Monday, January 16, 2017

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"I cannot compete with the quotes said by an American icon."

Forrest Caricofe

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*Today is the day Americans celebrate the observed birthday of Martin Luther 

King, Jr.

My favorite quotes from Dr. King: 

"Free at last, Free at last, Thank God almighty we are free at last.”

"I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where 

they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their 


"I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear."

"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter."

"We may have all come on different ships, but we're in the same boat now."

*The President-elect will meet with Martin Luther King III.

*Carolyn remains in pain because of the car accident. She will phone

Dr. Kwok's office today for an appointment. One of two nurses will give 2-4

shots to her and she should have a lot less pain for awhile.


"Ain't nothing like going to Walmart to meet my only friends who are always 

total strangers."
Forrest Caricofe

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who are always total strangers."


I told you yesterday I was going to Walmart in Wooster. I should have locked

myself in the house because my friendliness generated a multitude of stories 

that I can relate to you. The events of yesterday have created a backlog of 

stories that I may never catch up with.

I went first to the BP station in Smithville to get gas for Mother's Honda. There 

was no one in my circle of me listening or talking, so I had as yet failed to meet

any friends who are almost always strangers.

I went Lowe's first to buy a humidifier the old one not working any more. There is

usually a greeter at the entry doors, like Walmart, but not yesterday. I went to the

consumer service desk smiling and they smiled back. I would say that if you 

smile at someone, 95% of those people you smile at smile back. Try it. And if you

do, smile at everyone you encounter. Even those not looking straight at you 

might in the end catch your eye. And always, always thank a veteran which maybe

a simple thank you on your and a thank your on theirs or a extended conversation

because of shared experiences.

I ask the 2 women at the consumer service desk where the humidifiers might be

and they as a duet pointed to the rear of the store and said near aisle 30. I did

not get their names because the encounter was too brief and also were turned 

to their right so that I could not see their name tags. I always like to call a 

employee by name if it is possible.

I went to the back of Lowes where the two women had indicated and met Virginia

who helped with my selection of a dehumidifier. I said that my Mother's middle 

was Virginia and I was born in Virginia. She said that her middle name was also

Virginia named after her Mother whose first name was Virginia. I said that I 

also went by my middle name of Forrest and named after my Father. I ask her if

she was born in Virginia and she said no, she was born right here in Ohio. You

can see now how a total stranger can be a friend for a while.

I placed the humidifier that I had selected in a cart and thanked Virginia as I left

to go to the front of the store. As I approached the front of the store I remembered 

that I needed 2 American banner flags to replace the worn flags I told you about

just above the porch on the house and the one on the border corner pole. I

took 2 flags (made in America) from the rack and a small thermometer from a shelf


I then went to the cashier's stations to pay for everything I had in the cart. I  

recognised (an American spelling as compared to the British spelling of 

recognized) Jennie and Rose at the cashier's positions. I knew Jennie from buying

flowers, fertilizer, grass seed and mulch when I spent a lot of time in the flower

beds and the yard. Rose I remember because of her outgoing personality. 

Well, I told you that this story might take a while to to tell and I ain't even got

to the stories of McDonald's and Walmart yet, I've always typed at least two pages 

and I'm almost at number 5 for today so I'll, with regret, continue this story 




"Why would a person who is impatient and needs to get somewhere fast, fly in

a plane that may crash with no survivors, when they could travel by subway, 

train, bus or jackass and have at least some control of their travel?" 
Forrest Caricofe

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to 32 words. 

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somewhere fast, fly in a plane that may crash with no survivors, when they 

could travel by subway, train, bus or jackass and have at least some control of 

their travel?"


*A Turkish airline Boeing 747 cargo jet owned by Bishkek that was flying to 

Istanbul from Hong Kong crashed into a village near the capital, killing at 

least 30. There seems to be a rash of airplane crashes recently, the one most 

recently a small plane crash into Lake Erie (about 60 miles north of here) 

where 6 people perished. The U.S. Coast Guard and others have found most 

of the remains.

I will never fly in an airplane again. The last time I flew was from Omaha to 

Cleveland just after September 11, 2001. I was practically strip searched twice

because I was a male with a one-way ticket. If I can find nothing else, I'll walk.

*China's Foreign Ministry said that the country's one China policy is not 

negotiable regarding Taiwan. China has always claimed that Taiwan is a part

of China and not a separate nation. Trump has talked by phone with Taiwan's 

President Tsai Ing-wen and some members of congress met with her in Houston, 

Texas while she was on a tour of Latin America. 

It is about time that an American President has the courage to recognise the 

nation of Taiwan.


"Routinely peeing and pooping is a sign of good health."
Forrest Caricofe

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*Well I'm back on schedule again, I just pooped (7:16 AM 1/16/2017 EDT).

I don't take salts, suppositories, Fleet enemas or other stool softeners to poop 

because of my experiences in taking care of Mother. Stool softeners that I gave 

to her often made things worse. From constipation to extreme diarrhea and 


I always look in the toilet bowel after I poop to assess the condition of my poop.

This morning my discharge was more black in color than yesterday that was 

brown and sausage-like with tapered ends. This mornings poop was much 

softer and when I looked, it resembled almost like a cow pie but it circled 

around itself and not completely like a cow's discharge which is more like a 

cake that has fallen.

I've learned just recently that I can wipe my butt with my left arm and hand, I

always being right-handed that I told you about. I've also learned to clean my 

my butt better with a wet wash rag after several times using toilet paper. 

I just thought you'd like to know. 

*I'm still drinking more coffee than I am of water. I've already drank 2 pots of

coffee and maybe 4 ounces of water. And I'm eating cookies with sugar that I 

told you I'd stop doing. I looks like my eating sins are overwhelming my will 


*I just saw watching TV that advertisement that baby boomers might have 

Hepatitis C and not even know it. The CDC (Center for Disease Control) advises

you baby boomers get checked for this condition.


"Sport games watching is sure a great pleasure for many people."

Forrest Caricofe

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*My predictions of yesterday's two professional football playoff games were

Packers 34, Cowboys 23 and  in the night game Steelers 28, Chiefs 21.

The actual scores were Packers 34, Cowboys 31 and in the nightcap Steelers 18,

Chiefs 16.

My prediction of the Packers score was right on the number and I correctly 

predicted the winner in both games.

I'm right proud of myself.

*President Obama invited the World Series winning professional baseball 

team, the Chicago Cubs, to the White House. Some of the team players said 

that they would not attend if Trump were President.

The President has always been a Chicago White Sox fan.


"Twitter offers a way to communicate for millions of people."
Forrest Caricofe

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"Presidents need to walk a tight rope, so to speak, to get along with both 

supporters and adversaries, in order to accomplish good things for their 


Forrest Caricofe

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along with both supporters and adversaries, in order to accomplish good 

things for their people."


*The President-elect is getting into a lot of trouble with the Afro-American

community. In an ongoing feud with Representative John Lewis of Georgia he

has created a backlash from the NAACP and its supporters.  Twenty 

Democratic members of congress are now saying they will not attend Trump's 

inauguration on January 20.

Trump needs to repair some of this hostility in order to pass several measures

that he has promised to the American people.

He probably needs to stay away from Twitter for awhile.

*Trump says that he will agree to the lifting of some Russian sanctions if they

agree to nuclear arms cuts.

*President Obama in a speech said that Americans have made him a better 

President. Obama and his family have a home in Washington, D.C. and will

will remain there until their youngest daughter finishes high school.

*Senator Rand Paul representing Kentucky says that the Affordable Care Act

(Obama Care) will be repealed and replaced in the same day and will offer 

consumers health care with better benefits at a lower cost. 


"Is there a relationship between the weather and the mood of a killer?"

Forrest Caricofe

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of a killer?"


Weather for Smithville, Ohio

Today     SCATTERED_SHOWERS    37° 34°

Tue         THUNDERSTORM                53° 38°

Wed        CLOUDY                                 40° 30°

Thu         PARTLY_CLOUDY               47° 36°

The Weather Channel - Weather Underground - AccuWeather

*(8:18 AM 1/16/2017 EDT). Went outside to take the trash containers to the front

road. This being a national holiday, I don't know if Waste Management is 

working today, but you never know. I grabed the weather gauge as I came back

in the house and it displays a temperature of 30°, a humidity level of 74%, the

the wind is mainly silent a maybe about 3 mph more or less and the sun is 

making a great effort in the east to peek between the clouded skys.

*(9:40 AM 1/16/2017 EDT). The weather gauge I brought inside displays a 

temperature of 72° and a humidity of level 45%. I'll take the gauge back outside 

after I've eaten my Orleans sardine sandwich. I bought a different brand of 

whole wheat bread yesterday at Walmart. It's called Nickles Country Style 

100% Whole Wheat with 100 calories per slice and cost about twice the cost 

that I pay for 100% whole wheat bread at Dollar General with 55 calories 

per slice.

*Bill's Birthday is today the 3rd youngest in the house who is 27 years older 

than Ryan. I got him a birthday card which said "Happy Birthday, with all my 


*Sometimes I look for stars in the Heavens, sometimes I forget. I have not seen

the Big Dipper for awhile in which I can figured out true north. I could use my 

compass, but I believe that the pointer would still point to the right a little.

*There are a lot of detective stories on TV now and I watch some of them. One 

of my favorites is the Homicide Hunter. I watching it right now 

(3:13 PM 1/16/2017 EDT) having mostly finished this story of today.

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