Friday, February 24, 2017

375th Part 1 - 24 Feb 17 - 1600 EST (Eastern Standard Time).


*I talked with Ryan Michael just for a few moments this morning just before I left 

to see Dr. Kwok. He said he was going to Goodwill and Restoration Thrift for 

clothes for working at Walmart. He said the he needed black pants or kacki and 

the shirt had to be dark blue or black with a collar with conservitive shoes. I knew 

that but, like me, I did't interrupt him because I was taught by my parents that 

interupping is not a trait of the true southern gentleman.


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International Mother Language Day

Official name - International Mother Language Day

Significance - "To promote the preservation and protection of all languages 

used by people of the world"

Date - February 21

Next time 21 February 2018

Frequency - Annual

LANGUAGE MOVEMENT DAY (Bangladesh) – February 21

"The Shaheed Minar monument commemorates those who lost their life during 

the protests on 21 February 1952.

Official name - Bengali: ভাষা আন্দোলন দিবস (Bhasha Andolôn Dibôs)

Also called - Bengali: শহীদ দিবস (Shôhid Dibôs)

Observed by - Bangladesh Bangladesh

Celebrations - Flag hoisting, parades, singing patriotic songs, the Amar 

Bhaier Rokte Rangano, speeches by the President and Prime Minister, 

entertainment and cultural programs.

Date - 21 February

Next time 21 February 2018

Frequency - Annual

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*Crime Number 1: I told you about Lonnie Smith before who has scammed us 

for lot of money. I went to the sheriffs department where criminal minds go 

yesterday and I did not have to go past the private security guard at the door. 

He said the large claims court is at the center of Wooster on the square and that's 

just what I wanted to know. I thanked him and left.

*Crime Number 2: I also went to the police department to see an officer in order

to make out a police report about my stolen and use of credit card. They wanted 

to wait for an officer, but I was in a hurry. I told the receptionist, "_______ with

the light brown hair," maybe, that after I got more detailed information I would 

come back.

*Evil Number 1: The young man or woman I talked about yesterday told me 

by phone about another part of their story that brought tears to my eyes. I won't 

tell you what they said until I think it is appriate. Both mentioned again not to talk 

to the deputy that goes by the name of Deputy Pink Chablis.  


I ain't said the Lord's Prayer since I went to bible school at the Dayton Church of

the Brethren in Dayton and I don't really see the need to read the Bible now 

because my Grandmother Cline read the Bible clear through 15 times, enough 

to cover all her children and grandchildren, God Bless Her Heart.


*7:50 AM 2/24/2017 EST (Eastern Standard Time). I told you yesterday that I had

an appointment with Dr. Kwok this morning at 9:00 AM so I'll be leaving here

about 8:20. I also have to drive, alone, to Wooster Glass, Walmart, Pat Catans.

Since I won't have time to eat my Orleans sardine sandwich, I'll just bag it and 

take it with me.

*I've been a lot of places after my visit with Dr. Kwok, but besides that, my 

greatest event of the day was pooping in the back restroom at the Wooster 

Walmart. "Glory be."

And I'm still number one on Dr, Kwok's Billboard Chart for pooping, "Glory Be." 


*6:16 AM 2/24/2017 EST (Eastern Standard Time). Mercedes-Benz mulls North 

American potential for pick-up trucks - Reuters

*6:19 AM 2/24/2017 EST (Eastern Standard Time). Stocks ease, dollar poised 

for weekly loss as Trump rally pauses - Reuters 


Weather for Smithville, Ohio

Today    PARTLY_CLOUDY     73° 46°

Sat          SHOWERS_SNOW    46° 23°

Sun         MOSTLY_SUNNY      42° 32°

Mon        CLOUDY                     50° 37°

The Weather Channel - Weather Underground - AccuWeather

*7:32 AM 2/24/2017 EST (Eastern Standard Time). Went outdoors to get the all

weather gauge. The temperature is 56° and the humidity is 76%, the sun 

beginning it's day long journey across the skies since awakening from it's 

slumber about 40 minutes.There are white tails of passenger jets streaking 

across the skies with destinations to major cities throughout America and the


The wind is gently blowing at about 5 mph from the south as I can see from the 

new American flag that I placed yesterday on the northeast corner border pole.

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