Monday, January 30, 2017

350th post


"The cure for my manic and bipolar behavior is approved by Sarah Palin."
Forrest Caricofe

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by Sarah Palin."


I was going to talk about health today, but that's what I'm always talking about.

So, let's talk about health. You thought I was going to say something else didn't

you? Well, I ain't, so let's talk about health. Am I repeating myself? Sure I am. Is it

for me the onset of dementia? Maybe. Let's talk about health. There I go again.

So, let's talk about health. 

The long standing definition of health is "a state of complete physical, mental 

and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity." Every

source contains this definition of health.

Take me for instance. For a 74 year old I'm getting along pretty good. Today as 

explained under HEALTH below I have a sore lower back and number 4 pain on 

a scale of 1-10. Except for being a little overweight this is the only physical 

problem that I've experienced recently.

In the long standing definition physical was number 1 and we have covered that.

So, let's talk about health and go to mental which is number 2. While I was on the 

5th floor of a hospital along with others who were labeled "crazy as hell," they 

said I was manic and bipolar, they not knowing that I only know that I'm just over- 

friendly. Most of those imprisoned along with me were released in 2 or 3 days,

but they kept me locked up for 2 weeks trying to prove I was "crazy as hell"

(manic and bipolar). They had no evidence, but they did, over my objections, 

give to me 2 prescription medications that were for people who are "crazy as 

hell" (manic and bipolar). Seems like I keep repeating myself. The phycotic 

drugs were Depakote and Seroquel which I call Drop-a-Coat and Sarah Palin so 

I can remember these prescription medications better. So, I'm cured for now, I


So let's talk about health. Number 3 is social. I talk to some family members 

occasionally, maybe an average of 2 hours a day and my brother Roland when

he phones from Florida every week or so for about 30 minutes average each 

time. I also socialize by typing messages on Facebook which requires no more

than 10 minutes a day average and for an average of 10 

minutes a week. I've always liked being alone, but I'm not lonely, and you can 

see for the most part that I usually have that wish of mine and that means socially 

I'm doing just fine.

Let's talk about health for the last time and, in summary, I'm in fairly good health

for an old and eccentric crackpot.


"If we only knew what some people would grow up to be, they would become a 

saint or a legend in their own lifetime."
Forrest Caricofe

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they would become a saint or a legend in their own lifetime."


*Martyr's Day (Mahatma Gandhi's Martyrdom Day).

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was the preeminent leader of the Indian 

independence nonviolent movement in British-ruled India. He was educated as a

barrister-at-law at the University College, London and was assassinated by a

shooting at the age of 78 (January 30, 1948). The final resting place for his ashes 

where in various rivers in India.

*Fred Korematsu's birthday is today (January 30, 1919) and if would be alive he 

would be 98 years old. He was a Japanese-American interment camp survivor 

and civil rights icon, fighting for civil rights and against prejudice all of his life.

Google celebrates his birthday with a doodle by artist Sophie Diao with the 

Presidential Medal of Freedom hanging around his neck. It's just above the 

Google search box of today. Just click on it and you can get the same information 

that I plagiarized today.


"Sometimes organizations ain't satisfied with anything." 
Forrest Caricofe

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*King Salman of Saudi Arabia has agreed with the Trump administration in 

backing safe zones in Syria and Yemen.

*President Trump's Holocaust Remembrance speech received some, what I call, 

knit-picking from the ZOA (Zionist Organization of America). Trump should 

have responded via Twitter after all I've done and will do for you (Israel). The 

Zionists said that he did not mention specifically the word "Jews" and they are 

upset about that but agree that the President is a friend, an ardent supporter 

of the Jewish people, was the Grand Marshall at the New York City Israel day 

parade, and has a orthodox Jewish daughter and grandchildren attending an 

orthodox day school. 

The President also wants to move the U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, 

will probably up the amount of foreign aid the U.S. sends to Israel and I'm sure the

U.S. has multiple agreements with Israel guaranteeing protection from their 

Muslim neighbors.

What else can the Zionists ask for?


"How many bowel movements per week do you consider healthy?"
Forrest Caricofe

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*My lower back is really sore and somewhat painful this morning. I promised 

myself that I would stretch my back daily, but I have failed myself on that. So 

instead of putting it off any longer, I'll stretch my lower back out right now 

(5:51 AM 1/30/2017 EST).

*7:55 AM 1/30/2017 EST. I just had a bowel movement or would you have rather 

I said I pooped? It don't matter, let's just say I took a dump or s&^%. I had two 

poops yesterday and I'm right proud of that because I must be eating the proper 

amount or more of fiber. I'll always give to you the date and time of my bowel 

movements so that you can record them in your daily journal.

I just thought you'd like to know.

*I've mentioned the numerous healthy effects of the "Miracle Pill of the Century" 

several times before. It's turmeric curcumin and is now thought to "kill deadly 

brain plaque beside all the other ailments it's preventing or curing." I'm taking 2 

daily and I'll probably live to be a 110 unless I die before that.

*It looks like all I do sometime is to talk about pooping and peeing. Maybe that's

what old people do when talking about their health. 

Well, I just peed and I'll paste the date and time so you can write it down in your 

daily journal (12:18 PM 1/30/2017 EST. This time, like when I can't hold it, I pee 

in the plastic hospital-like jug I bought at Walmart. I then pour the urine in the 

sink in the laundry room which is adjacent to my room. I then wash out the jug 

and my hands at the same time and then I spray 409 Cleanser, which claims to 

kill almost all bacteria, into the sink and the jug then bring the jug back to my 

room and place in its appropriate place on the shelf. Maybe you're getting tired 

of me talking about taking a dump or urinating, but you see that's all we old 

people have to talk about.


"American football may become, like soccer, a worldwide sporting event."
Forrest Caricofe

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sporting event."


*Rumor is that Mexico City, Mexico might want to acquire a NFL (National Football

League) franchise. This last season (2016) the Houston Texans played the Oakland 

Raiders in Mexico City.

*The Pro Bowl was held last night which is played with the best players from both

conferences making up two teams and playing each other. It was played too late 

for me to watch, but online this morning I found out that the heavily favored NFC 

(National Football Conference) lost to the AFC (American Football Conference), 

20-13 at the Camping World Stadium in Orlando, Florida.


"The only business today is "monkey business.""

Forrest Caricofe 

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No results found for "The only business today is "monkey business.""


*What are you reading this for, I just said there is no business today?


"What a wonderful life it must be to be an actress."
Forrest Caricofe

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No results found for "What a wonderful life it must be to be an actress."


*Last night at the Oscar presentations, Emma Stone, after winning the award for 

Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Leading Role in La La Land, 

said in her acceptance speech "Wow. To be an actor, playing an actor, and 

receiving an actor by a guild of actors (SAG - Screen Actors Guild)—it's pretty 


For a complete list of Oscar (a copy of a statuette, officially called the Academy 

Award of Merit, which has become commonly known by its nickname "Oscar")

award winners type in Oscar winners in the Google search box.


"The U.S. is a free country and allows hate groups within its' borders, but because 

we are free we do not have to believe in their philosophy." 

Forrest Caricofe

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No results found for "The U.S. is a free country and allows hate groups within its' 

borders, but because we are free we do not have to believe in their philosophy."


*I always thought that billionaire Bill Gates was liberal leaning and maybe a 

Clinton supporter because of his and his wife's Gates Foundation to help others,

but he has said of Trump's Order banning refugees  'Perfectly Reasonable, 

Totally Legitimate.'

*Lyft is donating $1M to ACLU to fight Trump's immigration ban. Lyft is a 

company based in San Francisco who connect riders who want a ride to those

who have a car.

*Trump says his refugee banning executive order 'Is About Terror and 

Keeping Our Country Safe.'

*Most religious groups are against Trump's executive order banning refugees,

but I know of at least some who side with the President. Evangelist Franklin 

Graham, all of the Southern Baptists, militia groups, the Klu Klux Klan and all

the hate groups.

*Those who hold green cards will not be affected by Trump's executive banning


*Protests at airports are becoming chaotic because of of not allowing refugees to

enter the country. 

I say to to the terrorists among them that I will purchase a one-way airplane 

ticket as close as possible to their enemy in the Middle East or elsewhere.


"There ain't nothing like a sardine sandwich overlaid with thin slices of tomato

to top off your morning."
Forrest Caricofe

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thin slices of tomato to top off your morning."


Weather for Smithville, Ohio

Today   SHOWERS_SNOW   26° 23°

Tue        SHOWERS_SNOW   35° 30°

Wed      SHOWERS_SNOW    33° 20°

Thu       PARTLY_CLOUDY   24° 13°

The Weather Channel - Weather Underground - AccuWeather

*7:33 AM 1/30/2017 EST. Went outside with all the trash from the house to take it

to the containers. Monday is trash day by Waste Management and I'll take the 

containers to the front in a few minutes. While I was outside I grabbed the weather

gauge to bring into the house. The outside temperature is 25°, the humidity is 77%,

the wind refuses to rush about and there seems to be some fresh snow that fell 

during the night because footprints that were there yesterday are covered up.

I told you yesterday I was going to the Wooster Walmart after picking Ryan up

from his stay at his uncle's house in Berea near Cleveland. I bought 2 slicing 

tomatoes in a pack and I'll have a Orleans sardine sandwich topped of with 

maybe 3 thin slices of a tomato.

*8:36 AM 1/30/2017 EST. I just came back in the house from taking the containers

to the road and nearly froze my arse off. I'm still in shorts (polyester) but 

wearing shoes without socks and covered from just below my belly button up 

with one short sleeve shirt (polyester) and two coats and no gloves. Warm as 

toast except for my hands.The temperature only gauge reads 22°, the sun is 

peeking through the dark clouds and the wind has picked up since earlier this 

morning at about 5 mph or more from the west.

*1:14 PM 1/30/2017 EST. Inside temperature is 71° and the humidity is 44%.

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