Friday, January 27, 2017

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"Why would God reward medium hard work like shepherding and reward not 

so much the occupation of farming which is hard work?"

Forrest Caricofe

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shepherding and reward not so much the occupation of farming which is 

hard work?"



"I will give you a hint of what I'm working on. It is the biggest bestseller of all time, 

the greatest story ever told and it is a story of which I know very little about.

Until tomorrow."

I don't know exactly where to start today so let's start from the beginning. 

Genesis, the first book of the Bible. I told you before that my Grandmother 

Cline read the whole Bible 15 or 16 times (I use to know exactly, but my 

memory is fading faster than I'm remembering) and I believe she read the 

whole Bible one time for me.Well, you of much faith know that Adam and Eve 

were the first man and woman and their first born was Cain and Eve said, "I have 

had a male child with the Lord's help." Adam and Eve's love produced Cain's 

brother, Abel. Cain, the first born became a farmer and his brother, Abel 

became a shepherd. 

After a period of time both Cain and Abel presented an offering to the Lord. The

Lord regarded Abel's offering of a sheep as a blessing and Cain's offer of farm

produce to be unworthy. As the biblical story goes, Cain became furious and down-

cast. After being chastised by God, Cain said to his brother Abel, "Let's go out to the 

field" and while they where in the field, Cain attacked his brother Abel and killed

him (Genesis 4:1–8). Why would God reward the one who worked least?

So, where am I going with this? Well, just because I'm talking about the Bible, it 

surely ain't to Heaven.

You might recall in a much earlier story of my life about the "Old Vagabond" who

stayed and slept in his old truck beside me in Mother's Honda in the parking lot 

of a Walmart in Las Vegas. 

If we can pretend that the "Old Vagabond" (he called himself Mike) was a copy of 

of Abel and me much like Cain. Abel as you know from the Bible was a shepherd

who left most of the work to his sheep dog while Cain, like me in the flower beds

and the yard, toiled endlessly to produce a good crop. Abel and the "Old 

Vagabond" were similar in that both where somewhat lazy because the "Old 

Vagabond" only wanted to straighten studs as in construction. 

The only difference between the "Old Vagabond and I and Abel and Cain was that 

I didn't kill the "Old Vagabond", (but I thought about it sometimes because of his 

constant whining), and he wasn't my brother. So in the end and before I left the "Old 

Vagabond" and Las Vegas he turned out not to be my friend after all because, as 

I've said before, all my friends are strangers.


"It looks like God's chosen people will never live without pain and suffering."
Forrest Caricofe

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pain and suffering."


*President Trump will order Pentagon to hit ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria)


*Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel has been questioned for the 3rd 

time in an investigation involving corruption. The investigation is related to 

Netanyahu's suspected action of accepting gifts from Hollywood and business 

leaders and trading favors with Yediot Ahronot, a major Israeli newspaper.


"Some people like to celebrate their birthdays, but some people like to celebrate 

each day of the year."
Forrest Caricofe

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people like to celebrate each day of the year."


International Day of Commemoration in Memory of the Victims of the Holocaust 

and yesterday we missed Australia Day. My apologies to you folks down under.  


""An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth" is a saying I remember from the past." 
Forrest Caricofe

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remember from the past."


*I'm chauffeuring again today to drive Bill to the Wooster Walmart for his 

appointment at the Vision Center at 10:00 AM. It looks like they would charge 

him half price because he lost one eye when a boiler blew up aboard ship 

when he was in the Navy. He was flown to Vietnam and then on Bethesda or 

Walter Reed where he stayed six months to recover. I know that the Walmart 

Vision Center will not charge Bill only half price but they should give him a 

veteran's discount of 10% like Lowes, Ace Hardware and Home Depot do to 

show their support for our troops, but they won't.

I also have to buy somethings for myself. I need American Flag patches, 

hummus and whole berry cranberry sauce. I saw a sign on the way going to 

or coming back from Walmart that said "sewing" and I need to have zippers 

replaced on two items of clothing the flag patches on about 10 items of clothing,

Walmart does not carry more than 4 flag patches at one time, so I might have to

order the flag patches online.

9:21 AM 1/27/2017 EST. APPOINTMENT CANCELLED. After I had already 

dressed and gather things up other things that I needed to take with me Bill 

said he had cancelled his appointment. So I decided to go to plan number 2.

Instead of driving to Wooster, I drove to Orrville by myself to get some things 

that the house and I needed. I went to Restoration Thrift to drop off a donation 

of clothing and then went inside to see if they had another heavy coat that I 

needed. I didn't find a coat but I found some well insulated brown pants and,

of course, all polyester and the tag was orange so I paid 1/2 price. I then went 

to Save-A-Lot and bought some groceries and other items both the house and 

I needed. And then to Family Dollar the third in a row and attached to each other.

They did not have what I wanted, Rid X, so I drove across town to Ace Hardware.

They had the Rid X that I wanted and I then showed the clerk my military card 

for 10% off. Needing nothing else, I came back to the house.


"Looks like the world's largest economy could feed and and provide clothing 

to the poor people of the world and not resort to greed and do nothing."
Forrest Caricofe

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No results found for "Looks like the world's largest economy could feed and and 

provide clothing to the poor people of the world and not resort to greed and do 



*8:41 AM 1/27/2017 EST. From my computer and the Washington Post. U.S. 

economy expanded 1.9 percent in fourth quarter (between October through 

December) and the 2016 GDP rises 1.6 percent.


"There are many small family businesses around the world with Google owning 

close to half of that."

Forrest Caricofe

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with Google owning close to half of that."


*The ever popular YouTube ( parent company is Alphabet) which was launched on 

February 14, 2005 in San Mateo, California is still going strong despite intense 

competition from other like-minded companies. 

YouTube is owned by Alphabet (a holding company) as well as Google and all of 

its subsidiaries.

*If I'm correct the record for winning the highest number of Academy Awards 

is 11. La La Land has 14 nominations. Can they either tie or break that record?


"Torture ain't the only way to "skin a horse.""
Forrest Caricofe

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*The opinion is that in the end Americans will pay for the Border Wall. 12 to 15 

billion dollars estimated.


I do not want to pay for the Border Wall. If we put the national guard and/or 

Army reservists at the border we would still be paying because we would be 

paying them. My solution would be to unload most of worse prison inmates 

and have them guard the border with no weapons with Homeland Security 

officers stationed about every mile or so with long range binoculars and 

sniper rifles to guard the inmates. If the inmates are so tough they should be 

able to handle and retain border crossers with hands and feet.

*President Trump is expected to talk to German Chancellor Angela Merkel on 

Saturday and their conversation is reported to center around Russia.

*A first phone call between Russian President Vladimir Putin and President 

Donald Trump has been scheduled for tomorrow.

*Trump is considering a 20% tax on imports from Mexico to pay for the Border

Wall and is also looking for other options.

*Vice President Pence promises to end abortion funding with Trump's pick for

the Supreme Court in the likeness of the late Anthony Scalia as he addresses a

large demonstration of mainly women anti-abortionists in Washington. He is the

first sitting Vice-President to address a demonstration.

*Trump says it is too soon to consider lifting Russia's sanctions with Prime Minister 

May saying the sanctions should stay for now.

*The president along with Prime Minster Teresa May of Great Britain are just 

now 2:04 PM 1/27/2017 EST fielding questions from the media in a joint news


*Trump says that he has empowered the Secretary of Defense James Mattis to

make the decision on the use of torture.

*The new ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, has warned member

nations to step up and do their part.

* Chelsea Manning, the traitor, who was released early from Fort Leavenworth,  

Kansas (the military's prison which has 6000 acres on the Missouri River) has 

called former President Obama a "weak leader"as Trumps says releasing her 

was a mistake.

*Cher is being interviewed right now 2:56 PM 1/27/2017 EST and says women 

were not afraid enough on November 8, 2106 and maybe did not even vote 

hence Trump's win and not a win for Hillary Clinton. She went on to say that she 

does not like or respect Donald Trump.

*Trump says he behind NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) 100%.

*Just learned that President Trump has had a long phone with a leader in Mexico.

The phone call was reported "friendly" with friendly in quotes.

*3:39 PM 1/27/2017 EST. An Indian immigrant woman and Muslim who voted for 

Trump is being interviewed on TV. She is very well-spoken and would be a 

needed diverse addition to the Trump administration.

*The U.S. 26th Secretary of Defense, James "Mad Dog" Mattis, age 66, has 

already been sworn in but now, 4:32 PM 1/27/2017 EST, he will be ceremoniously

sworn in by Vice-President Mike Pence with President Trump to speak after that.

The retired Marine general is well thought of by almost everyone.


"Is God responsible for the dirty 4-letter words of rain, hail and snow?"
Forrest Caricofe

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No results found for "Is God responsible for the dirty 4-letter words of rain, hail 

and snow?"


Weather for Smithville, Ohio

Today    SHOWERS_SNOW    32° 23°

Sat         CLOUDY                     31° 22°

Sun        SHOWERS_SNOW    29° 20°

Mon       CLOUDY                     27° 20°

The Weather Channel - Weather Underground - AccuWeather

*It ain't funny that two days of possible rain (showers) and snow is forecasted. They

are 4-letter words (rain and snow) that ain't funny at all.

7:40 AM 1/27/2017 EST. Went out to get the weather gauge and there is 

a 1/2 inch of snow upon the ground and driveway. The American flag on the 

northeast border pole shows the wind is coming in from the north at about a 

slow 5 mph. The weather gauge shows an outside temperature of 37° and a 

humidity of 81%. The high and low of today, as displayed on the security box 

just inside the back door, is 31° and 24° very close to the temperatures for 

Smithville, Ohio from above.

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