Wednesday, February 15, 2017

366th post - 15 Feb 17 - 1907 EST


*If you read my life story of yesterday you know that I posted it quite late.

It was just like the story goes that Cinderella turned into a pumpkin because 

she failed to return home before the bewitching hour of 12:00.

I ain't stayed up that long for centuries.

By the time I got my life's story posted of yesterday there were only 6 minutes 

left to celebrate the celebration days I had listed under WE CELEBRATE TODAY 

AND/OR THIS MONTH to include the "big daddy" of them all, Valentine's Day.

Leaving my computer at Walmart the other night caused me to try and catchup

and, hopefully, I'm near caught up by now. We'll see how the rest of this day 



I told you this morning at about 12:00 PM 2/14/2017 EST that I was going to tell

you about "that hog-tied fat little @#^$%#*% and his tormentors and my attempt 

to outrun the government and the law. And in both adventures I didn't have my 

companion, Bonnie, by my side."

Well, I lied. I ain't got time. Maybe tomorrow. All I can say now is "Gentlemen,

start your engines.""

Well, I'm lying again. I guess a lie ain't to wrong if it don't hurt someone. Are any

of you all injured?

I running out time and I've told most of story about trying to escape the clutches

of the government and a small portion of the story of me trying to out run the law 

with no "Bonnie" by my side. 

As to the story  about "that hog-tied fat little @#^$%#*% and his tormentors I'll

just say his tormentors had decided to take another break at another kimchi bar

and the boxcar on the one-track railroad slowed to a 1/8 mph (miles per hour)

as he tormentors continued to beat him with a baseball bat and scream into their

megaphones "you starved our people and you failed to cooperate with the world" as

the hog-tied fat little @#^$%#*% continued to scream, wail and howl like the

pig and hog that he is right now.



"There is another saying or quote I remember "like great-grandmother, like 


Forrest Caricofe

Google search: About 17,100,000 results (1.34 seconds) 

No results found for "There is another saying or quote I remember "like great-

grandmother, like cousin-in-law.""

I guess that sometimes Google is stunned or shocked because of a particular 

abnormal request and you have to paste the made up quote/saying twice. This

was one of those times. Thanks for trying again, Google. 

My Mother read to me as a child "The Little Engine That Could." 

In a lot of ways I much like my Father: Cuss a little, carry a bandana or 

handkerchief in one of my pockets, say "what the hell is going on," like hominy

and puddin, ponhaus (that call it scrapple up here in the north, damn Yankees)

with over-easy eggs, we were both very friendly to all, drove fast, we both liked

sardines and little wieners, etc. 

The only differences is that he is a homebody and I ain't, he has a companion, 

my Mother, to read road signs and I don't, he likes being around people and I 

like being alone, he turns the key off to save gas and I don't, and some other 

things that I don't remember that we are different or we are a like.

Sadly and I've told you this before, "I didn't realize until he had passed to Heaven

that he cared for me more than I ever knew." "Like Father, like son."


"What's the difference between a gum drop, a Hippopotamus and a woman or a 

man that ain't married? You figured it out." 
Forrest Caricofe

Google search: About 51,000 results (1.75 seconds) 

No results found for "What's the difference between a gum drop, a Hippopotamus 

and a woman or a man that ain't married? You figured it out."


Black History Month - February 1 through February 28....


President Lincoln Delivered the Gettysburg Address 

November 19, 1863 

"The speaker before Lincoln, Edward Everett, was one of the most popular 

orators of his day. He spoke for two hours. Yet Everett admitted to Lincoln, 

"I wish that I could flatter myself that I had come as near to the central idea of the 

occasion, in two hours, as you did in two minutes." In spite of Lincoln's disclaimer 

that "the world will little note, nor long remember what we say here," his brief 

speech continues to echo in the American memory...."



From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.


 *To you in Heaven, Charles Darwin, I'm late again, please forgive me.

Sunday, February 12

Darwin Day 2017

International Darwin Day

"Darwin Day is an organization whose mission is to inspire people throughout 

the globe to reflect and act on the principles embodied in Charles Darwin."


"What would the Greeks of old think of us if they were alive today?"
Forrest Caricofe

Googe search: About 407,000,000 results (1.60 seconds) 

No results found for "What would the Greeks of old think of us if they were alive 



*Greece held its biggest peacetime evacuation ever, with 72,000 people leaving 

their homes in Thessaloniki after a World War II bomb was found below a gas 


"Sources say that a little sip of Geritol will make your maladies disappear and 

their motto has always been "a little dab will do you.""

Forrest Caricofe

Google search: About 33 results (1.63 seconds) 

No results found for "Sources say that a little sip of Geritol will make your 

maladies disappear and their motto has always been "a little dab will do you.""

I called someone "crazier than a loon" in yesterday's story. Maybe it was you,

Google. You only search 33 places. I you're the one I called that name in 

yesterday's story, I'm going to change it to Loon-a-tic. So there. 


"Guess what? The island nation of Taiwan, once known as Formosa, is home to 

Dr. Chi Kwok's parents, my all time favorite doctor, and along with Elizabeth III, 

the two almost nurses named Jessica, not twins, but always friendly and efficient 

knowing every patient's name and welcoming them to a patient room after 

weighing to see how obese you are.

I you have read some of my life's stories that have been related to Taiwan 

(I'm going to tell you once again Donald Trump and China, Taiwan is an island

nation and not a province or an a attachment to China. To hell with your one-

China policy).

*I cannot remember those big fancy names the doctors call themselves? In Dr. 

Kwok's instance, he is an old people's doctor and the word/words he uses to call

himself begins with a "G." I can't remember exactly, but I believe his particular

part of the medical profession is named Geritol. That's it, Dr. Kwok is a Geritol 


*I remember my Father drinking Geritol for his health, but I don't remember if 

Mother sneeked a drop or so from Father's bottle. I know, I didn't, that Cod liver

oil that Mother spoonfed us kids at breakfast was bad enough and then there's 

the oleo I didn't like.

*1:04 PM 2/15/2017 EST. I take my can of Orleans sardines to the big sink in the 

laundry room, open and allow the soybean oil to drain from the can. This time 

was different because one of those beautiful and slimey creatures of the sea fell 

out of the can and appeared to be escaping. I wonder I if a sardine can think and 

swim in their attempt to escape while there're beheaded?

My sandwich is much the same as any other day, Shar gluten-free bread and 

topped off with a whisper of mustard, the Orleans sardines, two slices of roma 

tomato and light sprinkle of Olde Thompson (since 1944) Fine Himalayan Pink

Salt. Contains 81 minerals that are in the human body, Oh, what a glorious 


Whoops. I checked online and the Olde Thompson Company must have added

three minerals. Now their saying 84 and some examples are sodium chloride, 

sulphate, calcium, potassium, and magnesium.

*We’re in Week 3 of our New Year’s resolutions month, when we’re helping 

you stick to your goals. There’s still time to participate if you haven’t already.

Sticking to your resolution can be a lot easier with the right support system. 

Some ideas that might help: Using apps to keep you running; turning your 

Instagram feed into a social support group to help you stick to your diet; or 

even wearable devices to shock yourself into breaking old habits.

We’d love to hear what support systems help you keep your resolutions. Email 

us at, and we’ll share some of our favorites in this 

space on Thursday.


"Former President Jimmy Earl Carter, Jr. won the No-Bell Pizza Prize he didn't 

deserve, maybe with building the solar panel's in the White House and down on 

the farm in peanut country in Georgia, he can win and deserve the Nobel Prize 

as Albert Einstein did when he won his 1921 Nobel Prize for his experiments with 

solar energy."


* President Jimmy Carter had solar panels installed at the White House when he 

lived there. Now he is leasing part of his family’s farmland for a project that 

feeds into Georgia Power’s grid.

*Ancient secrets of the Amazon.

New research questions the idea that the rain forests were untouched by humans 

before the arrival of European explorers in the 15th century.

Geometric earthworks in the form of giant carvings appear to have been built up 

to 2,000 years ago, archaeologists say.


"If you ain't in business for yourself you must rely on welfare and food stamps to 



*U.S. stocks were up on Friday. 

* Amazon’s success in online commerce has transformed its hometown, Seattle, 

by bringing jobs and wealth. Now the company is using the city as a testing 

ground for new ideas in retail.

Thanks to everyone at The New York Times. 


"Adele's nickname is the same name as my brother Roland's 2nd daughter, Erin,'s

girl child, "Sweet Adeline."  


*Adele swept the major awards, BeyoncĂ© delivered a showstopper celebrating 

motherhood, and A Tribe Called Quest and Katy Perry gave performances with 

political overtones.

*The music world mourned the death of the singer Al Jarreau, who sold millions of 

records for his work spanning jazz, pop and R&B. He was 76.

Thanks to everyone at The New York Times. 


*At Kochi Biennale, Art Imitating Death: An Artist at Work

The Kochi-Muziris Biennale is one of the largest exhibitions of contemporary art 

in India. Follow Yardena Kurulkar as she installs her work, “The Dance of Death.” 

Thanks to everyone at The New York Times. 


*American hairless terriers are said to have come into existence in 1972, when a 

lone hairless puppy was born into a litter of rat terriers. That’s a description of 

what an American hairless terrier’s skin feels like. The breed is making its debut 

at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, which began on Saturday.

Thanks to everyone at The New York Times. 


* Yale announced that it would change the name of a residential college honoring a 

19th-century white supremacist lawmaker, John C. Calhoun.

Thanks to everyone at The New York Times. 


*8:07 AM 2/15/2017 EST. From my computer and I don't know were it came from, 

it just popped up in the bottom right hand corner of my computer screen? 

Trump calls any connection with Russia during the campaign, "nonsense."


*Some staff members have turned to encrypted communications with their 

colleagues, amid worries that Mr. Trump’s top advisers are considering 

monitoring cellphones and emails for leaks.

*Yum China is betting that Taco Bell will thrive in that country. One major hurdle: 

Tex-Mex food is mostly unknown in China.

*Inspire the future generation of readers by contributing to The Times’s 

sponsor-a-subscription program. For questions, email or 

call 1-844-698-2677.

I will do this in the morning.

Thanks to everyone at The New York Times. 


*4:43 PM 2/15/2017 EST. From my computer screen and the Washington Post.

Pudzer withdraws as labor nominee over background issues.


"The brilliance of an early morning sun is one of God's precious gifts to us."


Weather for Smithville, Ohio

Today     CLOUDY                   32° 21°

Thu        PARTLY_CLOUDY  31° 22°

Fri          PARTLY_CLOUDY  47° 35°

Sat          MOSTLY_SUNNY    60° 44°

The Weather Channel - Weather Underground - AccuWeather

*8:14 AM 2/15/2017 EST. I gotta go. I looked out my cell-like window to see the 

glory of the rising sun. I need to go outdoors to see it first hand before the sun 

disappears from the heavens.

*8:48 AM 2/15/2017 EST. I'm back. By the time I rushed out as fast as my old body

would take me the sun had become obscured by dark clouds. To my surprise, I 

saw small round white pearl-looking ice all over the driveway and the ground. 

I don't ever remember seeing that? When I was in Omaha visiting my son, 

Michael, I remember that baseball-size hail that dented all cars that were 

outdoors in the weather. But never this small. Another of God's surprises, thank 

you, God. The temperature was 32° the freezing point or not and the humidity 

is 70% and should not move upward because it ain't calling for any type of 


*11:32 AM 2/15/2017 EST. I went outdoors to get the mail because no one else 

can do it until Ryan is up at last. The white round small pearlies were gone 

except for half either melted by the temperature or blown by the 15 mph wind 

that's coming in from the west and moving fast. No sun now in this middle part

of this day long day and I miss its' intense brightness of the light.

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