Tuesday, February 7, 2017

358th post

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"If we left it up to the kind people in the world there would be no wars or 


Forrest Caricofe

Google search: About 1,040,000,000 results (1.25 seconds) 

No results found for "If we left it up to the kind people in the world there would 

be no wars or conflicts."


There are a lot of great people in the world today that you don't see anything about 

on the news. I told you about my Mother and I's adventure called

It is a wonderful and educational experience that involves exchanging postcards 

with people throughout the world. Mother liked to look and read them. I liked to

buy, write on, scan for uploading to the web site and mailing the postcards. Along 

with my computer that I'm standing at and typing this story of today are 2 postcards 

to be mailed to Germany and Italy and one I've received recently from Russia that 

I need to register. I will do that today and upload the picture postcard to Facebook, 

Tumbler, Google + and Twitter. Under WORLD below I will tell about, along with 

Wikipedia assistance, the sender's part of Russia where they are living. 

Every member can type a profile of themselves at the web site. 

Even the copy and pasting of my profile below causes a few tears to run from my

eyes to down upon my cheeks. My typed profile on

"I took care of my Mother, known to some of you as edie18, on and off for most 

of 12 years and we had an amazing experience talking by postcard with people 

all over the world. I don't remember the exact number of cards we received, 

maybe over 800 or so. But at 96 Mother passed to Heaven, so I have a lot more 

time on my hands. I've created a website ( that 

tells in stories (206 as of this morning - two a day) of my past, present and hopes 

for the future in humorous, serious, opinionated, happy, my time with Father 

and Mother and other ways. 

I like most all postcards, except those dealing with fear, anger and disgust. If 

you like, and only if you like, I can send to you a postcard in an envelope with 

an American coin or two and several cards explaining my web site which says 

"I'm not selling anything.""

Thank you.

Forrest Caricofe"

Interesting facts from

Countdown: 96,041 left to 40 million postcards received!

665,735 members

211 countries

754 postcards/hour

39,904,047 postcards received

446,473 postcards traveling

124,674,610,028 miles traveled

5,006,721 laps around the world


"What would folks do without the mailman and the internet?"
Forrest Caricofe

Google search: About 35,000,000 results (1.21 seconds) 

No results found for "What would folks do without the mailman and the internet?"



Black History Month - February 1 through February 28....

"Art Exhibit

The exhibit outside the Empire State Plaza Visitor Center and Gift Shop features 

four paintings and one mosaic from the New York State Harlem Art Collection 

and a mural titled Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad. The Harlem 

Art Collection, which is overseen by OGS, was created in 1976 and originally 

housed in the Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. Harlem State Office Building. The 

collection contains more than 100 works by nearly 80 artists who lived or worked 

in Harlem.

The mural, Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad, was created in 

September 2016 by students from the Monroe Community College Art 

Department in Rochester for the 10th Biennial Global Mural Conference. The 

symbols on the mural represent ones that were used by the Railroad to signify 

safe houses, waterways, trails, and roads."


Emancipation document part of Black History Month

By Rick Karlin, Capitol bureau on February 2, 2017 at 1:31 PM

*Well, I missed another day to celebrate. The other day it was Facebook and 

now I've missed Mail Carrier Day. I use to be a mail carrier and I should have 

remembered this, February 4, and celebrated each year on this day. But it ain't

too late, go ahead a wish your mail carrier a belated celebration day. 

*It's Safer Internet Day.

Safer Internet Day (SID) is organised by Insafe in February of each year to 

promote safer and more responsible use of online technology and mobile 



"Why does God allow small children to fight in wars and consequently, will 

never experience childhood?"

Forrest Caricofe

Google search: About 6,220,000 results (1.77 seconds) 

No results found for "Why does God allow small children to fight in wars and 

consequently, will never experience childhood?"


*I received the following email message from

Hello Forrest!

This is a copy of the message you wrote when you registered postcard 

RU-5371010 from __________ , in Russia. Use it for archiving/tracking purposes.

You wrote:

“Hi, __________

Thank you so much for the postcard of the beautiful flowers, plants and your 

comment that your postcard is sent in memory of my Mother. 

I will mention you (not your name) and your city/or country in my story of today 

(February 7) by 6:00 PM EST on my web site: 

or Google, Forrest Caricofe.

Thanks again,


The sender is from Kaluga, Russia.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


City in Russia

Kaluga is a city and the administrative center of Kaluga Oblast, Russia, located 

on the Oka River 150 kilometers southwest of Moscow. 

Area: 65.83 mi²

Founded: 1371

Weather: 4°F (-16°C), Wind NW at 4 mph (6 km/h), 66% Humidity

Local time: Tuesday 3:01 PM

Population: 328,871 (2012) UNdata

University: Kaluga State Pedagogical University

*A U. S. federal appeals court will hear arguments today on whether to once again

OK Trump's executive order that temporarily bans the previously mentioned 7 

Muslim countries banning their citizens from entering the United States.

5:53 PM 2/7/2017 EST. These hearings are now live.

*The White House has imposed sanctions against 25 Iranian individuals and 

companies in response to Iran's testing on January 30, 2017 of a new missile, 

the long range Khorramshahr. 

*"Nearly 100 Companies in Legal Brief Against Trump Travel Ban."

*"Report: ISIS Pays Refugee Children to Join Ranks."


"Why can't a baby wrapped in swaddling clothes through about age 5 to 7, 

more or less, remember anything about that precious time in their life?"
Forrest Caricofe

Google search: About 66,800 results (1.60 seconds) 

No results found for "Why can't a baby wrapped in swaddling clothes through 

about age 5 to 7, more or less, remember anything about that precious time in 

their life?"


*I told you before that I'm the oldest (74), healthiest and the only one who can drive 

in the house. I drove so much yesterday that I was late posting my story (357th) of

the day. I posted it around 6:30 PM when it should have been posted before 6:00

PM and just got back in time to avoid the darkness of the night. I know I've told 

you before that I cannot drive during the night because of my cataracts and


*Today I will drive Bill to (1) the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) to get new

driver's licence , (2) to get some prescription medications at Rite Aid and (3) to

Walmart for an eye examination and order eyeglasses at the Vision Center. 

Looks like another chauffeuring day. I'll spend the time we have at Walmart to

continue typing my story of the day at Subway. 

*7:29 AM 2/7/2017 EST. I'm preparing my 1st breakfast sandwich of the day and

you know what it is because I eat it every day. Yes, you're right. An Orleans 

sardine sandwich with the sardines, of course, and 2 slices of Shar gluten-free

bread, a hint of mustard, 3 slices of a Roma tomato placed on the top of the 

sardines and to top that off, I'm using Olde Thompson (since 1944, I was just a 

a baby wrapped in swaddling clothes at that time in my life) Fine Himalayan 

Pink Salt to salt the tomato slices. Pink ain't exactly my favorite color, it's blue, 

but I'll use it just the same.

Hm, hm, good.

*I typed the other day about coffee being good to prevent body pain. I'm 

making my 2nd pot of coffee now (8:18 AM 2/7/2017 EST) and with the addition

of the other things like the gluten-free bread and others, I ought to be pain free

by this evening.

*11:01 AM 2/7/2017 EST. I just got back to the house from driving Bill and I to

my PNC (Pittsburgh National Corporation) Bank to get money from the out-door 

ATM (Automated Teller Machine) and then to the grocery store nearby who I 

won't tell you its' name because of the ratfink that works there. I had to get

somethings for the house and I used the self check out and was only a few 

minutes. Next to CVS (Convenience, Value, and Service, I didn't know that) to

pick up my cholesterol prescription medication which Dr. Kwok office should 

have electronically sent to Rite Aid. I went in expecting to transfer the 

prescription to Rite Aid, but the young woman who waited on me, who is 

hesitent to smile, said the cost would only be 52 cents. I have two insurances for

prescription medications that are Blue Cross Federal Plan and Tricare for Life,

meaning it will not valid upon reaching my next home in hell or in Heaven.

Since CVS (Convenience, Value, and Service, maybe if I keep doing this, I'll

remember. Kind of a catchy phrase don't you think?) could not reach a deal with

Tricare, Tricare will not pay for any prescription medication purchased at CVS

(Convenience, Value, and Service, the 3rd time's the charm). So I paid 52 cents

for the clostestrol prescription medication and gave a dollar to the AHA 

(American Heart Association) to the the young woman who almost always smiles

and walks to work. I next had to see the pharmacist, who seems to like me less 

everytime I go there, because it was a new medication to find out the specific 

dangers or side effects of this medication for me. She said to take it at night and to 

call my doctor, Dr. Kwok, if I experience leg pain, cramps are other maladies 

which may be a side effect of this particular medication. We next went to Rite Aid 

and their computers were down so we left there and went Advance Auto Parts 

were I bought that metal part and glue needed to hang the rear view mirror in the 

Honda. This is 4th or 5th time I've tried to hang it after letting the medal part only 

stick for 24 hours and it usually falls off because of the cold, heaviness of the mirror 

or bringing up my right shoe and knocking it down because I do not wear my right

shoe while driving. Next, the final destination in Orrville, home to the Smucker's 

brand, was the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) of Ohio were Bill did 

something to get his license back because I did not go in with him.

Well, I'm going to skip the rest by typing, because time is running out. I don't 

mean I'm dying, I just need to hurry and post my story of the day before 6:00 

PM EST like I promised you.

I guess the only thing I did not mention was driving Bill to Wayne Health for a 

part for his oxygen machine. Besides that, I believe everything has been 

accomplished that we intended to do. What a day and I still have a wealth of 

boundless energy. Must be the coffee.


"How can a small child be a successful gambler when an adult always loses?"
Forrest Caricofe

Google search: About 4,890,000 results (1.32 seconds) 

No results found for "How can a small child be a successful gambler when an 

adult always loses?"


*Super Bowl LI has been in the headlines since the game this past Sunday and 

I'm sure it will be continued to talk about for a while. Tom Brady, New England 

Patriot's quarterback, who turns 40 years old on August 3 of this year has said 

he would like to play until age 45.  The TV station that I'm listening to right now 

5:00 AM 2/7/2017 EST has offered viewers a contest offering a prize of some 

kind in guessing the number of Super Bowls the Patriots will win in the next 5 


My prediction is 2 and I'll be 79 years, so we'll see how my guess turns out. I either 

will be dead and not know, or alive and know the answer.

What's your prediction?

*My grand-son-law?, Jack, won $250 in the Legion lottery for Super Bowl LI. I ask

for a $20 loan because I'm broke. His Mother Danielle Caricofe πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ˜˜ liked it, of

course, and I replied to her like on Facebook 6 minutes ago:

Hi, Danielle.MY neice-in-law? I've changed my mind. Please tell Jack I need two 

$20s. Thanks. Please tell everyone in the family tree that I said Hi.


*3:26 PM 2/7/2017 EST. It's Jack's Mother, Danielle, again. I thought she knew I like 

to be left alone. I've been alone, but not lonely, all my life. You know that. She said

on Facebook:

Forrest Caricofe you are too funny!! Come visit us!! Maybe this summer?? You must 

be up for a road trip!

And my reply:

Danielle, If I wanted to go on a road trip, I would not go to Maine near the Arctic 

Circle. I'd go to the dryest place in the U. S. and according to the dew point, it's 

the Grand Canyon. Forrest Caricofe

The next time she bothers me I'm going to ask her to ask Jack for 3 $20s. She also 

needs to remember I do not accept cellular phone calls unless it's from her father-

in-law. Period.

If I ever get a chance to leave and go to the Grand Canyon, I'll have her and her 

family meet me there, it's only 42 h (2,839.9 mi) via I-40 W. Piece a cake for me 

and Mother's Honda.


"Politics has come to be more and more each day funnier than "a Barrel of 

Forrest Caricofe

Google search: About 7,040,000 results (1.35 seconds) 

No results found for "Politics has come to be more and more each day funnier 

than "a Barrel of Monkeys.""


*"Senate Dems Pull All-Nighter in Fight Against DeVos."

*2:37 PM 2/7/2017 EST. From my computer screen and the Washington Post. 

Vice-President Pence casts historic vote to confirm Betsy DeVos as Secretary of 


*"Sheriffs to Meet With Trump, Discuss Immigration."

*"Trump Slams 'Failing' NY Times: 'Making Up Stories' About Me."

*"I'm repeating something that I typed for last night's story to show both you and

me that Trump does hire his former critics: "Trump Critic Elliott Abrams Might 

Become No. 2 at State."

*A drug dealer who was released early by ex-President Obama is now back 

behind bars on drug charges after he, Robert M. Gil, 68, was arrested in a high-

chase in Texas. Two pounds of cocaine were found in his car.


Arrest and confine for a long period of time drug dealers, but show leniency, 

maybe just probation, to drug users. If Gill was in the Philippines, he'd be 

murdered right. President Rodrigo Duterte don't take no crap from criminals. 


"I ain't got no quote for the weather today, just because I'd rather not."
Forrest Caricofe

Google search: About 51,200,000 results (1.54 seconds) 

No results found for "I ain't got no quote for the weather today, just because 

I'd rather not."

I'm doing the typing. You ain't.


Weather for Smithville, Ohio

Today     THUNDERSTORM     56° 36°

Wed        SHOWERS_SNOW     36° 22°

Thu         SHOWERS_SNOW    24° 12°

Fri           CLOUDY                     32° 30°

The Weather Channel - Weather Underground - AccuWeather

8:04 AM 2/7/2017 EST. Went outdoors to take a letter to the mailbox and to get 

the weather gauge. The temperature is 53°, like yesterday but no sun today, a

rarity for this time of year. Smucker Road is slick with rain that is blowing in 

from the south at 10 mph more or less and, of course, the American flag on the

the northeast border corner pole tells me that. The humidity is 81% because of

it raining and I can see the bubbled up water on the Honda because of me 

waxing it a few months ago.

*I've just returned from driving Bill and I to Orrville to get somethings done we

needed doing. The indoor temperature is 69° and the humidity is 79% and as I

walked in the entrance to the house I saw that the temperature only gauge read


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