Thursday, February 16, 2017

367th post - 16 Feb 17 - 1902 EST

*3:25 PM 2/16/2017 EST. My wife, Carolyn, said that our son, Michael, who lives 

in Omaha with his wife, Erin and their 5 stepchildren has been given a new pill to 

him but not to me. I'll be durn it's Sarah Palin (Seroquel or Quetiapine) along with 

another prescription medication that is foreign to me. And read this. She want on to 

say that Michael may have a job going to Afghanistan for 6 months, back to Omaha 

for 6 months, back to Afghanistan for 6 months, etc.

As soon as I able to get out I going buy two M-60 Machine Guns with plenty of 

ammunition, one for Michael and one for me, and fly with him to Afganistan to 

fight the terrorists. I ain't too old to fight. I only 74. I rather die in a hail of 

bullets than die a natural boring death in dying.


"If you ain't dead yet, they ain't gonna name a town after you. Go ahead a shoot

Forrest Caricofe

Google search: About 2,870,000 results (1.64 seconds) 

No results found for "If you ain't dead yet, they ain't gonna name a town after you. 

Go ahead a shoot yourself."


*I have always liked geograpy. I've taken courses in geography maybe, my 

memory escapes me, in elementary, high school, related training in military 

land navigation and I know that I took geography and micro-economics at 

Wayne Community College just about 2 miles east after turning right from the 

driveway and continuing at 75 mph (miles per hour) down a sometimes narrow 

two-lane road that the DMV has renamed Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard. NO, 

Forrest. Shame on you. Its still Smucker Road maybe named after the jelly 

people headquartered in Orrville just about a 45 minute walking distance away.

left. Wayne Community College is the child of the University of Akron.

Both professional basketball players Lebron James (Cleveland Cavaliers and 

Stephen Curry (Golden State Warriors) were born in the same hospital in 

Akron, the Akron General Medical Center, although Curry's home now is in 

Charlotte, North Carolina while James's home remains in Akron.

Come on Forrest, we're running out of time.

OK be patient. Back to geography.

*"There are 196 countries in the world today. Taiwan is not considered an official 

country by many, which would bring the count down to 195 countries. Although 

Taiwan operates as an independent country, many countries (including the U.S.) 

do not officially recognize it as one.

List of places named after people that I lived in or have been to:

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Well, guess what? Wikipedia does not have a listing for South Korea as far as I can

see. Maybe I'm going blind from Glaucoma? If I do I'll handle it. A white cane and 

an AK-47 ought to do it. 

I've been to Mexico a few time to over-the- border towns, Piedras Negras and 

Tijuana are two that I remember. So I won't count Mexico because of their 

beautiful romantic language of the Spaniards that I once knew a little of but now

I don't remember very much at all.

So, I will only count the place that's called "America the Beautiful" and the names

of famous people who have died a long time in the past. 

"Main article: List of places in United States named after people.

Austin, Texas – Stephen F. Austin

Baltimore, Maryland – Lord Baltimore

Berkeley, California - Bishop George Berkeley, philosopher

Bismarck, North Dakota – Otto von Bismarck

Charlotte, North Carolina – Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz

Dallas, Texas – George M. Dallas

Fort Myers, Florida - Col. Abraham C. Myers

Hamilton, Ohio - Alexander Hamilton

Hershey, Pennsylvania - Milton Hershey, a famous chocolatier

Houston, Texas – Sam Houston

Jacksonville, Florida – Andrew Jackson

Lincoln, Nebraska – Abraham Lincoln

Los Angeles, California – Our Lady the Queen of the Angels

Madison, Wisconsin - James Madison

Nashville, Tennessee - Named after American Revolutionary War hero Francis Nash

New York City, New York – James of York and Albany

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – William Pitt the Elder

San Antonio, Texas – Saint Anthony of Padua

San Diego, California – Didacus of Alcalá, better known as San Diego

San Francisco, California – Saint Francis

San Jose, California – Saint Joseph

Saint Paul, Minnesota - Saint Paul

Seattle – Chief Seattle

Washington, D.C. – George Washington"

Tomorrow we'll see if there is a town named Forrest Gump, no Forrest.

 *I lost my billfold/wallet yesterday and if I find it's almost always the very last 

place I look and the latter fits because I've certainly searched a lot of places.

8:03 AM 2/16/2017 EST. I still have not found my billfold/wallet. I have one 

more place to look in my cell-like room and then I search in the black VW Bug

in which I drove Carolyn to Verizon while Lonnie worked on Mother's Honda.

*10:35 AM 2/16/2017 EST. Right now I'm in the Subway of the Wooster Walmart. 

I don't why I keep saying Wooster Walmart because there ain't no other Walmart 

within 20 miles from here. I haven't found my billfold yet from all the searching 

from up above that I told you about, but I'll keep searching until my expiration 

date. That's another thing that my Father and I are a like, Father carried his 

billfold and called it a "billfold," not like them  "damn Yankees" who wrongly call 

it a wallet, the only difference from Father and I is that he carried his billfold in his 

right back butt pocket and I carry mine in my right groin pocket.

You know, I forgot to tell you the most important thing that has happened to me 

in almost 20 years. Ryan, Lonnie and I went to the Ohio State Fair this summer, 

Lonnie coming along to drive back during the night. Ryan and I met this young 

man in the Agricultural Building who said after I ask him "are beef and pork still 

medicated with Tetracycline?" He said "no, the FDA requires that beef and pork 

producers send beef and pork to the slaughter house only if they're free of  

antibotics and other medications." I forgot about it for a while and then maybe two

weeks ago I decided to try some beef or pork. The house cooked ground chuck

hamburgers, with sliced onions, tomatoes and green olives stuffed with pimento 

to boot. I waited a day or so and then went hog wild a buying beef and hog 

meat after missing it for many years and once again there is another thing that 

has changed for to make me more like my Father.

The other day in Subway I ordered steak and white-yellow eggs for breakfast

with all vegetables including jalapeno that they always ask about, with olive oil

and salt (not Himalayan pink salt, I'm mad, no I'm not).


"People of long past were embarrassed when talking of nakedness, but Mother had

no trouble when talking of Naked Creek and the flower called Naked Lady."
Forrest Caricofe

Google search: About 24,800,000 results (1.76 seconds) 

No results found for "People of long past were embarrassed when talking of 

nakedness, but Mother had no trouble when talking of Naked Creek and and the 

flower called Naked Lady."


*Headline: Naked woman makes run for it after wild police chase. 

Mother had several Naked Ladies in the yard beside the south steps 

between the house and the carport and I don't remember that any of the Naked 

Ladies were running but swayed a little like almost drunk with drinking gin and 



"What's the difference between a almond, a missile defence system, a crouch and 

a transgender?"
Forrest Caricofe

Google search: About 8,940 results (1.60 seconds) 

Did you mean: "What's the difference between a almond, a missile defence system, 

a couch and a transgender?" No Google. Do your job and quit trying to think!

No results found for "What's the difference between a almond, a missile defence 

system, a crouch and a transgender?"


 *Almond Day

How do you pronounce almond? Allmund of Alemun?

I can't figured it out, let's try something else. We'll changed the name Almond to

Al and see what we get:

Czech: Alena

English: Alaina, feminine.

English: Alaine, feminine.

English: Alayna, feminine.

English: Alana, feminine.

English: Alanah, feminine.

English: Alanna, feminine.

English: Alannah, feminine.

English: Allana, feminine.

Estonian: Allan, masculine.

Faroese: Allan, masculine.

French: Alain, masculine.

Irish: Ailín, masculine.

Irish: Ailéne, masculine.

Latin: Alanus, masculine.

Latin: Ailenus, masculine, the Latin form of Ailín.

Old Breton: Alan, masculine.

Old French: Alain, masculine.

Old French: Alein, masculine.

Norman French: Alan, masculine.

Scottish Gaelic: Ailean, masculine.

Spanish: Alano, masculine.

Welsh: Alun, masculine.

Indonesia: Alan, masculine.

If you remember CHANGE YOUR NAME DAY pick one or if you desire to be a 

transgender pick the opposite.

*I missed this one yesterday. Sorry for ignoring you Wikipedia.

TOTAL  DEFENCE  DAY (Singapore) - February 15

I did not know that Singapore had a missile defence system? Is China going to 

let them do that?


Like I said before, I don't need no help, I always do for myself. Help another 

grouch, I ain't never wanting no favors from nobody. Period.


*4:33 AM 2/16/2017 EST. Uganda deploys troops to train Equatorial Guinea 

forces. Fox News.


"If your health is a worry to you, do what most people do. Consult with your 

second cousin's mother-in-law's half brother-in-law."
Forrest Caricofe

Google search: About 144,000 results (1.94 seconds) 

No results found for "If your health is a worry to you, do what most people do. 

Consult with your second cousin's mother-in-law's half brother-in-law."


All I've done all day is eat. Like they say "I'm as healthy as a horse's ass."

That's all you need to know. I'm typing, you ain't. 


*4:11 AM 2/16/2017 EST. Deutsche Boerse CEO says insider trading allegations 

will prove unfounded. Reuters.

What does insider trading mean. They must trade indoors instead of outdoors. 

Sounds reasonable to me.


"The Trump administration needs to get some exercise after eating all that food."

Forrest Caricofe

Google search: About 15,300,000 results (1.29 seconds) 

No results found for "The Trump administration needs to get some exercise after 

eating all that food."


*6:57 PM 2/16/2017 EST. Just in. From my computer screen and the Washington

Post. Trump's choice to replace Flynn turns down the offer. No name given. 

Must have been "Casper the Ghost."

*12:33 PM 2/16/2017 EST. From my computer screen and the Washington Post.

Trump nominates Alexander Acosta for the Department of Labor.

*President Trump says “To be honest, I inherited a mess."

 A mess of beans or an Army mess?

*Trump says travel ban implementation was smooth, "but we had a bad court."

Must have been some indentations in the basketball court that he and his 

administration was playing on?


"The beautiful tiny snowflakes, not a one alike, swirling around and trying, to 

find a place to stay the night."

Forrest Caricofe

Google search: About 6,160,000 results (1.62 seconds) 

No results found for "The beautiful tiny snowflakes, not a one alike, swirling 

around and trying, to find a place to stay the night."


Weather for Smithville, Ohio.

Today     SHOWERS_SNOW    31° 23°

Fri          PARTLY_CLOUDY    51° 39°

Sat          PARTLY_CLOUDY    59° 39°

Sun         SUNNY                         59° 36°

The Weather Channel - Weather Underground - AccuWeather.

*Look up above at Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Oh, what a glorious 3 days this

will be. Thank you Lord.

*7:22 AM 2/16/2017 EST. Went outdoors, the sky is the same grey as the few 

hairs on my head of mostly brown. The wind is blowing in from the north at about

5 mph (miles per hour) more or less and the temperature is 28° with a humidity 

level of 73%. "Oh, what a glorious" the next "3 days.... will be." "Thank you Lord."

*2:42 PM 2/16/2017 EST. I found out that we're going to have a 4th day of the 

above weather. Thank you again, Lord, for our weather here.

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