Tuesday, February 14, 2017

364th post - 14 Feb 17, 1119 EST, VALENTINE'S DAY.


*This is the 364th story of my life and is the first time in my aging memory that 

I've started writing, my sometimes forgotten thoughts of life, that I have to failed to 

post the memories that I've remember of my very long-lasting life. Sorry.

*Carolyn and I went to Walmart yesterday to grocery shop after I drove her to 

an appointment with Dr. Kwok. When we had finished at the checkout, we 

pushed two carts full to the car and then I panicked some because of 

the beginning darkness of the hour. If you'll remember I cannot drive at night

and because of her guidance, the white and yellow double lines on each side

and the tail lights of the vehicle in front of me, we made it home alright. 

We unloaded the groceries with Ryan's help who had to stay behind because 

Bill's COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) is getting worse.

After I unloaded all the groceries and other things that we had bought, I failed 

to to see my computer on which I have the stories of my life.

I phoned the number at the the top of the Walmart receipt and tolded them that

my computer in a strong cloth bag might be in aisle 6 were Clemincia from 

Columbia is cashiering. They said they found it and would hold it for me. What 

a relief and I told the person I talked to I was certainly grateful.

I did not return that night because, even though I have cataracts and glaucoma,

I believe in doing for myself.

This morning I awoke about 6:10 AM 2/14/2017 EST and turned on the anti-

President Trump CNN (Cable News Network) to watch the latest news until the 

light of  morning finally appeared. The talked about 45 minutes concerning 

President Trump's National Security Advisor in gathering evidence to impeach

the President, but the most common sense reply came from Republican

Representative Chris of New York, retired "Army Lieutenant General Michael," a 

member of the Democratic Party, "is a great American, lets's move on" and if I 

could omit one word that would be "10 words or less," that I say a lot. And in those 

eleven words and a few seconds, we know that he knows more about common sense 

than the anti-President Trump CNN (Cable News Network) could say in 45 minutes.

There are other stories that I can tell you from watching the anti-President Trump 

CNN (Cable News Network), but I will tell you that in my story of today (365th).

I left the house at about 7:10 AM 2/14/2017 EST at the beginning or the dawn of 

this morning and pressed the pedal to the medal like I'm use to doing. Looked

both ways twice and stomped on the gas again throwing gravels to the wind.

Near 65 mph (miles per hour) before Egypt Road, the first crossroad and up to

near 70 before I got to the unrepaired one-track railroad tracks and slowed 

to 10 mph (miles per hour) and then I stomped on the gas again and maybe up to

40 mph (miles per hour) to the crossroads with 4 stop signs about 50 yards away.

After I stopped completely and my turn came up I floored Mother's Honda Accord


As I  just passed the the sign that read Smithville, know as the Heart of Wayne 

County, I laughed to myself or outloud. My tongue said I had forgoten my false

teeth. I think that's funny. I went back to the house and installed my false teeth 

and now let's fast-forward to were I'm at in Subway in Walmart. I went to Walmart

Customer Service and said "thank you" politely as I gave them $5 for Children's

Miracle Network. I then went to Subway were I'm at right now and order my first

breakfast from Subway, a steak, egg, no cheese, olive oil, salt, all the 

vegetables, and a coffee refill. Here I am.

I'll post this 364th story of my life as soon as I tell to you about some of my stories 

that I'll cover today (365th) and maybe tomorrow (366th).

1.   I'll tell you about that hog-tied fat little @#^$%#*% and his tormentors.

2.   I'll tell you about my attempt to outrun the government and the law. And in

both adventures I didn't have my companion, Bonnie, by my side.

364th post.

*I'm going to try and not cry again today like I've been doing and I hope that you 

won't try and make me do it, please.

*6:03 AM 2/13/2017 EST. Well, that didn't work. A few young people on 

Facebook commented on what I had typed concerning my Father in my story 

that I posted last evening and I started to tear up again. It ain't their fault it's mine 

for reading it again. Maybe tomorrow?

*I've started to copy and paste some quotations and other writings of mine on 

Facebook during the day.

Google today: Just above the search box: Press the right arrow to play and it 

says "Do you know how to play games on your mobile device?" It then goes 

into a cartoon character video presentation on how it's done. How nice.


"I believe that you don't have to read the Bible if some kind and gentle soul

has read it for you."
Forrest Caricofe

Google search: About 203,000,000 results (1.28 seconds) 

No results found for "I believe that you don't have to read the Bible if some 

kind and gentle soul has read it for you."


I was thinking of the anti-President Donald Trump Grammy Awards ceremony 

that was held last evening. It was the 59th for regular grammies, but this was 

the first year for the anti-Trump Grammy Award presentations.

Some of the attending and/or watching worship those who won the awards. I 

thought we were suppose to worship God? A person cannot worship God and 

performers equally. Did God say "Thou shalt not have strange gods before me 

for you shall not worship any other god, for the LORD, whose name is Jealous, 

is a jealous God?" I don't know, I don't read the Bible. My Grandmother Cline 

read the Bible clear through 15 times. I figure she read the Bible 1 time for her 

second oldest grandson, me.

Exodus 20:3

From the Darby Bible.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

"The Darby Bible (DBY, formal title The Holy Scriptures: A New Translation 

from the Original Languages by J. N. Darby) refers to the Bible as translated 

from Hebrew and Greek by John Nelson Darby. Darby published a translation 

of the New Testament in 1867, with revised editions in 1872 and 1884."

MY EMAIL: To Google Adwords.

"Sorry, My credit card was hacked by the ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) 

barbaric terrorists, maybe and they charged over $850 to buy a ticket on 

Turkish Airlines to hell, I hope.

One of my quotes of today if you would be so kind to read it: 

"People from the past were embarrassed to talk about anything that dealt with 

the twat, penis, balls and the ass."

Thanks for everything, Google

To Google Adwords again.

Forrest Caricofe <>

10:41 AM (0 minutes ago)

to Google 

Oh, I forgot. I didn't see how many Adwords I had listed. I'm I maxed out or 

can I add another or so. Thanks.

Don't you please show the following to billionaire and Google co-founder 

Sergey Brin or he'll hang me:

I hope you all were able to watch anti-President Donald Trump Grammy Awards 

ceremony that was held last evening. It was the 59th for regular grammies, but 

this was the first year for the anti-Trump Grammy Award presentations.

I ain't going to bother you all

Thanks again,



"If I was six feet tall with a ten gallon hat how tall would I be?"
Forrest Caricofe

Google search: About 6,090,000 results (1.06 seconds) 

No results found for "If I was six feet tall with a ten gallon hat how tall would 

I be?"


Black History Month - February 1 through February 28....


*President Abraham Lincoln "advocated like much of north to release the slaves

from their bondage. Lincoln dealt with that and the American Civil War 

beginning on April 12, 1861 and ending on May 9, 1865."

 *I forgot to tell you something the other day when Wikipedia described

for me some of the characteristics of President Abraham Lincoln. I just found out 

that he had no middle name and he was named for his paternal grandfather 

who was born in Virginia. 

The thing I wanted to tell you about was that Lincoln wore a 7 inch high silk

hat. He was 6 feet 4 inches tall and if you combine the two measurements he 

would be 6 feet 11 inches tall. The way I figured it, I'd have to be 11 inches off 

the ground with a borrowed stepladder to stare President Abraham Lincoln

in his face.


I like my name. I ain't changing it for nobody nohow. Period.

"It ain't what they call you it's what you answer to."

W. C. Fields

Some people say you can't use the word "ain't." If W. C. Fields can use it and 

because I'm free to use it, I'll use the word "ain't" as often and as many times as 

I want to. Ain't, ain't, ain't, ain't, ain't, ain't, ain't, ain't, ain't, ain't, ain't, ain't, ain't

and ain't and I ain't done yet.





"Tortellini, also known as cappelletti, are ring-shaped pasta, sometimes also

described as "navel shaped", hence their alternative name of "belly button". 

They are typically stuffed with a mix of meat or cheese."

Why don't they make up their minds. Tortellini or "belly button". I got a "belly

button," but I ain't got no Talktolenny.



What does that mean? Take out the hard disk and and wash it in the sink with 


World Radio Day – February 13

I remember that Mother and I use to listen to the radio and I believe it was at

the house on Ottobine Road when we lived near Dayton, Virginia. I told you

numerous stories about our life at the Ottobine Road house and our ever two

week trip to my Grandparent Cline's house on the hill near Burketown in 

Augusta County (we lived in Rockingham County) for after church Sunday

dinner. I believe us southerners called it dinner when it was a big spread of

food with a lot of related people and lunch if it was less food and less people.

If it was called lunch on any particular day then the last meal of the day 

became supper. I hope this ain't confusing to you because it's certainly 

confusing to me.

I'll have more of Mother and I listening to the radio in this evening's post (365th).


"Do you know what is the most evil animal on earth? No, it ain't the hyena or the 

wild dog. Humanity is the most evil &^#%^@* in our world."
Forrest Caricofe

Google search: 5 results (2.15 seconds) 

No results found for "Do you know what is the most evil animal on earth? No, it 

ain't the hyena or the wild dog. Humanity is the most evil &^#%^@* in our 


Google, didn't you get a good night's sleep? 5 results in a long 2.15 seconds?


*North Korea will not join our world.


'That fat little evil dictator who feeds his vast army, but starves his people is at it 

again. Just leave me in a room alone with that fat little @#^$%#*% for ten 

minutes. It might not even take that long."

The opinion above was on yesterday's story and I've thought about it an I got a 

plan. They say that that fat little @#^$%#*% is near weighing or the more of 300

pounds. He is a glutton and starves his people, except for his military of course,

and will continue to hog out until he reaches a weight of 400 pounds. Then 

because of the disability of his weight his unknown to him can take him and 

hog tie him. I know that there is a one-lane railroad track running from Osan, 

South Korea to Teague in the south. My dog Prince and had a most wonderful 

experience riding in a box car for a day and a night from to our handler and dog

training in the south. I'm assuming that the tracks extend north from Osan to 

Seoul and on to the north in North Korea only stopped on both sides by the

DMZ (Demilitarized Zone). 

That was the first part not let's do the second part by taking that hog-tied fat 

little @#^$%#*% and placing him on one of those boxcars with 4 of his worse

enemies. Two is needed for sleeping and two are necessary for beating. 

While the two who are beating the two who are sleeping can get 12 hours sleep 

after the train stops so they get in faraway to boxcar to keep from hearing the 

 hog-tied fat little @#^$%#*% howling and screaming. At the same time 

the two who are beating and the  from hog-tied fat little @#^$%#*% is howling and 

screaming both of the beaters scream into megaphones with one hand and 

strike with baseball bats in the other not to kill him but maintain the level 

of howling and screaming form hog-tied fat little @#^$%#*%. The megaphones

will be used to remind the hog-tied fat little @#^$%#*% of his starving people

and his refusal to agree with the world concerning nuclear missiles. A the train

slows down to 1 mph (miles per hour) the beaters have decide to work in 4 or 6 

hour shifts in beating and screaming at the hog-tied fat little @#^$%#*% who is 

continually howling and screaming. 

Well. the beaters have taken a brake two going into a roadside kimchi bar while

the others are continuing to beat with baseball bats and screaming into their 

while the hog-tied fat little @#^$%#*% continues to howl and scream.

I do not feel sorry for that hog-tied fat little @#^$%#*%, I feel sorry his people.

We'll finish this wonderful adventure when the beaters finish their delicious 

kimchi dinners tomorrow and when we slow the train down to 1/2 mph (miles 

per hour).

*11:23 AM 2/13/2017 EST.  Tour bus overturns on Taiwan highway killing 28



"To prevent pain in your poor old aching joints, buy gluten-free food products 

at your favorite local grocery."
Forrest Caricofe

Google search: About 299,000 results (0.95 seconds) 

No results found for "To prevent pain in your poor old aching joints, buy 

gluten-free food products at your favorite local grocery."


*8:02 AM 2/13/2017 EST. I'm fixing my first sandwich of the morning. Two slices

of gluten-free bread topped off with Great Value mustard, Orleans sardines, two

slices of a roma tomato and a sprinkle of Olde Thompson (since 1944) Fine 

Himalayan Pink Salt. I told you before that gluten-free food is good to prevent

bodily pain and the Himalayan salt has 81 minerals that are also contained in 

the human body.



"The cowboy of the old west could have done a lot better if the buffalo had worn

extremely dark sunglasses."
Forrest Caricofe

Google search: About 24,800,000 results (1.26 seconds) 

No results found for "The cowboy of the old west could have done a lot better 

if the buffalo had worn extremely dark sunglasses."

Google wanted me to change the word "had" to "has?"


I guess when it comes right down to it I like to make people smile or laugh. It 

makes them fill good about themselves. I do not try to condemn humanity. but 

try to lift up mankind's spirits. Being over friendly does that. 

When I'm friendly there is no one else around unless I'm talking to them too. 

I'm not embarrassed to say something that someone else may be embarresed 

by saying.

At Walmart this last Saturday only one woman out of 50 or more that I was 

friendly to, frowned when I smiled as we passed in the Walmart and/or

McDonalds. It might have been me, but I don't think so because I've learned to 

be friendly from my parents.

I hope this explains what I'm trying to say, sometimes I believe I just confuse 

you and me.


"A saying I remember from the past when someone asked where someone 

was at. "He went to take a poop and the hogs ate him."" 
Forrest Caricofe

Google search: About 3,640,000 results (1.45 seconds) 

No results found for "A saying I remember from the past when someone asked 

where someone was at. "He went to take a poop and the hogs ate him.""

You think I'm lying don't you? No I ain't. Well, the word poop might have been a

different word, I don't exactly remember that.


*Adele who won the grammy for Album of the Year at the anti-President Donald 

Trump Grammy Awards ceremony said in a speech,  'We all have friends of 

different races, but to separate them is insidious and rude.'

The name Adele reminds of one of my nieces who is my brother Roland's 2nd

girl child and works as big wheel at James Madison University in Harrisonburg, 

Virginia. Go Dukes. Well, she ain't no child any more and along with her 

husband, Shannon, (I'll tell you about him later) have a girl child. I don't recall

their girlchild's real name anymore but I always called her "Sweet Adeline." 

Ain't that something?

Now for Shannon. We have always insulted each other in a friendly way, but 

I'm still aggravated at him because he forced me to start smoking again. I was 

trying to quit and while under a tree in Mother's yard maybe celebrating Sweet 

Adeline's birthday which is normally celebrated twice a week, he forced one

of his cigarettes on me and I've been smoking ever since.

I ask of him a favor once. 

When I went to the Sentara Rockingham Memorial Hospital to find shelter and a 

place to sleep during the big snowstorm I told you about, two women angels 

came out and gave me blankets were I lay sleeping on a couch at the front 

entrance. I'm crying again. Human acts of kindness get to me everytime. 

Shannon said "it would be like looking for a needle in a haystack." Well, if you

tried "thanks, Shannon," and I'm sorry I called you "fat" on Facebook.You all 

three take care of yourselves and say Hi to everyone in the family circle. 

Your Uncle, Uncle-in-law and I don't know what you are to me, Sweet Adeline?




You might think by what you read when I type about politics that I'm all Trump.

NEGATIVE. You do not have to agree with anyone like I said on the back of my

business card (it ain't a business, it's a blog. Blog is a rude word, I like using 

story instead)....."because of brave men and women who fought to keep this 

country free we can say yes or no to anything 

that's asked."

1.   Taiwan. I just heard that a tour bus has overturned on a Taiwan highway 

killing 28 and I'm sadden by that. 

No U.S. administration that can remember has recognized Taiwan as a nation. 

Trump talked by phone with the leader of Taiwan just after he was elected, but

now has kissed up to China and their one-China policy. One-China my arse.


Weather for Smithville, Ohio

Today   PARTLY_CLOUDY    38° 27°

Tue        PARTLY_CLOUDY    47° 26°

Wed      MOSTLY_CLOUDY   32° 21°

Thu       CLOUDY                      31° 22°

The Weather Channel - Weather Underground - AccuWeather

*6:52 PM 2/12/2017 EST. After I posted my story of my life yesterday at 

McDonalds, I had to drive fast as I could to get to the house. My glaucoma and 

cataracts prevent me from driving at night, my eye doctor saying that the 

cataracts are not large enough for my Medicare Part B to pay for. The wind in

this dusk of the evening was blowing a chill wind to the west at maybe about 

15 mph (miles per hour) and the slight rain required me to turn on the delayed

windshield wipers of Mother's 1986 Honda Accord.

*7:10 AM 2/13/2017 EST. I just looked out the eastern and only prison-like

small window that I have in my 12 foot by 10 foot prison-like room and I saw 

that it's getting light a lot earlier. I looked online to find the sunup-sundown

times and I forgot about dawn and dusk. The figures are military times just 

like I use when posting my story of the day on I can see that I

figured wrong about when it gets light during the day. Because I can't drive 

at night, I see now that I have 1/2 extra to leave or come back to the house:

Date Sunrise Sunset Length Dawn Dusk Length

Today 07:24 18:00 10:36 06:56 18:29 11:33

*8:42 AM 2/13/2017 EST. I just came back indoors from taking both of the trash

containers to the road. It's trash day you know compliments of Waste 

Management. The weather gauge tells me that the temperature is 34° and the

humidity is 60% meaning to me an only slight chance of precipitation. The wind 

is blowing in from the west, the sun trying to peek through a variety of white puffy, 

grey and dark clouds.

*12:22 PM 2/13/2017 EST. I've just returned from the outdoors were I went to get

the mail and return the emptied trash containers to the eastern side of the garage.

What a glorious day. The dark clouds have disappeared and have been replaced

by the puffy white clouds I like so well. Oh, what a glorious day.

"About 188,000 residents near Oroville, Calif., were ordered to evacuate Sunday 

after a hole in an emergency spillway in the Oroville Dam threatened to flood the 

surrounding area."

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