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"Can you tell a person's character traits by looking in their grocery cart or 


Forrest Caricofe

Google search: About 1,580,000 results (1.40 seconds) 

No results found for "Can you tell a person's character traits by looking in their 

grocery cart or refrigerator?"


I've talked a lot about my mini-refrigerator so I thought I'd tell you what's in it 

right now. Once I eat all from a container I may replace it with another food item 

in a cleaned wash container. I eat 1 spoonful or 1 food item from each container. 

Some food items I cannot eat without false teeth instalation, sometimes or not 

installing my falsies before I eat. If you have seen my video on YouTube 

concerning me eating out of the refrigerator in the garage the food items 

might be a little different:

1.   Green olives with added pimento.

2.   Walmart's Great Value vanilla yogurt.

3.   Cherries at $4.99 or $5.99 a pound. 

4.   Black grapes, my favorite color, at $2.99 a pound.

5.   Giorgio dried Shiitake sliced mushrooms. It says cook before eating but I 

don't pay any attention to that.

6.   Blackberries. I have maybe 4 or 5 left but I won't buy any now because 

they're too expensive.

7.   Silk almond milk for my coffee.

8.   Large glass jar of strawberries. $2.

9.   Dona Maria tender cactus - looks like green beans and it's hot.

10. Container of whole berry cranberry sauce.

11. Pears in a small glass jar. $1. I need my false teeth for this.

12. Peaches in a small glass jar. $1. I don't need my false teeth for the peaches.

13. Sauerkraut in a large glass jar and barrel aged.

14. Stacked pickles in a large glass jar.

15. Herring in wine sauce in a large plastic jar.

16. Blueberries in a plastic container.

17. Roland brand of mussels smoked in oil.

18. Refried beans taken from a can and placed in a container.

19. Chicken tamales taken from a can after taken the wrappers and placed in

a container. Purchased at Dollar Tree only.

20. Sliced white onion placed in a container. I can eat with my falsified teeth.

21. Garlic hummus in its own container.

22. Gage-free eggs to suck out innards.

23. V-8 vegetable juice I chase my pills with.

24.Minced garlic that I need my falsies to chew with.

25. Chicken flavored bone broth.

26. Blackcurrant preserves by Danish Choice.

27. Mini-carrots that I keep in a slider bag.

28.Sunny Harvest Giardiniera pickled mixed vegetables.

29. Prunes in a slider bag.

30. Cherry tomatoes in a plastic container.

31. Three plastic packages of Lobster Classic imitation lobster.


*With a stroke of a pen (executive order), President Trump kept another 

campaign promise by withdrawing the United States from the Trans-Pacific 

Partnership (TPP) saying that it would send jobs overseas. Australia, Brunei, 

Canada, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore and 

Vietnam will now have to either abandon the agreement or make a change to it.

*President Trump has chosen Ajit Pai to chair the FCC ( Federal Communications 

Commission). Pai opposes net neutrality, protecting consumer privacy and 

restricting major cable mergers, yet his Republican stance is free market and

minimal regulation. 

Several of Pai's ideas are in opposition to the President's so we'll have to wait 

and see what happens.

*Who ownes the internet? No one owns the whole internet but are private 

citizens, schools, organizations, governments, service providers, itc. from all

over the world that own pieces of the internet.

There are organizations that standardize and oversee what is happening on the

internet plus assign IP addresses and domain names. Some of these organizations

are "the National Science Foundation, the Internet Engineering Task Force, ICANN, 

InterNIC and the Internet Architecture Board." 

*9:50 AM 1/24/2017 EST. From my computer screen and the Washington Post.

Isreal approves huge settlements in the West Bank. 


"Willpower means what you eat if there ain't no one looking."
Forrest Caricofe

Google search: About 6,320,000 results (1.36 seconds) 

No results found for "Willpower means what you eat if there ain't no one looking."


*Brazilian authorities say that the female Aedes aegypti mosquito is the cause of 

47 cases of yellow fever, and 25 deaths in the east-central state of Minas Gerais.

They are investigating 160 more cases and the governor of Minas Gerais has 

declared a state of emergency. Two million doses of vaccine have been sent to

the region with more to follow. Brazil only recorded 7 cases last year.

The U.S. CDC (Center for Disease Control) says that yellow fever can cause fever, 

chills, severe headache, pain, nausea and death.

*My will power has failed me again. When I went to Walmart this past Sunday,

I bought two packages of cookies from the shelf in the back where all items are 

half price and a sign reads "We made too much." I had promised myself, if you

remember, that I would cut out eating sugar, but not salt. I ate both packages and

I'm ashamed of myself.


"Hollywood is its own cult-like community with their own brand of politics and 

profit making machinery. They are affront to the lower and middle class yet 

pay homage to royalty, but are idolized by those they utterly disdain."

Forrest Caricofe

Google search: About 78 results (1.46 seconds) 

"are" (and any subsequent words) was ignored because we limit queries to 32 

words. No results found for "Hollywood is its own cult-like community with their 

own brand of politics and profit making machinery. They are affront to the lower 

and middle class yet pay homage to royalty, but are idolized by those they utterly 



*The the 89th Academy Awards will be held at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles at 

5:30 PM on February 26. 

La La Land was awarded the most nominations (14) to include actor, actress, 

director and picture. 

The awarding of the nominations has always been criticized for choosing a majority

of whites. Not this year. Black actresses/actors include Viola Davis, Dev Patel, 

Octavia Spencer, Denzel Washington, Mahershala Ali, Naomie Harris and 

Ruth Negga. 


*Trump has resigned from his own Trump organization.

*Journalists are considering blacklisting Kellyanne Elizabeth Conway. Conway

is the Counselor to the President and has served as Trump's campaign manager, 

strategist, pollster, and advisor. It is rumored that she punched a man in the face 

at President Trump's inaugural ball. 


*If I were the mainstream media I'd stay away from her too. Looks like she can 

take care of herself like a Bobcat.

*Michael Reagan, the late President Reagan's son, says that Trump 'Busiest 

President Ever Seen.'

*Michael Richard "Mike" Pompeo former U.S. Representative from Kansas has 

been confirmed as Director of the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency).

*First lady Melania Trump and son Barron,10, have returned to New York.

She will make the trip back and forth to the White House while their son

finishes school, then both will return to the White House for the Summer.

*Trump says illegal votes were the reason he lost the popular vote.

*In his last hours as President, Obama, went against Republican opposition 

and sent $221 million to the Palestinian Authority. 


I believe that ex-President Obama has always had some allegiance to the Muslim 

religion and against the Jewish one. You can tell by his actions in his 8 years in

office and the last minute payment of $221 million that the Republicans were 

holding awaiting a decision by President Trump.

*Sources say Rex Tillerson will be confirmed as Secretary of State.

*10:30 AM 1/24/2017 EST. Breaking news from my computer screen and the 

Washington Post. Comey will stay on as FBI Director with the Trump 



Weather for Smithville, Ohio

Today    SCATTERED_SHOWERS   39° 33°

Wed       SCATTERED_SHOWERS   51° 34°

Thu        SHOWERS_SNOW               37° 27°

Fri          CLOUDY                                30° 22°

The Weather Channel - Weather Underground - AccuWeather

9:03 AM 1/24/2017 EST. I've just finished my Orleans sardine sandwich and then

went to get the weather gauge. The temperature is 41°, 2° higher than above, the

humidity is 81% because it has rained again and is forecasted to fall from the sky

throughout the day with no sun, of course. The sun only shines about 167 days in

this area (northeast Ohio) with 198 days without sunshine.

I'm going to drive Bill to see his heart doctor, Dr. Seese, today at 12:20 PM at his 

Orrville office. We may also have to stop at Rite Aid which is a half a mile away

if his doctor gives him a prescription. Then we'll go to the Wooster Community

Hospital where Bill needs to get a chest X-ray. Bill says he not yet totally confident 

in his ability to drive following his automobile accident.

5:40 PM 1/24/2017. I just got back from driving Bill several places and some other

errands for the house. I'll have to tell you about it tomorrow....

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