumb bunnies."
Forrest Caricofe

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Weather for Smithville, Ohio

Today      PARTLY_CLOUDY     16°  5°

Sat           PARTLY_CLOUDY     16°  9°

Sun          PARTLY_CLOUDY     16° 10°

Mon         CLOUDY                       31° 27°

The Weather Channel - Weather Underground - AccuWeather

I really don't really like what I'm seeing up above, but Monday, if the forecast is

correct, will be of some relief. 

My will power has failed me again, I'm hungry and need to postpone again 

the 1 of 5 "ways to the Fountain of Youth, intermittent fasting. Maybe tomorrow?

I'm going to have a King Oscar sardine sandwich (6:44 AM 1/6/2017 EDT).

Went outside (7:31 AM 1/6/2017 EDT) just to check the weather gauge. The 

temperature is 12° and the humidity is 74%. I went out on the deck barefooted

like a dumb bunny (2 words from 1940-1945 during WW II meaning not smart 

but with some thoughts of endearment.  I do not like the word stupid) and my 

feet are still cold for doing that. After I came back in the house I checked the 

American flag on the border pole from the east window and saw no movement 

meaning that the wind chill is the same as the temperature. I brought the

weather gauge in to better see the readings and now after waiting a while the 

temperature is 73° and the humidity is 56%.

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