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"Will self-driving cars prevent us from having bad accidents?"

Forrest Caricofe

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What would the world do without the automobile? 

What of the dealers could sell no more cars because people decided to maintain 

their old cars and not buy a new one?

What would happen to the world economy? 

It's true that some people don't have a car and instead rely on horse and buggy

(Amish or Old Order Mennonite), bicycle, golf cart, horse, walking, jackass or 

other conveyances.

The oil industry would survive because old cars need gas, oil and other fluids.

The automobile workers would have no jobs as well as those that support them 

in all corners of the world like the steel industry to name one and those who 

make "Black Market" parts.

Would we again experience the ravages of the "Great Depression" of 1929.


Do you believe now that the auto executives are hoping we wreak and total our 

vehicle, not caring whether we live or die, so they can sell us a new one? 

I sure they are. 

All of the latter has been leading up to what I'm going to type now.

Bill and my wife, Carolyn, were involved in a car accident which totaled Bill's

car, an almost new Lincoln. The airbags on the driver and front passenger seats

deployed, that event being the major cause of their injuries. There were taken 

by ambulance to Affinity Medical Center in Massillon, Ohio. Carolyn was 

released from the Emergency Room soon afterwards with 3 broken ribs and 

minor injuries, but now has her arm in a sling and walks with a cane saying that

she is in too much pain to lay down and sleep. Bill still remains at the hospital

in a private room where the doctors are attempting to level out his heart rate

and deal with too high of a blood pressure. He may have other injuries that I 

don't know about.

Lonnie and his girl friend, Lorrie, are now retrieving the items that Bill and

Carolyn had in the wrecked car. I'm assuming that the car is at a city impound 

lot. When they return to the house they will sit with Carolyn while I drive to the 

hospital to sit with Bill for a while.

And if I get back soon enough, I'll tell you how Bill is doing.

Just got back (4:19 PM 1/10/2017 EDT) from the hospital a drive of about 35 

minutes. Bill is doing better than I expected. They have stabilized his heart 

rate and brought his blood pressure down to a reasonable level. I brought him

some things that he likes which included a small jar of green olives, 2 diet 

caffeine free cans of Coke, a canister of Pringles and a bag of Milky Ways 

bars that can be eaten in two bites.

He said that his heart doctor had stopped by and order two tests for tomorrow,

so I sure he'll be there for another day at least. He was having another scan at

3:00 PM, so I decided to leave after asking Bill if he need anything else which

he didn't.

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you that I bought 2 bags of Milky Ways and gave 1 to

the nurses's station saying they were from Bill. They in turn said to thank Bill.

Is that lie going to hurt anyone? No. That lie has made some people happy.


"Will we finally have a president who will protect God's chosen people?" 
Forrest Caricofe

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chosen people?"


*An European court has ruled that Muslim girls in Switzerland must attend mixed-

sex swim classes.

*America's allies in Europe tell the U.S. that Putin does not want to "make America

great again."

*Mosul, Iraq. Iraqi forces are still fighting to take back small pockets of resistance

from the Islamic State in order to finally reclaim their city of Mosul.

*Trump and his administration is moving ahead with plans to move the U.S. 

Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem amid outcries from the Palestinians.


"Your car is sometimes like your pet. You treat them good and they in turn

will treat you good."
Forrest Caricofe

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and they in turn will treat you good."


I still "healthy as a hippopotamus." That's the correct saying isn't it? Well, it 

don't matter. Let's just say I'm healthy.

They say it takes 8 hours for food to move through your body. I don't believe 

'"they" are taking into account if you're experiencing constipation and/or 

diarrhea. It looks to me like constipation would take twice as long (16 hours)

while diarrhea might take 2 minutes.

Taking care of yourself is like considering the health of your vehicle. I took the 

Honda this morning to a favorite repair shop of mine to have them change the 

oil (best oil), filter (best filter) and to rotate my Michelin tires (best tires). I don't 

considered the mileage when having the oil and filter changed. I considered the 

darkness of the oil when making that decision.


*(7:38 PM 1/9/2017 EDT) I'm watching and listening to the TV in the pregame 

of the American College football championship between the number 1 rated 

Alabama Crimson Tide and the number 2 rated Clemson Tigers. The same two 

teams played last year in which Alabama won 45-40.  

Last evening's game saw Clemson win over Alabama 35-31 and now Clemson

becomes the best college football team in the nation. 

"Turn around is fair play" they say. And I don't have any idea of what that 



"We sure would be at a loss if we didn't have any politician and lawyer jokes."
Forrest Caricofe

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and lawyer jokes."


*Trumps attempt to quite the proposed issue of the hacking by Russia to influence 

the U.S. elections seems to be never ending. It looks like to me that the complaints

are never going to end and getting in the way of getting anything else done.    

My advice is like Trumps. Let's move forward and forget about.

*Jared Kushner, Trump's son-in-law, has been appointed by the President-elect

to be his senior adviser. This position requires dealing with domestic and 

foreign policy especially in the Middle East.

*While Secretary of State nominee Rex Tillerson was an executive of Exxon 

Mobile, the oil giant conducted business with Iran, Syria and the Sudan when 

those countries were under sanctions for sponsoring terrorism. Mr. Tillerson 

may have some difficulty in being confirmed by congress.

*Deutsche Bank believes that the U.S.'s gross domestic product might rise as 

much as 200% by 2018 under the economic policies of Trump administration.

*Former Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice has endorsed Alabama Senator Jeff 

Sessions for attorney general under the new administration.

Update: (12:06 PM 1/10/2017 EDT). Jeff Sessions is now before the senate 

conformation committee saying that he will not back a law to ban Muslims from

the United States.


"Why cannot the weather be consistent like the travels of the sun and the moon?"
Forrest Caricofe

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the sun and the moon?"


Weather for Smithville, Ohio

Today     SNOW_WITH_BRIEF_SLEET   43° 31°

Wed        SCATTERED_SHOWERS           46° 45°

Thu         RAIN                                               54° 27°

Fri           PARTLY_CLOUDY                      27° 18°

The Weather Channel - Weather Underground - AccuWeather

Went outside (11:04 AM 1/10/2017 EDT) to grab the weather gauge and bring it 

in. The outside temperature is 34°, the humidity is 78% and the wind is blowing 

in from the south at about 5 mph. The deck and portions of the driveway are too

slick to walk on because of the icy rain that started to fall sometime during the


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