Sunday, February 5, 2017

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"Having $20 and a thumb is better than having nothing and on a bus."

Forrest Caricofe

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on a bus."



"The rest of this story of Greyhound and I will be told by me tomorrow...."

One of my first trips on a Greyhound Bus was when I traveled (1963) from Houston, 

Texas, alone and not afraid. I would have probably bought a bus ticket from 

Harrisonburg, Virginia to Houston, but I only had $20 in my pocket and I needed

that for other things. I learned much later on that Father and Mother had given my

brother, Roland, and my sister, Nancy, enough money to travel to somewhere in 

Mexico and back. But I don't hold any grudges.

I have traveled maybe over 30 times or so including those few times with Mother

on the bus they call the Greyhound Bus Lines, Inc. All of those times were after my 

heart stopped in February 1998 and the heart doctors said that I had some brain 

damage which may heal, in part, sometime in the future. I suffered PTSD (Post 

Traumatic Stress Disorder) for maybe the first five years or so were I did not drive 

a car or any other motor vehicle.

I'm going to tell you about 3 or 4 of the most interesting adventures I've had while 

riding on that big grey dog. 

I was on the bus either going to or from Ohio and Virginia. The bus just got into the

bus terminal in downtown Pittsburgh. We had a break before the bus continued, 

I needing to ask a question at the customer service counter and use the restroom.

I went to the customer service counter first to ask the question, that I don't 

remember now, were the young woman had a look on her face that she was going 

to laugh, but she didn't and I went on into the restroom. I looked into the mirror

and saw a bugger, looking like a small chicken wing, hanging from my left nostril.

After removing the bugger, peeing and washing my hands, I snuck out with my

left hand covering the side of face so she, hopefully, would not see me. You know 

how it is if you can't see them they can't see you. I went outside to the benches were

I waited for the bus driver or intercom to announce our departure and I picked both

nostrils for more buggers....



"Everybody are always celebrating something important. Maybe it's just 

because there're still alive today."
Forrest Caricofe

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Did you mean: "Everybody are always celebrating something important. Maybe 

it's just because there are still alive today."

No results found for "Everybody are always celebrating something important. 

Maybe it's just because there're still alive today."

Google is always trying to correct me and have it their way. Stop it, Google.


Black History Month - February 1 through February 28.

*Here are the details on the Plaza Black History Month celebration:

"RoAnn M. Destito, New York State Office of General Services (OGS) 

Commissioner, announced the State’s 2017 Black History Month observance at 

the Empire State Plaza will highlight the importance of New York as a prime 

destination for African Americans seeking a better life. This month-long 

observance will feature a cultural expo and vendor fair, a panel discussion on 

the Great Migration, and an art exhibit.

“This month offers us an excellent opportunity to place a spotlight on the facets 

of American history that tell the story of black Americans’ struggles and 

triumphs and how their significant contributions have made New York the great 

state it is today,” Commissioner Destito said. “Governor Cuomo has encouraged 

New Yorkers to learn more about the important and positive roles African 

Americans have had in our state’s history, and these Black History Month 

exhibits and events make it possible for visitors to the Empire State Plaza to be 

educated and entertained at the same time.”

Rose Harvey, Commissioner of the Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic 

Preservation, said: “The celebration of Black History at the Empire State Plaza 

is one way New York State is advancing recognition of our diverse heritage. I 

encourage New Yorkers to attend these events to learn more about the ways 

African-American people have shaped the history of New York State.”

“We are honored to share a replica of the Preliminary Emancipation 

Proclamation for the public to view at the state’s Black History Month Cultural 

Expo and Fair,” said Board of Regents Chancellor Betty A. Rosa. “This historic 

document presents a unique opportunity for adults and children to reflect on 

our nation’s past and to celebrate the progress we’ve made and the goals we 

continue to work toward. During Black History Month we recognize and thank 

African Americans for the innumerable sacrifices and contributions they have 

made to our nation.”

“The Preliminary Emancipation Proclamation, written by President Abraham 

Lincoln, is a treasured item in the New York State Library’s collections,” said 

State Education Commissioner MaryEllen Elia. “This extraordinary document 

represents a historic moment in the nation’s path to abolish slavery. As we 

commemorate Black History Month in February, we reflect on the words of 

President Lincoln and honor the achievements of African Americans and their 

contributions to our country. We are proud to partner with the Office of General 

Services to display a replica of the Preliminary Emancipation Proclamation at 

the Black History Month Cultural Expo for the public to view and learn from.”

The Black History Month exhibits and events will be held throughout the month 

of February and are free and open to the public."

"Imagine a country were money is taken from the people by corrupt leaders and

the leaders have the gall to try and forgive themselves without paying the money


Forrest Caricofe

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No results found for "Imagine a country were money is taken from the people by 

corrupt leaders and the leaders have the gall to try and forgive themselves 

without paying the money back."


*Received the following email message from

Hello Forrest!

This is a copy of the message you wrote when you registered postcard 

RU-5270218 from __________ , in Russia. Use it for archiving/tracking 


You wrote:


Thank you for the beautiful postcard. 

I will mention you (not your name) and your country in my story of today 

(February 5) on my web site: or Google - 

Forrest Caricofe. 

Thanks again, 


The postcard has been uploaded to Facebook, Twitter, Google + and Tumbler.

The sender of the postcard to me is from Tula, Russia:

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

"Tula is an industrial city and the administrative center of Tula Oblast, Russia, 

located 193 kilometers south of Moscow, on the Upa River. Population: 501,169 ; 

481,216 ; 539,980 . 

Weather: 9°F (-13°C), Wind NE at 9 mph (14 km/h), 78% Humidity

Local time: Sunday 11:37 PM

Population: 496,656 (2012) UNdata."

*Romania's government is to hold an urgent meeting to scrap a decree that would 

have shielded many politicians from prosecution for corruption.

Local Source:Romania scraps plan to decriminalise corruption after over 100,000 

took to the streets of Bucharest in protest.

*German magazine sparks furor with cover of Trump beheading Statue of Liberty.

The magazine Der Spiegel has ignited controversy in Germany and elsewhere. 


"Are there companies that pay journalists, scientists and reporters to lye about 

their food claims of easing your chronic pain?"
Forrest Caricofe

Google search: About 4,390,000 results (1.34 seconds) 

No results found for "Are there companies that pay journalists, scientists and 

reporters to lye about their food claims of easing your chronic pain?"


*I'm still getting nausated every few nights after eating supper (dinner to you

Yankees). When I saw Dr. Kwok, we both agreed that maybe I wasn't drinking

enough water after I told him that I was extremely belly sick about 2 years ago

when I didn't drink enough water with one of my prescription medications called 

Depakote 500 mg. I changed the name to Drop-a-coat so I can remember it 

better and if you think I'm lying ask my brother, Roland, because he was nearby 

when this happened in Mother's home in Virginia. If my nausa is not related to 

Drop-a-coat, there is a long list of maladies that it could be. I just wait a few more

days and if this infirmity continues I'll return to see Dr. Kwok.

*Researchers believe that spending more time outside can increase your ability

to have a more longer and restful sleep. 

It's winter and cold here, I can't stay outdoors all the time, but wait till Spring, the 

people in the house won't see me for at least 10 hours. I also believe that time out

in the weather will allow me to need less sleep because of more exercise. I'm

sleeping almost 7.5 hours, but last spring, summer and fall, I needed on a little

over 6 hours sleep.

*7:19 AM 2/5/2017 EST. I just made a Orleans sardine sandwich. I just took my 

first bite of those beheaded little beauties. I just hope I don't get any of my long 

hair in my mouth. 

*There are a lot of web sites dedicated to listing foods to help you fight chronic 

pain. I have found what seems to be the most mentioned in most of the web sites:

1.   Coffee. Hurray, hurray. I drink more coffee than most ever thought about 

drinking. I'm preparing to make my 2nd pot of coffee right now and number 3 

and 4, I may make later.

2.   Ginger is a root that can be used in flavoring almost all your dishes including 

ginger bread cookies.

3.   Salmon, one of my favorites, cooked in the can and wild caught in Alaska.

4.   Turmeric with curcumin, 500 mg, I take twice a day.

5.   Red grapes. I have black grapes now, but I'm going to Walmart today and

I'll purchase the juicy red ones.

6.   Thyme. If I had it it would be in a condiment bottle and I cannot find it "to 

save my arse." I buy the real plant today if Walmart has it.

*7:53 AM 2/5/2017 EST. After eating the sardine sandwich, I'm still hungry so I'm 

going to fix for myself a roma tomato sandwich. Lots salt will be added.

*1:21 PM 2/5/2017 EST. I did find gluten-free bread, Himilayian salt and pieces 

of the real live Thyme plant and I forgot the ginger. Durn it. Maybe I'll have time

after I wrap this story up because I know where it is. It's within two or 3 steps from

the Thyme.

*Many Breast Cancer Survivors Don't Get Life-Extending Therapy.


"If you you intend to be crooked or cheat in sports make sure there ain't no one 

who is looking."
Forrest Caricofe

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No results found for "If you you intend to be crooked or cheat in sports make sure

there ain't no one who is looking."


*I had just left Walmart when I got everything I needed and talked to several 

people in the line within hearing or listening distance and then when to Dollar 

Tree, and after purchasing a few items, I did the same thing in the line that I had

done at Walmart, the person ahead me, the young woman behind me and the 

cashier. Her name was __________ and because this is a free country she told me 

what she thought outloud about Bill Belichick, Tom Brady and the New England 

Patriots. She said they were all cheaters and crooked and you know she was right

because of Belichick's "Spygate" and Brady's " Deflategate."

*2:23 PM 2/5/2017 EST. I'm typing this part of my story from McDonalds were they 

always provide free and it's as a fast or faster than the WiFi that I have at the house.

*Iranian media reported on Sunday that the country has lifted its ban on U.S. 

wrestlers, allowing them to participate in the Freestyle World Cup later this month.

Iran had banned U.S. wrestlers in reaction to Trump's executive order refugee.

*I typed yesterday: "Of course, I have a prediction, the New England Patriots led 

by 39 year old (August 3, 1977,1 day short of my Mother's birthday on August 4) 

quarterback Tom Brady will win Super Bowl LI over the Atlanta Falcons by the score 

of 35-31." "

*"As of the 2014 season, the Patriots have played in a total eight Super Bowls, 

losing half of the time. In 2002, the Patriots defeated the St. Louis 2017 to win 

their first Super Bowl. In 2004, they beat the Carolina Panthers 32-19 and 

repeated as champions the following year, defeating the Philadelphia 

Eagles 24-21. On February 1, 2015, the Patriots beat the Seattle Seahawks 28-24.

*2:39 PM 2/5/2017 EST.  Patriots owner, Robert Kraft, is now being interviewed

on TV recalling Belichick, Brady and his friendship with President Trump over the 

last 15 years or so.

*I told you yesterday that Vice-President Mike Pence would be attending Super 

Bowl 51. I just learned that he will have his family along and with two disabled 

American soldiers.


"I wonder if you can tell how long you'll live by the length of your fingers?"
Forrest Caricofe

Google search: About 421,000,000 results (1.70 seconds) 

No results found for "I wonder if you can tell how long you'll live by the length 

of your fingers?"


*Studies have shown that your ability to become rich is tied to the amount of 

testosterone in the fetus. It goes onto that adults whose index finger is shorter 

than their ring finger were exposed to greater amounts of testosterone when 

they were in the womb. 

"The index finger, (also referred to as forefinger, pointer finger, trigger finger, 

digitus secundus, digitus II, and many other terms), is the first finger and the 

second digit of a human hand. It is located between the first and third digits, 

between the thumb and the middle finger."

What the hell are they talking about. My index finger is shorter than my ring 

finger and I have about $18 in my wallet + some change in my pocket and a few

a few thousand in the bank. I sure wasn't born with a "silver spoon in my mouth."


"In the old days the only social media were newspapers, books, handbills and 

pamphlets, but you had to ride to someone's house, place of business or other 

by riding a horse, horse and buggy, stage coach, maybe a bicycle or a jackass 

to talk face-to-face with them." 
Forrest Caricofe

Google search: About 105,000 results (2.13 seconds) 

"and" (and any subsequent words) was ignored because we limit queries to 32 


No results found for "In the old days the only social media were newspapers, 

books, handbills and pamphlets, but you had to ride to someone's house, place 

of business or other by riding a horse, horse and buggy, stage coach, maybe a 

bicycle or a jackass to talk face-to-face with them."


*Because of harassment problems, Twitter is going to make your use of their 

platform more of a safer place with continual updates.

*I missed celebrating Facebook's birthday yesterday which I would have placed 

under WE CELEBRATE TODAY. But it's not too late, I know. Yesterday was 

Facebook's 13th birthday and Facebook (also known as "Friend's Day") created 

for you as members, personalised Friends Day videos. I don't know if it's too late

for that or not.


"With how fast things are going with the new administration it looks like they're 

going "Faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, able to 

leap tall buildings in a single bound. Super Donald.""  
Forrest Caricofe

Google search: About 6,570 results (1.50 seconds) 

No results found for "With how fast things are going with the new administration 

it looks like they're going "Faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a 

locomotive, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound. Super Donald.""


*As I said before, it looks the new administration is doing the 100 meter dash 

every day since they took took office on January 20, 2017. They ain't, of course,

going to break the records (100 and 200 meters) of Jamaican Usain Bolt (full name,

Usain St Leo Bolt, OJ, CD (age 30)), but they're trying. 

*3:06 PM 2/5/2017 EST. Judge Neil Gorsuch, SCOTUS (Supreme Court Of The 

United States) Nominee's basic philosophy is individual rights before states rights.

*Ultra-Conservatives Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter recommend Donald Trump's

Amazon's #1 bestseller “Big Agenda.” 


"What would the weather do if you weren't around to watch it?"
Forrest Caricofe

Google search: About 555,000,000 results (1.59 seconds) 

No results found for "What would the weather do if you weren't around to 

watch it?"


Weather for Smithville, Ohio

Today    PARTLY_CLOUDY   41° 24°

Mon       PARTLY_CLOUDY   46° 37°

Tue        THUNDERSTORM    56° 39°

Wed       CLOUDY                     37° 18°

The Weather Channel - Weather Underground - AccuWeather

*7:43 AM 2/5/2017 EST. Went outdoors to grab the weather gauge and check 

first-hand on the weather. The skies are covered with different shades of grey 

and the wind is moving in from the south at about 5 mph. The temperature is 31°

and the humidity is 60%. 

*8:16 AM 2/5/2017 EST. I'm reading my gauge now that I brought in from outdoors.

The temperature is 71° and the humidity is 55%. I'm going to take the gauge into

the furnace room and then compare to the readings just above.

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