Tuesday, February 21, 2017

372nd post - 21 Feb 17 - 2330 EST


"Good morning.""Good morning.""I missed you yesterday.""My job 

searching lasted awhile with my last stop at the Wooster Walmart. I filled 

out other applications along with my resume at Lowes, Pat Catans, Dick's 

Sporting Goods, TJ Max and Goodwill. TJ Max has mostly women clothes and 

other things and a "full house" of women employees so my chances of 

getting a job there is none to slim fast. That application at Walmart took the 

longest setting at the computer in the back of the store near the store near the

restrooms and typing in what seemed like my 63 years of life.""I'm well aware

of that. I use to work at a Walmart in Omaha, Nebraska in the produce section.

It was a three story Walmart and one of the 3 biggest Walmart's in the world.

I made $9.90 a hour and had a boss who was from the South Sudan. He was a 

micro-manager and was always telling me to work faster like they did when I

worked for the post office. I should have "gone postal.""I know what that 

means.""I'm just kidding, of course, but I remember him not liking the two cuss

words I used. Damn and hell. Every Time I used those two cuss words in front of 

him, he said why do cuss? I said "they ain't cuss words. A damn is a structure 

that holds water back and hell is where you're going." Everyone laughed but 

him and I.""That's funny.""I stayed in Mother's 1986 Honda in that same Walmart

parking lot for several nights because after my son, Michael, and his wife Erin

moved to a new apartment and their apartment lease agreement allowed for 

only 5 people in their apartment. It got bitter cold and I decided to drive to

Las Vegas where I spent from the middle part of January, 2016 to the last of 

May, 2016 sleeping and eating very well in the trunk of Mother's 1986 Honda 

Accord.""You've had some amazing adventures in your life?""Yes I have.""You?"

"I, also, have had some great adventures and I'll tell you about them when we

both have time like the other day when I tried help to keep you on scheduled.""

I sure needed the help the last two days or more. I posted my story of the day 

about a 12:00 AM and not 6:00 PM as promised.""Sorry.""It's not your fault, it's

mine and I know you have to be going to look for work again today.""I do."

"Good luck and take care of yourself.""Thanks, you too."

*The invisible man that I talked to this morning said he, also, had interesting 

stories to tell and I'm always glad to the hear stories of someone else's life.

And you know something? I have not ask his name. How rude of me for doing

that and God, please forgive me once again. 

*8:15 PM 2/21/2017 EST. I got to talk to the stranger after we talked some this 

morning and because he was tired because of his local job hunting, I finally 

asked him his name, he told me and went straight to bed the I cried the most 

tears I've shed in years. He said his name was Ryan Michael Shane, the first 

name of my son, Ryan, and Michael Shane, the first and middle name of my 

firstborn son.

My pillow will be wet with tears before I go to sleep tonight.


"A man who I got to know, when telling me his name at long last, brought tears 

to my eyes which ran down my old and weathered face."
Forrest Caricofe

Google search: About 137,000 results (1.62 seconds) 

No results found for "A man who I got to know, when telling me his name at long 

last, brought tears to my eyes which ran down my old and weathered face."

*1:47 PM 2/21/2017 EST. I just got back from taking Bill to his heart doctor and 

now I have to drive back to Orrville to the bank, grocery store and Ace Hardware

to write a bank check for money if either my new credit and/or debit cards are

not in the mail today, to the grocery store for items for the house and Ace 

Hardware that's attached to the grocery store for a pitchfork and Scotts grass seed.

See you later.

*2:19 PM 2/21/2017 EST. I went out to get the mail. No credit card, no debit card

so I'll have to write a check at my PNC (Pittsburgh National Mortgage) Bank when 

I drive back to Orrville.  

I hope my credit and debit cards ain't "on a slow boat to China." At the least, I hope

there "on a slow boat" from "China" to my mailbox on Smucker Road



Let's start a little early, please, because, after all, he was the only Father I ever


Birth:      23 Feb 1918.

Death:    18 Jun 1991.



What kind of card which my son, Ryan enjoys sending. He sends Christmas, 

New Years, Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Birthday cards to all of the 

persons he knows in the world who are still living, no kidding. Answer the 

question please, thank you for my son, Ryan.


The only person I know who knows several languages is Roland and he ain't my

Mother, his my brother.

Give me sometime to figure this and the next one outhouse, please.

Language Movement Day (Bangladesh) 

The only movement I know starts with the letter "b" and ends with the letter "l."



"Whether you have a sweet tooth or prefer a carbohydrate filled treat, the 

sticky bun is the ideal gastronomic delight to fill" (and has about 500 calories

or more which is 1/3 rd of the daily requirement for men and a little less than

1/2 for women), buy 20 if like after hearing that.

I can find nothing on, but I'll check again

when I get from Orrville driving Mother's Honda trying to out race the wind at 70 

to 80 miles per hour (mph) and Mother and Father praying from Heaven that 

their oldest son does not wreck and die before his time on earth has ended.

*6:24 PM 2/21/2017 EST. I'm back after traveling with the wind to Orrville an 

against it coming back and at 70 mph (miles per hour), not 80, on Chippewa 

Road and with Father and Mother's prayers from Heaven that convinced God 

to watch over me the Lord led me safely to Orrville and back to the house.


"I know that Father and I watched wrestling on our very small (5 inch by 5 inch 

or less as I remember)  black and white television (TV) in the house on Ottobine 


"One Bad and Ugly wrestler I remember Father and I watching was Killer 


Killer Kowalski

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Killer Kowalski

Birth name - Edward Władysław Spulnik

Born - October 13, 1926

Windsor, Ontario, Canada[1]

Died - August 30, 2008 (aged 81)

Malden, Massachusetts, United States

Spouse(s) Theresa Ferrioli (m. 2006; his death 2008)

Professional wrestling career

Ring names - 

Hercules Kowalski

Killer Kowalski

The Masked Destroyer

The Masked Executioner

Tarzan Kowalski

Billed height - 6 ft 7 in (2.01 m)

Billed weight - 290 lb (130 kg)

Trained by - Lou Thesz

Debut - 1947

Retired - 1993



"If you ain't pooping and peeing it ain't my fault, it's yours."
Forrest Caricofe

Google search: About 127,000 results (1.22 seconds) 

No results found for "If you ain't pooping and peeing it ain't my fault, it's yours."


*You know what they use to say. I'm clothes "dryer than an acorn fart" this 

morning. I'm drinking and drinking my brand new mixture of lemon, lime and

orange water and can hear and feel the poop moving through my old body for 

the first time in 3 days. Thank you, Lord. You might want to write that down in

your journal and I just thought of something? You might want to call the entries 

that I give to you:  

"Forrest Caricofe's History of Peeing and Pooping."

*10:21 AM 2/21/2017 EST. Another entry for your journal. I just pooped along 

with peeing that always go hand-in-hand like two star-crossed lovers walking 

on the sandy beaches of the world.

*12:24 PM 2/21/2017 EST. I've just arrived after driving Bill here to his heart 

doctor located behind then Aultman Dunlap Hospital here in Orrville. I found 

an outlet and my computer is not running on economy mode.

*I found another gluten-free drink I didn't know I had. Walmart's Great Value Bone

Broth and I don't know the name of that gluten-free soy sauce that I purchased 

at Walmart some time ago. This could be another entry for your journal of you

a mind to and I'll inform you of the name of the soy sauce when I "have a mind to."

*Well, I "have a mind to. I found it. Gluten-free, Preservative, All-Purpose 

Kikkoman Seasoning Traditionally Brewed Soy Sauce 10 Fl. OZ (296 ml) OVER 300



THIS KIKKOMAN SOY SAUCE and you know that's forked-tongue lie because

I ain't lived that long .....................................................................................yet.


*"Wall Street mints fresh record highs, boosted by Wal-Mart."


What does that mint?


*David Cassidy reveals private battle with dementia

Fox News

"David Cassidy is battling dementia. The 66-year-old actor, best recognized as 

heartthrob Keith Partridge on the 1970s series “The Partridge Family,” has 

admitted to PEOPLE Magazine he is faced with the neurological disease."


*New York Times

"Trump Chooses HR McMaster as National Security Adviser."

President Trump made the announcement at his Mar-a-Lago getaway in 

Palm Beach, Fla., where he had been interviewing candidates to replace 

Michael T. Flynn.

*10:51 AM 2/21/2017 EST. Trump releases blueprint for immigration reform.

Washington Compost. Don't blame me, Washington Post, that's what my 

brother, Roland, calls your newspaper and online news, if you're upset go

ahead and try to find him, I ain't going to help you none, he's my brother, not


* "Vice President Pence on Saturday worked to assure NATO allies that the 

United States would be “unwavering” in its commitment to the trans-Atlantic 


*Trump issues first public condemnation of anti-Semitic incidents


Why did you, President Trump, choose to be late in in your "condemnation 

of anti-Semitic incidents" when God chose his chosen people, the Jews, first?


*"Los Angeles Lakers fire GM Mitch Kupchak, name Magic Johnson president 

of basketball operations." 


Weather for Smithville, Ohio

Today    MOSTLY_CLOUDY                            62° 50°

Wed       FOG                                                        63° 53°


Fri          CLOUDY                                               70° 44°

The Weather Channel - Weather Underground - AccuWeather

*8:29 AM 2/21/2017 EST. I suddenly realized yesterday that I can plant grass

seed beause of the continuing warm weather. The brown areas in the yard 

are still there, the seed that I planted in late fall either sleeping or dead from

the cold. I'll buy a pitchfork for making small holes in the brown bare areas

and then plant Scot's best grass seed starting today. And you know what? I'll

be going barefooted all day. 

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