Sunday, February 19, 2017

370th post - 19 Feb 17 - 2312 EST - Part I

*"I missed you this morning.""Yes you must have slept late. I took Ryan to visit 

Berea, Ohio to visit and take care of his uncle who has surgery on thursday.""Does

Ryan visit his uncle often?""Maybe about 6 times a year, they go to bingo, Marc's

grocery store, CVS, McDonald's, Burger King and others, but his uncle  use to 

be a former butcher and likes to cook for Ryan and the the house.""Seems like 

Ryan has a real good time?""We had a ball. At first I read the directions wrong 

that the online website where Golden Corral gave me the directions to their 

location on Brookpark Road in Cleveland close to Ryan's uncle's house just a 

few miles away in distance. The directions that I was given were:

1.   Head west on Smucker Rd toward Egypt Rd

2,   Turn right onto Egypt Rd

3.   Turn right onto OH-585 N

4.   Merge onto OH-21 N via the ramp on the left to Cleveland

5.   Take the exit on the left onto I-77 N/OH-21 N

6.   Continue to follow I-77 N

7.   Take exit 156 to merge onto I-480 W toward Toledo


9.   Take exit 15 for Ridge Rd toward US-42

10. Turn left onto Ridge Rd

11. Turn right onto Brookpark Rd

12. Destination will be on the right






53 mins

After I copied and pasted it to a text document I should have copied it on my 

printer but instead I quick printed it down so maybe Ryan could read it and 

"guess what happened.""I have no idea.""I wrote down Interstate 71 instead

Interstate 77 which is farther west."'About 15 miles or less, not far.""Go on.""

I discovered that I was wrong when I saw exits in the 150's instead of in the 

teens. Ryan was doing a good job as navigator in attempting to decipher my

printing, helping me eat by holding a small 1 serving Spam portion in one 

of those packages that you can slide up after opening to eat, handling the 

ticket and money when we went through the Ohio Turnpike toll gate, asking

two local police officers for directions to the Golden Corral and empyting 

my coffee mug in the Golden Corral men's restroom so that I could take the

stuff into the delicious leftovers from the Golden Corral.""Knowing you 

that's not the last of your adventures today.""You're right, it's not, I have 

maybe 50 or more or less. Do you think I'll live long enough to tell those  

thousand stories or over I remember?""You know what you always say, 

Forrest, "it's up to God."""Thank you for remembering.""You're welcome and 

I you know I have to go to bed, I hope we can get back on schedule 

tomorrow.""I hope so to, finally.""Good night, sleep tight.""You too, good night."

The man I've been talking to, like me, sleeps in the basement of the house, he 

in the former coal room of the southwest corner of the basement and I in the 

cell-like room in the opposite northeast corner in the basement of the house.

He was first a total stranger but since then I've got to know him some. He told 

me that he was born a yankee, like Ryan, but both have adopted the polite and 

friendly southern way of doing things, Ryan taking after my example and the

former stranger, until I further talk to him, I will not know who taught to him the 

southern way of doing things.

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